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  1. yeah, I can see that too ... they really don't hold back their feelings .. do you see the sixth snippet, the last kiss after their intense kiss.. I dont know why, but the kiss remind me of the proposal kiss (the BTS kiss) and i am sure its adlib..
  2. it's in Doekmi's birthday scene, before they go to Ryan's apartment. scene before the painting scene.. but I think its PMY adlib.. they did so many adlib in HPL, both of them.. out of that 10 snippet, I am sure most of them its adlib..
  3. #HerPrivateLife team had dinner at this restaurant probably last night or tonight... The post also said that this is the 3rd time that the team went there. https://www.instagram.com/p/Byh9KGtp3nn/ Cr. @pia000000
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