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  1. Whoah episode 6 is DAEBAK! The prophecy!!! OMG. I can’t wait for next epiosde
  2. I hope so. He is an interesting one. It will be hard to hate him if he is the villain. ONE and Jang Dong Gun potraying him will make it much harder to hate him. hahaha.
  3. Just 2 episodes and I'm already rooting for EunSom and Tanya. Is Tagon supposed to be the villain of the story?
  4. Well, I had one group chat with my other couple fellow shippers in KakaoTalk. Or soompi here can provide private group chat as well. But I don’t really know how to make it because I just followed others when they opened group chat here in soompi and Kakao. it definitely more free there than here to be delulu because well, as you know, all eyes are watching and we don’t want this lovely thread to get warning from mods
  5. OMG that's a good "hypothesis". He might be aiming for her cheek but she turned her head so he kissed her lips He updated his ig but I think that's a late post because his outfit is the same with the outfit he wore when he took picture with his bust statue. Well, anyone here thinking of having a private chatroom to delulu together?
  6. I vote for pd-nim was under the blanket as well because he needs to direct what’s happening under the blanket Well, I think that’s PMY’s leg since it kicked the blanket. I think her position changed a bit because KJW was *coughOnTopcough* of her. So it’s possible for her legs to sticking out like that. Btw, still no news interview from HPL casts?
  7. Crossing my finger! Hopefully the studio won't reject the dvd demand. Will HPL be broadcasted in other countries? Like Taiwan, Philippines, or other? I hope they will get to promote this beautiful drama outside South Korea. It will be better if PMY or KJW (I prefer both ) can go abroad to promote this.
  8. About the hide content OMG YES!!! The jussi from Top Star Yoo Baek!!! Lee Sang Yeob's aboji!!!! Thank you for the info! Finally I can sleep well tonight
  9. Leon or Lion, PMY ssi? OMG you even counted their kissing scene? 14? It's like 3 dramas kissing scene cramped into 1. They have been kissing for 10 episodes.
  10. That Hello! Lion gold BGM is a silly music but strangely it really suit Ryan Gold character. I don't know how a manly character with a face of Kim Jae Wook (who played a serial killer and a priest who did exorcism) will fit perfectly to that BGM HPL BGM are so good. I love the Mr Wolf, Photo Zone, Rabbit Couple (it becomes my ringtone now), and Missing is super beautiful melody.
  11. Yes.. some drama will have a magazine photoshoot for the leads before the drama airing and some will have like live interview or kakaotalk interview before the drama. Maybe that's the production studio's effort to promote the drama. I can't imagine if Labit guest starring together in Variety show. Maybe like Running Man or Knowing Brother
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