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  1. episode 29 to 32 even though I looked at these as fillers after re-reading @bebebisous33review, I just realized the significance of these episodes. My expectations of these as psychological thriller/suspense drama were based on my comparison of these drama to the original J drama and the movie Sleeping With the Enemy. The movie was a 2 hour watch and the J drama a short 10 episodes. And the emphasis of both movie and J drama was the suspense of the chase of the runaway wife from the psycho husband and the eventual triumph of the wife in freeing herself from the psycho husband and the tragic endings of husbands. But in both the movie and the J drama, the story or the beginnings of social conditioning of both husbands were never explored since the force of both movie and J drama was suspense/psycho thriller. However, from the start of this 40 episode drama the abusive family relationships of the "bad guy", KIW has been delved into and therefore KIW is not just that scary man trying to kill the wife but he is given a face of a piteous child abandoned and abused. The writers managed to arouse understanding compassion and pity for the child but not condone the actions of the adult who abuses and imprisons his wife prompted by the childhood conditioning of his mind and knows no other way to behave or act. All through the drama, KIW's story is revisited. As a viewer, I wish that someone will knock him down and take him to therapy at a mental facility, but as the finale draws closer it appears that his ending is looking bleaker. That is why I am hoping that he will be saved by the 3 friends who seem to care about him, the dog, the secretary and the detective other wise he will end tragically or behind bars and for KIW that will be worse than death. to be continued @juli®... I have to see the doc and I will finish review when I come back
  2. JHR has no significance in his life except for her use as an informant but HR lied and withheld information from him. JHR wanted his money for her ambition and that is how KIW can destroy her. All KIW has to do is void the contract since HR breached the contract when she lied and did not fulfill her part of the business agreement. That is how he can destroy HR where she will lose her small gallery and business reputation. No one will ever hire her again. IW's attention is now focused on Ma Ri and his father whom he is trying to pacify . Dr Ha destroyed his life on his own when he abandoned HK unconscious at the scene of accident. Ha's misdeed would have been found out and his life as a doctor finished if not by IW by someone else, the golden rule.Remember that the other driver in the collision had the tape and gave a copy to IW. I don't know if JW will have the guts to confront him when he will know the truth but He Ra would have.
  3. I do think the eccentric, moody artist personality fits RG though. And I agree that Deok Mi's useful attribute as a curator is her deligence but she seems to be a skilled negotiator and problem solver too and she knows the business culture in SK. However, she also seems to be swayed by her emotions and makes poor judgement that could affect her business decisions. As in her giving or spiking a customer's (RG) drink with coffee when he specifically asked for no coffee in his drink because she was angry that he fired her despite RG admitting his mistake and apologizing. She did it for revenge and almost killed him. I love/hate Director Eom too. She is funny and shallow. She thinks that she can ax Ryan when her husband's problems are taken cared of by the lawyers. A confrontation between the two will be funny since Ryan is the type who freely states his opinions.
  4. It makes real sense. I have always doubted if KIW's mom really committed suicide but I just went with what IW said that he saw his mother shoot herself with a gun. But after reading your analysis I went back to the two scenes as KIW remembered it and now I see that he really did not see his mother shoot herself but rather he heard the gunshot and ran to what seems to be his parents' bedroom and saw his mother on the floor and his father standing over her body. On both scenarios, nowhere does it show that IW witnessed his mother shooting herself, rather he saw his mother on the floor. The reason why he remembered it was a gunshot was because he heard the shot. If that is the case then I agree that It makes sense that Kang Il Kook told his son that his mother shot herself in the head. And it seems that Kang Il Kook hurriedly buried his wife and made the incident hush hush and removed all traces of her memory inorder to put the incident under the rug. But he could not erase the memory of the death of his wife from the son and the loving memories between the mother and her son from IW's consciousness. In fact what the father did made the memories of his mother stronger for IW, but yes, the father telling IW everytime he had a chance, that IW's mother left and only came back because of IW and then killed herself hurt the young IW deeply. Not only did the young IW feel guilty that he was the reason for her mom returning to the abuse of his father, and he could not protect his mother but also feels abandoned when mom "killed herself". Now, it makes sense when he says to Ma Ri "I will protect you" is about protecting MR from his father. I think though that the father might be aiming to kill Ma Ri and drive the son crazy. Kang Il Kook tells IW, "your mother killed herself and left you, that is why you are like this". It is as if KIK is punishing the dead wife for leaving him through the son. Killing Ma Ri would be more cruel. "your wife left you and gone to the arms of another man". KIK also says to himself that IW glares at him the way the mother did and it torments him. I think what torments him is what he did to his wife that he might have murdered her? But however and whoever shot IW at the swimming pool, I think that and hope that the dog, the secretary and the detective will team up to save him. I do hope that when IW realizes what happened to his mother that he will leave his father. The cat and mouse scenes has become routine that it is no longer a thriller but a filler. I hope they get to the pool scene next weekend already. These weekends episodes with MR and JW were written so poorly for both characters. It is as if go ahead go back to the man who is trying to kill you. One scene though with IW and Ma Ri that underscores the importance of the former Ma Ri's face to IW was when Ma Ri was alone in the bedroom and IW arrives and Ma Ri was standing with her back to him. IW embraces her from the back saying "I love the times when I come home and I find you here waiting for me like this". Then he turns her around and saw HK's face on Ma Ri and IW actually withdraws as if shocked. Something he never did with the former MR. He can't get used to that face.
