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  1. Hi everyone, I don't know if anyone is still here...but if you've seen this post and got time, please help me fill in this questionnaire... It's about CLOY. THANK YOU...
  2. About NK reaction to the drama that was posted @TotoroSY... Let's say it's expected hahaha. They would never ever admit they like foreign contents, let alone ones from South Korea. No matter how 'normal' NK is depicted in the pictures. I even find it funny that they mentioned public outrage when they punish everyone who's watching foreign content with labor camp or execution... So who are actually watching CLOY or Ashfall? Government officials? Politburo members? Military officers? Kim family? Lol
  3. The actor in Oh Haeyoung is Eric MOON/MUN. He goes by his Korean name "Moon Jung-hyuk" as an actor. Eric Nam is another person ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ It's not a parody.. They're just portraying people with the same profession: recording sound and sound engineering for movies/dramas/CFs. As for parody, there's Alhambra parody. When RJH played games and met EunDong, the BGM was Alhambra BGM...and the "do you want to make an alliance?" was also on Alhambra.
  4. It's plausible, indeed... But RJH must defect and that's what the production team didn't (or probably, couldn't) show us. I think I wrote it somewhere (here or in @packmule3blog? Haha) that the kind of ending given by the writer is only plausible for a short term. Seri and Jeong-hyeok wouldn't be able to do so in the long term unless RJH defects... ps: sorry, mod.. Somehow I can't delete the video in the quote (on mobile) ㅠㅠㅠ
  5. I can't believe I just see a comparison between one of the world's worst dictator and the best K-drama's hero till date... KJU was born around 1983-ish (his age is actually unknown but it's been speculated that he is made older than he actually is... I learnt about his closest-to-real-birth year from a KR friend who was taking Inter-Korean lessons with me) while RJH was born in 1988 (it's been discussed several times in the thread)... KJU was not called back to serve military, but because his father was ill and he needed to start the path toward leadership early (that means: party, military, Kim Il-Sung Uni education, etc...). Also, surname "Ri" is about as common as "Kim" or "Lee" in Korea. KJU doesn't come an inch closer to RJH's character depiction (perhaps only the fact that they're North Koreans who studied in Switzerland...but then again, it's pretty common for North Korean's elite children to do so)...and no way anyone would think KJU is as noble as RJH's characters are..that guy is a dictator and a human right's violator who would purge his own uncle or power consolidation... TT_TT While it's possible from the perspective of production and profit and Netflix format...and perhaps the casts' schedule could be arranged way in advance... What do you expect the writer team to do in the second half? They could not even address political issues related to RJH's citizenship and all plot holes about the leads' living condition in more than 90-minutes-long and 16 episodes... They would stuck at the same issue again and again... Of course, as international viewers we wouldn't have to care about domestic or political things...but the drama is still a South Korean drama and they already had to go through such pain (permit, controversy, etc etc) and splurged so much money only to depict North Korea in the drama...
  6. It's not really questionable. RJH wouldn't be able to set all those messages from NK, hence, he set it all while he was still detained by NIS. The phone he used was South Korean phone given by Gu Seungjun. He definitely cannot bring the phone back to NK either. My only question is who's keeping the phone alive for a year until RJH was back to the North, and who took care of the flower delivery from RJH to Seri... Since it was shown the NIS agent taught him about scheduled messages, I just assumed that it was NIS agent who helped him with all of those.
  7. They filmed the ending at the beginning... Along with scenes of RJH and Seri's earliest encounters... That what makes the ending more amazing and magical.. There's no chemistry and acting gap from Hyunbin and Son Yejin. Their acting at the ending scenes completely look like we're seeing RJH and Seri who are deeply in love and exuding all newlywed-vibes hahaa From one perspective, it can be considered as cheating. An engagement is an engagement, regardless whether there's love involved or not. But from another perspective, it can also be considered not cheating, because it was prearranged engagement and RJH never made any love commitment to Seo Dan. He's just doing everything out of obligations as a filial son.. He came clean to his fiancée anyway in episode 7 that he can't continue the engagement. He breaks it off and pursues Seri afterwards... You can't send the messages if your phone isn't active if I'm not mistaken... So perhaps that NIS agent helped to keep that phone alive and send the flower delivery to Seri.. Perhaps it's also why he took a photo with the baby we all suspected to be RJH-YSR kid? It makes sense that the child takes a photo with Seri's dad.. But didn't we all wonder why NIS agent also takes photo with the child? Haha About Dan's uncle.. We suspected and discussed the possibility of him being evil when the scene happened.. But at the end, I guess the note contained order to the judge to punish CK right away... Someone else has answered about I Love You thingy
  8. They would lose contact completely. There are ways to still contact them and sens money through Chinese connections, but it isn't easy... I met some defectors whose reason to defect is to earn money to be sent back home (most of them defected for such reasons).. However I didn't ask them how do they do that haha... That's for ordinary person. If you're a spy or government officer or a soldier, then you defect alone.. High chance for your family and relatives to be executed back home. I happened for real with an ex-spy.. That's why I rolled my eyes to fan-theories about RJH being gov officer and/or spy, so he can meet SR overseas and date... lol... Even the ending they gave us left some question for me... It's almost impossible for RJH to go around meeting SR while he's under official permission to travel. They might be able to do so for a few years... After that? He had to defect, perhaps with his family. But the show have never showed or answered such questions. The ducklings' choices are correct for them. Remember that they have families back home? They're soldiers as well... Though NIS might protect them in SK, but who'll protect their families back home? "then they should defect as well"...they'd be executed before they can utter the word 'd' from 'detection'. Even the ducklings and RJH were almost executed right? They're supposed to go trial (mock trial, NK style) to take responsibility of them going South without permission. But thanks to RJH's dad, they can be saved. I plan to go before I graduate... It's not far from SK (though I have to go through China first). I want to take train route from China to Pyeongyang ehe.
