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Kim So Yeon 김소연


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2012.05.19: Soyeon says 'Hi' to her soompi fans ^^





Date of Birth: November 2, 1980

Place of Birth: Seoul, South Korea

Stats: 167cm, 46kg

Blood type: A

Family: Parents, two older sisters, brother-in-law, nephew

Hobbies: Listening to the radio, computer games and cartoons / Taekwondo Musical

talent: plays the chang-gu (a drum shaped like an hourglass)

BFF: Actress Hong Eun Hee, Singer Bada

Fave Actors: Lee Byung Hun, Jeon Do Yeon, Kim Seung Woo, Song Kang Ho Fave

past-time: reading comic

Her song for boyfriend: 'Eurachacha' from 'Rumble Fish'

Personal homepage: minihp.cyworld.com

Debut: 1994

Education: Elementary School - Cheongdam Elementary School Middle School - Cheongdam Middle School High school - Ilsandong High School University - Dongguk University Movie Theater

Management Agency: April 6, 2006 -- Namoo Actors l Artiste photos 1 l 2 l 3 Related Links nate.com l

Fan Cafe | Cyworld | Daum | Cine21


Source: arirang.co.kr, thanks to koalabear l Oct 12 2007


There is an actress who made her debut 14 years ago, but always looks fresh-faced and angelic. STAR FOCUS sits down one-on-one with Kim So-yeon, an actress whose beauty and talent have never failed to mesmerize audiences. Following last year, Kim So-yeon has been once again invited to the Pusan International Film Festival. This time she'll be introducing her short film "The Pictures" to the world. "The Pictures," which has been invited to this year's Wide Angle section of the festival, is a heartwarming film. This 20 minute film portrays the friendship between a beautiful photographer and a young village boy who is secretly devoted to painting. Having made her debut as a child actress, she quickly rose to stardom. She was still a teenager when she was cast as the lead in the 1997 film "Change." However, she delivered such a mature performance in the film that she became an instant household name in Korea. She also received a lot of acclaim from audiences for her first villain role in "All About Eve." In this regard, she says that she was able to realize her dream of being recognized as a talented actress. Kim So-yeon is an actress who exudes both innocence and confidence. Although she usually looks like a person as sweet and cheerful as a romance comics' heroine, the 26 year-old actress sometimes looks rather like a cold-hearted person due to her elegant appearance. She also starred in the renowned director Hark Tsui's film "Seven Swords," which were jointly produced by Korea, Japan and China. Thanks to the film, which were selected as the opening film of the 62nd Venice International Film Festival, Kim was able to stand shoulder to shoulder with international stars. However, she has not appeared in any major production since she starred in the 2005 TV drama "Autumn Shower." Hence, a great many fans have long been awaiting Kim So-yeon's comeback. By the way, we asked Kim So-yeon, who has now reached her golden age to marry, whether she was planning to tie the knot with someone? Although Kim So-yeon has lived almost half of her life as an actress, her passion for acting has not faded away. In fact, she has always had a burning ambition to become a greater actress. Although Kim So-yeon has had a long break, she has relentlessly prepared to make another great leap forward. She is at the moment reviewing several film and drama scripts to decide her upcoming work. We will look forward to seeing her great performances more often in the near future.

Drama Series Dinosaur Teacher (SBS 1994) Seven Spoons (MBC, 1996) Yesterday (MBC 1997) Soon Poong Clinic (SBS 1998) Mothers and Sisters (MBC 2000) youtube (J-subbed) All About Eve (MBC 2000) STREAMING l promo clip Sunshine (MBC 2002) Trio (MBC 2002) Shining Days (SBS 2004) New Human Market (SBS 2004) Just Like a Beautiful Flying Butterfly (CCTV 2004) Autumn Showers (SBS 2005) Gourmet (SBS 2008) IRIS (KBS 2009) Eng-subbed clip Prosecutor Princess (SBS 2010) Dr. Champ (SBS 2010) Athena (SBS 2010) Ep17 [Mediafire] l Ep19 Mediafire th_gourmet.jpg 665hungary20.th.jpg th_iris_postersy.jpg th_pp_postersy.jpg th_drChamp1.jpg th_drChamp2.jpg

Movies Boss (1996) Change (1997) l X l X l X l X l youku streaming Seven Swords (2005) l caps 1 l wikipedia l caps 2 l clip l clip The Pictures (2007) IRIS the Movie (2010) Coffee (2011) Teater Hamlet (2008) Award 1994 KBS Child Actor Award 2000 MBC Character Award (All About Eve) 2008 SBS Supporting Role (Gourmet) captures 2009 KBS Drama Awards Emcee + Popular Choice Awards (IRIS) Red Carpet l Presentation l X l mj07 l lilcrash KBS-LBH Daesang 2009 feat. KSY youtube l Popularity Award youtube l youtube l The Rapper Yeon SBS Drama Awards 2010 Top 10 Stars Award: Prosecutor Princess, Dr. Champ KSY at Red Carpet Special Drama Award at Asia Model Awards 2011 Best Jewelry Lady at Korean Jewelry Fair 2011 Music Album th_lovetree.jpg 2010 'Love Tree Project' Kim So-yeon sings for charity l dramabeans l X