  5. True and DM's first experiences with RG colors her impressions and so does he. He wants to be more innovative by doing something different and using the celebrities collections to get the attention of the general public to the exceptional works of various skilled artists and use the profits to promote artists of different cultures and social classes. Those are worthy causes and I would have thought that DM would have supported that wholeheartedly because Ryan's goals were inclusive, (different cultures and social classes), that the appreciation of beauty and art are not only for the exclusive elite. He is bucking the system .... he said a couple of times... "will Korea and I get along" .... hmmmmmm interesting.
  6. Kang In Wook's father needs to die or Kang In Wook will have no hope of recovery and will end tragically.
  7. I love the character of Ryan Gold. He is different from the other usual romance leads who tend to be imperious, vain and spoiled chaebols. From the little history provided, Ryan seems to have immigrated to the US very young and was supported by an adoptive mother but he also may have been self sufficient and self supporting. (at least I hope he was). He is a self made man, talented, famed and a critically acclaimed artist. However, he stopped working as an artist 3 years before and became an art director instead whose critique and perspective of artists' work are respected and anticipated with bated breath by the art world. While he was leaving one such event, a girl approached him for his autograph and after he signed, the girl asked him if he will work again as an artist as she would want to see more of his work. Ryan silently gave back the book he signed and walked away without a word. He seemed to have ignored the girl staring at his back but what she did not know is Ryan had no answer and that her innocent question pained Ryan deeply. Ryan's first appearance show him as an aloof, unapproachable and arrogant man. However, his visit to his psychiatrist shows a different side of him. He is sensitive, intensely passionate about his artistry, and expects mastery from himself, yet it is that passion and sensitivity that choked his creativity. His psychiatrist told him that since the time Ryan layed eyes on the Lee Sol painting, it affected Ryan profoundly that he stopped being an artist. It is also that painting that brings him back to Korea when his doctor advised him to look for the painting and the painter which is now owned by a member of K Pop group Si An in Korea and see the connection of the painting to his inability to paint. Another thing that I love about Ryan is his liberal stance, open mindedness and compassion. Deok Mi a crazed avid fan of Si An and her girlfriend Sun Joo decided to go the hotel in the suite where Si An had been, and do some "fan girling", whatever that means. When they arrived at the hotel, they were told that Ryan who was just walking away from the concierge, already checked in to that suite. Sun Joo ran after Ryan and pleaded that she needed that room because she was in a "pilgrimage and the person she liked stayed in that room but they had a relationship where they could not really meet that easily". (Eye roll)... Ryan walked away ignoring her. However, while he was in his suite, Sun Joo's pleading, nipped at his conscience and lead Ryan to look for and find the girlfriends at the bar holding hands and speaking very closely. When Sun Joo went to the bathroom, Ryan called her attention and agreed to switch rooms so the girls can have the suite he was in. It was not his fault that he misunderstood, but his empathy for Sun Joo's plight, reveals Ryan's tender heart contrasting his snobbish facade. And lastly, I like Ryan's honesty and humility. He was recruited by the former director and owner of the art gallery where Deok MI worked to become the Art Director of the art Museum/gallery. He is somewhat a perfectionist who expects flawless performance of his work from himself. Because of who he is, he can be intolerant of mistakes. He fires Deok Mi for making an error in judgment. However, when Deok Mi's coworker explained to Ryan that she was the one who made a mistake and Deok Mi is really conscientious and efficient in doing her work, that she is needed in the gallery, Ryan unhesitatingly went to see Deok Mi to apologize. He admitted he was wrong, that he was sorry and offered DM her job back. Ryan is a sweetheart. He is perfect in his imperfections. As for DM.... SMH...she needs a reality check as in a relationship with real people and not with a cardboard copy of a man with taped up neck...who in reality won't probably give a hoot about her.
