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  1. @cenching is that KJW? those pretty girl pics you shared in your latest post? sorry i couldn't recognise who that girl / guy is
  2. I think you got the wrong person. The one who has met KJW is not me....she is other girl from the HPL thread which i also so envy of her....kekekeke I'll update in this thread if there's any new pic of him wearing HG cap that i gave him..
  3. I just came back from FTISLAND concert and one week vacation in Seoul. I wanna share my experience when i went to Soop office to drop a paperbag of gift to KJW.. it was last week Saturday around 12.50pm. It took me around 7 minutes to walk from Gangnam Gu Office Station to the Soop office. I'm actually lucky at that time because Saturday is not a working day so the office is supposed to close on Saturday. When i reached the Soop office, I saw the door was opened and i try to go inside the office. It was dark and no one in the office! I said "Hello" a few times and suddenly there's one guy (a staff i guess) came out. I'm so nervous at that time. I told the guy I'm a fan from Malaysia and wanted to drop the gift bag to KJW. He nodded and take the bag from my hand and I said thank you to that guy and then he closed the door! My gosh..i was so lucky that day, if the door didn't open, i unable to pass the gift to that guy. If you guys noticed, there's a guy sit on the stairs at the left. That is the guy who i passed the gift. I hope the gift already reached KJW's hand by now. I'll patiently waiting someday he will wear the Hysteric Glamour cap that i bought for him which i believe he still doesn't has that design. Here's the map to Soop Office from the subway station
  4. My delulu mind said she is trying to kill KJW who is in Paris right now. She is wearing his favourite colour BLACK and this outfit is so sexy
  5. when he came to the airport with the Dunhill grey outfit instead of black, I knew it that it was for the airport fashion and also for the sponsored Dunhill menswear. But when he changed his outfit to black pants, black t-shirt, and a jeans jacket, i smiled and said "That's the real KJW style" I'm smiling when i saw the video of him at the Paris wearing the black cap.. that is his favourite brand cap yall...Hysteric Glamour.. it's an expensive brand and can only be found in Japan. I have to close my eyes and purchased one cap with a different design for him and this probably the most expensive gift I've ever bought to a celebrity. it's so addictive when I started to know him more and getting to love more about him
  6. My goshhhh!! He is sooooo damn handsome sexy gorgeous human being!!!! #drooling
  7. so when KJW will be back from Paris? I have this feelings that he probably going to extend his stay in Paris for a while and take a short vacation there .. Uwaaaaa I'm going to Seoul next Friday 28th June until 3rd July ... gonna attend FTISLAND concert ekekkekeke... i wish i could bump into KJW at the airport or maybe Soop Management office I'm going to drop a present for him at Soop office and praying hard that he will be there (only if he has returned back to Korea) I bought him a black shirt and a black cap of his favourite brand.. hehehe I've become a successful fans lately after watching HPL.. I'm going to a concert without anyone of my family members know about it and I bought expensive gifts for Hongki & KJW too #IamBrokeNow
  8. @Ondine i think she purposely write that 성덕 coz she could write something else, not 성덕 in her caption....to me, that is so obvious
  9. Did she write Seong Deok in her ig caption?? Hahahaha i think she still cannot move on!!
  10. it's been a while i didn't post in this thread after the drama ended... I'm actually successfully moved on from this drama because i was too concentrate compiling KJW's laughter clips from his previous drama.. But i come here and i really need to tell you guys this before i forget about this...i actually wanna tell you guys one thing about the proposal scene.. When Ryan was on his knees and when Deokmi do the talking while crying, i can clearly see from this side that he is so emotional and nervous looking at her with his red eyes while so hard trying to hold his tears... But when the camera focus on his face, the mood is different from above shot. This shot, not the same mood from the above pic. Did you guys understand what I'm trying to say here? I think they have done a few shot and this probably after KJW couldn't hold himself and he cried during PMY turn to do the talking ..so they made this shot again after he wiped his tears. Because it's so obvious that we can clearly see that a his eyes a bit swollen after crying. Geeezzzz i don't know how many time they have to do this scene .. Must be so emotional for both of them when doing that proposal scene ..My Goshhhh the most surreal, emotional and sincere proposal scene in kdrama I've ever watched so far!!
  11. Done my compilation of Jae Wook's Laughter from The Guest drama press con, interview and behind the scene...hope you guys gonna enjoy it and please share the link to our friends who love Jae Wook too! At the moment, I'm having a serious withdrawal syndrome with KJW... luckily I'm already move on from HPL withdrawal after being too concentrated on compiling KJW laugh videos..
  12. I'm in the midst of compiling KJW's laughing bts from The Guest..i need your help to give me all The Guest BTS youtube link.. I've found some but still missing a lot of the bts ...please put the link under spoiler and share it here ..thanks in advanced found this playlist link but still not enough..
  13. I haven't watch The Guest (my mind still stucked with HPL) but I've read somewhere that they left the ending with cliffhanger? So probably gonna continue as sequel in a movie?? i guess after HPL, KJW will probably gonna get the role for The Guest movie?? hopefully he will be part of the movie. But we probably won't get to see him in a new drama this year.
  14. Geezzzzz!!! I really miss Kim Jae Wook so much!! I need him to get a new project as soon as possible! The waiting is killing me!! :astonished: 


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