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  1. DM technically invaded his privacy by entering into his secret room which was beyond the scope of investigating the leak... So she should not have done that. So he was also asking why she thought she had the right to do that.. Also if it was something that he felt very vulnerable about ... he might lash out in the heat of anger... It's a bit like telling your someone that you hate them etc if you are quarrelling or if they hit a sore spot...this happens even in family squabbles... You hurt them because you feel vulnerable... and sometimes the words uttered can be downright cruel... So I put it down to the heat of the moment...it doesn't make it right of course With regards to his red ears... can't help you... must try to watch his other more mature dramas to see if he has red ears for all his scenes... can't find them on YT though...help anyone?? If no red ears... then we should camp at the other forum....
  2. Wah...she is seriously playing with his ears.....lol...so cruel...given how red he is already..... this woman knows how to tease
  3. Love the kiss compilation n yes they were not the eat your face category which I've seen in some k dramas. They seem to oscillate between dead fish and eat your face... So thought hpl was just the right amount of tenderness and passion.... which was lovely. Good to know with 1 romcom... he's been launched into the stratosphere... Of course he was in mature whatever's before... though I've not seen his work before this... It helps that he was paired with my fave romcom queen...
  4. And so I tried to watch 1 ep of the guest.....eeeps ...gripping but scary AF.. Had to watch hpl bts.... and still had nightmares... KJW sshiii.... thank you for choosing to do hpl so we can see some of your awesomeness because horror is not everyone's cup of tea..
  5. I would like to watch him and Kim Nam-gil with honey Lee in a drama....given their sense of humour it would be a riot on steroids!!!!
  6. Hilarious that eungi found him sexy too lol .. He is truly of demonic charm....gay or straight we all fall for him
  7. Bingo! To everyone who guessed correctly...it's not even an original thought by me...most of the labbit fandom already happily deluluing on it...
  8. I don't know if she's trolling us or someone else....lol..... Or just an unfortunate choice of dress colour n sunglasses... ...can't blame us shippers who are on hpl withdrawal mode... It would even be couple dressing...if we put the images side by side
  9. Ie during that time...he is in love with DM...and so remains in role throughout which is why bts remains so lovely n heart fluttering... Which is why I ship them but also take into acct that they remain in their roles etc I suspect that's why he took on this role because it wasn't entirely a typical romcom lead...he engages on multiple levels and the role was more 3d He subverts all the tropes
  10. I'm glad kjw took on this project and regarding method acting...it was a statement in passing at the life bar He worked for free at a trans bar to get into character for hedwig. So to expose himself n live the life so that he can develop the delicate nuances... That was my. Take
  11. Her going after his eye gunk is not exactly screenworthy so I can’t call it an adlib that was ever meant for the drama.. but it would be something a feisty annoyed gf would do since he just called her “dirty”.. that why I ship them so much....the adlibs were incredibly intimate in that way and felt very real....especially when he held onto both her hands to stop her from “poking” his eyes out...lol could be that they are really good method actors... so good that she needs a vacay before saying goodbye to the character... most times they say goodbye then go on vacay... pardon my delulu... can anyone translate what the cast said on her IG...both eungi n mom commented... he he was also hilarious trying to deny that he doesn’t ever get eye gunk...lol
  12. Well...there was so much going on in the episode that I think adding yet another set of parents would have made the scenes even more choppy.. i thought it would be more likely that the parents may have passed on...since there was no big push for RG to return home to the states except for art.... but he acknowledged them by telling Dm about what his adoptive mom said to him.
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