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3 hours ago, larus said:

New Christmas tree fashion


Scary! :scream: (I'm not a cat person. :lol:)


Omo, I saw this though and immediately thought of @partyon .




I don't know why I thought of you, chingu. Must have something to do with your love for all things AOS2. :w00t:





Getting back to Christmas memes:



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People have been complaining about kdramas being lackluster lately. Let's share our funniest kdrama memes! :kiss_wink:

Anyone who watched TKEM will know... :emmm:



Those were the days when one pulled an all-nighter....



Planning for a trip to Korea be like:



@Lmangla @partyon @Sleepy Owl @larus @Min2206  @gm4queen @Thong Thin @kokodus  @SilverDawn @Ayame @nrllee @MayanEcho @joccu    @sadthe1st  @Ameera Ali  @cenching  @Wuzetian @willenette @agenth @confusedheart @LeftCoastOppa @Sky Kang @chococarmela @ferily @the_sweetroad @rocat

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@larus The second lead meme is spot on. :D How many times have I not understood why the FL chose the irrational and narcissistic ML when the warm and kind 2nd ML would have been a much better choice. Feel Good to Die being an example of it.


Has this happened to you? :D


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