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  1. That is my daily routine . How at the beginning he didn't want to even shake her hand when she introduced herself, now, he can't let go of her hand And how he was looking at her like this at the beginning to this..
  2. This gif is definitely Deok Mi's style Well, we have to get the explanation on why Ryan was on right side, PD-nim!
  3. TRUE! They are watching romcom but don't want skinships and kisses? Like.. what are you expecting in a romcom? tsk.. This is me when reading those comments..
  4. “but this drama is one more example of the fact that 16 episodes is too long for a rom-com.“ What? But I wish this drama will have 100 episodes with 84 episodes of Ryan and Deok Mi’s domestic life together
  5. I just saw some comments on twitter that they hate this drama because too many skinships and kisses. I was like... it is a ROMCOM and the story is about them FALLING IN LOVE and become a new COUPLE! What you expect from a romcom if not skinship and kissy kissy moment? They are dating and that’s normal to have skinship and little pecks here and there. Tsk.. I saw a making for Song Ji Hyo and Jo In Sung movie, forgot the name but the genre is definitely 19+, and he wiped Song Ji Hyo’s lips after kissing scene. And because of the movie theme which is 19+, so the kiss scene was super spectacular so it got a little bit messy. I can’t imagine this kind of drama, I know it’s TvN but the audience rating is still 15+, how deep and passionate you two kissing so her lipstick stained all over his mouth? KJW and PMY in a drama together make everything better. Audience : Heart fluttered Pd-nim : Just give a broad script and they can do the rests with their ad-lib Makeup crews : Put makeup once before shooting and they can touch up each other makeup. No problem
  6. I love this song! I love his voice too. He looks a little bit like Zico from that angle . So, we will have 1 more OST, right? Anyway, the bluray survey, if I fill the form more than once but still using the same id and same email, will it still be counted? Or only one email/id for one count?
  7. I didn't get Her Private Life. I got He is Psychometric Maybe they already knew I've watched HPL already so they recommend me HIP
  8. Their stylists and make up crews must be having the easiest job here. They don’t have to take care of them everytime the scene ended because KJW and PMY will take care of each other by themselves PMY wiping her lipstick stain on KJW’s lips.. it’s rare to see something like that in drama. And one thing I love to see in their kissing scene is their bodies just so close to each other while kissing. You can see some of the dramas when the leads doing kissing scene but their bodies just far away from each other. This feels more real
  9. Whoaah the BTS angle is always better you know the kissing game is on when KJW’s hands are in PMY’s waist. His kisses were more calm when he put his hands on her neck. But when the hands go to her waist, it’s more I can’t imagine the bts of woodshop kiss. OMO him giving her milk to wash her mouth from coffee so he can kiss her was an ad-lib. It’s quite easy now to distinguish script and ad-lib from these two And KJW, I can’t believe someone like him who laughed a lot during bts could play serial killer like Mo Tae Goo.
  10. I’m pretty sure every professional actors will have their own ‘ritual’ before filming any intimate scenes or any scenes they will be in. So, I think he will do anything to make his co star comfortable even during intimate scene. He is a professional though. So, I think his smoking habit won’t be much problem for the shooting.
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