Namoo Actors 'Love Tree Project' charity event l X l Lots of KSY Photos X l VOD KSY-Love Tree Audio Clip full download l Mediafire l youtube l Lyrics Love Tree Photos l http://i46.tinypic.com/2dqozk.jpg l http://i49.tinypic.com/28jbeox.jpg l X l Cover l BTS l lilcrash l So Hye Yeon Music Video KCM Trilogy Classic 2008 feat. Kim Seung Woo & Kim So Yeon Part 1 l Part 2 l Part 3 TV Variety 20091112 Happy Together [X] STREAMING l Megaupload l Ep 123 (2009.11.12) l lilcrash English subbed KSY Happy Together thanks to KSY Baidu Bar l lilcrash Part 1 l Part 2 l Part 3 l Part 4 l Part 5 l Part 6 l Part 7 20100302 Win Win KBS Variety Show X l X l nate captures1 l 2 l 3 l 4 l 5 l 6 l 7 Torrent Win Win Episode 5 HAN l captures l 450p-HAN l captures l cute girl Youtube Rap cut / "Oh!" Dance Cut / Part 3 / Part 4 / Part 6 / Part 7 / csfan Win Win Gifs 1 l 2 l 3 l 4 l mooneyeland/KSY BaiduBar SY-Win Win Dance Gifs l So Hye Yeon l X Endorsements / CF 2011 Woongjin Group Spokesperson 2010/2011 ALL FOR YOU with Jung Gyu Woon Cosmetics endorsement captures X l X 2010 'COREANA' Cosmetics Filming BTS Interview 12 l 3 l 4 l 5 l 6 l 7 l 8 l 9 l KSY Baidu Coreana OVLEAU Streaming l captures l gifs l KSY BaiduBar l cyworld/SHV01124 l Promo Pics Coreana Calendar wallies X l X l X l X l mooneyeland/KSY BaiduBar Fan Meeting th_ksy_fan20100206.jpg th_Sso-FM.jpg th_sy_fanmeet5.jpg th_sy_fanmeet3.jpg th_sy_fanmeet2.jpg th_sy_fanmeet4.jpg th_sy_fanmeet1.jpg February 6, 2010 - Photos 1 l 2 l 3 l X l X The Tears at Kim Soyeon's Fanmeeting l X January 30, 2011 Photos l Fancam1 l Fancam2 Soyeon Photo Gallery Coffee (Gabi 2011) * 2011.10.06 16th BIFF Opening Night 2011.09.19 'The Client' VIP Premiere * 2011.09.06 Ferragamo A/W Fashion Show 2011 * WoongJin China Event 2011 * 2011.04.14 Best Jewelry Lady 2011 * InStyle April 2011 * All For You 2011 Collection * 2011.01.30 KSY Fan Meeting * 2011.01.21 Asia Model Awards * 2011.01.20 VIP Premiere *2011.01.12 SIRIUS α IS06 Japan * 2011.01.06 Music Village * SBS Awards 2010 KSY 2010misc * Win Win Variety * Dr.Champ Press Conference * Nov 2010 * Athena Prosecutor Princess * PP Ep2 * PP Ep3 * PP Ep4 * PP Ep5 * PP Ep6 * PP Ep13 * PP Ep14 IRIS2009 *KSY2007 Baseball * KSY in Venice 2005 20100323_sy.jpgKorean Dramas & Movies Forum Rules excl.gifREAD & ABIDE sy_rawrr.jpg


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Captures copied from yahoo.kr, Soyeon siggy from PP-DC gall thanks to mandalaywith


KIM SO YEON miscellanouscoffee1.gif

Magazine Photoshoot

SINGLES Magazine October 2009 l X l nakorean.com

ESQUIRE 2008 l X l X

SURE Magazine October 2009 l INSTYLE Magazine October 2009 l X

ESQUIRE Magazine July 2009 l X

ELLE Magazine December 2009 (Share Happiness set of photos)

BAZAAR Magazine December 2009 l ikissyou.com l X l X

Magazine Scans Beautiful Warrior X l X l X l X l KSY Baidubar l So Hye Yeon

V Magazine 2008 l X

ELLE Magazine February 2010 X l X l 'Her Sixth Sense' 1 l 2 l 3 l 4 l 5 l 6 l X

ELLE Photoshoot BTS l 'Please l Naive l Panic l Furious l Calm l ELLE l KSY @ popcorn

VOGUE February 2010 - Love Tree Project X

2010 February ELLE and VOGUE magazine scans X l KSY Baidubar

Smoking Hot Kim So Yeon l X

ELLE April 2010 l X l baidu l lilcrash l hancinema l news.nate.com l soonie

2010.03.29 ELLE Korea - A Princess Dairy X l elle.com l lilcrash

Japan magazine 《ODINA》 - April 2010 IRIS X

News & Articles

Feb 17, 2009: Kim So Yeon Joins ‘IRIS’ l hanfever l IRIS-soompi l X

Feb 19: Actress Kim So-yeon to Join 'IRIS' as Sexy Agent l KBS Global l X

March 11: [Photos] Kim So Yeon in Wedding Gown l hanfever l X

March 16: Thrilled with the enthusiastic reception l X

March 19: ‘IRIS’ Teaser Poster Out l hanfever l X

March 27: Kim So Yeon Spreads Her Love In Mexico l hanfever l X

Apr 15: Kim So Yeon, Short Hair & Sexy Agent X

July 6: [iRIS Journal] Kim So Yeon in Hungary

Aug 14: Kim So Yeon injured for the 2nd time jazzholic l X l scar

Oct 3: Kim So Yeon, “I’m a 2PM fan. I wish Park Jaebum would return” l X l X

Nov 3: [iNTERVIEW] Kim So-yeon in IRIS - Part 1 & 2

The female warrior Sun-hwa from KBS drama IRIS l X l X l X

Nov 4: Lee Byung Hun holds a 'surprise birthday party' for Kim So Yeon onsite l X l X l translated by antisocialnot

Nov 4: Were the sudden 'lovelines' in IRIS a mistake by the production team? l X l X l translated by antisocialnot

Nov 6: Lee Byung Hun wipes away Kim So Yeon's tears in IRIS Ep 8 l X l X l translated by antisocialnot

Nov 6: Two Star Actresses Have Showdown on 'IRIS' l KBS Global l X

Nov 9: Kim So Yeon’s Middle School Photos Revealed! l allkpop l X

Nov 16: Two Enemies Have First Encounter in ‘IRIS’ l KBS Global l X

Nov 18: Lee Byung Hun - Kim So Yeon, IRIS charismatic couple crowned l X

Nov 20: IRIS starring Kim So Yeon, one of: the first for this show's emotional l X

Nov 23: LOVE OF IRIS l X l X

Nov 28: Kim So-yeon Spreads Her Acting Wings in TV Drama 'IRIS' l X l X

Nov 29: Drama Shooting Clogs Central Seoul l X l X

Dec 2: 'IRIS' Chase Scene Shot in Downtown Seoul l X l X

Dec 11: Kim So Yeon-Seon Woo Seon’s Elle Share Happiness X

Dec 9: How Will Love Triangle End in ‘IRIS?'

