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[Drama 2019] Her Private Life 그녀의 사생활

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FINALE KISSES                                    THANK YOU FOR WATCHING!   

Before we move on, I just want to appreciate their first kiss again:     Sorry it's night time at my place so can't find more proper lighting for the painting. Anyway, an art direc

My First Real Fangirl Experience   Since we all don't have BTS today, I thought I'd share with all my fangirl buddies here what happened to me last night as yall were going wild watching ep

Awwww, KJW cried during the proposal. (I may or may not have teared up watching that scene too.) If they ever get married, that would be such a fun story to tell at the wedding. :lol: And I love the exchange about how he's never done a proposal scene before and she's like "You just kill people." :lol:


Too bad we didn't get a goodbye video message from the two of them together (like there was for WWWSK). Well, that's life. They did seem a bit more tired in the last bts. Hope they rest up well. Will look forward to their new projects. :)

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27 minutes ago, cenching said:

Wow, PMY!!!.....:joy: You had been kissed for around 10 episodes and now you ask for more???? :joy:


To move on from so much kisses is hard :joy:



 he needed to end it with thumb kiss again so she get message loud & clear :smirk:


but always there are help available :tounge_xd:





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13 hours ago, heoimajeossi said:

I'm back cause I miss them so much! :tears:

Here is another compilation I made of them saying kagoshipeoyo. Sorry for any misspelling. :sweatingbullets:



I try not to be delulu much.. so.. Back to ninja mode. :ph34r::phew:

It's 갖고 싶어요. 

Not B 가고 싶어요 (do you wanna go?) . 

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Pls don’t quote images. Thanks
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Watch: Kim Jae Wook And Park Min Young Bid Farewell To “Her Private Life” In Last Making Video

Watch: Kim Jae Wook And Park Min Young Bid Farewell To “Her Private Life” In Last Making Video

Jun 1, 2019
by J. Lim

tvN’s “Her Private Life” has shared their last making video.

“Her Private Life” tells the story of Sung Duk Mi (played by Park Min Young), who is an art curator and also a fan of an idol group in her free time, and her fickle boss Ryan Gold (played by Kim Jae Wook). The drama has followed the two as they fell in love, and the story came to an end on May 30.

To mark the end of the drama, a last making video has been revealed for episodes 15 and 16. Park Min Young and Kim Jae Wook are a picturesque couple as they cuddle in bed, cook in the kitchen, and help each other get ready. Park Min Young teases Kim Jae Wook for shaking when it comes time for her to help him shave, and Kim Jae Wook does his best to apply lipstick on Park Min Young’s lips properly before they lean in for a kiss.

The video also follows the pair as they act out the scene where Ryan Gold proposes to Sung Duk Mi. While filming the moment, Kim Jae Wook seemed to get choked up with emotions, and turned away from the camera a couple of times to collect himself. The two shared a warm hug as the scene left them a bit teary.

The final moments of the making video show the cast and crew saying their final goodbyes.

Watch the finale of “Her Private Life” below!

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