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  1. Care to DM me live-streaming link I want to watch live
  2. Where do you watch? With eng sub? Care to share the link in DM
  3. Glad that rating is success in Korea... I will watch eng sub when sub ready...
  4. A positive review about Her Private Life from Jae Ha Kim Journalist https://www.jaehakim.com/entertainment-reviews/tv-reviews/her-private-life
  5. I will check the raw file Hope rating in Korea is good
  6. I can’t seem to watch live. Anyone care to share a recap?
  7. Anyone DM me link to watch kbs drama live?
  8. Here is the laugh collection of Kim Jae Wook for who addicted to his laugh https://youtu.be/paFm3Pasx0s
  9. This is my drama for June and July... can’t wait 3rd June
  10. From some of the photo, KJW sit next to his Mother in Law May Be he go around and talk not sure
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