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  1. In episode 14 I find the questioning of the police of Young Chul the kid with the single mother interesting and the scene following the questioning. Detective Park to YC: is it true that you heard JS say he was going to meet SH at the rooftop YC: he did not say the rooftop but I heard they were going to meet at Laputa Det P: Laputa? is that what you guys call the rooftop? YC: No. I asked JS about it later, but he only said they did not meet and did not tell me where Laputa is Next scene we see JS alone in the classroom staring at where SH used to sit. Then he gets a flashback of SH and himself at the rooftop where SH was lying on the floor and looking up the sky. He tells JS sitted on a chair about Laputa where the princess was battling an evil one to save Laputa. JS asked what happens next and SH tells him that the princess won and went back to her land and the protagonist also won so there is a happy ending. Then invites JS to lie down on the floor and they both look up at the sky smiling. Next scene shows JS is back to the present in the classroom looking at SH desk crying and sobbing. So I am wondering if when JS said he was going to meet SH at Laputa that he was going to tell SH about DH. That he JS (protagonist) rejected DH (the princess) because he knew SH wanted to date her or JS is the prince and SH is Laputa the land and DH is the protagonist etc. The story alludes to a possibility of reconciliation and he told YC that he was meeting SH at Laputa, a happy place where only he and SH know about. However, DH had already told SH that she got assaulted by JS and SH at that point can't believe JS denial of the assault. It is so tragic. I think the Laputa story also shows the idealistic mindset of SH which he gets from his father. MJ always says that they should be understanding and not be angry even when people are rude, and try to put their feet in the other person's shoes. When SH wanted to enroll in martial arts, MJ said that it is better for them to go running together. It is so sad that when the Laputa story was needed for both friends to talk about, trust between them have already been broken.
  2. Exactly, yet the parents still did nothing and there is still no evidence that a sexual assault occurred from what the parents are saying that SH did it, and from SH understanding that it was JS who did it. The texts of JS showed him angry at DH especially when he knew that DH was manipulating them both and did not meet with her but told her to never bother him again. If she was sexually molested by someone other than the two what is her purpose for lying to SH and telling him that JS did it and then later saying that it was SH who did it especially when she knew that SH was lying unconscious in his hospital bed and thinks will be unable to speak the truth? DH never thought that SH's family and friends faith in SH innocence, will uncover the truth and the flower guy and librarian remembered SH whereabouts and activities on the day he was supposed to have sexually molested her that proved he also never met with DH. If SH had not been pushed off the roof by EJ, the truth that either boys ever met with her would have been known. It is horrible that if she was sexually molested, that she blames it on someone innocent. Her humiliation and her guilt that the lie would eventually be uncovered can also make her self traumatized. But it is also possible that she is afraid to tell the truth and afraid to say who it was. Where was she on the day she said she was molested and with whom? I hope she did not get molested, that is horrible and then blame it on someone innocent more horrible. Anyway, the mother of DH is now doing her own investigation to know the truth about what her daughter is accusing the 2 boys of.
  3. I saw the preview before but did not see any preview text but now I see YJ in her red kimono and holding on to her father's arms who is also in formal attire. Reading what you said about the text, I think you maybe right that it was an engagement announcement? Matsuura in formal attire also yelling at Fukuda about what he knows about YJ and Fukuda saying he will not allow YJ to be interrogated. Hiroshi does have all his ducks lined up.
  4. exactly, her embarassment at being dissed and rejected and lie fed to another then the adults made it worse with their lies and saving face and reputation. The adults are even worse than the kids they should be ashamed of themselves.
  5. It depends on how fragile the ego is. Someone with a strong ego can take insults so personally and suffer from it even for years, human beings can do more than lie and destroy themselves and others even cause wars for the sake of pride. But that was only my guess and you could be right maybe she was sexually assaulted. But why then not go to the police or have your child examined to prove assault? What if she gets pregnant or gets a disease from it? The parents can't go around accusing people of sexual assault without proof. They can get sued by the accused of perjury or telling wllfull falsehood. Da Hee's mother is now investigating on her own and going to the library to prove SH alibi or what IH told her that her son was at the library and never met with DH. It is also shown in episode 14 that JS texted DH and did not want to meet with her and to stop bothering him. That means she really never met with JS. How would JP meet with DH?
