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  1. Based on the latest update about him, he literally meant he was going to fly, on an airplane, to Vietnam ... This man is so literal lol so cute...she word-plays with her HPL name XD Ah it's Wednesday and I still miss HPL :((((((
  2. I love how they both let out unguarded smiles and laughs during filming... PMY is so cute with her crinkled nose and all gummies while she laughs...and lion's roar of KJW is heartwarming to hear... It must be tiring during the non-stop filming, but at least they had others whom they're comfortable with Anyway I love y'all still coming over to this thread now and then...love the insights...cant add anything more XD fanarts
  3. I don't think he knows exactly who Ryan was when they first met...though he seems to be drawn to him as a person and wants to get close to him. Perhaps he was only sure about Ryan being his hyung when he saw his mom crying in front of Ryan's door (or even suspects it when Ryan ignores him and slams the door right on his face after he finds out that Lee Sol is his mom). I'm still kinda sad we don't get to see Ryan and Sian's bonding after they find out they're brothers... I need more bromance haha. I watched Butterfly Sleep, too... Not a fan of the romance but gdi KJW can even have chemistry with a dog LMAO... His chemistry with the veteran actress is sultry and quite believable... and him+books are combination I never know I'd need XDDD His acting range is surely wide... totally a good actor.
  4. Shipping is inevitable in dramas...and fangirling in general... Can't help it when the pair has such a sizzling chemistry... XD But there's always boundary...I think Rabbit Couple shipper still stays in their line aka not going overboard with delulu (fangirls need delulu to live ), and I hope they'll remain so...not to cause uncomfortable feelings for KJW and PMY, at least... After all, we all love them because they gave us such a wonderful show and acting...
  5. @Ondine I look forward for more bromance between them... ABH seems to adore his hyung so much HAHAH @Aziraphale true... I cringe when I read some of the comments on her IG (and KJW's IG)...not only from some shippers from HPL but also from her previous drama. I'm glad that most of it are in the languages they don't understand hahah. Maybe it's just me personally, but I also find that tagging them continuously on fanposts or shippers' posts are quite disturbing [for them]... I always wonder why fans are doing that to celebs when they probably won't like it if they're randomly tagged in strangers' photos...
  6. Seems like they're watching "My Grandpa" musical together... How cute I love how cute and close they are still hhehe... But I feel like in this drama, we are very deprived of main leads' selcas =)))) There are lots of Eungi-Deokmi-Seonjoo pics...but none of the main leads. KJW isn't the type that taking selcas, but I noticed he took some (to be exact, his cast-mates took some with him) in his previous projects...or at least other ppl take pic of him together with other cast mates... I wonder if it's because PMY is avoiding another rumor with her main lead and other casts are being considerate of her...since she seemed to get a hard time with the previous dating rumor (regardless it was true or not). But he didn't even have pic with Sian or Ahn Bohyun
  7. @lighthearted may I know where did you find the better subtitle? Vikii?
  8. I'm touched that the main casts seem so fond of this drama... I wish they maintain good relationships in the future~ Would love to see them reuniting in other projects Ahn Bohyun is such a cutie... Actually the way he talks is almost similar to Eun Gi...awkward and cute? Like a big teddy bear =)) Hopefully he'll reunite with his Jaewook hyung in a project with lots of bromance like he wished for hahaha
  9. 3 months. There will be several actors playing the same role...but for one day, there are usually 2-3 performances. In a week, the same actors usually have 2-4 scheduled performances. Some musicals will have more direct interactions with the audiences, as well... It really depends on the production. For the actors themselves, there are some actors who hold 'mini fanmeeting' after the performance to take direct feedback from the fans (Kim Dongwan always does this...)...or even if they don't, fans can greet them at the parking lot or outside the venue while they're leaving the venue.. So there will be more chances of seeing them. I need someone else to correct me cuz I might not be 100% accurate. She says that she knows that he misunderstands her relationship with SeonJoo...and that he is worried that her "relationship" with SeonJoo will be found out by Sian's fans, so that's why he suggests the whole fake dating scheme. One more thing on this scene...when Ryan and Deokmi discuss the meaning of the photograph and Ryan says "annyeong" to Deokmi...it's subbed as "Goodbye"...but based on what KJW said on his favorite scene , Ryan actually means it as "Hello." That scene signals the beginning of his real feeling...
