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  1. I agree. Seo Ye Ji is the perfect choice for the drama. Her facial expressions and her voice are so on point. And the drama is mesmerizing with many nerve wracking intrigues. Seo Ye Ji is killing it. The writer of the drama is really good and so is the directing. I love the pairing with KSH. They look good together. Good for you SYJ. You are worth the wait!!!
  2. I have been waiting for Seo Ye Ji's next project since Lawless Lawyer and I am so happy to find her in Netflix It Is "Okay Not To Be Okay". It only featured 4 episodes but the drama thread is already filling fast with drama posts. I am so happy. She looks so glamorous in the drama and her acting is top notch. She portrays the character so realistically with all the character's complexity. She is so good and she looks good with the male lead. Atta girl .... the wait is worth the while
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