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    Too young to have my humanity figured out . ask me in ten years .... but for now KJW's wife in his next lifetime and no he doesn't get to choose...

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  1. with that amount of makeup ?? and if its the good quality kind then do you still have any money left ?? ... ps: you mentioned makeup not me so guilty as charged ... @joccu -2
  2. I hope the lock downs stop soon , and remember to spend the money wisely... thank you for making my day I can't even , and the fact that its dealpool here take all my money -2
  3. @Min2206 how are you doing ?? here some money to motivate the pole dancing ... -2
  4. merry Christmas happy new year and long time no see ... subtract team did you at least win once ?? -2
  5. watching this gives me a head ache , i don't know why , it feels so wrong ... +2
  6. a lot or heaven given ...one of the two -2
  7. -2 ..yo yo yo , school wont let me visit as often as i would like to
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