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  1. I almost got a heart attack when i saw this on instagram!!! OMG this is better than what i expected when i first noticed he’ll be attending Dunhill ss20 in Paris... We got to see him a lot for these past few days, i hope he update his post. Anyway our PMY also updated her ig post, she looks daring and hella pretty
  2. I noticed that even some of them still tag her on her ex photos/videos... life as a celebrity https://youtu.be/qRazGf5ytCE In one of the interview they had mention like how happy they are to see mature fans that did good deeds (planted trees, help poor students etc) on their names and create a desirable kind of fandom... Oh well, but we all know it’s hard to control people
  3. https://www.instagram.com/p/By_frGbAYaR/?igshid=czr59mpvb032 His laugh when someone said “Her private life is woooww” so precious, he’s a big star now...
  4. Correct! But after 17 years of career (he debut on 2002 if i’m not wrong) he deserved this good kind of attention though... especially because he started his career as a model, I believe we need to see him more on a big fashion event like this
  5. He looks happy and lively i do need to say that he looks a bit awkward now that he got all the attention he deserved... so happy for him Hope we got to see him more often from now onnn
  6. Cannot wait to see him on the Dunhill show!!!! HE WILL SWOON THE WORLD! More international activity for him pleaseeee
  7. According to a tag on KJW ig, both of his pets are/were in a pet’s hotel and a korean blogger claimed that she saw KJW in Hoi An, Hanoi, Vietnam with his family! What a lucky girl... The post date was on 16th of June ‘19. I was exactly there last month for a family vacation huhuhu Don’t know wether is he still on holiday or back to SK already.. just like someone who post *ehem she’s back to reality (to work). Maybe both of them are back in doing their schedule now...
  8. I’m in the middle of cooking and almost burned my finger because i saw our PMY update her ig post! AKKKK they both updated their ig on the same day, they’re sure tease us a lot
  9. I’m pretty sure PMY will always have a special place in his heart especially if he’s not doing any romcom anytime soon
  10. Is it one of the soma art gallery exhibiton? (Original place where they shoot as Cheum art gallery) If it is then it must be a latepost when they shoot the last episode of HPL (since he kinda looks like wearing the same outfits in ep 16) Wondering if he misses those days like we do...
  11. Thank u for your info and thank u for sharing the same thought and feel... i know right, hopefully she will mention HPL/KJW in her lastest project in Marie Claire.. It’s just a shame that such a good drama/chemistry as well as their hard works evaporate just like that.. I saw from the shipping forum about the slim chance of the dvd release as well... don’t know what’s really happening within the production company #sigh currently watching all the newest dramas available but nothing really attracts me the way HPL did... the last time i feel this kind of feel was with Oh My Venus in 2015... Anyway KJW just posted a new post on his IG, happy for a little update of one of them
  12. How’s everyone doing? I tried to make myself busy but still checking on this thread/ig for more updates of our OTP/HPL... I was wondering actually how bad is the rating in SK for this drama? I mean, they’re both became the most buzzworthy actor and actress internationally for 3 freakin weeks and KJW ig followers rise up to 500-600k just from this drama alone. It shows how much people actually enjoy and love HPL.. Can’t believe there’s no Photoshoot/interviews of them after the drama ended just like any other drama normally... Or is it maybe because our PMY were busy right after the filming? Still hoping we can get some news from both of them #HOPE
  13. Oyeah now that i saw clearly lol i think ure right... i really want to see more BTS/ more interaction between them...
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