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  1. Amateur villains. Was Sec. Ha their only henchman? They could have had EJ kidnapped lol and threaten her they'd kill her mom to shut her up. Ofc there's no shutting her up. But they could have at least found a temporary solution to her threats. Till now the title doesn't make sense. Is it the voice of EJ's dead baby from the grave telling people that her mom had an affair? Okay this is morbid.
  2. Richard Kim is probably Secretary Ha's American name. Or is he SJ's dad? This looks exciting.
  3. I'm surprised that PJ's father is the catalyst of change. The Chairman's new disposition sounds like he's gonna step down and become a monk high up in the mountains. But wait, there's more, maybe he'll start using a plant identifier app for his new hobby of collecting medicinal plants. SJ should definitely sell his share and pursue PJ. What's stopping him now that his father has become a completely different person? Well, it's himself who's the problem all along. He's so indecisive and such a pushover that he's used to being used and abused.
  4. 20 eps to go and we'll be roped in again on another daily. We're masochists, there's no cure. They should cut these shows to 50-60 eps max, but I guess there's a budget and a market for poorly developed scripts.
  5. Korean dailies really like going to the circus and making us clowns. Throw all the bad things on the female lead and resolve them in less than 5 episodes. SJ doesn't necessarily need the Chairman's permission to marry PJ after all the lies and maltreatment. He should also end it once and for all with the other woman if he's man enough. You see, he's really his mom's son -- too kind for his own good. Meanwhile PJ has so much dirt to throw to EJ, I don't know what's stopping her. Her patience is so unbelievable. Tldr I'm frustrated with the way this is going on.
  6. All of MY's books are connected to her childhood memories. Stopping is therapy. She can now start writing YA/Adult romance.
  7. Either a Houdini or whodidn't. MY confirmed that she saw Mom's bloody body on the floor. But no one else can confirm that Dad really disposed Mom's body somewhere. Maybe he did, and then someone saved Mom (POR perhaps?). But that's hardly believable bec she would have lost a lot of blood by then. So I'll wait for MY and Nurse Park's versions. Revisionism is a recurring theme in this drama. Stories are retold from a different perspective, after which the characters achieve catharsis. Even MY's works embody that: to solve your problem, look at it from another angle.
  8. Oppa OJS for Best Actor juseyo! But KSH's reaction when ST had a major meltdown at the hospital is a defining moment.
  9. If we treat this drama as a (fairy) tale, then this should have a happy ending. Hmmm Mom was a workaholic writer. Sister was an identical twin, liked Dad, disguised as Mom, killed Mom out of jealousy. Dad saw Mom's body, went cray and tried to kill twin. She escaped and had plastic surgery. MY's memories of bad Mom was of twin. I'm throwing ideas here. But why didn't MY know about the twin? Perhaps it's all in Mom's head. A case of split personality. Or a psycho, but she thinks it's okay.
  10. Why did the Chairman have to lie? I guess he loves SJ and mom so much. I guess he knows his real son is so incompetent to inherit and lead them company. Butnah, I think there's big money involved here.
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