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  1. Haven't log in here for more than 2 months and I see so much negativity here. I have been on this forum since earlier CLOY days and I see more and more negativities as time goes by and I understand why many forummer hardly post anything here anymore. Some of us maybe expecting too much for an award show and when we don't get it, you start to feel negative. But first of all, to those who feel HB is acting 'cold', are you guys really expecting this award turns out to be like MTV awards where the couple will kiss on stage? If you are expecting this kind of interaction, I am sorry to say but stanning K-celebrities is not for you. When you decided to like Kdrama and jump into stanning a Kdrama couple, first and foremost is you need to learn of their culture and how their industry works. Then only you can start to navigate how you want to ship them. If you already lost your trust in them and think they have broken up, I think it is better you jump of the ship to avoid you getting hurt more in the future if you do not get the 'evidence' you wanted. Shipping is not for a fragile heart. It's either you sink or you sail. Whichever it may be, it is your decision to take a risk. If you are not confident this ship will sail safely and afraid it will sink, just jump and swim to the shore. It is your call. No one force you to board and be in this ship if you have no confidence in them. And to those who expecting them to win best actor/actress but frustrated they did not, maybe you can click the link (in spoiler) below to have some imagination. I hope it can brighten up your days. Ok, signing out and let's see when I will signing in again. Keep shipping the couple and keep the positivity alive here. Our ship is sailing and the captains (HB and SYJ) are handling this ship well. Relax and enjoy your cruise.
  2. Guys, if you are disagreeing with a person's view and want to have a 'longer discussion' please do that in DM. Don't turn this thing into a fanwar area. And please refrain talking about other people other than Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin in here. TQ.
  3. morning.... leaving a snippets of my fanfic here. Something that you can read on because there is no news from them If you want to read more, feel free to DM me.
  4. @Sukma Anggraini please DO NOT QUOTE images or videos or GIF. Please Please Please follow the Soompi Forum Rules... Appreciate if you could edit ur post (page 479), Thank you.
  5. I think it had been said before (in previous page) that it is plausible he rejected Personal Taste for Secret Garden. They get this info from a weibo account if i am not mistaken. This drama aired in the same year though SG aired towards the end of the year. So it is logical. The character of Park Hae Il was first offered to Lee Jung Jae but he declined it as it conflicted with his schedule. So definitely it is not HB who was first offered the role
  6. HB came back from Mongolia 2 days before his birthday. He spent his Bday in SK even had a meeting with Kakao M on his bday or a day before his bday. YOu can check the post in HyunBin forum. Or it could be in this thread too... (in the earlier page, you can back read)
  7. Take out No5, No7 and No 9 but you missed out another Yoonah. Oh Yoon-Ah.
  8. i do not know why someone brings up the topic on SYJ age and her ticking biological clock. and HB must consider someone younger because she is not at the child bearing age. My question is are they really a shipper? To me, one of the factor why HB and SYJ has the craziest chemistry and go well with each other is because they are of the same age. They understand the needs and desire for people their age.
  9. I know. But the one in her Cinderella circle is Song Yoonah. SNSD Yoona start to get close with Song YoonAh during filming The K2 (2016) that's when she started to get close with SYJ. 2016 onwards.
  10. That is Yoona (SNSD Yoona) the one who is close to Song Ye Jin is a senior actress Song YoonAh. The step mother in the K2. I noticed many wrote their romanized name wrong here too hence I know the confusion. SNSD Yoona is known as Yoona and actress Song Yoonah name is spelled as YoonAh (Yoon Ah). I think they chose it this way to avoid confuison.
  11. Haven't log in here for a while and I see many new accounts. Welcome. And it seems like many are looking for fanfics to read to fill up their time. I am writing a BinJin fanfic. Feel free to DM me if you want the link
  12. Vast made a statement that Hyun Bin does not have any personal SNS account in whichever platform. His updates are handle by Vast account only.
  13. @Choi sam suk @kathleengracelopez_dulnuan please edit your post. Do not quote images or videos. It is written in the rules. https://forums.soompi.com/forum/32-shippers-paradise/ Follow this step to delete it Please edit it and follow the rules TQ.