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  1. I know not many are following this page anymore , but I was curious if there were deleted scenes included in the DVD/ BluRay releases. Does anyone know if there were, and what they were like? So during some re-watches Park Dong Un's role became increasingly noticeable and fascinating to me. @justamommany pages back said: Totally agree with this! And if Kwang Il is the one who has an intimate look into DH and JA's relationship (like we do, but even more so, since he has access to all the recordings), Managing Director Park Dong Un is the one in the story who ac
  2. Oh you guys <3, I only got into kdramas back in October, and since then I've watched quite a few. Three with LSK: Coffee Prince, My Mister, and Pasta. Also recently watched Parasite, which is a different journey altogether! Netflix here has A Hard Day so once I convince my husband to watch it, we will, even if it's not usually my favorite genre. And I can't wait to watch Miss Korea one day. I joined the Soompi Forum just a few days ago, and I have bittersweet feelings seeing this thread. SO glad you guys are posting (and @widala and @sadiesmith you guys REALLY like LSK ) and gl
  3. OK, I'm awake again . I just cannot get My Mister out of my system, and over the past couple of months with watches, re-watches, going over the superb content at Give Me Slippers, and thinking through the show, there have been a lot of thoughts building up that need to come out. My husband is utterly sick of hearing about MM (even though he enjoyed watching it)...so THANK YOU in advance for listening. Here goes, in no particular order. Differences between Netflix and TVN: With the Netflix version, it seems we're missing out on a couple of things. First,
  4. Whew! I finally made it to the end of this thread, having started back on page 180-something a few days ago. I've read every article you guys put up on the Give Me Slippers website (and commented a couple of times) and now found this forum, too. You all are stars, hanging in there and posting all the analyses, news, and rich details you've found! I'm late to the party; I started watching My Mister on April 8 on Netflix, finished it about a week later, and have re-watched it multiple times now. It's SOOO nice to find a group of people who take MM so seriously! Even though it's been three years
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