Dec 17: Mr X's IRIS review

Dec 18: Scorecard: How did IRIS’s stars measure up? X l X

Dec 19: GDragon, “Kim TaeHee or Kim SoYeon? It’s Kim SoYeon for me” l X l X

Dec 18: Assassin Killed at Last in ‘IRIS’ l X l X

Dec 21: Stars Win and Lose Through 'IRIS' l X l X

Dec 27: IRIS warrior SoYeon, debuting as a singer? 'Love Tree' Project Charity Album l X l lilcrash

Dec 28: What Are Keys to Success of Year’s Hit Dramas? l KBS Global l X

Dec 28: Kim So-yeon sings for charity l dramabeans l X

Dec 29: KSW-KSY IRIS Goodwill l X

Dec 31: 8 Fashion Statements of 2009 - Goddess and Warrior, one star in the sector?

Dec 31: KBS Drama Awards l dramabeans l X

January 1, 2010: 'IRIS' a boon for tourism l X l X

Jan 2: The Rapper Yeon X

Jan 3: 2009 Drama Awards Wrap Up With No Surprises l X l X

Jan 4: '놈놈놈 The Good, The Bad, The Weird' of 2009 Famous TV Characters l X

Jan 7: Actors at "Love Tree Project" charity event l X l Lots of KSY Photos X

Jan 11: Moon Geun-young: 'Our Warm Heart Included in the Album' l KBS Global l X

Jan 16: Kim SoYeon on ELLE Magazine l allkpop l X

Jan 18: Moon Geun-young and others shoot charity spread for Vogue 10Asia l X

Jan 23: LBH's iPod Gift to KSY X l PlanetBH0712 l KSY Baidu l psycho

Jan 26: Kim So Yeon's sixth sense uncovers in ELLE eiffelinseoul l X

Jan 28: Action and Romance in the ratings blockbuster IRIS X

Feb 1: "IRIS" set to air during prime time in Japan l 10Asia l X

Feb 9: Ji Sung signs with Moon Geun-young's management agency l 10Asia

Feb 10: The Tears at Kim Soyeon's Fanmeeting l X

Feb 11: The road to home - IRIS actress Kim So Yeon's New Year's Greetings l X

Feb 11: Kim So-yeon cast in Prosecutor Mata Hari l X

Feb 11: Kim So Yeon cast in upcoming drama Prosecutor Mata Hari l X

Feb 12: Kim So Yeon will Become the Prosecutor Mata Hari l X

Feb 13: [captures] Soyeon featured in Lee Byunghun's 60-min KBS Special Documentary l X

Feb 16: [photos] KSY at Seoul Plaza for Taekwondo demonstration in KBS Win Win variety show l X

Feb 22: Lee Eun-ju 故 5th Anniversary Memorial Service l X

Feb 23: Mata Hari rechristened Prosecutor Princess l X

Feb 26: South Korean drama gets prime time treatment (+ magazine cover) l X l X

Mac 1: 2AM’s Changmin and CNBLUE’s Yonghwa show up for Kim So Yeon l allkpop l X

Mac 2: IRIS is Viewers' Choice #1 KBS Drama l koalabear l X

Mac 3: Kim So Yeon Win Wins l seoulbeats l X

Mac 5: Actress Shows off Taekwondo in Gwanghwamun l KBS Global l X

Mac 4: Bada - Kim So Yeon's Win Win Ep.05 (2010.03.02) l X

Mac 9: ZE:A will make a cameo appearance on Prosecutor Princess l allkpop l X

Mac 11: Starring SY, 'Prosecutor Princess' as a reason to have success l X

Mac 12: 'Prosecutor Princess' Kim So Yeon, "I feel really tested" l X

Mac 12: Kim So-Yeon Stills From Prosecutor Princess l X l X

Mac 12: The Princess is appointed Prosecutor l X

Dramatic Live Stage IRIS l X (May 26, June 1)

Mac 15: Prosecutor Princess’s White Day date and club cameo l dramabeans l X

Mac 17: IRIS the Movie to be revealed soon l allkpop l X

Mac 18: MGY vs SYJ vs KSY l X

Mac 17: Prosecutor Princess holds open set day dramabeans l X

Mac 19: KSY-IRIS review cranberrysheep

Marc 19: The “real” IRIS 2 confirmed! l allkpop l X

Mac 21: [iRIS] Exhibitors hoping for lots of activity at Filmart 2010 l THR l X

Mac 21: Oriental Whirl: Spy turned prosecutor nst.com l X

Mac 24: Kim So-yeon attends "Princess Prosecutor" press conference [ 10Asia l X

Mac 24: [PREVIEW] SBS TV series "Princess Prosecutor" l 10Asia l X

Mac 24: Posters for Prosecutor Princess l dramabeans l X

Mac 25: Lee Byung Hun’s sniper on IRIS to be unveiled in the movie l allkpop

Mac 26: Prosecutor Princess Pop Art icons & wallies by SY fans

Mac 26: PP trailer: expectations in full bloom

Mac 26: Jang Hyuk to star in Chinese remake of "All About Eve" l 10.asiae

Mac 27: PP Anime trailer on the spot! X

Mac 26: Kim So Yeon's hot song-dance is not inferior to current popular singers l dkpopnews

Mac 28: Kim So Yeon attends Prosecutor Princess press conference

Mac 29: Soyeon, handwritten letters delivered before the first broadcast "Opened the heart of comic acting"

