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  1. Yup am primarily rewatching the SJH/CH parts as they are so adorable. CH character was quite pure...she was a fighter throughout...a lot of judo/sports have an honour based ideology... hence she was a rescuer of sorts...to tami/gg and even JH after she tripped him up. For JH..I kind of placed him as a person who was bookish and down to earth....hence the phone/books etc and of course his youth... She probably fascinated him as much as he fascinated her... So hence the initial hesitant relationship... since they had to figure out whether her attraction to him was purely as a fan.. I like that the script pointed out that he couldn't do anything if she was a fan...as that would be taking advantage of her affections as a fan... Ethics
  2. I think it would be nice if Tami n Morgan got back together but it does mean that someone gives up a dream because they have opposing views family with kids vs single life...did they even discuss kids...was that the issue? Because that's the only thing really. Whether or not there's a piece of legal paper...is immaterial unless you want to give your kids a status. I've ffed and just replayed the bits with Scarlett n jh . Totally guilty of that... Another OTP with cute heart fluttering bts
  3. Ooh .... now that's a scene I'd love to see. .Scarlett waltzing into the army camp with a very embarrassed Jh.... they are so cute! Am amazed that this 21 y.o can portray his role so well
  4. He is settling into a cute hot ahjusshi mode....hubby material.... good with kids...can be silly and cute.... all wrapped up in a whole load of sexy.....is he sending out signals??.
  5. This guy can rock any look....except facial hair...to me anyway...
  6. Totally into the Scarlett jihwan pairing and that young actor is really good... did someone say he was 21 in RL???? If he continues like this...he will have a bright future... It's really interesting this chemi... between a totally badass chick whose super soft side gets totally drawn out by this pure soul... Also funny that in his previous makjang role... he was also a complete thug... Really like how the work drama is also panning out though didn't appreciate that's slightly old school CEO with his goons...
  7. That’s spot on...he reminds me of Keanu!!!who is my Long term bias....since speed.... another incredible sweetie who does his own thing....
  8. At this point...I would love to see him in anything... missing him Super much
  9. I totally agree with DM....he's too greedy.....good looking cute sweet considerate sexy intelligent artistic RG... That's why we're stuck for so long... Just rewatched the ep where they fake broke up and had to eat with colleagues....
  10. Scarlett and her young soulful man.....seems he will hit a crisis with the real time search word...did he get in trouble I wonder... hence the semi farewell with the its nice to know you.....
  11. He often does appearances free for friends...so he may have embarked on this without too much monetary incentive... plus he is known as an indie actor...
  12. Maybe he hasn’t said goodbye yet....lol just like all of us... still enjoying rewatching bits of Hpl
  13. It's the lips.... those full lips.... then the soft expression in his eyes... But he was at the height of his androgynous beauty in his 20s....now he's matured into one sexy man...
  14. He’s very lean!! the only romcom lead without the obligatory fan service shower scene...wondering if he got it written into the contract...probably after he froze as MTG in his bath scene....
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