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  1. @Light Naegi argh I know this but I forgot. The scene is vivid in my head. The rich people were the subordinates of a female boss. They knew what she did so she had them killed (but there's a twist to this). They were loyal people so it's double sad. The crime scene was gruesome bc they tried to get out of the locked room while in great pain. Edit: surprise, it's my favorite show. Why did I even forget it? God's Quiz Season 5.
  2. I dropped a few episodes so I want to ask, how did the other two characters end up marrying each other? The feisty boss and the rich nephew, that is.
  3. Because the ahjummas here need to see abs first before picking up this drama.
  4. @CatWhiskers We have an article for reference https://www.soompi.com/article/1343816wpp/sweet-romance-the-world-of-e-sports-4-reasons-to-watch-c-drama-go-go-squid I hope they adapt the second novel. I haven't read it yet, but it's said to explore the love stories of Dt and Appledog, and Grunt and Appledog's twin sister.
  5. This is true. Both are inexperienced and so that translates to the underwhelming kiss scenes. But it may also be the fault of Chinese censorship But one particular kiss scene, where he pins her against the wall and YZ's eyes were huge, is totally unscripted. They didn't tell her and he kept saying his lines after kissing her, and so she just went with it. Maybe the atmosphere the drama wants to convey is sweet, innocent love, bc you can't describe the novel as such. It's actually initially innocent and humorous, then it becomes scandalous when they start feeling each other up haha
  6. yes, on Aliexpress, around $9 for a printed K&K shirt. No listing for their jackets, though. I found some on twitter, resold by Thai users, but they haven't replied yet. What? He's in the movie? I didn't notice him bc Jing Boran was too blinding. LX is soooo good in Tientsin Mystic. My poor mobile data. 858
  7. @BuddhaBlue No, you can't post it in multiple threads. It's considered spamming through advertisement. Alternative: 1. Post in one kdrama thread when they talk about content relevant to the thread discussion at that time 2. Link their YT acct to your Soompi signature Gracias
  8. Park Sung Hoon, my psycho babe <3 Omg we've got 20-char rule, I forgot, so lemme just say, Park Sung Hoon saranghae oppa!
  9. CTF (hacking competition) is very interesting but it's not really that extravagant unlike what the drama suggests. The flair of team competition (and endorsements) better suits esports such as LOL and Dota. But hello, Chinese regulation. Solo's house is so beautiful, and so is Gun's headquarters. They're screaming industrial architecture. Tong Nian is described in the book as having anime-style clothing. Those are the cutesy kawaii outfits (short skirts, shorts, baggy uppers, long socks), which when worn emphasize her silhouette. This was poorly translated in the drama. They gave Yang Zi long baggy dresses layered with equally baggy pullovers such that she looked like a pastel-loving hobo rather than an anime cosplayer. I found some K&K shirts on Aliexpress and I'm planning to buy one. If you're interested, just key in Li Xian. Puma should have taken the opportunity and released a limited edition K&K clothing collection.
  10. 906 Where my Subtract team at? I didn't expect Tientsin Mystic would be this horrifying with no shortage of dead bodies. But I've been baptized by The Guest fire, so I think I can stomach it even with the lights off. This reminds me of Joseon X-Files. Btw, Li Xian is such a cutie. I mean Han Shang Yan is charming and all, but this is his best role to date. Didn't hear about it in 2017 but glad that Go Go Squid happened.
  11. 920 I'm diving into Tientsin Mystic. Good cinematography. Beautiful costumes and color palette.
  12. Li Xian is so hot in Go Go Squid, especially when he's smiling brightly UwU. He resembles Korean actor Go Soo, specifically imagine Go Soo eating hard candy. I'm trying to find the K&K team clothing merch and will order their shirt/pullover in a heartbeat. 794
  13. I don't like abs I want dad bod. Tummy doubles as a pillow 852 Edit: On hindsight, I recently took a psych test and scored very high on practicality.
  14. Implying that the other 10 look like Ong is blasphemy! Hwang Minhyun is the most handsome WannaOne member in my book, but I don't dig their music. 766
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