  8. Wow the latest episode has SH kidnapped by the prosecutors. Does that really happen, that the prosecutors office can just pick up people and interrogate them as if people have no rights? That is too, too scary. If they can do it to one person without consequences or being regulated by the law then they can do it to other people and before the people know it, they are under martial law. Hope SJ can get her out of there but the security might be tight especially because it is the prosecutors office.
  9. actually batterers don't change that easy because they don't want to change, they don't take responsibility as said in the article. People are their beliefs that becomes habits that become behavior. It has been documented that among batterers 75% of them will return to their abusive behavior within 6 months of saying that they will change. As stated in the article 85 % of those who try to leave their abusive relationships are killed. Of course in this drama, we hope that IW will get therapy and change. YMR is not his way of treatment because she is his obsession or the person whom he depends on to feel "good" which is false "feel good". The way for him to get better is for him to realize that he is worthy and self reliant and self responsible that he does not have to depend on anyone to feel well because he no longer is dependent on anyone to feel strong but rather he is self reliant. If he depends on Ma Ri, he will never be free or be well. He will be weak as you said. I don't know why you want that for him, to be a weakling. It was not shown in the first episode that IW died. He was shot and fell in the swimming pool is all that was shown but did not show that he died. Anyway, I think that you are really hung up on having IW and MR together. You think of their relationship as romantic which is not. That you would rather have everybody killed and die rather than have IW let go of YMR get therapy and be well. That is very, very, very sad way of looking at the drama and what I think the writer of the drama is trying to convey which I think is to raise consciousness about domestic abuse that it is not okay, and that abused women/partners need to find a way to leave their abusive relationships, that victims of abuse need our understanding and help. That we also can be compassionate with the abuser by not making their victims as in Ma Ri stay with the abuser like IW to make IW feel better. Again the way for IW to get better is to be self reliant and not depend on controlling or abusing anyone to feel better. That is not being better that is being a crazy bully. I have no idea why you want that for IW. It was never said in the drama nor did I ever say that IW rejected but what the article describes is part of the abusive person's MO which fits IW's persona as enigmatic, mysterious and private. He did not want anyone to know about his private life or about what the real IW really is like. Most batterers are seen as “Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde" because of the stark contrast in their public and private selves..” that is part of their MO. IW's private life or what is true about him is that he was abused by his father and his mother committed suicide and he is an abuser himself. He and his father keep that part of themselves unknown to the public. That is what stark contrast in their public and private selves meant and why they are seen as Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde. I am sorry, I thought that putting the article was helping to make the relationship of MR and IW more understandable but I think I just made it more confusing.
