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  1. High five!!! me too! False Next person wants to eat mochi..
  2. Noo...... hahaha.... The next person is planning his/her next book to read....
  3. Gonna save myself a spot here and dragging @themarchioness to watch this once this airs... (altho its usually you're the ones dragging me instead )
  4. @thedancing petal awww do go on!!!! Gank Your Heart has been a delight for me to talk too.. and reading everyone's comment new and old always make my day. And totally agree with this one... this is one of the rare cases where drama adaptation is better and expand the novel to a better place. And yeah.. hahaha, the plot is pretty tight, so many things happen in an episode. I love it! Altho I'm pretty happy to be able to read the book because there I can understand his hardship even further and why he feels so regretful to Miya and grateful to QiuYing.
  5. perhaps.... perhaps..... The next person, loves to bake in their free time.
  6. Lana Del Ray.. Once Upon a dream.. the song that made me weep whenever I think about Outlaw Queen.... T_T The evil queen Regina and Robin Hood is the ship that surprise me.. yet when it happen it felt so right!!!! Robin was the man with the lion tattoo!!!
  7. At first I tought this drama is adapted from 陛下请淡定 (Link) lol , but I was wrong.. this is an adaptation of 皇帝中二病, and currently there's no English translation. More links:
  8. True! I'm in if its soft and pastel pink... the ones that goes easy on the eyes.... maybe like this one: Totally! Yesss,,, sometimes I put it on, and listen on the sidelines while working. Hahaha.. I'm loving the chain of answers you guys are giving Ok, the next person is a good listener.
  9. I remember hearing this song while I was listening to Garo themesong for the millionth time haha... and suddenly saw comments of people saying about Garo's new movie... and I'm like what movieeee????????????? Long story short, I finally know that there's a new Garo movie talking about Raiga, Kouga's son, with special appearance of Taiga... I was super hyped tbh.. and gotta say.. the movie doesn't disappoint.. A movie about 3 generations of Garo.. from Taiga, Kouga and lastly Raiga.. I'm glad I find out about it... Anyway.... love the OST, and also pretty happy that JAM PROJECT got also sing for GARO again....
  10. Flowers, pink walls, warm sun Paris like a fairy-tale makes love more fragrant here. The love story of the Li Zheyan - Fang Xiao Wo Couple will start a new chapter here in Paris. Source ---- I've finally cracked the code hahaa..... It took me so long to finally notice that youtube have a function called community post where the admin can post stuff.. with pictures too hahaha... There's quite a number of poster shared there too... All the posters for this drama is really lovely... some has a slight yellow filters that add to the warm look... I like it..
  11. True!!!! and I put them on the fridge so its nice and cold to put on haha.. The next person, prefers to sleep during rainy days.....