  10. @TripleNa If I remember correctly, there was no news about casting offer to someone else but KJW for the male lead...so he was probably the first choice. Actually I'm curious on why he finally decided to take this role, particularly after I heard he rejected offers for male lead prior to this project. After seeing how the drama progresses, I assume that he took the role because Ryan is not a typical romcom male lead. I remember seeing one comment about him being typically arrogant jerk at the first episode...but even then, I thought the fact that he's berating himself for being biased against DM and SJ's sexuality was very new for standard K-drama. His character also becomes more layered as he's actually a very soft cinnamon roll and has no qualms in showing his vulnerability. And KJW did very awesome job in portraying all of those... For his next project, somehow I feel that he won't be taking another romcom right away or even as a male lead...it doesn't feel like him hahaha. I wish he'd take up a musical project next (HEDWIG PLEASE LOL)...cuz musical is the only project where we can see him often :p As for them shedding their roles...for me, they're both professional actors who know what to do with their characters and projects. I agree that they are both humans before actors who also can feel things beyond their supposed-roles...but I think they'd handle it well. Nevertheless, I'd support them both as individual actor cuz they're simply awesome actors EDITED: regarding method acting, I can't add much but... For Hedwig, KJW took the role at the same time with Kim Dongwan (as suggested by my username, I'm a Shinhwa fan)...I remember during that time, KDW also said that Hedwig was particularly difficult role to play so he did a lot of research on how to play the role properly. After the project, he also said that it was difficult for him to shed some of Hedwig's mannerism, so that he often crosses his leg automatically in a very Hedwig-way after some time have passed LMAO. To conclude, for some actors, like KJW and KDW, they did proper and thorough research on their roles to be able to portray the characters properly, down to the gestures and mannerisms...to the extent that they needed some time to completely shed off the role from their daily lives. In order to shed the role, they'd take a very different role for the next project...which both usually did after their projects. It might also be done to avoid being typecast to certain roles. I don't think KJW (and KDW) has ever taken similar roles twice and back-to-back...(also why KDW never reprised his role as Hedwig).
  11. Wah thanks for the reference to Chinese *takes notes* but here I'm talking about translating it within a context of fangirling, because Deokmi refers to herself as a fangirl when she said that...so i think 'ultimate bias' is more appropriate diction as a fangirl, compared to what it literally means. Nope...she doesn't say "I like you." In this context, the sentence expresses an agreement = a YES/OK! I LOVE HEALER though it was full of conflicts and complicated back stories. But yeah, sometimes we do need candies instead of fully-cooked meat anyway...and it isn't even in the same genre with HPL so nothing to compare except chemistry between leads (and the fact it's PMY!) hehe...
  12. The OST album is here!! IDK how to share pictures (been inactive for a while on soompi lol). If you wanna see, just click on the links @TheRoadtoPMY you can translate it as "ultimate idol/bias" or "most-beloved idol"? XD
  13. Some points: 2. The card shark/Hwatu movie, when Deok Mi called him "Tazza Ryan". --> I still don't get this one ... my Korean isn't advanced... 4. Anything that has to do with fangirling I feel has loss in meaning. I still don't know what Deok Mi and Ryan meant when she was almost caught by Shi An in SAIML attire in the elevator. She asks Ryan "why were you startled", Ryan said "I studied because my GF is a fangirl". --> DM asked why was he surprised too (she's the one who's supposed to be in shock lol). Ryan actually answered that it's because of HER...because he's worried her cosplay (il-ko = ilban-cosplay = cosplaying as normal person) will be revealed. That's why DM is surprised. What she said after that was literally translated to "HOW DID YOU KNOW SUCH VOCAB?" So that's why Ryan told her he's been studying [fangirl vocab] cuz his gf is a fangirl...and you can see DM's slight smile after that. 5. The "ultimate bias" in the proposal, since I dunno how to translate that directly to English, I just opted to do it "I'll be your ultimate fangirl, will you be my ultimate fanboy?" --> nope... [ultimate] BIAS refers someone who's being fangirled or the idol...it cannot be translated into "fangirl/fanboy" cuz it has the opposite meaning.
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