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  1. Another same day update today. Very funny, one at Europe Paris (in Chinese is pronounced as BaLi) another one is in South East Asia Bali (in Chinese is pronounced as BaLi Dao, which Dao means island)
  2. Really missing them, started another round of rewatch, have tried other rom com dramas but so far HPL has the best visual couple.
  3. SDM char is quite a normal person char, it is unlike characters that does not exist in the current society, and SDM is quite a lovable char.
  4. @belena, thanks for the Hedwig videos, I found his dress up as Hedwig is very alluring and sexy, especially his legs.
  5. @bliss1004, thanks for the compilation. Saw the little girl that JW played with her during the break time, her name is Heo Yool, and she is a very talented little actress, would like to recommend “Mother” to all of u to see how good this little girl in her acting with Lee Bo Young and the rest of veteran actresses.
  6. Like us. https://www.koreaboo.com/lists/13-things-people-watch-k-drama-will-understand/
  7. Almost all the nominees are friends that KJW had worked with.
  8. I just watched Planck Constant without sub, didn’t manage to find one site with Eng sub. Anyway, first impression without sub, Focus is JW as the main char. Earlier show started with pervert ideas that JW goes through his mind, not much dialogue to pay attention, however near the end of the show, I think there is a little message that the movie wants to convey, but without sub I am totally lost. Anyone watched this movie, able to explain what is the message that they are talking at the end?
  9. Other than Method Acting that we have been discussing, is there other systematic way for acting skills? I always very curious how could they simply cry on the spot, do they totally immense with the character situation to present their emotions or they simply pull in their life experiences to feel it? Some roles will definitely required more research as the actors need to understand the character profession and mindset when they portray for the roles so that they could devise a charismatic role that the audience would remember vividly. Like, PMY mention, she also did her research of a fangirl by consulting her sister, and then she would devise her own fangirl char. One thing that the drama did not shows more how a fangirl would do more, e.g. participating in whatever website votings, purchase your bias CF products etc. For sure, she would not stalk or hang around her bias after their events, this is consider as a healthy fangirl.
  10. I tried watching Healer, but decided to give up in Ep 3, too political, sibling rivalry, can’t stand the story plot line, still prefer HPL since it is a simple, warmth drama, with not much thoughts and agony.
  11. Another thought to this, if DM does becomes a photography artist, what would be her genre of line of photography, Idols? that would not be likely. Fan-girling is her hobby, taking nice pic and caricature for her favourite idol is her hobby. I find it great that the writer wrote it that galley curator is also an artist, which she took pride in recognising the artwork of the artist, finding nice spots to hang them up to exude the beauty of the art pieces. Although, we do dream of what we want, but with limitation in our skill set compared to others, we may end up in areas that are close to our dream, and performed them well with pride.
  12. After watching HPL BTS, and WWWSK BTS, she really laughed a lot in HPL, a lot of interesting ad-libs with KJW compared to earlier works. In fact, I think SDM character is quite close to herself, confident, empathetic, took work to her pride, outspoken. It was a tiring filming journey for both of them, and to give a proper farewell vid and stating that she was unhappy with HPL, this is not fair for her effort that she had put in. Agreed some of u mentioned how could u still be in the right mind to do a proper farewell when u are deprived from sleep a few days. From the last group photo shot in wrapping up the filming, can see both of them were really very exhausted. She mentioned that her role is not easy, of course lah, so many heart fluttering and kiss scenes with the sexy god, how can she still composed herself that this is just acting.
  13. KJW also quite sporting in their concert, when the audience asked him to take off his t shirt, he did tore apart and then take it out, what I saw from the vid is all hphones filming his body, u can see this from 54:00 onwards.
  14. Some one asked about the actor who acts Eom So Hye husband. http://asianwiki.com/Lee_Han-Wi
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