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  1. @MY15 lols... Anyway... ahhhhh.... so busy today.... I only have a cup of cofeeeee and it didn't even remember to finished it.. huhu.... Have a nice evening / morning guys... Wish me luck to have time to play here again tomorow hahahaha.... -2
  2. Oh wow!!! Three Body!!! The book has been on my list!!! So excited.
  3. Yang Yang and Dilireba are confirmed as the leads Here's a new poster. Based on Dramapotatoe, Gu Man, the book author will work together with the PD to make the script.
  4. New Posters for YouFei An another one that is combined by fans.
  5. Lovely Profile pic @Lmangla Wekcome @grrly Have a nice weekend... 428
  6. False... I'm not watching any drama right now.. only some clips here and there.. lols.. Next person likes thin slice pizza instead of a more traditional thicker ones.
  7. @wallflowersforjane YES! LOL.. btw why are you using the standard profile picture? Hahaahha.. 100% HAVE TO... there's just too many things that you could miss without it.. Next person wants boba drinks..
  8. I'm here @MinLyn @MY15 so fasst haha... Congrats team sub 498
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