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19 hours ago, Sejabin said:

308 :relieved:


let us play this.. who are your favorite kdrama couples Of all time guys?


Many!!! Let me begin with very recent couple. HB ♡ PSH in MoA. Song Song Couple ♡♡♡ from reel to real couple. PSH ♡ LJS in Pinocchio. R97 couple JEJ ♡ SIG. Fairy couple LSK ♡ NJH. SKL couple NJH ♡ SIG. LSG ♡ OYS in Hwayugi. NJH ♡ D.O in 100DMP. Whoo else... ;) ah... MOO couple LJW ♡ Uee. Bromance couple GY☆LDW in Goblin. YIN ♡ LDW in Goblin as well.  


See.. many right... :lol:




Hello to everyone? Hope you r all okay. 


Get well soon @Lmangla how was FF now? Has AR succeeded in seducing the shoe boss?? LOL. If yes, which ep, I would love to see how the evil fiancee rages because of losing him. 



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@angelangie  only after the divorce, Hawick then enjoys his day with his child. Oh and apparently they say that Yang mi only spent 37 days with her child for the past four years. :( 



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