  9. @INeedAFan I'm not sure. It's just a person's idiosyncratic I guess. Some people still call their lovers "ㅇㅇㅇ ssi".. Some used more personal nicknames. Maybe Seri and Jeonghyeok get accustomed to how they call each other and find it endearing anyway.. Whatever works for them, I guess...
  10. I can't find the picture, but Jeonghyeok was born in Juche 77 or 1988 in Gregorian calendar. You can check it in episode 2/3 when he went to Pyeongyang alone and got asked for his ID card at the station. For Seri, in episode 2, her first year-old (international age) birthday party was shown. It was in 1989. It means Seri was also born in 1988. ps: JUCHE YEAR is the calendar they use in North Korea. Juche 1 means 1912, the year when Kim Il-Sung was born. They don't use normal Gregorian calendar. Initially, they did...but they changed it to Juche calendar around 1990-ish after Kim Il-Sung passed away to honor him. If you want to convert Gregorian to Juche, go here
  11. They've been calling Ri Jeong-hyeok "RI Jung-dae-jang-dong-ji" since episode 1... It literally translates to "Comrade Captain Ri" "Dong mu" and "Dong Ji" have similar meaning, which are roughly translated to "comrade" But if I'm not mistaken "Dong Ji" has higher hierarchy than "Dong Mu" For instance, RJH was addressed as "Dong Ji" by the Company 5 because he's in the higher hierarchy....while Seri was addressed as "Sam Sook Dongmu" in the village, because she and the villagers are just people. Seo Dan and Gu Seungjun address each other as "Dongmu." I don't recall how the Company 5 addressed Seri in the beginning (ONLY Chi-soo has been consistent in calling her "eminai" aka "woman" lol)...but Eun-dong (and the rest of them) addressed her as "Dong-ji" when they're in SK.. If they change the way they address her, maybe because they acknowledge her as their captain's wife hence the higher hierarchy hahaha... To make it clearer, you definitely cannot address Kim Jong-un "DONG MU", for instance. EDIT: Rewatching~ The english sub doesn't translate this kind of thing correctly tbvh.. Up till episode 9, Company 5 addresses her as "Dong-mu". Then when they meet again in SK, Eundong calls her "Dong Ji" (though when he talks about her in front of the hospital and when he said goodbye in Ep 16, he's back 'dongmu')...then Jumeok also calls her like that (and reverts back 'dongmu' in Ep 14 and 16). IDK if it's a plot hole or they can use the terms interchangeably... There's a definite plot hole, though. Seri called Jeonghyeok "you (geu-jjok)" or without subject at first then at episode 3 she slipped "Ri Jeong-hyeok-ssi..." (during the discussion about post-breakup scenario haha) She wasn't supposed to know his name in episode 3 yet haha. The ahjummas also address Young-ae as "Young-ae Dong Ji" since she's Senior Colonel's wife...and in EP 04, Ok and Wol ahjummas also called Jeonghyeok as "dong ji" but when they talked to Seo Dan (and some scenes afterwards), they addressed him as both interchangeably haha. ================================================================================= I agree with the dong-mu's analysis here about what's missing... I truly want the OTPs to have more conversation at the epilogue and ending scene, instead of having everything implied... But they have time constraint and they have to tie up some plots... Also, some viewers might think that such mundane couple scenes are needed... LET'S WAIT FOR THE DVD OR A SPECIAL EPISODE ONLY ABOUT RIRI haha
  12. I'm sorry but ddoboja has mentioned on the post that the translation cannot be take out of the blog without permission... So maybe, share the link it's better.. Do not post the entire translation... Yess.. It's the same job with Eric on Oh Haeyoung.. And he's working at 427 Film Studio lol I'm cackling... That number refers to Kim Ilsung's bday iirc 1. Around 7 years? Because after that, his brother died and he had to return to NK. 2. It was just around one month. 3. Just weeks... Because he was still at the front line when CK called him that he's going South to kidnap Seri... ========================== Gaahhh I'm missing this drama and its character already ㅠㅠ
  13. @Hachiko it's never mentioned but I don't think he was in the military for national service..he could go to Switzerland for study at the age when he's supposed to enlist, so perhaps he was exempted. Also, it's mentioned that one of the brothers should be in the military (as in a real soldier) to continue their father's legacy. It was his brother. Then after Moo-hyuk's death, he entered military as normal soldier to replace his place... That's what I guess tho...
  14. I signed up with my Kakao account..so I cant really help in signing up process sorry.. but if you need help in leaving order comment, you can DM me.. THE BTS IS POSTED HERE https://www.instagram.com/p/B8qf3RKltYA/
  15. Sure... Perhaps you mean the OST CD? It has photobook too. Also, if you order during PO period, you can get signed poster (printed sign) Gmarket http://item2.gmarket.co.kr/English/detailview/item.aspx?goodscode=1746899862 Yes24 https://global.yes24.com/Goods/88360865 Ktown4u https://www.ktown4u.com/iteminfo?goods_no=42157&grp_no=896712
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