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  1. @JJChastity on Rain's VLive he was asked about his new years goals.. he said smoking so Rain asked if he wished to stop smoking "no" to smoke less "no". "I will not throw cig but everywhere" he said he wants to save the earth..hahahaha
  2. I feel bad for her.. in my 10 years in kpop I have seen how fans can be extreme.. I for sure don't agree on tagging artists whenever we post about any of the two.. not only for uri couple but from the previous couple that I have followed. As a shipper we can always show our support to them no matter if they're together or not. We can always be the pisitive energy to our LaBit couple. We can always remind each other and other lurkers too to avoid tagging. This thread can be known to them we don't need to be picture as shippers whose super hardcore that doesn't know our limit. Like my old shipper thread we jabe showns our support in the must respectful way , by sending a photobook to our couple with messages on how they change our life , even with that we were so secretive just so that we won't offend their respective fans. I love our couple and I'm delulu mode on however I choose to support them from a distance (see what I did there?) I am happy to have met sich amazing ppl here.. you are delusional and realist as well hehehe.. and this is a complement. We might want for them to be together but we also accepted that they are great actors that have brighg future ahead of them.. thank u love for keeping this thread warm and fluffy..
  3. I just miss them.. Thing is it has become a culture to be a toxic fan in today's kcommunity either be in kpop or kdrama.. not everyone though.. there are still some fans like our who chose to support from afar rather than create fanwars and negativity.. maybe because we are confident that our couple was able to deliver something in kdramaland that will not be forgotten easily..
  4. It's an old post by I think a fan .. http://kkul-jaem.blogspot.com/2017/03/underrated-actor-kim-jae-wook.html?m=1
  5. I'm just super obsessed with him.. I have been looking for more information about him but Im having a hardtime finding any.. so far I have watched Sohn and my friend asjed me if I'm really watching coz I have horror movies..
  6. As long as we don't attack or bash other it should be okay.. most of the times we can put our message in spoiler if it's too sensitive..
  7. Yeah posting here is still a priority.. just for research purposes hahahaha.. u know things that we couldn't share here.. But we still do this.. the healthy conversation where we share the love for the couple.. Speaking off.. why can't I rewatch HPL I think I will cry if I do.
  8. So how do we do this though? We need a platform.. Technically yes we should be able to be delulu but I can sense that all of us are trying to be careful just incase we have guest in here.. Hi everyone who's delurking hehehehe..
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