Mac 30: Romantic comedies top TV line-up l koreaherald

Mac 30: Younger Men, Power, Money Fill Dramas l X l koreatimes

Mac 31: "Princess Prosecutor" receiving attention from Japanese media l 10.asiae

Mac 31: Cinderella, Prosecutor, Taste: First episode impressions l dramabeans

Apr 1: Kim So Yeon: Korea's Reese Witherspoon successful transformation l X

Apr 2: This Prosecutor Princess is No Warrior X

Apr 8: Kim So-yeon says "Ma Hye-ri and I are very similar" X l 10.asiae

Apr 9: Online Prosecutor Princess Quiz

Apr 9: Prosecutor Princess Episode 1 l dramabeans

Apr 10: Kim So Yeon: Best Acting Transformation in Drama

Apr 10: Kim Soyeon, Milk is my strength

Apr 10:Kim So Yeon wears Jimmy Choo on Prosecutor Princess l eiffelinseoul

Apr 12: PP fashion floats! Ma Hyeri's outfits and accessories become hot topic X

Apr 12: Kim So-yeon’s big transformation in Prosecutor Princess l dramabeans l X

Apr 13: Spy drama pulls S. Koreans to Akita l japantimes l X

Apr 13: Kim So Yeon's diverse acting - Prosecutor Princess moving up on ratings number

Apr 13: Kim So Yeon, 10-kg make-up for 12 hours

Apr 13: Kim So Yeon transforms into a jumbo l allkpop

Apr 14: Prosecutor Princess Top 5 Scenes? l X

Apr 14: Beautiful Kim So Yeon goes fat and jumbo! l koreanupdates l X

Apr 14: Lee Jia added to Athena dramabeans

Apr 16: No competition for "Sister of Cinderella" in TV ratings 10.asiae

April 18: Kim So Yeon, 90Kg fat production process made public l X

April 18: Big Bang’s Tell Me Goodbye MV for IRIS released l allkpop l X

Apr 19: Prosecutor Princess PSH-KSY upcoming rough kiss anticipated by audience

Apr 19: Wed-Thurs drama rivalry "Sister of Cinderella" vs "Princess Prosecutor" vs "Personal Taste" Part 1 l Part 2

Apr 20: MHR's jewelry and PP trenchcoat X

Apr 20: IRIS 2 is set for October 2011 broadcast allkpop l X

April 20: "IRIS" season 2 starts pre-production 10.asiae

Apr 21: IRIS 2 to follow Athena in 2011 dramabeans

Apr 21: Kim So Yeon puckers up for Prosecutor Princess allkpop l X

Apr 22: Lee Byung-hun promotes "IRIS" in Japan 10.asiae

Apr 23: IRIS First Broadcast Success in Japan

Apr 23: Kim So Yeon thanks Japanese fans for IRIS’ popularity allkpop.com l X

Apr 26: TV dramas V-sign Fighting Spirit l X

Apr 26: Kim So Yeon - Han Jung Soo, meat party treat for PP staff members

Apr 26: Actress Kim So Yeon's All In Fighting Spirit - 10 different acting situation in Prosecutor Princess

Apr 26: Parents & daughter taking meals to PP staff

Apr 27: Prosecutor Princess Kim So Yeon presents staff with skin cosmetics gift

Apr 27: Chinese fans' interest of South Korea's No. 1 drama, "Korean Wave" spark

Apr 27: Kim SoYeon at DC Gall "Thanks to you The Best of The Best" DC Inside Certification l X

Apr 27: Lee Minho-Son Yejin 'most hot - sweet drama couple'

KSY - IRIS Concert update by Sung-ja/EverythingLBH l X

KSY's signature (post #4) l baidu

KSY's greeting to the China fans (2010.04.24) l baidu

Apr 28: Prosecutor Princess - The Cherry Blossom Date l X

Apr 28: Soyeon-ssi Coming (message from KSY at dc gall)

IRIS DVD Japan Version l X

Apr 26: KSY posted on DC Gallery IMAGE

Apr 30: IRIS starts melting Japanese viewers' hearts

Kim Sunhwa vs Ma Hyeri: Soyeon-ssi superwoman?

Apr 30: Who wore Diego Dolcini's heels? l eiffelinseoul

May 1: Kim So Yeon wears Isabel Marant in Prosecutor Princess l eiffelinseoul

May 3: Horan: "'IRIS' Kim So Yeon the role model"

May 5: PP fashion for Prefossional Women l X

May 6: Kim So Yeon, emotional explosion 'storm tears' l X

Ep 11 PP: Macos Adamas IRIS vs Prosecutor Princess l X

May 8: Macos Adamas 'Endless Bracelet' * Everything is possible for him who believes * X

Prosecutor Princess DC Gall - Kim So Yeon Message Signature l gall.dcinside

May 8: Kim So Yeon as 'Ma Hyeri - Exposed (warmly translated by antisocialnot) l X

May 9: Kim So Yeon wears Diane von Furstenberg and Suecomma Bonnie l eiffelinseoul

May 11: SBS drama "Bad Boy" rescheduled to air on May 26 l 10.asiae.co.kr

May 11: The 3 'expressions' of Kim So Yeon, Park Shi Hoo and Han Jung Soo - transalated by antisocialnot X

May 12: Kim So Yeon - Park Shi Hoo MySpace's my baby .. 'topic bloom'

May 12: 'PPrincess' Park Shi Hoo - Kim So Yeon, tears, share a kiss .. 'hope blooms'

May 13: Myspace Mahyeri "Seobyeon that I do not hate" l X

May 13: IRIS the Movie, explosion of interest at Cannes film market l X

May 14: Movie 'IRIS', high overseas attention for posters

May 17: Prosecutor Princess SHhhh Ending X

May 18: 'Prosecutor Princess' character type assessment.. 'Park Shihoo perfect'

