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  1. May I add another perspective? I understand that people will have different responses to criticism and yes, humiliating someone already struggling is unkind. JP may have learned that there are "unintended" consequences to his actions when he learned that YS brother committed suicide and maybe re-evaluating himself. But even if it was not JP who questioned YS brother and someone kinder, would it have made a difference as to YS brother's actions or response? Everyone gets humiliated or rejected and some in worse ways, in love, investments, relationships, work etc. but do not commit suicide. Peop
  2. That is for real, you assault a mentor or another employee in a workplace for no good reason, you are done, fired and yes arrested if the one assaulted presses charges. What was that for anyhow?
  3. Hmmmmm. Alex is a good businessman. I don't remember the conversation but may not have meant it as a starting salary, it could be that he meant that DS could move up to 300K after he had proven himself. They really need to read the fine print. They don't speak the language, it will take time for them to acclimate to the culture and the workplace.
  4. If you analyze the story which is about con artists conning each other starting with corrupt politicians etc. When someone decides to write a documentary, they need to know what kind of documentary they will write, the plot, the scenario etc. So, for the con-artists to write a documentary means to write/make a plan of how to execute the scam, where, what, whom and how and record it in a film/video etc. That is what I understand when they say "documentary".
  5. Just wanted to say, I totally agree with all of what you said. Cheering for the reconciliation of the sisters. Yong San says that he joined the team because he wanted to prove JP wrong when JP said that the record for success in the companies he did not invest in were 0. In other words JP did not invest in start ups or in companies that did not show growth or value. And that is what most successful investors do. Imagine Warren Buffet making an investment in a losing company? Granted that Yong San has not gotten over the grief of losing his brother but lashing out and blaming others does not ma
  6. Did they not just meet at the place where they posted letters lately as in the 10th episode? Even if it was 1 year of letter writing, something connected there especially for DM to not forget the letter writer and after all is said and done, it is DM's call.
  7. I agree. Being a letter writer and a recipient of letters as well as poetry myself, I know what you mean. There is something psychologically advantageous and beneficial to picking up a pen and writing personal messages. It connects the brain and heart to distinctly express what the letter writer feels. And 13 years of writing letters is a long time of intimate and personal connection. Whatever they wrote in those letters made them feel banded. That is something that you can't just discard. Even if JP lied, DM or anyone in place of DM will be wanting to talk to JP and ask for clarification espe
  8. I agree. Why are all the characters suddenly made so unlikable? And why are the friends of Dosan who benefited from JP's help are now behaving like hoodlums and are treating JP as if he is the monster because JP also likes the girl their friend is dating? If not for JP they will still be in that grungy hut they call their office scratching their gullible heads and victims of "idea" thieves. They can root for Dosan but they don't have the right to physically block JP from discussing business with DM and DS especially when they too are beneficiaries. They can raise their objections with Dalmi re
  9. HI, first time posting in this drama although I have followed the drama and the posts. I do agree that Injae needs more of a story. I find her story has more drama in it. When she chose to live with her mom during the divorce, she had dreams of a better life. She did not realize then what it would cost her. Both her parents, her mom and her stepfather use her and see her and her talents not as a blessing but as someone who owes them. They act like they (mom and stepfather) are her debtors. After she earned her degrees and what she thought would be a cushy job at the company, it is time for pay
  10. I just started watching the show and marathon it. So, I try not to read the comments though it is tempting so not to spoil myself. Will be back after the show to read everyone's take.
  11. @szne09 I like LJH too but I think (just my opinion) it is a mistake not to give a solid and more interesting background of LJH (I love the actor btw) who is supposed to be the protagonist. What is his purpose in the drama, why is his character in it? I had hoped it would be more of a suspense drama like 3 Days or Two Weeks where the protagonist stumbles on a sensitive info and his way of life and his loved ones way of life is threatened and the story builds around that purpose. The emphasis is on the hero on the run who battles evil to make things right. The romance is the icing on the puddi
  12. This is quite disappointing. I was hoping the character, background of LJH will be profiled, explored, developed just like KJW. KJW’s character fits his unconscionable, sociopathic tendencies. He suffered a horrifying trauma as a teen when he found his parents bloodied and murdered, then his parents blamed for their own murder and his brain and psyche somehow shifted. I was hoping LJH character’s background will be given the same exploration more deeply and appropriately. I was hoping for more of a thriller because he and KJW are involved in espionage. LJH did not check out the background of t
  13. In order to understand the objectives and theme of the drama, I viewed the drama again from episode 1. Episode 7 has enlightened me more to the motives and purpose of the characters and why they are in the drama as well as the involvement of GK Corp. The first episodes had defined CJE's character quite well and in episode 7, the character of KJW is clarified. KJW's character turns out to be more intriguing and stirring than that of a crooked con man. His ulterior intent is vengeance. Of all the characters, not only does he evoke fear, anger and disdain but he also draws sympathy and sorrow as
  14. This drama is a bit complex and I am still trying to put the pieces together but I like it because of that. Jeong Hwan presents himself as a "private detective" in public but is actually a paid "agent/spy" working for a privately owned corporation, JK Technology. Is the corporation specializing in corporate espionage or is the corporation a technology company but has a department specifically dedicated to rooting out corporate espionage? I really don't get what the corporation is all about. In the first episodes we get to know JH as a spy whose assignment is to root out people who try to swind
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