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  1. Actually I'm confused wheres this 'Lee Sol was in coma/amnesia' coming from... She just told him time has passed for some time when she could start finding him. She clearly remembered him before losing consciousness so it couldn't be an amnesia... Not sure about coma..but time is such a flexible concept. She could only be hospitalized for 1 month and went to find him after that.. 1 month is long enough for a missing kid to disappear... (tho yeah, I agree on why didn't she report to police...Maybe she did but it wasn't told in the drama). Just like assumptions that DM was adopted...where does this come from.... Maybe I didn't watch properly
  2. I'm wondering about this too.. And was quite disappointed that they didn't recap it... But anyway, these days their recaps come very late sometimes... Back in the days it was quite fast.. Maybe they're short in recappers, or they're busy with irl... Understandable I remember his drag queen role lmao. He was in Hedwig with Dongwan Shinhwa before. Hedwig will hv another musical this year.. What are the odds KJW reprising the role hehe Different surnames so should hv different fathers... Perhaps Lee Sol becomes rich due to her new hubby or her dad...
  3. Agree. I think SiAn never meant to 'set up' or orchestrate his hyung and mom meeting...esp not with bad intention. *in Deokmi's voice* Our SiAn is an angel I forget whom...but there's one user wondering about Ryan's foster parents and why Ryan never contacted them. My guess is they passed away. When Ryan told Deokmi about it, he spoke in pure past form (in Korean). You don't do that to tell a story about a person if the person is still alive.
  4. Both use the same clothes that I saw them using during filming. PMY used the same clothes in his scene with Eungi... I don't remember what clothes did she use during car filming with Ryan, but PMY walked past me during filming break, saying that she needed to change her clothes first...then she was back using this clothes. Ryan used the same suit during car filming though (iirc...cuz as usual, I was busy staring at Jaewook-nim's face lol) He smoke...but I was too far to see how much hahaha I'm afraid I can't say more than "You've worked hard to them.." I stood there for an hour or so, but actually, they only walked past me for like SECONDS, so I barely could say anything XDDDD I saw Ryan laughed during his car scene (gosh the car's lamp were so blinding, I BARELY see anything) filming. He dropped Deokmi off, talked to her a bit in the car, then drove off... Not too many NGs, cuz the director only said CUT to change camera angles... I think the filming went quite smoothly. PMY needed to change her clothes after her scene with Ryan, so I did not really see her interacting with Jaewook. Probably she did monitor the result after that, but as I said, I couldn't see anything due to CAR LIGHTS grrrrrrrr Eungi and Deokmi's scenes looked a bit serious, though... She looked a bit gloomy(?) as she ascended the stairs toward her home and then Eungi called her to have a conversation. She's soooooo pretty... Her hair is so on point lol. But she has really, really thin legs..... T_T I'm lucky cuz they were filming around my house...so I can drop by several times a day to check if they have filming. Even so, I'm not always lucky to see them... I came over at night only, so I always missed their day filming (like the day KJW took pics for his Instagram...I was not there cuz it's during the day). Last night, I came at 10:30 after I finished my night class...I was so tired and my bag was heavy due to my laptop... I wanted to go straight home but decided to take a chance... Glad I made the decision...cuz they had filming last night T_T The first thing I checked was whether KJW van was there or not
  5. Deokmi, Eungi, and Ryan just filmed in Deokmi's house. On separate scenes. Ryan and Deokmi were in the car together. Then Deokmi and Eungi were in front of the house. PMY is super pretty... Idky her hair always looks perfect hahaha. I greeted her to tell her she worked hard and she thanked me Kim Jaewook left earlier after finishing his scene with Deokmi. He just stayed in the set to discuss something and smoke. Some fans, somehow, managed to get his signatures. I was just standing and gazing at him lol
  6. 3. [+227,-6] Kim Jae Wook has this mysterious charisma and is good at acting too~~~ He's too sexy. 4. [+150,-2] Seems like every single cell of his is sexy. https://melohwa.blogspot.com/2019/05/her-private-life-ep-14-spoilers-kim-jae.html?m=1 KJW performance is too strong, so ppl only mentioned him... But PMY is awesome too... #RecognizeQueenToo