May 18: Mahyeri - Seoinwoo, character stats public events

May 18: PP Kim Soyeon Tweed Cardigan

May 18: Kim So Yeon and Park Han Byul carries Mulberry l eiffelinseoul

May 19: 'Prosecutor Princess' Kim So Yeon, the ending cut collection of tears and kisses X

KSY-PP message (translated by antisocialnot) X

May 20: Kim So Yeon's farewell thanks to cast & crew of PP and most of all, to the cheering fans *Fighting for Hyeri!* X

May 21 - June 6: "IRIS Exhibition" Roppongi Hills Tokyo City View l X

PP Director's cut DVD & PP Review & Photo Book coming X

Prosecutor Princess News pics from SBS Homepage X

"IRIS Exhibition" at Roppongi Hills Tokyo City View l X

Article: Leon Lai and KSY from janice-vidal

May 28: IRIS Dramatic Live Stage attracts 20,000 (Photos) l X

May 29: Kim So Yeon wears DKNY's Peony Tank Dress l eiffelinseoul

Clips + GIFS

Gourmet MV l New World l oink

IRIS MV HJ-KSH scenes feat. Rainbow - 20091122 MV Let's Put It Up [iRIS OST] l mediafire

IRIS cuts

Hyunjun-Sunhwa - Ep 6 P1 youtube l Ep 6 P2 youtube

Ep 8 HJ-Yuki youtube l HJ-KSH touch youtube l HJ-KSH 'embrace'

Ep 11 HJ-KSH youtube

Ep 16 KSH-HJ confession youtube

Ep 17 HJ-KSH youtube

Ep 20 HJ-KSH youtube

20091102 KSY's birthday party at IRIS set (starts from 17:30) l Streaming

20091208 Elle Korea December 2009 - Share Happiness l youtube

IRIS MV by December - Can't You Come Back (Kim Hyun Joon & Kim Sun Hwa version)

Streaming youku l Photobucket l Download l lilcrash

IRIS (fanmade MV) Lee ByungHun & Kim SoYeon version by lbhlove777

HJ-KSH ep 8-11

Goodbye scene: ep 15-17 youtube

Fanmade KSH-KHJ MV by in_my_heart

20091218 Good morning 좋은아침 Streaming l captures - X l X

[MV] What About Now - Kim So Yeon & Lee Byung Hun (by in_my_heart)

IRIS Goodbye Tears - Hyunjoon & Sunhwa MV fanmade l

KHJ & KSH MV by shenxiu@krdrama.com l Streaming l

l lilcrash l 단심가 / 丹心歌 / A Song Of Devotion by Page mediafire

KSY singing clips with friends

l Massimina

CF Anycall / Namoo Actors Photoshoot / Andre Kim Fashion Show / Seven Swords Press Conf / Gourmet Press Conf l X l So Hye Yeon

Awesome IRIS Classic Scene wallies & Gifs l X

'Prosecutor Princess' Art Work Design by MURASAKI l X

'Prosecutor Princess' TEASER l lilcrash

Prosecutor Princess Teaser Gifs l selina-PP l BaiduBar

PP wallie, posters and pics X

PP VOD download l innolife.net

KSY "Win Win" Dance Gifs l So Hye Yeon l X

April 6: PP Press Interview Photos & Streaming

Apr 15: Kim So Yeon PP Ep 5 BTS & interview

[showbiz Extra] Who will be the next drama queen? Son YeJin vs Moon GeunYoung vs Kim SoYeon youtube

HR SoYeon Fanart Gifs l X

PP Opening 2 - Goodbye My Princess (HD) youtube

PP Opening 2 Goodbye My Princess (HD 45MB) DL link l mandalaywith

PP Opening 2 (HD) Youku link

[FanCam] Kim So Yeon PP Shooting Youtube 1 l Youtube 2 l mandalaywith

Sunhwa artwork X

PP kiss gifs X

Sharing & compilation by mandalaywith

E14 HR-IW Kiss, Date, Elevator Scene MV Flash BGM by PP OST-Goodbye My Princess downlaod

PP E15 Preview Vod youku.com

PP Fan MV-Passion credit-SHRang cafe youku.com

PP E13 HR-IW Kiss Scene Making youku.com

KSY-PSH PP E13 Shooting Making youku.com

PP E15 HR-Mother Crying scene Flash download

PP E15 HR-IW in Office Scene Flash download

PP E15 HR-IW talking Scene Flash download

PP E15 HR-IW Sushi(초밥) Scene Flash download

PP E15 HR's House Beside HR-IW Talking Scene Flash download

Prosecutor Princess SBS Event Fanmeeting (20.5.2010)

PP FM 1 l youtube l youku PP FM 2 l youtube l youku PP FM 3 l youtube l youku PP FM 4 l youtube l youku

PP FM 5 l youtube l youku PP FM 6 l youtube l youku PP FM 7 l youtube l youku

Prosecutor Princess Fanmeeting Full ver 1 (20.5.2010) l youtube l youku

Prosecutor Princess Fanmeeting Full ver 2 (20.5.2010) l youtube l youku

PP Fan making MV-Sweet Holiday CNBlue l youku

KSY-PSH Last Interview SBS Home Vod l 4shared l captures

PP-KSY Event Fanmeeting SBS Homepage Vod l youku l download l captures

Prosecutor Princess FanMV - Sad Love download

IRIS-KSH Icons & KSY wallies by *in my heart*



thumb04.png thumb01-1.png thumb03.png thumb02-1.png princessprossecutor01-thumb-1.pngth_pp_wall800600-mcm.png

Drama caps (credits: KSY Baidu bar, thanks to lilcrash)

