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  1. i hope they all watch those I really needed someone to talk about these dramas with when i watched hokuto last year and saka no this year ... So if anyone does watch feel free to tag me in any discussion ...
  2. Name: Saka no Tochu no Ie (2019) Summary: A mother is asked to be a jury at the trial of a woman who drowned her 8-month old baby. and the mother starts seeing herself in the defendant ... Watch when you are in the mood for: when you want to thing about life and humanity , what it means to be a mother , and societies expectation of woman to be mothers , wives etc. Visual factor: story a told from different angles and nothing is as it seems , but at the same time the final result is the same ... Emotional moments that you liked: i would not say i liked them but i felt them ... a crippling feeling of helplessness , because if only we had a time machine that could help up change our past ... so you could say i liked the fact that even though i a not a mother i saw and understood where everyone as coming from Annoying bits you might need to ignore: NONE honestly its 6 episodes , somethings would make you angry but ts part of the story build up ... oh and i wanted to give a few spanks to a certain brat ... Overall grade:10/10 Name: Hokuto Summary: A lawyer tries to defend a young man who wants the death penalty . Watch when you are in the mood for: WHEN YOU LACK INTENSITY IN YOUR LIFE. THIS WILL MAKE YOU ASK THOSE IMPORTANT LIFE QUESTIONS. Visual factor: very dark and gloomy . the acting and everything is on point Emotional moments that you liked: NONE... all i can say is that this should be watched in installments its an amazing series but you need to be strong. Annoying bits you might need to ignore: Its five episodes long ... not for people who are easily triggered or have a weak heart ... i remember there was a scene where i had to stop eating not because of the visuals but because i couldn't take it anymore ... I gave up on human beings. Overall grade:9/10
  3. MMMMAAATTTUUURRRREEEEEE .... is it possible to post on archive of our own too please ... i keep on comparing or just going "meh:" in my head ... but am even sadder because kdramas unlike cdramas never recast same actors ... that three piece suit on him is at the moment my favorite dress code of all time .... i just love how its not really too formal... am liking her more and more ... people who love lady gaga are .... please ... my life explained in seconds ... this makes sense , i was very surprised in the BTS when he said he never truly proposed to someone before and i was all i plan to either be married or at least proposed ( even if i get rejected life goes on ) to a few someones before i reach his age ... PS: it goes Kim Jae Uck , Lee El , Lana Parrilla , Christine and the machines , lee soo hyuk okay lets end here ... now some else tell me their list ...
  4. I think the feeding scene was an adlib... I he looked so surprised but was all Aaaaaaaa.... thats how you there is trust.. Am still to watch 15&16. I need to watch when am ready, i so i can Write a good review... I and then rewatch with you all... I i have to review this entire drama to be able to move on and some fanfics too... Right now am just lurking because ase i have a rewrite and i really really have to study... Voice is when i really took a second look and noticed this man... I could n't finish TOL because i say NO TO SLS.... No girl in her right mind will keep a guy like this hanging for 5years without atleast saying him ONCE.... I might go to back to to watch him eat though... Choi Yoon was the level headed one who saw it all first hand as a kid.. And did anyone realised that we saw the abs of the priest but arms of the lion...
  5. FOREVER AND EVER RYAN GOLD .... Am falling more in love ... every second ...
  6. i really want to write one , but i need inspiration or a prompt from some one ( this would woke better ) oh and am still too chicken to watch the last two episodes ... i don't want to say good bye ..
  7. LOL... please don't die , we need you ... this is why the internet scares me ... apparently this was deleted and unliked ... but the internet was faster ... .... at the same time this is why i prefer Americas celebrity network , because any one would realise thís is just fanservice and her having fun , but in Asia the knets will ask for her head on a silver platter... @Ameera Ali that has never stopped me ... my specialist is holding on and never letting go .... all i just need to do is beat , SDM , PMY and then you to him ...
  8. from my understanding the glasses ... am not into the ship much ...( KJW needs to get with LE first in my life time , then break up so i can rest in peace) but i love hanging out with you all and am into labit so count me in ... @TheRoadtoPMY what did the post say please ..... and i think its rose gold ...