  7. The album is available for PO on Korean sites YES24 GMARKET SYnnara Gmarket Apple Music If any of you from Indonesia and want to buy the album, I can help you. You can transfer through Indonesian bank account instead of Paypal (less cost)
  8. I AGREE She's been a good actress for me. Some ppl said that her acting looks similar from roles to roles... But I don't really agree. She's notably different in Healer, Secretary Kim, and HPL... Though at the early episodes of HPL, she has similar vibes with Kim Miso...but Deokmi gradually feels really different. I must say she did a good act as a fangirl...those squealing looks and moony over SiAn lol. She did a great job, particularly at the last scene... the emotion...the tension...everything TT_TT Kim Jaewook was totally awesome (and it's generally agreed that he's been a skilled actor)...but Park Minyoung's ability to maintain the same level of acting with him is praiseworthy. And why does she keep getting prettier and prettier....esp after she dates Ryan HAHAHA
  9. She just told him to wait for her while she met her potential buyers for her painting.. There were no other children iirc. But probably Yoonjae waited for so long and was found by Deokmi and Eungi later on... The timeline doesn't match.. DM father went bankrupt when Deokmi was in high school which caused her not to study abroad... It was mentioned several times on previous episodes... It didn't happen when she met Yoonjae as a kid. . . . . . . The only childhood story they need is Ryan's background. Why and how he abandoned, adopted and become Ryan Gold.. It's the central plot of the drama anyway, related to his inability to paint, then coming to Korea and collecting Lee Sol's paintings. It's Ryan's quest to find about himself and his origin. Finding his family back along the way. The unnecessary childhood connection is between him and Deokmi... I wish we can have a drama where the leads aren't related and (((FATED))) since they were kids... U.U
  10. In episode 13 (or was it 12), SiAn mentioned that her mom got into an accident way before he was born. She gave birth to him. Sian's mom never mentions his dad/YJ dad...but it's more likely that she re-married and gave birth to SiAn. Sian is not adopted.
  11. At the gallery, the employees start the preparation of the exhibition...with labor works. Hyojin's complaining lol. They wanna eat together but Hyojin is like "I no longer have my mom's card." Curator Yu suggests that they ask DM's HUBBY. LOL. So DM goes to see Ryan who's on the meeting with DaIn... Ryan cuts the meeting short, "It's finished right??" =))) DI excuses herself, telling him that she has a plan with HER FRIEND. He is like "YOU HAVE A FRIEND IN KOREA???" DI cryptically says, "it's thanks to Deokmi." DM's like "ME??" but DI leaves without explaining. DM tells Ryan that the employees want a celebratory dinner. Ryan: "I wanna go to Makgeolli house" DM: "NOPE. YOU'RE HEAVY." HAHHA At the cafe...EG and SJ are conversing. DI comes in and asks EG to go for a drink. DM calls SJ to tell her she cannot see her tonight cuz she has company dinner. SJ sighs that all of her friends are busy...even EG has a new friend...to DM's surprise, "WHO??" EG mouthes that DI is not his friend. DM then casually mentions Heo Yoon Jae. It seems to ring a bell for Eungi...he suddenly cancels his plan with DI and leaves suddenly. SJ to DI: "if you're ok with it, let's drink with me." DI refuses haha. DM sees many crumpled papers on Ryan's desk and his trash can, connecting the dot that he cannot draw. EG walks broodingly to his house. He eats with DM's parents, trying to bring up about YoonJae, "You remember that kid...? Do you remember his name?" Dad, "Why suddenly ask?" EG tries to divert the conversation. At company dinner. They all know that it's DM bday and celebrate it with her... DM behaves like a GF, "You're not allowed to drink today. There's something you must do with me tonight." Ryan is confused. Hyojin, "TMI" HAHAHAHHA. Then she asks if Yuseop and Curator Yu are dating...Yu denies but Yuseop wants to. Hyojin complains HAHHAHA. DM and Ryan leave first and go to his house. DM asks him to change his clothes first. DM mom is seeing childhood pics of DM and EG and...Yoon Jae??? (his name is written on the photo). Ryan changed his clothes and calls DM... DM comes out of the secret room, smiling teasingly