IRIS - KSH Ep 13 X IRIS - KSH Ep 14 X

IRIS - KSH Ep 17 X IRIS - KSH Ep 18 X l X

20091211 KSY on IRIS set X l X l X l X l KSY Baidu bar l lilcrash

KSH IRIS wallie X

Gourmet - BongJoo & JooHee form ep15 X l So Hye Yeon

IRIS - KSH coffee+butter ep19 X l lilcrash

IRIS - KSY promo pics (OST booklet) X

Prosecutor Princess Photos X l X l X l X

Large pics from Prosecutor Princess l X l X

2010.02.08 PP filming pics from last week at Muju Resort

2010.03.17 Photos PP Open Day pictures today [thumbnails] l X

Soyeon PP Ski Pics

PP episode 1-2 captures X

PP vs IRIS karaoke scene: She's Stealing the Show

April 6 PP Press Interview Photos X

Prosecutor Princess ep 3-4 captures X

Soyeon PP captures cyworld yhp3

PP captures ep 7 X

PP Soyeon captures & wallies form SBS X

KSY BTS pics baidu.com l X

Fun PP behind-the-scene captures from SBS X

Prosecutor Princess Ep 9 X l PP Ep 11 captures BTS X l PP Ep 12 caps X

PP kiss captures X

PP episode 14 captures X PP Episode 13-14 Hyeri captures

May 12: Prosecutor Princess Episode 13 'Kiss of Tears' X

SBS Event PP Fanmeeting (20.5.2010) Pics X l X l X

KSY - PP photo (Yoon's wife)

PP Episode 16 caps X

SBS Event Prosecutor Princess Fanmeeting (20.5.2010) Pics X

KSY - PP photo (Yoon's wife)

IW - HR Alarm Clock Message Fanart

Prosecutor Princess Kim So Yeon Fashion Fanart X

PP Drama Wrap Party in Ilsan(21.5.2010)

PP Team Jebudo (Island) MT Pics

PP KSY-PSH Couple Fanart

Tears, cheers and joy of the 'PP' last night together

Prosecutor Princess News pics from SBS Homepage

"IRIS Exhibition" held at the Roppongi Hills Tokyo City View photos X

Kim So Yeon-Park Shi Hoo Prosecutor Princess Shooting (9.5.2010) X

PP HR-IW Couple Fanart X

PP Media Press Pics 2010.03.23 l X

PP Drama Wrap Party Media News pics l X


11th PIFF 2006 [X]

13th PIFF 2008 [X]

14th PIFF 2009 [X]

20081209 Hamlet press conference [X]

20090512 IRIS Press Conference

20090831 IRIS Showcase at 3rd CHIFFS

Arrival at the Pusan Airport

20091008 Pusan International Film Festival 2009 Red Carpet

20091009 Night of APAN (Asia Pacific Actors Network)

Media Interview & Photos [X]

2009.09.17 Nocuts / 2009.09.17 FNN / 2009.09.18 Yonhap / 2009.09.18 Starnews / 2009.09.18 Newsen / 2009.09.19 Donga

2008 SBS Drama Awards Supporting Role Special Project (Gourmet) X

2009.12 DongA.com interview X l X l X l X l X l X l X l So Hye Yeon

KSY wallies X

2009 KBS Drama Awards Red Carpet / Emcee/ Hug pics X l X l mj07 l lilcrash l X l X

KSY 2005 Photoshoot X

Charming Sport girl l X

20100213 Soyeon in Lee Byunghun's 60-min KBS Special Documentary l X

20100216 Taekwon Girl lots of photos for KBS Win WIn variety show l X

KSY-Graduation Day in 2006 from Dongguk University X

KSY at ICWTR-PIFF 2009 EverythingLBH l lilcrash l KSY baidu X


KSY - last scene IRIS cake photo

IRIS Kewpie (Cupid) Dolls X

KSY photo by Wendy X

IRIS Cafe Juno pics l X

KSY - IRIS caps from TBS l X

PP 11-12 Hyeri captures l X

Posted on 11.03.08 to Star News by hanfever

Kim So Yeon in Wedding Gown :wub:


Kim So Yeon transformed into gorgeous bride when she did a photo shoot with a Korean wedding magazine recently. These photos were taken at Guam, a beautiful island in the western Pacific Ocean. Kim So Yeon in wedding gown together with the beautiful scenery of the island in the background has left a deep impression for many.


th_kim_so_yeon_wedding_06.jpg th_kim_so_yeon_wedding_11.jpg th_kim_so_yeon_wedding_07.jpg th_kim_so_yeon_wedding_09.jpg th_kim_so_yeon_wedding_10.jpg

The photographer responsible for the photo shoot expressed, “Kim So Yeon’s perfect body shape truly enhances the wedding gowns. Especially for the pink wedding gown, apart from Kim So Yeon, it is hard to find another suitable model.”

th_kim_so_yeon_wedding_01.jpg th_kim_so_yeon_wedding_02.jpg th_kim_so_yeon_wedding_03.jpg th_kim_so_yeon_wedding_12.jpg th_kim_so_yeon_wedding_05.jpg

Kim So Yeon expressed: “I have had the experience of putting on the wedding gowns in the past. However compared to previous times, I feel that I’m more suitable to put on a wedding gown now. Although I still do not have the plan to get married yet, but I get very excited after putting them on, as though I’m really a bride about to get married.”


She looks gorgeous, doesn’t she? I can’t believe she is only 167cm because she looks extremely tall in these photos.

Source: mydaily via hanfever.com

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June 9, 2010

[iNTERVIEW] Actress Kim So-yeon: Part 1-3

Reporter : Choi Ji-Eun Photographer : Lee Jin-hyuk Editor : Lee Ji-Hye Editor : Lynn Kim


Korean actress Kim So-yeon [photographed by Lee Jin-hyuk/10Asia]

Actress Kim So-yeon says "feels like I am back at the starting line"

Out of three Wednesday/Thursday evening dramas, which all premiered on the same day last March, SBS TV series "Princess Prosecutor" never scored the No. 1 viewership rating during its run. However, the show remained a well-made drama till the end with its tight storyline, unique characters played by all the right actors. It would not be an exaggeration to say that actress Kim So-yeon, who played the title character, displayed such impressive acting skills that might perhaps be the biggest achievement anyone has made in the first half of the year. Even though it wasn't the so-called "possessed acting," Kim So-yeon created an interesting chemistry seen in the perfect match-up of an actress and her character. After a long hiatus and challenging times, the actress, who used to be the representative star of trendy dramas in the 90s, the actress is back at a brand new starting line. And she is more hungry for acting now more than ever, she says. 10Asia interviewed Kim So-yeon, whose sincerity shone through during the interview and touched hearts at unsuspecting moments.

