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  1. 6 Shows in 2 days, I hope Bo Gum is getting some rest now Cr: logo @rahma92 he's only saying chongwa chongwa and sorry at the beginning of that video and I've already translated the part where he said "I will never forget chongwa chongwa"...
  2. Ah I see... because min-min-min is the sound that min min-zemi makes? So that's what the whole wosha wosha, chongwa chongwa was about @rahma92 looks like the MC wasn't confused, she started it lol Is this one translated yet? BG: I first take a shower... face, shampoo... MC: So you go home without taking off your make up first? BG: It depends on the situation... MC: So basically you take a shower after coming home... Somewhat, thank you very much. BG: Why are you saying thank you?? MC: That's true... why am I saying thank you? Shawa shawa shawa.... BG: *laughs* Hahaha the MC is cute Shawa is shower in Japanese but when she said it like that it sounds like cicada sound again Are there other videos that have not been translated yet? This is fun
  3. Augh... Is it legal to be this cute? He said the face on the left is how his face looked when he heard he's 3rd (oricon chart). He was so surprised... And that's his happy face on the right He said even his hair was surprised... (circling the three hair on the left) I'll try to translate some of the clips tomorrow @gumtaek... Most of them are so short though
  4. I find it really hard to tell what's going on because the videos are so short and the sound quality is not the best... This is the longest clip I found about this... But they're already laughing hard at the beginning... BG listening to the translator: I will never forget about this... chongwa chongwa chongwa (???) *laughs* MC laughing and wiping her eyes: It's great that this is a fun stage... wosha wosha (???) I'm glad I'm an MC for 20 years... MC: MinMin-san BG *laughs really hard and looks up* MC: Bogum-san can we get back to MinMin-san's question? BG: Yes. Sorry... *looks down laughing* MC apologizes while trying to compose herself MC: We received the question from MinMin-san BG is again laughing like crazy... MC: Does this ever happen while you shoot dramas? Laughing like this... BG: Yes, a lot... My NG (bloopers) are usually those.. all of them... *hands circles face* smiles... smiles... during "Boyfriend" (can't make out what he said here) ... sorry. My guess would be laughing too hard Not sure what the whole chongwa chongwa and wosha wosha is about and why the name min-min made all of them laugh so hard Need a clip before that cut...
  5. Both so cute He looked really tired in the vlive @rahma92, really hope he got a good rest before the Tokyo event A lucky fan who got a signed poster and a potted plant ... What do I need to do to be this lucky? Sign in the pot says "Potosu". Also known as golden pothos, Devil's ivy, money plant, etc it has the meaning of "eternal wealth/fortune" and "beautiful brightness/cheerfulness" in Japan... Not sure if there's a different meaning in Korea... (Incidentally, this plant is supposedly unkillable even if you have a black thumb )
  6. Roughly he said: Thank you for spending a special time with me today. From now onward, I will prepare various works/forms. I would be happy if I can come again to Kobe then. Love the partial Japanese in the youtube live... I can actually understand something he said without having to wait for translation sub I hope one day he'll do an english one too I need to do some catching up with this event... Thank you for the updates @gumtaek, @dukesa1122, @rahma92
  7. For the release events, the Japanese fans are decorating their Forebong with flowers Cr: ShidanoHappa7 Cr: @nishi20202525 @narunaru6909 Kobe coming up... who's excited?
  8. Finally the season's greeting making for May Thanks for all the updates @gumtaek The Japanese event is coming up soon too @rahma92 Even if he had been offered a spot as a permanent cast member of 1D2N, I don't think he would have accepted it since he doesn't think he's funny/entertaining enough for variety shows... As a fan of variety shows, I really hope he'd do more though
  9. Koreaboo on Bo Gum & Kyung Po: https://www.koreaboo.com/stories/go-kyung-pyo-park-bo-gum-friendship/ Actor Go Kyung Pyo Shows Off Friendship With Park Bo Gum They have a valuable friendship. STORIES Actor Go Kyung Pyo has recently shown off his friendship with fellow Reply 1988 co-star Park Bo Gum. On May 11, Go Kyung Pyo shared a selfie with Park Bo Gum on his Instagram and captioned it, “A good person who bought this solder beef during my last holiday.” Go Kyung Pyo and Park Bo Gum are known to have developed their friendship while filming the movie The Admiral, Chinatown and the drama Reply 1988 together. Since then, their friendship has only continued to grow. They were spotted on a trip to New York together back in late 2017… And Park Bo Gum even made a surprise appearance at Go Kyung Pyo’s fan meeting in the past. These two wholesome actors even have a wholesome relationship! Meanwhile, Go Kyung Pyo enlisted in the military last June and is currently serving his military duty.
  10. Park Bo Gum, a good person who bought his friends beef That's hilarious... Thanks to Go Kyung Pyo we got an unexpected update
  11. I guess no news till the 19th? https://www.kstarlive.com/article/2019/05/08/20-pictures-of-park-bogum-at-a-recent-award-ceremony-sets-as-a-reminder-on-how-breathtaking-he-is-224961/vgS9kKpJBIdHLdok 20+ Pictures of Park Bogum at a Recent Award Ceremony Sets as a Reminder on How Breathtaking He is Reminders never hurt. Park Bogum has ended his most recent drama ‘Encounter’ and has been touring around Asia to meet his fans through his fan meeting. The actor recently made an appearance with his attendance at the ‘55th Baeksang Arts Awards’ that was held on May 1st with a very handsome set of a suit and took on the role as one of the 3 MCs of the event. With his hair combed hair and his iconic warm smile, he was a mesmerizing sight himself. Check out more pictures of him that night right below!
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