  6. @MidnightRainOh yes, YJ's mysterious aura is very attractive to both Fukuda and WB. YJ though has more physical closeness with WB. Hugging after being under tremendous stress and at wartime and coming out alive is understandable. But yes, it does seem that she is more easy and spontaneous when with WB. Fukuda asked Oda if he can get command of the special police and make Matsuura his man. Oda asked if Fukuda's decision has something to do with YJ and Fukuda denied it. I bet my bottom dollar though that it has something to do with YJ and after he saw YJ and WB together, he will set Matsuura on WB. It might get him in trouble with YJ though if he is not careful. I was thinking the same thing about Hiroshi and I think he knows exactly what his daughter is up to. What if he is secretly in high command of one of the revolutionary posse? I think Miki is already taking steps to get her man and checked out the competition. She heard Fukuda call YJ's name in his sleep and went to the hospital pretending that she had a sorethroat just to see who YJ is. She sure looked at YJ from head to foot. She has no idea, it is not all about looks, but what is attractive about YJ is her intriguing somewhat mystical aura about her.
  7. I agree, it happens in real life but not only about sexual assault but accuse others they are innocent of because of jealousy or prejudice, or take credit for something others did well for themselves. If DH lied, she can't imagine the damage she has done to both JS and SH. No one believed in JS innocence, not his friend or his parents so that his parents did defensive action to cover up an accusation that they have no proof even happened. Only the accusation of a friend on tape but then again with JP it is always about self preservation. Truth does not matter, just kill the person who is trying to tell the truth. If EJ did admit to her wrongdoing that she pushed SH due to wrong assumptions, she has damaged her relationship with her son. It will take a long time for JS to trust her again. She might have driven JS to become closer to his father, the monster.
  8. It seems, in the preview, the Dahee controversy will finally be resolved and the truth about what happened or did not happen to Dahee will be revealed. I am so happy that SH finally woke up. It will take a lot of healing together as a family because SH recovering from a coma will need support as he goes through physical, mental and emotional therapy. The parents too have gone through horror trying to prove their child's innocence and finally have the evidence to prove that they were wronged and the police now have what they need to move the case to prosecution and get justice for SH and his family. But so does JS, he needs some heavy counseling and much support too. The parents really messed up this kid. The irony is, EJ who heard the argument between SH and JS regarding DH, believed what SH said about JS and so did what she did to save her son, push the downed SH to the ground. She always doubted the innocence of her son regarding DH? I wonder why she did not ask for a divorce long ago. She is a hostage in her own house. Her husband demeans her, controls her and isolates her. She may not even have the support of her family. She lost her self identity only known as wife of JP or mother of JS so her life is centered on being someone she has control over and that is being the mother of JS. It seemed that JS friendship with SH and his family was the anchor he needed to normalcy, being a kid and doing what kids do with their friends, feeling included and accepted in SH family as he is, not having to prove himself as the best or the number one and be on edge like he was at his own home. Even that was taken away from him when he was told to stop going to SH house because his father wanted him to attend more private tutoring. The kid had no life. I am guessing here that DH lied and no assault was done, but she was thoroughly humiliated by JS verbally. Whatever JS said, shamed her and so lied to SH to get revenge. One lie that escalated into disaster. First of all the parents just said that DH was sick and allowed her to be absent from school but never went to the police to file a complaint against the sexual offender because if they did, proof of the assault would have to be provided. What parent would not seek to have the offender investigated and given punishment according to the law even if the offender is unconscious in the hospital? It is necessary to prove the assault. The investigation would have proven DH a liar. Then when the investigation of the police including the media getting involved with proof that SH fall was not a suicide, and proof that DH was involved, DH parents suddenly accused SH as the sexual offender and yet did not go to the police again or let the police question DH with the excuse that their daughter is sick and suffering. I have the feeling that JP got to the parents of DH long before the case even started. JP already had the recording of the fight between SH and JP where his son was accused of assaulting DH, which the security guard gave to JP in exchange for money. Lying, small or big have definite effects that could ruin one life or many lives. DH started the rolling of the ball of lies.