10: It has been quite a while since "Princess Prosecutor" ended but its popularity still seems to be lingering.

Kim: Yes, the show ended with the sixteenth episode but fans posted a trailer video for episode 17! I heard that they are still writing fictional scripts, haha. When I first started working on the show, there was so much responsibility and stress that I was very worried. But I am really grateful that so many people are still in love with "Princess Prosecutor."

10: The expectation for "Princess Prosecutor" was very high because it was going to a collaboration between director Jin Hyuk and writer So Hyun-kyung, who worked together on SBS TV series "Shining Inheritance." How did you feel when you were first offered the role?

Kim: When KBS drama "IRIS" ended, I really wanted to a completely different character, a very cheerful one. But I thought I wouldn't get offers to do a cheerful character because I played Sun-hwa in "IRIS." In fact, there was a role that I turned down because she was so similar to Sun-hwa. I was worried about my next acting project because didn't want to take a break from work, and that is when I got the synopsis [for "Princess Prosecutor." Director Jin Hyuk was actually an assistant director on SBS' "2004 Human Market," in which I played a cold, femme fatale character. I loved the script and I was so happy that someone who knew my real personality sent it to me, so I said I would do it right away. I had to wait about a month afterwards and I knew why. Not everyone thinks of me as the main lead so there must have a lot of worries about hiring me as the title character. So even when I heard rumors that someone else was cast for the role, I thought, "Ah, I didn't get it." but I wasn't disappointed. Then when I heard that I got the part, I felt like I had received a huge present.


Actress Kim So-yeon [Lee Jin-hyuk/10Asia]

10: It is surprising that you thought so yourself, "Not everyone thinks of me as the main lead."

Kim: When you look at comments on the Internet, you could see that many people were worried whether Kim So-yeon could really play a cheerful, adorable female character who is the essence of a romantic comedy. When I was in middle schol and high school, I too grew up watching Meg Ryan or Julia Roberts movies and I loved them. Romantic comedy was a genre that I really wanted to take on but I can't judge myself as an actress so I had doubts and worries about whether I could do a good job. And in a way, I'm not what people call a lovely-faced actress because I have strong facial features. And from a certain point on, I began to think that romantic comedy was not something that I could dare dream of doing.

10: The success of romantic comedy definitely depends on how convincingly the loveliness of its main character is conveyed to viewers.

Kim: I really loved the character Ma Hye-ri and that is why I was even more worried. That I wouldn't be able to convince people of playing this character because Kim So-yeon has a certain fixed image. I played a North Korean spy [in "IRIS"] and the character Heo Young-mi in MBC's "All about Eve" followed me around for ten years.

10: So then how did you try to approach the character Ma Hye-ri?

Kim: My biggest concern was to break free from conventional stereotypes. Every character is different but there is a certain fixed rule about the characters in scripts. In the past, I tended to stay faithful to these rules and played my characters according to how they were written in scripts. But this time I think I ignored all those rules because I wanted to try stuff that was only possible when playing Ma Hye-ri. I would try to soften some aspects, go up a notch sometimes, and even applied my usual way of speech and my own laughs too. I was scared if it was okay to do that but the writer used my speech style in the script and the director was very open to my attempts as well. I think that is why I was able to feel comfortable in front of the camera for the first time. In that sense, "Princess Prosecutor" is a coming of age story about Ma Hye-ri but it also made me very happy because I had a hard time over what people thought about me as an actress.

10: You are well-known for playing cold, arrogant characters like you did in "All About Eve" and "IRIS." But you also showed an off-the-wall, cheerful side of yourself on variety shows "Happy Together" and "Win Win," similar to your character in "Princess Prosecutor."

Kim: To be honest, I was scared of going on such variety shows. I thought an actress should show herself through her acting and often times I didn't like my hectic personality. My first "Happy Together" appearance was in 2008, but it took me a year before I actually went on the show. My manager told me, "You always say that you want loosen up and do a romantic comedy, but you are always hiding yourself from people. Who is going to use you when they don't see that side of yourself?" That is how he convinced me and I got up the courage to do it. Before the show I kept telling myself, "Just be myself. Even if people hate it, I would feel less bad if I was just myself. If I think something is funny, I'll laugh. If not, I won't. And if I don't get it, I'll just say I don't get it." I had a really tough time shooting the episode but I was surprised that people thought it was entertaining. And that is when I started to reveal other parts of myself, little by little, and that is how I came about doing "Princess Prosecutor."

10: You had some romantic storylines in your previous dramas, but in "Princess Prosecutor" the storyline between Ma Hye-ri and lawyer Seo (played by Park Shi-hoo) was particularly intense. Is there any difference in how you expressed your emotions?

Kim: I was totally absorbed in my character so it wasn't too difficult. And sometimes I think, I don't like being this old. (laugh) The ability to express emotions would have been different one year before or any time before that. You can't ignore your previous experiences or your first-sided loves. I remembered some things while I was shooting, and I think those helped me a lot. If I do something next year, it will probably be different too. Haha.


Korean actress Kim So-yeon [photographed by Lee Jin-hyuk/10Asia]

10: You have been a star since your teenage years. In certain times when you didn't have any work, it must have been easy for you, both emotionally and financially, to choose to do projects that didn't suit you but you never did. How were you able to turn them down?

