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  1. Go Ahead have lots of lovely OST...
  2. @cheekychipmunk_stv Yeah, I agree, he treats jianjian not as a sister... more of a special someone..
  3. @H0ney @everyone have a nice dayyyy 472
  4. 464 Have a nice sunday everyone
  5. hahahah.... why feiyu or arthur would have been better imo..
  6. Thanks @mirmz I like yours too... lols... 154
  7. LOL... yeah... very true.... -2
  8. @mirmz lol.. no worries dear... How are you btw? When are you going back to school? @kokodus WOULD KILL ME if I leave HAHAHHAHAAHA @staygold How are you? My drama rec for you... Go Ahead And this is my fav ost... this song is trully a parents love letter for their children... 614
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