  9. .. am going to spend the rest of my life looking out for Lobster Gold in all KJW's projects ... but now that you said this i want SDM to do this to him ... where all the FF writes at ?? @orion00 I that's not my problem ... am not really asking for much .. all i ask for is a selfie KJW can keep all those ones he took on his iphone ... i know its his because the CSI and FBI unit of this forum are legit ... @kdramaQ The last kiss, both were smiling and enjoying the kiss, every time i see them smiling while in the middle of a kiss i think to my self " at least we all enjoying this ride " (sorry am not that good at quoting)
  10. ^^ this was the sexiest to me ... for some reason her taking the lead and him with his hands in his pocket( this might be why i love love love this scene ) , i can't put it into words but , my heart , that's how i knew i would love this couple i came for KJW and PMY made me fall for them two ... i love every other scene but this scene remains top because i even had to go find the music and who sang the cover too... ........ i really really really think am in the wrong profession ( studying ) ... i want to practice too ... THIS^^ looks like a alot of hard work ... and now that i see this i feel i would watch a movie with just them two being domestic ... legit fact ... like you two spent 3 months with your tongues down each others throat mining for lost minerals that could save the earth , but you can't give us a single selfie together ??? ... i mean i had some from the guest , my computer home screen is of the three leads taking funny selfies while someone else took a picture of them ... if i remember correctly the day they started dating , Ryan asked if they could call each other something else and the name SDM imagined was "Saja Seki" ...
  11. personally i immigrated from my country at the age of nine close to Ryan's age i think ... i can't really hear it but i've been told i have a very strong accent , even though i have been away from home for so long and grew up with kids from a different country ... but here is the funny thing ... Everyone tells me i have an accent people who come from my country and people who stay in my present country , it use to bother me because when i spoke i would always be told "that's not how that word is pronounced " even though am from an English/french speaking country my English is different from others ... so am just in-between ... for example the word listen i pronounce it as lis-ten , this is because even though my first language is English , i was influenced with how words are pronounced in my country , we pronounce the way its spelled ( in both English and other local languages) but others where i stay at the moment keep telling me its pronounced lɪs(ə)n , but if i have to pronounce it in this manner i will have to speak slower and try to match my words to others ... that is very tiring and difficult and i spent high school being bullied for this and now am in a place where am confident enough to tell others that what my aunt tells me ..." English is a borrowed language the colonizers brought it to us and we kept it and made it our own , who ever does not like it can go eat a dictionary " but at the same time when i speak over the phone to people back home or older people from my country of origin who did not grow up in my present country they ALSO tell me about how i speak ... its the same for Ryan , he can speak English with a clear enough accent for you to know he grew up out of SK , his pronunciation is clear and precise , but at the same time the way he says certain words , or reads certain sounds makes you see the SK accent ... for example someone made a comment about the way he pronounces Gold ...its clear enough for you to know its Gold , but also enough for you to realise he pronounces it as GOOLD same as me i pronounce doctor as doc-tor (as seen ) but its "suppose to go as " dɒktə ... I've come to realise that if you are not resilient to other peoples accent , after a while you get use to it ... with my friends i don't even know i have an accent its always with new people i meet who seem to remind me ... that is one big family tree right there ... i feel like EG moved because he doesn't have to protect his family anymore , they are now free from thier past and he can look at just like SDM , kids are meant to fly out of the nest ... can someone connect me to these party videos i haven't seen any ... somebody @Ameera Ali not if i get to his arms first then i can just cover everything ... bring it ... at least yours has a direction , the men and some women form my side of town start name callings the moment the hear the word feminist then you are a westernized brainwashed prostitute that has lost her values and upbringing and is trying to corrupt the young children ( this is me putting some of the things that have been said lightly ) this was never important because i was always the person who watches a drama when it starts and the when its over its over , but for once i need these things to help me survive this break up ... i also want the interviews
  12. its the fact that he will definitely not take a project like this again in the near future that breaks my heart... but he does at least two dramas a year so at the end of this year we can hopefully get something ... now that you've said this it makes more sense why the director always referred to KJW as Ryan and he (KJW) always called PMY as ms Sung in the BTS ... so how did he research for HPL ??
  13. as a fan i deserve to watch this show ... but no matter how hard i look i can't find it ... ... and where did you find these pictures , i love how honest and real they are .. am not here for lies and pure idol BS ...
  14. this is why this is the first rom com i can say i love ... it feels too real , their moments aren't over dramatized ... no slow mo falling , deer in headlight kissing , or making a big deal out of little things like holding hands ... these are two 30something people who know what they are up to ...
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