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  1. i edited this photos just for fun... actually not for fun... "Edit photos is an act of love" - Sung Deok Mi
  2. @annie1234 whoever hate this drama or complaint that this drama is no good, they are actually jealous of our couple's best chemistry when they are together.. If they said they don't like too many skinship in this drama, they must be not normal people who like to watch rom com drama.. otherwise they probably those who like to watch horror/ thriller / mystery genre drama Just forgive them... or maybe if you guys saw someone complaint about too many kissing or skinships in this drama, let's reply to their comments and tell them to watch horror / thriller drama.. don't watch this drama and talk bad about this rom com drama..we who love rom com love this drama except those who still cannot move on with PMY and that other person (i don't want to mention his name here) chemistry not as good as PMY and KJW
  3. Not ready to say goodbye to this drama especially our OTP...gonna watch lots lots of MVs to cure my withdrawal soon..unless if we heard good news about this two after this drama end..my withdrawal gonna completely cured..
  4. I don't even bother about the tv rating in SK...their taste in kdrama genre are different from international fans...Same like Healer, SK didn't appreciate the drama but the drama makes international fans goes crazy almost like what HPL has done to us..until today i couldn't understand the way of SK thinking.. I'm pretty sure the cast and crew of HPL and of course TVN knows that international fans really appreciate this drama and they know that we love this drama so much...and i noticed that young generation of SK did love this drama too... Btw, this scene remind me of a shampoo /conditioner CF.. I've seen the similar act in the CF with this scene... so after this we need to find out which shampoo/conditioner brand did PMY use??!
  5. Yeah...but KJW never admit that he ambidextrous but he definitely can use both hands almost equally.. he can play guitar with both right and left side... writing with right hand, drawing with left hand.. using chopsticks with left hands..wearing watch at right wrist...wearing watch at right wrist normally shows that the person is left handed... I'm so confused wether he is ambidextrous or left handed...because when the scene he play judo with EG, it's so obvious he is left handed because EG mentioned "Ah, you're left handed", but I'm pretty sure that he can use both hands almost equally...which means ambidextrous...so sexyyyy rightt?? cc. @sillygal He shouldn't wear clothes in that bed scene... I'm a bit disappointed with the bed scene...i try to understand what is in the writer's mind for not doing a proper bed scene in this episode... could be so many reasons that lead to this RG and DM wearing full clothes during the bed scene.. Probably they gonna give us a proper bed scene maybe in ep 15 or 16...Keep on praying..
  6. No words can describe my feelings watching this beautiful kiss from our OTP... I'm definitely gonna ship this two I'm sure this kiss scene were shot multiple times and they had to edit and slow mo the scene so that we can feel the beauty of this kiss... I'm gonna edit the video to make it to normal speed for me to watch this scene..LOL This is sooooo sexy moves.. I understand why the PDnim show us uri OTP bed scene with full clothes on...Trust me, we not going to survive until next week if these two have bed scene...ekekekeeke
  7. oh my goshh...this scene is soooo beautifully done!!! Kudos to the writer, Director and PDnim!! oh btw, KJW use his left hand to draw PMY...last time when he seat the test in DM fanpage, he use right hand to write...
  8. These two holding hands enough already for us to goes crazy over their chemistry... And look at KJW hands are soooo beautiful!! We really need more close up holding hands like this before this drama end
  9. From Healer to WWWSK and now HPL, i think these dramas are about long lost childhood friends... I hope this will be the last drama that PMY picked with the same story about a memory loss of her childhood.. but of course the 3 dramas PMY portrayed with different characters, so i can accepted it.. but a bit boring with the same story about memory loss of her childhood time...maybe it's a trend in a webtoon / manga... except Healer is not from the webtoon. I have nothing to complain about KJW because his previous work as 2nd lead end up the same in most typical kdramas but, he did a good job in picking different kind of characters in his previous dramas.. in future i wanna see him more as the lead like what Nam Goong Min has become which is from 2nd lead to all lead in his dramas...both KJW and NGM are my favourite 2nd lead and I always had a 2nd lead syndrome because of these two.. I'm sure in Ep 13 the writer will make RG problem solved and I'm afraid that they will have a new conflict which is about who is EG's real father, Sindy and her mom, and more issues about why DM mom's abandoned RG (which i strongly believe that is her who abandoned RG at the orphanage).. And not to forget...Where is the bed scene and when it gonna happen?? I hope the writer didn't forget to put this scene in maybe Ep 15...ekekekekek we will be very grateful if this scene was included in this drama
  10. After watching every episode of this drama.. I will fall in love more and more to Ryan character...and also fall in love with KJW!!! Like seriously this guy is so perfect!!! At first I couldn't imagine how RG reaction when he knows the truth that ShiAn mom is Lee Sol and i didn't expected that KJW can show to us such a perfect reaction when he knows that woman is her mom.. and when he asked her whether she still remember Hoe Yoon Jae name and he told her that he is Hoe Yon Jae...My heart is crying when i saw RG tears when he looked at her mom.. Tomorrow gonna be a tough episode for us to watch...I hope they gonna settle the issue as soon as possible without any other conflict.. I'm so sure that the woman who left Ryan at the orphanage house is DM's mom because I recognized her mom's voice when she said, "I'm not your mother" when she pushed Ryan. After this drama ended, I will always gonna compare the male lead character to RG character..and hoping there will be male lead character that can surpass RG perfectness.. KJW really nailed RG character and I'm glad that he had accepted this character as his first lead in a drama. Previously, he is the king of 2nd lead kdrama for 12 years and always make me fall with his 2nd lead character...and now I'm not sure if after this there will be any other 2nd lead syndrome in a drama that KJW play as the first lead..
  11. I'm going to find and get this doll in Seoul next month!! i wish i can get the owner of the shoulder too but i guess that shoulder belongs to Miss Bunny Bunny
  12. Kim Jae Wook is My Life You guys can look at HERE ..soop management upload lots of KJW latest gorgeous photos on naver
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