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  1. Oh dear... haven’t watched the eps yet but all these responses sounds worrying... don’t know if there will be a good way to end it. gpg did not succeed either though the original web novel did end it well. Im going to assume that both BH n SY are the same soul but in different time lines... because SY was quite brave in the beginning ... just that the enormity of the opposition in that time was beyond what she could overcome. BH with his male and modern sensibilities may not have viewed certain things as obstacles like a Joseon woman would. Plus she was already been rejected by
  2. I’ve only read the translated version...so things may be lost in translation... the crown Princess was a woman in her time and when she transmigrated she still felt the need to have reliance on a man... and then chose to continue as such in the modern world. She also loved her prince but was driven by jealousy n apparently the king then fell out of love or found her annoying and pushed her away. the chef equivalent just wanted to survive in the treacherous courts of ancient China and proved to be a worthy political opponent and eventual ally of her prince.... and decided to accept t
  3. 1st snow??? Oh no another k drama trope... childhood love childhood saviour and now 1st snow... end game is SY
  4. Not sure how they will resolve this.. they have taken a fair number of cues from the GPG series which had a horrible ending or endings but they also changed things by semi merging characteristics likely because they can’t deal with guy /guy. In GPG s/he chose to live in whatever way possible. Hence all the alliances. in this they are pulling the k drama childhood love/first love trope that they really love... personality is gender less anyway... just that society has designated certain genders to act out in certain ways... aggressive traits, submissive traits etc... so if they
  5. Thanks to this drama... I read through the promotion records of the crown princess... mr queen has already deviated ...there were no merging of souls like this one... their souls swapped totally and there was the will to survive at any costs. so how they will resolve it will be interesting ... one of course is that they are a single soul but in different times... hence allowing the skills of the other to come into play. they may try to forge a completely new future... ie establish a new Govt/monarchy since CJ was the penultimate king... the next king was even weaker and after that th
  6. He’s already suspecting that she was the little girl who saved him ... her words die happy and the fact that she apparently responded that the book she set her ramen on was precious... or it seems implied... from the recap... the ep 16 trailer where he wakes up and gazes at her seems to reinforce that ... but we were already trolled by the ramen n chill so am prepared for an anticlimax... or for those in the gutter at the moment ... no climax
  7. Just read the recap put up by dramamilk...the internal conflict of the ramen scene will kill us... so hilarious... hope they give us more sweet moments before hitting us with the politics... have a feeling that Bh will return n a modified soyong will remain... they brought up the childhood love trope that k dramas are hooked on...
  8. The tenet ending might work...cos the skill set needed in SY’s time... ability to cook as a way to save the banquet... but ya these time travel concept unless very well written creates a lot of chaos in the storyline the fact that sobong keeps blacking out during their make out sessions leads me to think that they are not really going to deal with an lgbt theme per se... BH is no longer a male soul in SY body but rather a soul in SY body or more likely a merged soul in SY body. obviously spending too much time on this... was there another body swap drama where the g
  9. It’s ok if they troll us... kjh noodle mukbang might just do it for me too... he’s been pretty swoon worthy so far... quite unusual since he’s not made much of an impression on me in Waikiki
  10. I think soyong from the brief snippets that we see was quite a strong person in that she understood the court politics but she still made herself clear... she confronted hwajin... cheoljong and the grand queen dowager... but in a more nuanced way... ie the language was still veiled...and still powerless to change things... then with the final rejection decided to take her life.... but having bonghwan taking residence and deciphering her memories... he basically mansplained it to CJ... so for me it’s like those heart transplant k dramas... the body n heart still beat instinctively fo
  11. Call me a romantic but I’d like to think that soyong exists in the time when she goes to the king to ask him to save damhyang( much like herself in her youth) and of course during sexy times... since bonghwan always wakes up shocked... so technically the king is falling in love with soyong as well... thats how I’m going to reconcile it in my mind...
  12. Thanks to this show... I sped read the recaps of GPG... apparently after said drunken night... there were few episodes of trysts because the emperor wanted to give her space...
  13. In the short videos shown so far.. “HY” touches the queen’s face back and bends over to kiss her( reciprocating and hence hopefully consensual ...)... now the issue is whether soyong’s body and soul take over like in the earlier drunk scene and technically put us into consensual territory... lol but the little speech she gave at the lake seems like the way out of this moral dilemma... she says that if it’s Cheoljong she also wants it... but it’s quite funny cos poor CJ is falling deeper especially after the mixed up Joseon text messaging... but I don’t really care anymore cos th
  14. Just started watching this... and find them both adorable in their roles! i think original soyong is still a pretty gutsy woman and she was heartbroken when she jumped into the lake.... she boldly told the king that he should love her and also confronted the concubine and asked her to come clean.. but in her era... there wasn’t much option as she couldn’t get through to the king at that time.... she was already too invested emotionally on the other hand bonghwan has no baggage... I felt the turning point was when bonghwan told the court that she attempted s
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