  10. come on girl, they are not monks, they have human bodies that have needs like anyone else .... Do you really think a very sexual man as KIW who is totally attracted to his possesion's body won't use that possesion to assauge his sexual needs? A body that is under stress, can it reproduce? Humans have two consciousness, our conscious thinking mind and our subconscious. The subconscious does not judge unlike the conscious and what we put in our conscious mind, what we think or what we believe, the subconscious will act on, without judgement and will show in our bodies, in our mental states etc. Ma Ri believes that IW does not love her that IW was attracted to her because she looked like his mother. She is in constant stress and fear and she does not want children because she does not want a child to be used like IW was used as a hostage by his father. Her body is used as punching bag including where her uterus is located. The mental, psychological, emotional and physical stress makes the body change the chemicals and cell reactions and makes the uterus unhealthy and unable to produce eggs or her eggs not receptive to be fertilized, in other words the eggs reject them "swimming tadpoles". The drama has illlustrated very clearly the sexual appetite of IW for his wife. And the fear and pain that registers in Ma Ri's face when she anticipates it's happening and the disgust as in vomiting in the toilet after. The PD and writers have implied, suggested denoted in many ways the many times she was beaten, therefore they really don't have to show them doing, either the beating or the bedding. The writers and the PD assume that we read between the lines, (my thinking). IW had said they were happy and MarI smiled a lot the few months they dated before they were married. Which for me, means she stopped smiling the moment she was married and brought into the house because the moment she stepped into the house she was already under guard and imprisoned. Ma Ri valued independence, she after all supported her sick mother and herself to art school and was anticipating on participating in art exhibitions. So she may have enjoyed a few days or even a couple of weeks as wife before she realized she was imprisoned. That the fight between them started early on and her stress and hell started. When IW proposed, Ma Ri said that she had an art exhibit she was going to participate in a month, but she accepted IW's proposal to be married in a month. Ma Ri may have thought that she can be married and participate in the art exhibit and did not think that IW never consented or encouraged her to join the art exhibits. It was only after she was brought into the house that she realized the impact of IW's not consenting to her participation in exhibitions. She realized she was a prisoner. She may have known then why IW already knew about her mother and had admitted her to a nursing home his company owned, that IW used her mother as a hostage. Here are links of a profile of an abuser, it helps to understand IW and Ma Ri's relationship https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/the-reality-corner/201302/behind-the-veil-inside-the-mind-men-abuse https://www.domesticshelters.org/articles/identifying-abuse/profile-of-an-abuser Below is a characteristic written in the article, that appropriately describes IW and why IW is so attractive to women who don't know him, as was also described by HR in the article she read to JW. Dr. Ha also said that IW is popular to his women friends because they think he is attractive, enigmatic, and "devoted to his wife". “Behind the Veil: Inside the Mind of Men That Abuse,” author John G. Taylor writes that "abusive men are very clever, smart and extremely charming. Most of these men have a personality that draws people in because of their level of charm. This is part of their art to deceive and manipulate. Most batterers are seen as “Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde" because of the stark contrast in their public and private selves..” Sounds familiar to one of our characters? @juli® I think that in this version where the family are involved that the mother of JW will act to protect her son and IW's father will do something to show his power and protect the honor of his family and his son, whom he considers his possesion. I don't think anyone will die although people will get hurt. Here the character whose personality is made so complex is IW. We the viewers tend to understand and pity him at the same time dislike and are confused by him. IW has witnessed the abuse and the suicide of his mother and he was also abused by his father which continued to his adulthood. HIs character garners pity and hope for his character to be freed from the abuse but at the same time his abuse towards his wife reaps anger and dislike towards his character. Then he is shown a vulnerable side and kinder and sweeter relationship with his secretary, his dog and even the female detective working for him. He has a friendlier and brotherly relationship with his secretary, and he cherishes his dog the only family he likes and he trusts the female detective for her loyalty. Alone in a campground with a bonfire he bares his soul to his dog while petting it and the dog in return leans on him as if to sympathize. The secretary notices his bandaged hand and asks how his hand is. IW earns pity and anger for being who he is. He needs intensive therapy at a place away from his obsession, his crappy family and the people associated with his obsession. My theory is the secretary and the detective will help Mari get out of IW's clutches the 2nd time around inorder to save IW from committing murder. The ending for everyone will be a hopeful one, my guess.
  11. Nahhhhhh. His father did not fare well, he is a tyrant who turned his abuse of his dead wife to his son. He removed all the pictures and everythng that reminded him of his dead wife and then turned his unwanted attention on the son. He physically abused the son and and turned the son into himself. Kang Il Kook the father at present can't physically abuse IW and he is very aware of that so he attacks him, through putting down or verbally attacking IW's mother or his wife, Ma Ri. Yet KIW is the son that Kang Il Kook is most attached to. In Wook is the son he takes everywhere even when doing his favorite sports hunting and shooting and refers to him "you are indeed my son". He brought IW into his company and gave him the position of president then monitors him closely. He knows exactly what is happening in this son's life and then throws the son's weakness in his face and the verbal criticisms always end up referencing the mother. Kang IL Kook hardly notices the other son except when that son inadvertently crosses the rules of the father as in being 1 minute late for breakfast and angers Kang Il Kook. However, the father wants IW's attention and obeisance towards him everytime and now that he can't physically abuse him, the father threatens to disown or disinherit KIW every chance he gets. In the morning when everyone including the help are gathered outside to send the Kang Il Kook off to work, he makes a bee line for IW not even noticing anyone else, just to verbally disparage the son about the mother and Ma Ri then threatens to disown IW. Yet it is surprising that there is one thing that Kang Il Kook never criticized his son about and allowed IW to indulge in his love of art. He knew about all the art work that IW was buying yet he has not stopped the son. In fact he knew about IW's art collection because the father's secretary reports this to him. I think that IW's mom was an artist or an art buff and that was what attracted the Kang Il Kook to the mother. Like son, like father. (am just conjecturing). It is surprising that the father did not criticize his son even once about being art fan.
