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  1. i have mentioned in previous pages, before the drama started, his ig followers around 320k..i can't remember the exact figure....but now he has 673k followers
  2. you guys need to watch this and i think one of you guys commented in there too.. sorry if this video has been shared..
  3. @starrysky18 here's the gifs this drama has the most gifs images I've ever made in my entire life watching kdrama..gonna put a note in my kdrama history book
  4. i just discovered about this...either it's a coincidence or my deulu mind think this way.. Kim Jae Wook + Park Min Young = JaeMin / MinJae Ho Yoon Jae + Song Deok Mi = JaeMi / MiJae Oh well, i guess it's a trend now..woman start first
  5. congratulations!!! I'm sooo envy to hear that and so happy for you! You're so lucky you have met them with your own eyes and hear KJW voice with your own ears My goshh Too bad that I'm going to Seoul end of next month (June) and didn't have a chance to see them now... hopefully i can take some phots of PMY / KJW ads posters at the subway etc and share with you guys here.. I'm sure both gonna get a lot of CFs offers and it's the right time for me to be in Seoul in June-July i still cannot move on with the latest bts especially after watching with eng sub.. it's making me STS for the whole 4:40 minutes non stop..and after watching the fanmade bts mv by bpwinces really makes me STS for another 3:12 minutes
  6. If anyone who visited this thread doesn't like this couple, you can just read. Please don't comment anything. @NloveMH i agree with you..if we can watch the director's cut dvd, we definitely gonna get more surprise and shock.. probably gonna faint after watching the dvd
  7. i agree with you...if they in a relationship, they won't be doing all these skinship off the screen.. only blind and ignorance people who can't accept the fact that these two chemistry is totally on fire @seoseo yes PMY is playful in her other dramas too..i can see that..but she is not as happy as she doing all the skinship with KJW.. with her previous co-star, she is playful and control herself too. But not in HPL. And i have these feelings that she dated her co-star before this (not psj) but now she is single.
  8. actually before the drama started KJW Instagram followers are 320k.. soon gonna hit 700k.. I'm sure by end of this drama ended, his followers will increase more..
  9. @annie1234 I've read some comments said PMY looks unhappy and tired when filming HPL.. i think they should go to the eye specialist and see something must be wrong with their eyes This is the first time in her drama that we can see she laughed a lot and playful with her co-star...with so so so many skinship..
  10. Having a very bad STS watching these bts...my heartu wanna explode watching this two chemistry..so comfortable to each other ..and KJW laughed is like a music to my ears
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