at him. ehhehhehe. She actually prepares something for him, "I want to receive bday present from you. Please draw me." Ryan, "You know that I can't" DM, "You can. You drew my hand before. Do it exactly like that." She then ties her hair and poses (As seen in the stills), "You want to draw, right? You can just follow [my shadow] and draw." Ryan moves to the canvas and takes the pencil slowly. DM just looks at him expectantly. Ryan starts sketching TT________________TT DM praises his drawing, referring to him as "Artist Ryan Gold." Ryan stands up and hugs her... He then holds her hands. They stand up omg the tenssioooonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn.... Ryan: "I love you." DM: "I love you." THEY KISSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS... omg he then takes of the brush she uses to tie her hair. WHY KJW MAKES IT SO SEXY. Then he gently kisses her again, longer...then it grows more passionate. CUT TO THEM CUDDLING spooning ON HIS BED. DM dreams about her childhood...there's Yoon Jae. /tbc/ NO .Preview. WHY DO THEY CUT SHORT THE BED SCENE T_T
  12. Eungi and Deokmi meet. Eungi wishes her happy birthday and gives her a present, "MYSELF." LOL. He refers to him as a brother and a friend, reminiscing what happened when they were still in school. "I think it'd be good if we can be together for a long time... But then I came to like you. I was sincere. I like you smiling. Even if the person next to you isn't me...As long as you're smiling happily, I like it. To this extent, am I counted as a family, right? Sorry for making you uncomfortable. Really sorry. So now do you accept me as your friend?" Deokmi thanks him for coming back, and now asks him about her bday present. Lee Seol and Sian are at Sian's studio. Sian asks her if he looks cool XD She then tells him that she has many to tell. Sian tells her he knows everything already, that he gives her number to hyung. He tells her that he's aware that it's painful for her, so he's been waiting for her to tell her. Sian asks, "Does it go well with hyung?" She keeps silent. Sian guesses it didn't. His mom tells her that it isn't something that someone can forgive easily. Sian tells her to go ahead with the exhibition, even if it's for the sake of sending hyung away. He then calls Deokmi (who's bracing herself to receive it lol) to tell her to persuade his hyung to come and see the last painting. Hyojin goes home, her mom is still stalking her. Suddenly Hyojin calls out, "MOM!" Her actual mom hides, but she actually calls DM's mom. She cannot accept it HAAHAHA. DM asks Ryan to go to an address to see the last painting of Lee Seol. They meet at the church(?), along with Sian and his mom. Sian tells him that their mom and DM did nothing wrong...both didn't know they'd meet each other. DM advises him to see the painting as a director, not as YoonJae. Ryan asks Lee Seol to show the painting, addressing her as the artist. She brings them all somewhere, to her painting. She says, "Please take care of this kid well. Yoon Jae. Heo Yoon Jae." Ryan recalls when she was painting and he kept tapping her shoulder, telling her he was hungry. She smiled, "what do you wanna eat?" She actually drew a picture of him as a kid...in the last painting. Ryan remembers how they were both very happy together. (((I CRY))). Little Yoon Jae was blowing bubbles, while his mom gazed at him adoringly. Current Lee Seol and Ryan smile to each other, tearing up. DM holds his hand. Sian approaches his mom and holds her hand. Sian and Deokmi together. She asks if he's not surprised. He tells her he's not as surprised as his mom...that he's been wanting to meet his hyung...that he somehow hoped he'd meet his mom's lost child if he collects all of his mom's paintings. She is like, "Are you an angel?" HAHAHAHA. /flashback/ DM actually went to meet Sian and his mom at the studio. She explained to her that she knows the meaning of the painting and wants to show it to Ryan, as a curator and as a precious person to her. Sian: "IDK if I should ask or not...? Are you my fan?" DM: "Fan...? I like White Ocean's song." Sian: "My new song will be released soon." DM: "What's the genre?" *holds her breath* SiAn: hiphop Ryan and his mom are reconciling and both of them look at them contentedly. /ads/