  12. I agree, it also depends on what the beholder is beholding and giving more meaning at the time of interpretation which is why there is no wrong or right in analysis of a picture. The mind is changing or the state of mind changes all the time therefore depending on what state of mind of the character the beholder is associating with the painting, that association will influence the beholder's interpretation, from my perspective. For example: Here KIW who has the most volatile state of mind, does depend on Ma Ri "loving him or being with him" as he tells Ma Ri all the time that he can't live without Ma Ri that she can have anything she wants in the world but just stay by his side. Yet, he does not understand that what Ma Ri wants more than anything in the world is to be free to be herself. But he also sees Ma Ri as dependent on him. That she needs his protection from the world. There is that one scene when he realized that Ma Ri is alive. He is in his office looking out the window and there was a storm raging outside. He says"Mari...It is raining out there, is she dry, she must be very cold and terrified, where are you". During the dinner arranged by HR to celebrate the contract IW tells MR/HK that his wife is a fragile and needs protection. He sees the world as a dangerous place for MR that only being with him can make her safe. So, both interpretations are essentially correct depending on which state of mind of KIW we associate the painting with. As you said there is no right or wrong. Same for MR's point of view.
  13. Another thing that stood out for me is the reaction of KIW's father to Ma Ri posing as HK meeting KIW in his office. At the lobby of the GunHwa Group's building one of the employees walking with Chairman Kang recognized HK/Ma Ri and stopped her adressing her as the Director of the Kyung Gallery and the Chairman turned around to look at Mari and shook her hands. MR said that she was grateful that IW has rated their gallery highly by making a contract with their gallery. The chairman looked at MR saying "your gallery is just one small store, so I am wondering what attracted my son to your gallery." By then IW who was notified that his father was talking to MR at the lobby, ran down to grab Ma Ri's hand and instinctively put her behind him as if protecting her from his father which made the father look at IW surprised. As Ma Ri followed IW to the elevator, the father stared at them with an expression of curiosity. The times that KIW actively tangled or fought against his father was when he was shielding MR from his father's physical or verbal attacks or defending his mother "don't speak about my mother" from his father's disparagement of his mother. IW's reactions I think made the father more curious. I wonder what his father will do when he finds out that the woman HK is MR? This drama differs from the original as the original focused on the drama of the main characters but this drama included families such as the chaebol family of IW, the mom of JW, MR's mom and friends and business partners. Since the article posted by @juli® says that IW will know true love I wonder what his ending will be. I am hoping that he will tell his father to shove his company up his behind and leave. The picture that Ha gave to JW of IW and his mom showed the mother holding the little boy protectively and the boy leaning on his mother's side. Both their faces sullen and the boy's face showed some fear and dependency/trust on the mother's arm holding him protectively. I hope that through therapy he will see his mother not through the eyes of his father but through the eyes of the little boy who was loved by the mother. Maybe he will remember the times when he was alone with mom, what mom taught him about art, playing games with mom, reading books with mom or other caring things that a mom would do for her child. That he was a child and what happened to mom because of his dad was not his fault that he could not protect mom and he was not responsible for what happened to mom. Maybe he finds out what he really wants to do and leave his father's abusive house and influence.
  14. Actually if said by KJW as Ryan I think it is not cheesy but damn ohhh la lah sexy,,,, pardon me
  15. That is what I also said, yes a romance drama with Kim Jae Wook. Thank you. I am awaiting to see this drama
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