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58 minutes ago, Lmangla said:

keep those memes coming and keep stopping by this thread chingus in the future as well whenever you want to take a break.


thanks to @Sleepy Owl @joccu @LeftCoastOppa @willenette @Berou @Wuzetian @Ameera Ali @rocher22 @pompyavi @SilverDawn @MayanEcho @madmad min @Jillia @croquembouche2018 @Min2206 @maribella @Thong Thin @Learry @*.:AnGeL*BAbII:.* @jojoanna @mirmz @partyon for posting memes as well as commenting. thanks to our silent readers and hope you had a few laughs. it was fun giggling over all these memes,  no? they were all great -- like @LeftCoastOppa noted, all winners! :kiss_wink:


we are partially wrapping up this event but feel free to keep posting on this theme till the end of the week when @mirmz will change the theme.

catch you all at the next event very soon! :)


re: @partyon

Thanks @Lmangla @mirmz re @partyon

Till next time :D

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EVENT: memes & kdramas!   hi ya chingus! for those who haven't ventured outside the kdrama section, what do some of these other parts of soompi cover? the soompi hangout is just a genera

I think we can all relate to these, no?           cr. to owners   tagging more chingus: @booha @rocher22 @willenette @africandramalover @lebeauc

just a reminder to please follow the theme 

Cat Please GIF by Atinum

if u didn't remember what the theme is it's kdrama memes and it gets changed in 2 days.

u can either make your own memes using gifs or images example:

me during math class

Kdrama GIFs | Tenor

or you could just post a normal meme from a search engine (such as google)

6 Of The Most Relatable K-Drama Memes That Will Make You Laugh-Snort -  Koreaboo


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22 minutes ago, Thong Thin said:

Got you @mirmz  mianhe 


it's fine <3

40+ Drama memes ideas | drama memes, kdrama memes, drama

btw i think this meme also applies to anime, im more of weeb than a kdrama fan lmao.

tbh i dont really enjoy all the drama that kdramas have (and i also dont really know a lot about them :sweatingbullets:) and i had lots of people wanting to have a theme for kdramas so i thought it would be fun to learn more about them. :) 

no offense to any of u lovely people who love them tho <3

u guys r awesome.

Hugs Virtual Hug GIF by swerk

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hi people 

so i realized i forgot to update the theme last night :sweatingbullets:


but anyways this week's theme is going to be thanksgiving memes!

ik some parts of the worlds dont celebrate thanksgiving but i thought it could be something fun to do.


Funny Thanksgiving Memes 2020 in 2020 | Funny thanksgiving memes,  Thanksgiving quotes funny, Thanksgiving meme30 Of The Best And Funniest Thanksgiving Memes Of All Time The Funniest Thanksgiving Memes of 2016 - HottyToddy  

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