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  1. Wow thanks for the info chingu, hope their strong denial and proofs will stop this rumor from dragging too much once and for all...
  2. That’s true and that’s why even though i might be checking their ig once in a while, i never leave any comment on them or even worse tag them (since i also set my ig in private mode and only post things around my friends, hubby and families). This is why this forum might be one of the only access for some of us to keep our shippers heart alive
  3. I heard that HPL will air in Japan around August (23rd of August if i’m not wrong). Hopefully it will open another path for them to interact and retrace all the memories, even though it already pass the 3 months period lol I watched their clips at least once/twice a day for daily doze of happiness.. still can’t get over their chemistry.. PS : i cannot wait for his Esquire Sept issue, wish there’ll be something to feed our thirsty heart in his interview
  4. Totally agree... First, a man and a woman, who said that they cannot be JUST friend? I think on the first rumor KJW side never release any statement because it was LE who did post that photo, but i think she already felt bad about it that’s why she deleted the photo. If KJW side made a statement as well maybe it’ll seems overreacted since it’s really nothing... Second, i do think KJW is a man of his words, about how he will admit it if he got caught while dating cause it’s not a sin to be in a romantic relationship. He will not do things that will hurt any party and we all know that he’s not really after fame, he’s a true artist. Third, maybe LE is dating someone else (the flamboyan man whose i’m 100% sure not KJW) and he knows about this, that’s why he’s very taken aback when he heard about the rumor. It’s only been a day after he returned to SK from Paris when this rumor came out, it must be very tiring for him... people said the higher you go the stronger the wind blows... As this is our Labit couple forum, hope that this will not goes in the way of our couple to start anything if they do falling for each other
  5. Thanks for sharing! Wow he consume a lot of vitamins, happy to see him take a good care of himself despite his smoking habit (no judgement though) His skin look freakin’ amazing in this video what a dazzling man!
  6. Hi everyone, i’m from HPL and KJW forum as well, i see some familiar accounts here so decided to join this forum too I’m one of labit shipper, but beside that i’m a fan of actor KJW and actress PMY. I respect their private life to the fullest. As a shipper, I do feel relieved that he and his agency took a firm action on denying the rumor. I just hope that this doesn’t get in the way of their career and future projects especially because he seems to be one of hotest star right now.
  7. Rumors come and rumors go (strong denied answers). KJW has been active on ig lately, what’s makes me scared is this will make him resist to give us more updates hope that’s not the case...
  8. Rumors come and rumors go (strong denied answers). KJW has been active on ig lately, what’s makes me scared is this will make him resist to give us more updates hope that’s not the case...
  9. Hi everyone, i’ve been a silent reader here in this thread but quiet active in the HPL drama forum Would like to join this forum to support our KJW. I’ve known him since coffee prince and antique movie. He’s sure someone who could steal attention not just an ordinary supporting actor/2nd male lead. But all this time there’s sooo little informations about him more over because i’m not korean and doesn’t leave in South Korea. After HPL first felt a bit mixed feeling seeing him suddenly got blow up and gain a massive amount of new fans, but he’s indeed a man full of talents so he deserves it. Thank youuu for all informations that was shared here, i really appreciate it!
  10. I mean once or twice i’m just happy they both updated us with something new... but this is the 5th time that both of them update on the same day and within the same timeline lollll Again there’s no pressure who will they end up with but we know the reply 198* real life couple did the same (sending codes/caption through insta post) Hope there’ll be a good news for labit/HPL couple in the future
  11. They update IG post on the same day again! i knew it i knew ittttt!!! so sorry but everytime they did this i cannot hold my delulu minddd
  12. I almost got a heart attack when i saw this on instagram!!! OMG this is better than what i expected when i first noticed he’ll be attending Dunhill ss20 in Paris... We got to see him a lot for these past few days, i hope he update his post. Anyway our PMY also updated her ig post, she looks daring and hella pretty
  13. I noticed that even some of them still tag her on her ex photos/videos... life as a celebrity https://youtu.be/qRazGf5ytCE In one of the interview they had mention like how happy they are to see mature fans that did good deeds (planted trees, help poor students etc) on their names and create a desirable kind of fandom... Oh well, but we all know it’s hard to control people
  14. https://www.instagram.com/p/By_frGbAYaR/?igshid=czr59mpvb032 His laugh when someone said “Her private life is woooww” so precious, he’s a big star now...
  15. Correct! But after 17 years of career (he debut on 2002 if i’m not wrong) he deserved this good kind of attention though... especially because he started his career as a model, I believe we need to see him more on a big fashion event like this
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