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  1. I realized about this when watching this episode. I am wondering why is this guy facing inwards instead of outwards (like other ppl did). And I realized his face is facing PMY assets and if I am her I will feel nervous to the max. hahaha
  2. I like the lines "Kim Jae Wook is the rising star in kissing scenes". Lol like the new boy straight gets the throne. I like Ji Chang Wook too but I prefer his kiss scenes with PMY in Healer as it is more tender and soft. Not too overly done. I am happy both my Wook Oppa are listed as best kissers.
  3. i am watching Bad Guy now.. anyone know where I can watch the making vids?
  4. I love this OST from the drama Who Are You. Everytime this OST come out for KJW scene I feel heartbroken and sad. This OST compliments his acting a lot. From here, you can see how good an actor he is. The caring boyfriend traits is already in him but he can't show well coz all this time (before HPL) he always stuck as 2nd lead.
  5. can you share me where can I watch the making of the movie? Newly hooked fan here, sorry if I asked a lot.
  6. I am seriously trying my best to cope with this emptiness without HPL. I watched KJW comeback drama after his military in 2013 (Who Are You). Gosh, his eye acting is impressive. If you have time, go and catch up. He is so good and so underrated, I hope HPL will do him justice.
  7. I am hooked with KJW too. Now, I am watching his drama Who Are You where he played a ghost. OMG his eye acting is impressive. He has so less lines but he channeled all his emotions through his eyes. Chincha daebak....
  8. i am having a SUPER MAJOR WITHDRAWAL SYNDROME.... I Haven't had this after watching a drama for a LOOOOOONNNGGGGG Time. I hardly can finish one episode of a drama in one sittting. Keep pausing it and checking YT or this forum for our LABit...... helpeuuuu....
  9. I think her first passion is always art. She loves to draw since young and dream to become an artist. But the accident she faced during high school forced her to let go of her dreams to pursue as an artist. So she takes art but to become a curator. And I think she channeled her artistic talent to photography and photo editing. As a fangirl, this talent is a huge benefit hence she can create Road to Si An (Sinagil). So to me, both art and photography is DM passion and she is good in it.
  10. KJW and Ju Ji Hoon used to be roommates? From where you read the source? mind sharing?
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