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[Drama 2019] Her Private Life 그녀의 사생활


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Ooh...thanks for the link...I usually just click on whatever YT or IG recommends ...so dont know the exact IG acct names...there are many with jaeuck somewhere in their names...ahjumma here with limited IT skills...notice I can’t post links or gifs:P...

So a big thank you to all who can and post gifs/vids/links

helping a lot with sepanx and escape from rl

that IG pic keeps us in the gutter...they must be trying to look after our hearts hence all that fully covered business on TOP...and that was obviously a slip in editing...literally...

scene happened too fast for me to notice ...again nearly choked when I saw the pic...lol

we probably would not be able to handle it given our reactions to accidental peeps of kjw’s abs from the seaweed scene either .....

So thank you pdnim for keeping it pg...sorta

...... where did that gif of kjw in a white towel come from...:blink:...that’s the next mystery...



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15 hours ago, Sky8lue said:
Eun Gi (Ahn Bo Hyun - ABH): I love you, Gwangjang-nim (heart emoticon)
Ryan Gold (Kim Jae Uk/Wook - KJW):  Using jondae-mal again, Eungi-ssi? (note: "Eungi-ssi" would be jondae-mal too. Jondae-mal refers to formal speech in korean)
ABH:  Yoon Jae-ah, let's go for drinks (note: switched to banmal)
The bromance continues... hahahaha


Another funny conversation with our principal curator Yoo Kyung Ah (actress Seo Ye Hwa) who left a comment on KJW's post below.


SYH:  손석히관장님덕분에 넘나 행복햇던 즐거웠던 든든했던 채움이었어요❤️ 우리대장님 만세!!!

석히사장님은 당신이잖아요 어디서 약을 (Trans: We were all happy and joyful in Cheum Gallery because of you, Son Seok Hee Gwangjang-nim ❤️ Hooray, our Leader!!!) 


KJW:  손석히사장님은 당신이잖아요 어디서 약을 (Trans: I'm not Son Seok Hee. That's you. Don't butter me up.)


SYH:  오빠가 그렇게 흉내만 안내셧어도 무사히 넘어갈수있었단말이에여 팔꿈치가 너무 웃겼다구요 그 팔꿈치가요

(Trans: [..........])


SOS to @luvcrabbieshinhwa + others who can translate the reply from SYH, when any of you have time! Thank you so much :)  By the way, Son Seok Hee is a famous Korean news anchor. Don't know why SYW calls KJW that though LOL. I read about this from Weibo. Credit for the main parts of the translation goes to april_is_luv IG!


An option for those who want to buy the OST online:
Fan-subbed version of PMY's goodbye video message released by Namoo Actors:
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10 hours ago, Moca_hanzel23 said:

@liltash85 here you go 


You can check the comments there you would see someone translated the vid and provided the download link..however disc 2 and 3 are not subbed.


KJW also quite sporting in their concert, when the audience asked him to take off his t shirt, he did tore apart and then take it out, what I saw from the vid is all hphones filming his body, u can see this from 54:00 onwards. :lol:

Edited by SGahjumma
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11 hours ago, niharika111 said:

Since, PMY has not posted a farewell message in her instagram, they seem convinced that she did not have a great experience as HPL failed to garner the kind of ratings that the other show did.  

I am positively failed in trying to understand the logic behind this reasoning. Isn’t normally a person will want to moves on or says goodbye asap to something that he/she considered unpleasant experiences and reluctant to says farewell to something he/she considered dear to the heart??? :ph34r:

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4 hours ago, jaemin kimpark said:


You are right..




for me, HPL is healing drama ... HPL gives us an example of how a mature relationships are, mutual trust, mutual support and understanding what couples need.




from KJW's gaze to PMY we can see that he loves and values PMY as a partner.




I hope that the two of them don't experience a difficult time to get out of their character, because Ryan and Deokmi are the ideal partners dreamed of by all couples nowadays ..




this definitely feels like breaking up with the best partner ever in your life ..




I hope they will be paired again in a movie and act as husband and wife ..


Like someone said before, each of them have their own method to get out from the withdrawal after the drama end.


Just like how i broke up with my ex yearsss ago, but the different is they’re actor and actress, they must have seen them in billboards/tv/etc...

Hard to deny but there must be still a lingering feeling when u see them since their spent some time together, they’re still humans after all...


Regardless, let’s still hope that they keep a good relationship and support each other closely in the future

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15 hours ago, mushforbrains said:

they have some very entertaining clips...one put up one of him in some ?army skit

it was really strange but he acted like he was enamoured or fan worshipper of a fellow recruit...I still have no idea what that was despite googling...l

@mushforbrainsI believe she maybe alluding to the drama "Who Are You". He looks good in uniform does he not. In that drama he was the 2nd lead and he was thought to be dead and the story is about the mystery of his death. He was a police officer who was shot to death in the first ep because he was about to find out a cover up and  witnessed by his girlfriend who is recovering from the loss. His scenes are of the girlfriends flashbacks of their love affair. In that clip, I think it his character and his girlfriend had a dinner date after graduation from police academy? There was also lots of skinship in the drama (including forehead kiss} but not as much as HPL. He really rocks the uniform. I would like to see him in another well written police or spy drama. 

I think that both KJW and PMY are actors who engender great chemistry with their co stars and them together becomes naturally reverent, tender and heart melting. 

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Did Ryan/Yoon Jae ever discover the photos that Deok Mi took in secret in these two scenes? Granted that in the second scene, he did notice that she was taking photographs (but he could have assumed it was him plus Artist Noh being photographed together). 


Episode 7



Episode 5



(Apologies if I missed seeing someone raise this earlier... I tried to back-read but there are too many pages so I couldn't do a complete search.)


I'll still lurk in this thread every now and then and post updates if any. And dear @NaYouSabi?, could you please tag me when you post your new scripts if that's not too inconvenient? I love reading your scripts...you have such a wicked sense of humour!!! 


Thanks EVERYONE in the HPL big family for all the updates, commentaries, insights, live recaps, translations about HPL during the past many weeks!!!


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u see...i just noticed that this Latte nim wearing white skirt in this video...



but this pic that KJW shared on ig shows that different skirt...i think that is a blanket to cover "her" sexiness.. just like the interview with female celebs that we used to watch..they covered their sexy legs / hips / underwear from being seeing by the audience..so they covered with a blanket..i don't understand why this Latte nim also need the blanket?? :D




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