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Thanks @dotonly:blush:


It’s so cold and windy here right now. I still have a cold and so do the kids so we’ve been staying indoors mostly. 




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@dotonlyI googled gulai pakis!! (I shudn't have!!) Looks delicious! What do the Fiddlehead Ferns taste like?


@Lmangla I hope you are feeling better today! Take care.


My fav otp ever!





Yoon Doo Joon and food :lol:




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13 hours ago, sushilicious said:

@SejabinFor Crap & Giggles :) No specific reasons...

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@kokodus @angelangie!!!!!!


My Priest is back! But this time round is a bit different...The Male Lead stab Himself and somehow it drives him into another timeline where everyone is still alive and well. But I believe there are definitely some drastic changes...but anyways..At least I got my priest back!


@Lmangla Take care! Drink plenty of water :)






see i told you he will be back :D 

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