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  1. For the last part about talking to his adoptive parents, I saw some friends here discussed that when RG talked about his adoptive parents to SDM, he used something like past tense in Korean like they no longer exist or pass away...
  2. Yup, one of the thing is people searching his name as Kim Jae Wook in Instagram. In my Twitter, some of them say that they try to find his name as Kim Jae Wook and follow some of his fan account instead.
  3. I have screenshot One post back in some page. Forgot page number. She/he show him how to register Daum ID. I will share the photo of my screenshot via tweet. Sorry that I forgot who share that valuable information. https://twitter.com/khindurbinator/status/1129245374567215104?s=21
  4. Today, I get to watch live stream even though I don’t understand everything I am able to guess things about what they talk and such... kudos to all recapper, how can u watch and recap at the same time? With GIF WOW I love reading all of your insights and thanks to recap I am able to understand more... I will watch when there is eng sub up.
  5. The way I feel is Ryan Mom leave him at orphanage and DM’s Mom was volunteering at Orphanage after her son died and take care of other children including DM and Ryan and adopted DM after Ryan was adopted to US.
  6. Thanks for all recap... I left to watch raw after reading all recap at page 136 and when I return to this forum, the page number is over 140... thanks for all all input here. I will catch up all... the last scene is my favorite one that shows their maturity and their understanding toward each other. I love this drama and their characters Ryan Gold and Deokmi is ideal boyfriend and girlfriend.
  7. At office when Cindy joined as intern and SDM run to Ryan to pretend as fake boyfriend, she slipped and fall into his arm. After that scene, Ryan shirt has foundation mark. For the the first one, SDM didn’t know that Ryan knows she is SNG. So, the two times she said might be your second one and during office one. Sorry, I don’t know how to insert photo in forum yet. I will learn and post photo after I figure out how to post photo
  8. I think ranking is calculated for the whole week buzz... so, their kisses in different style (first kiss, date kiss, wrist kiss, forehead kiss, nose kiss) are buzz worthy for whole week...
  9. I can’t imagine if there is BTS scene of that kiss scene... no wonder TVN decide not to include that kiss scene in BTS or else their whole BTS video will be age restricted
  10. At Soompi Forum, I literally staying in this forum and Labbit shipping forum. When there is no update in this forum, I went back to twitter, Instagram and YouTube to check new photo, new video and new tweet about them
  11. There is one YouTube channel that translate. Please find channel named The Kdramaholic.
  12. At the end, she is fangirling over her dog and he is fanboying over his cat and dog LOL... I can see his fanboying over his pets judging from his Instagram posts... majority of his posts are either cat, dog or both
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