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  1. Park Min-young successfully completes fan meetings in 5 cities in Asia “Reward with sincere acting” [News Reporter Kim Myung-mi] Actress Park Min-young successfully completed fan meetings in five Asian cities. Park Min-young plays the role of Kang Ji-won, an independent character who pioneers her own destiny due to regression in the tvN Monday-Tuesday drama 'Marry My Husband', and gives a passionate performance that shines with her fighting spirit to lose weight and acting skills, and renews her character for life. It was praised as 'Nth Golden Age' and received a warm response both domestically and overseas. At the time of its airing, 'My Boyfriend' ranked first in average viewer ratings among tvN's Monday-Tuesday dramas and first in the number of female paid subscribers to tvN content, and even now, three months after it ended, it ranks third in the global TV show English and non-English categories on Amazon Prime Video. , has been charting in the global top 10 in 61 countries for 23 consecutive weeks. It remains at number one in Asian countries such as Thailand and the Philippines, proving the popularity of 'My Boyfriend', which is still hot not only in Korea but also overseas. In relation to this, in order to repay the love of overseas fans that Park Min-young gave through 'My Boyfriend', she started in Tokyo on March 23rd, Osaka on March 31st, Bangkok on April 20th, Manila on May 21st, and Manila on June 2nd. The 'Fan Meeting in 5 Asian Cities - My Brand New Day', which was held in Taipei order, ended with perfect cheers and is drawing attention. In particular, Park Min-young's fan meeting this time is even more meaningful because it was held again for the first time in five years. Fans gathered in droves at the airport to celebrate Park Min-young's visit, and tickets for her first fan meeting in Tokyo were sold out immediately after opening, leading to a hasty decision to hold an additional performance in Osaka. Park Min-young also did her best to prepare from start to finish, coming up with proactive ideas for meeting her fans after a long time. Park Min-young prepared personalized song gifts for her five cities, singing Japanese songs in Japan, Taiwanese songs in Taiwan, and pop songs in English-speaking countries to excite her fans. Here, she showed off her perfect dancing skills as good as her idols through various performances, including the stage of Jenny's solo song 'YOU & ME', drawing cheers. In order to show her various charms to her fans, Park Min-young planned special coordination tailored to her five cities, and showed off her colorful charm with a variety of styling, including Y2K, actress look, and pretty look. On the other hand, Park Min-young formed empathy with her fans through a refreshing talk about the things they were curious about, and impressed her fans with a sincere tribute by personally preparing gifts for her fans. She prepared handmade gifts full of gratitude for each and every fan who supported her, including making a notebook with new photos taken by Park Min-young and making photo cards, bookmarks, and ballpoint pens, and delivered them to her fans. Moreover, Park Min-young shed tears of emotion as her fans cheered her with one voice before the end of her fan meeting, expressing her gratitude for her first 'Fan Meeting in 5 Asian Cities' in 5 years. He expressed his overwhelming emotions. Her agency, Hook Entertainment, said, “Park Min-young could not hide her excitement about meeting her fans throughout the preparation for this fan meeting, and took the time to prepare a stage for perfect dancing and singing.” They added, “To the fans who have always supported Park Min-young reliably. Thank you again. Park Min-young will continue to repay the love she received from her fans with her sincere acting. “Please support Park Min-young’s continued progress,” she said. https://m.entertain.naver.com/article/609/0000863677
  2. Actress Park Minyoung, a famous dog lover who is raising a 9-year-old dog named Leon, was appointed as the campaign ambassador 'Let's stay healthy together for a long time every day'
  3. Park Min Young in Manila May 11 SAT 6PM Pres Conference at the Activity Center, Ayala Market Market May 12 SUN 6PM Fan Meeting at SM Skydome
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