  9. Whoa!! It is getting complicated... Fukuda is in love with YJ but YJ seems to prefer WB, and Miki is crushing bad on Fukuda and there is a new beauty that is introduced, Cha Jung Im who likes WB but WB and YJ seem to like each other and YJ is be keeping her disrance from Fukuda. I think that Oda warned Fukuda about YJ too and now he sees her with WB. Getting interesting
  10. I think they are not portrayed as not so unlikable as compared to 2nd leads in other dramas . They are being portrayed more realistically as 2 people who are in love with their best friends who are not in love with them and it hurts. What they did or are doing are not so bad as the other 2nd leads with unrequited love in other dramas. It is a protective reaction to not being able to get or be what they want to be, to the person they have loved for so long. And DI, except for that one instant of not telling the whole truth was self aware that she was pathetic and even embarassed. She actually has been professional in her dealings with Ryan. The last episode shows how she realizes that her longtime friendship with Ryan is more important than losing her friend. EG is a bit stubborn however, the talk with mom, drunken talk with DI and DM's discomfort when encountering him, might make EG listen to Mom and DI and look somewhere else and wish his best friend the best. Di needs cheering up and she can go to the Dojo and watch very cute kids tumble themselves to the mat, how could she not cheer up? EG can help DI in her workshop make furniture or whatever. I think the drama gods have already started pairing them together. And I think curator Kyunga and Yeo Seop are going to become a couple as well. Hopefully SJ and SM will reconcile sweetly too.
  11. Thank you. Agree about OJP, he will probably throw his wife under the bus including the principal who was colluding with him. They are all going down
  12. OMG!! I am waiting for the subs of episode 13 especially the end. Moojin dumped the cactus plant and found the phone. I can't wait for the next episodes. Finally they got evidence. Hopefully that will be enough to launch a full scale investigation. I am also waiting for posts in the thread for those who watched and not needed subs to find out you think. And the preview for next ep looks good... finally
  13. @YearwoodCbelow is an interview of KJW after the drama Voice and what he says at the ending paragraph tells how and what projects he chooses and why he chooses them. He details the challenges he had in acting Mo Tae Gu and what films he studied to get the right interpretation of the character. He also refers at the end of the article about the movie that was done in Japan... I think he was referring to "Butterfly Sleep" a May-December affair much like the drama "Secret Love Affair" but instead of the pair being musicians, in "Butterfly Sleep" they were writers. The interview as a see it, shows how he really likes to portray interesting and challenging characters. I think you will like this interview as I did. https://www.koreatimes.co.kr/www/art/2018/11/688_226632.html
  14. I love how this drama made the secondary characters shine and gave merit to their stories. Mama Editor did her best by her son, working single mother whose friend baby sat for her and whose family became the extended family. I like how she was their to comfort her son's heartbreak but told him that he can move on and find someone to love. She feels guilty for working all the time and not having had the time to be with her son when he needed her. However, aside from EG falling in love and confessing too late to the woman he realized he had loved for so long, she did well by him. Curator Kyunga surprised her coworkers when she told them that she volunteers on weekends at the orphanage and had everyone join her including Cindy and even the reluctant Director Gold. Kyunga took charge while in the orphanage and it was refreshing to see Ryan and Cindy get involved, one was reluctant to visit a place the reminds of memories he did not want to remember and the other a spoiled, self involved girl. No nonsense Kyunga and the children just had everyone into having fun. Director Eom was hilarious in her entrance to meet with Ryan, as if she were a Joseon Queen and her secretary walking along holding her bag to confront Mister Gold. She wanted to halt Ryan's planned exhibit just to prove to Ryan who the owner of the Cheum Museum is and who is boss. Ryan did not even have to say a word because Cindy's emotional confrontation with mom saved the day. I love how everyone rallied around Cindy to give her a pat on the back. Good job Cindy. The highlight to the episode though is the appearance of Si An's mom. We first see her standing at the front of the church and looking at a woman with her child walking. I wonder if it was by the church steps that Ryan was abandoned. So now we know from Ryan's talk with DM that he blocked memories from the time he was abandoned except for remembering a woman sitted on a stool painting with her back towards the young Ryan and the painting of the bubbles. He remembers calling "omma" and tapping the woman's back then his memories or his dreams of those memories end there. He could never remember the face. There is no preview, so the suspense and anticipation of what happens next is heightened. Lee Sol's paintings ended up in different parts of the world from USA to China and Korea and quite a coincidence or even maybe fated that the painting in NY happened to be found by Ryan which got him to stop painting and remember painful and fuzzy memories of his childhood and thus started his journey back to where his memory of the painting and the back of the woman whose face he can't recall began.
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