  13. Ryan calls his mom, who's sitting on a park and staring at children playing. He refers to himself as Ryan and asks her to meet him. They meet at his house, and he offers a drink, "I don't have coffee, though." She wants tea and tells him she doesn;t drink coffee. She thanks him for calling first, "I've missed you, Yoon Jae-ah." He tells her that he doesn't remember anything except her painting and how she let go of his hand, "Why did you throw me away?" Lee Seol tells him she didn't, "I thought it was only for a while..." She then tells him what happened that day, the day she brought him out to play and buy something good. She told him to wait at the park while she went to meet someone who wanted to buy her painting. She had an accident at that time and could not meet Yoon Jae. That accident took everything precious for her, her son and her ability to paintings. She told him that she tried to look for him like crazy but she couldn't find him at all. She apologized that she lost him, for getting into accident and for not being able to find him, "I've lived my whole life in regret... You can resent me. But can I just see you from time to time?" Ryan excuses himself, unable to hold his tears. He goes back to gallery. Deokmi sees his sad back, "why are you back?" Ryan says nothing but leaning his head on her shoulders. DM asks if he meets her. Ryan tells her, "She said something I couldn't believe. She didn't throw me away. She lost me." Then DM asks, "what about the orphanage?" Ryan says he doesn't remember. DM cheers him up, that it is ok if he doesn't remember his childhood... Eungi seems to get himself together and calls Deokmi, asking her to meet him outside. /ads/
  14. The next morning. Hyojin is going to work by bus, Secretary Kim and her mom are tailing her...hmmmm... Her mom doesn't believe what she sees lol. The employees found DM and Ryan fell asleep on the couch and yell at them LOLOLOL Hyojin scolds them for 'tainting' the holy museum...they awkwardly excuse themselves =)))) SeonJoo is busy at her cafe. Joohyuk tells Seungmin about what she did to him as his 'fan'. He suspects that SJ likes him as a man =-= SJ finds them out, she's upset and tells him that he likes Joohyuk;s music. He surprises them by giving a name card of a producer he knows so that they can introduce Joohyuk. He continues apologizing, "I like you when you smile." SJ tells him she doesn't forgive him, but giving him another chance. He's so happy and hugs her from behind. Ryan is back at work (without changing his clothes LOL). Sian calls him to meet. He agrees...they meet outside the gallery. SiAn smiles at him, confessing that he's always been curious about him and wanting to get close to him, "After all, my guts were right, hyung?" He still calls Sian formally. Sian cuts him off, offering their mom's phone number so they can talk about it all over again. Deokmi is at work, beaming at an email (I couldnt see it). From her phone convo in English, she has found more Lee Seol's paintings and offered to pay extra so they can sell it to them privately. She stares at the painting's pics, seems to think about something... Then she goes to see Ryan to tell him about the painting. She seems to find a hidden picture inside the painting and tells Ryan about it. Seems like the bubbles filled with toys and things children like...things that Yoon Jae liked. She then tells him to go meet his mom, "She must have been waiting for you."
  15. Ryan is sitting alone and sobbing in his room after confessing to his mom OMG MY HEART IS BREAKING TOO T_T Lee Seol is outside the room door, crying. SiAn is there and sees everything. Deokmi is contemplating whether to call Ryan or not, but decides against it. Convinced that he'll call her if she's ready. He does call, "R u ok?" Ryan tells her it went well and why did she not sleep... He suddenly pauses and Deokmi senses something wrong. He goes back to the art gallery, it seems. Staring at the painting. Lee Seol is outside, crying. SiAn brings her a cup of coffee. This kid is so sweet ^3^ He says nothing but hugs his mom anyway. Both mother and son take it the hard way. Deokmi comes over to Ryan...hitting him hard for suddenly hanging up, "I WAS SO WORRIED!!!!!" He chuckles, she scolds him for laughing when his face is crying. He is laying down on Deokmi's lap...refusing to go home cuz he feels weird knowing that his mum living downstairs, after wondering who's him in all these years. He then asks how does she know he's here. She jokes that she installed GPS in his body lol. Then he tells her about his foster parents, who are very kind and treat him well. DM advises him to sleep, "It'll be OK once you wake up." She gently strokes his head.
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