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  1. His new profile in the fancafe: http://cafe.daum.net/BOGUMMY Changing the first page with this photo because it makes me feel warm and fuzzy He makes that ball seems so precious
  2. @Floraison he's really rocking that white t-shirt huh Korean and International fans are tweeting this #30DAYS_BG_CHALLENGE And Japanese fans are tweeting this site: http://www.bihann.com/cast/754.html He's currently #10 for the whole male actor category and #4 for the age 20s category. Voting is once every 10 hours or so.
  3. I'm confused... why is he trying to remember fans' names? Is this something expected in Korean Fandom? He has tens of thousands of fans though... Am I misunderstanding that question? More photos
  4. Thanks @rahma92, I'll put that into the discography section. Soompi article: https://www.soompi.com/article/1344698wpp/male-celebs-who-effortlessly-pull-off-the-trendy-comma-hairstyle Of course Bo Gum pulls off all hairstyle... well, almost all...
  5. Thank you @gumtaek, @rahma92, @Sakurafairy @rahma92, do you happen to have any article(s) for the rankings? Random sighting while watching Knowing Bros For the game segment, they have a legendary school club called Seventeen and one of the members is supposedly Park Bo Gum who graduated last year (original members included Won Bin & Kang Dong Won lol)
  6. Bo Gum covered the song Every Day, Every Moment... And Soompi's article on his 8th anniversary https://www.soompi.com/article/1344624wpp/listen-park-bo-gum-thanks-fans-on-8th-anniversary-of-debut-with-heartfelt-cover-of-paul-kim
  7. Happy 8th Anniversary to Bogummy I hope he shines even brighter in the coming years Sorry for the lack of updates everyone I just returned from my trip and plan to catch up for the next few days I've updated the first page with his newest photo and I plan to move the "singer debut" to the discography section + update the CF list with Youtube links in the coming days. If anyone has any suggestions or additional info, please post it here or message me
  8. From what I know, Korean men take the physical exam when they turn 19, but they can choose when to go as long as they go before they turn 29. I hope Bo Gum enlists early 2021, after another drama and another round of fan meeting next year More photos from the fan meeting
  9. I think this is the online version? https://lifestyle.inquirer.net/339402/the-curious-case-of-the-multi-talented-park-bo-gum/
  10. Makes me want to try 15-grain latte...Anyone tried it before? Is it good? Where is this Bo Gum picture from, the original coffeegreate IG didn't have it right? The Japanese magazine cover is out Cr: @hyacinthW
  11. I was really shocked to read the news this afternoon and that feeling quickly turned into anger and disappointment. In all his interaction with SHK, Bo Gum showed professionalism and respect and we have heard zero reports of sightings or even rumours of them meeting in private. Yet, people were quick to drag him into this. I'm glad Blossom is showing a swift and firm response. Fighting BoGummy!
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