Kim: Many times I came close to doing them, haha. I don't think there was anything that was completely out of the question for me to do. But there were times when I would have done a not-so-great drama but it got flopped. There was one drama that I wasn't so crazy about but thought, 'I'll just do it anyway." But they ended up casting someone else and I was humiliated. When you are forced to go on a hiatus like that, you begin to feel very determined afterwards. A part of me thought that I should just wait for something else to come along. You tell yourself, 'This is not the end of me" and endure it. When I look back at such times, I think those experiences helped me in the end but back then it was really difficult! (laugh)

10: I heard that when you debuted at the age of fifteen, you didn't think seriously about being an actor but that you just liked the idea of being one. But you got great reviews for "All About Eve," which you did when you were in your early twenties. People thought you looked like a real anchorwoman and that your pronunciation and vocalization were solid. Your unique and clear speech in "Princess Prosecutor" was also impressive.

Kim: When I was doing "All About Eve," I really practiced a lot, saying my lines with a pencil in my mouth. Even now when there is something I can't pronounce clearly, I put a pencil between my teeth and practice. There aren't many opportunities nowadays to practice with older veteran actors because we have a different system for making dramas. But back when I was young, there were many veteran actors on the set and I was able to acquire certain things naturally. You know, like on the dramas I did when I was in high school. For MBC TV series "Mother and Sister," I had act face-to-face every day with veteran actresses Na Moon-hee and Go Doo-shim. I didn't have a particular obsession about pronunciation or vocalization, but it's just that viewers can hear me better if I say my words clearly.

10: I thought you would make a great narrator for documentaries.

Kim: I would love to do that! I really wish they would hire me. (laugh) I am very interested in things I can do with my voice. I want to do voice-overs for animations and it is my dream to host KBS music show "Open Concert." I want to be a deejay for late-night radio shows but I don't know if they will hire me for late-night programs. Because I am so scatty. I might wake people up! Haha.


Actress Kim So-yeon [Lee Jin-hyuk/10Asia]

10: You seem to watch all kinds of TV programs. From what you've said on talk shows, you seem to know a lot of idol group singers too.

Kim: Ahaha, I know all about them! I watch SBS' "Inkigayo" every day at home. I watch a lot of old dramas and shows on cable and my favorite show is SBS' "Wowhow." Observing how people live their lives is very entertaining, but there are many inspiring and heartbreaking stories on the show as well. I think it's the best show, really.

10: There seems to be a little gap between how you look and how you sound. You look like an urban, intelligent woman but you sound like a very lively person.

Kim: I tried to lower the tone of my voice in the past. When I would laugh out loud and say hello to the president of my agency, he used to tell me "Change your voice. Act like how you look!" But one day he gave up and now he imitates my laugh. The funny thing is, the things that I had been trying to hide, fix or get rid of for a long time has now become acceptable after playing Ma Hye-ri.

10: Because now you have been accepted for being you?

Kim: Yes. I got a negative criticism right after I did "All About Eve." People said that I was pretentious and trying to act cute, and it hurt me so badly that I avoided doing video interviews for a long time. I do interviews with many different media outlets and whomever I met, I would think it was fate in some way and try to be nice to them. But people misunderstood me in various ways and that was very upsetting. I still remember my make-up artist telling me, "Someday people will know the real you." And exactly ten years later, I was able to go from being Heo Young-mi to being Ma Hye-ri. I love that I can be so comfortable doing this interview right now. That is why I am so grateful to Hye-ri. I was able to start over by playing her and now I don't get just one type of character. And even if I go back to playing such characters, I am thankful that people will know that it is "acting" and not the real me. I really feel like I am back at the starting line and like I finally have done and away with something I was supposed to do.

10: You received the People's Choice award for "IRIS" at the KBS Acting Awards last year. It was funny to see you so much more ecstatic than I thought you would be. Do you wish you had more star power as an actress?

Kim: I would be lying if I said I didn't because I do feel happier when I have more star power. But I don't want to chase after empty goals like being the most-searched celebrity on the web or being in the spotlight. I used to desire such things in the past but now I know how easily they vanish and you can't see anything else if you are too caught in that. These days I am trying to be indifferent to things like that.

10: It took exactly ten years to go from being Heo Young-mi to being Ma Hye-ri. Now that you have entered your thirties, is there anything you want to achieve?

Kim: This might make you cringe but really, my head is full of thoughts about acting right now. So much that I feel like the actress Kim So-yeon has eaten up the human being Kim So-yeon. So I want to keep working non-stop and do everything that I can possibly do. I don't have plans of becoming a certain actress by doing this and that. I want to be a truly great actress who works hard, plays all kinds of characters and can always do the work that she wants to do. Because I know that waiting around is really hard. (laugh)


Korean actress Kim So-yeon [photographed by Lee Jin-hyuk/10Asia]

10: Your actual personality of being unpredictable and vivacious, that you showed on the talk show, often also shows in your portrayal of your character Ma Hae-ri. Have you considered yourself to be similar to her?

Kim So-yeon (Kim): Of course. From the start the director and writer told me to be myself and it was to the point where in the beginning, I became worried thinking 'Is this okay? I don?t feel like I?m acting.' The scenarist wrote the script incorporating my original form of speech and laughter and I think I couldn?t tell the difference between me and my character Hae-ri toward the end. I have two older sisters and I am the youngest of the three but I was the only who had a very cheerful personality ever since I was young. My dad even really really liked it when I would act in the most coquettish way and both my mom and dad see me as a little girl. Have you ever held hands with a boy? When did you ever kiss someone? They ask me these questions thinking I don't know how to. (laugh)

10: However, it may seem like Hae-ri is thoughtless girl trying to act cute so what are some of the things you paid particular attention to in order to portray her as a loveable person for the female viewers?

Kim: I think from the first episode up till the fifth episode [about the child molester case of Ji-min] was about showing the extent of Hae-ri?s thoughtlessness. Honestly, she's the kind of person who lives strictly in her own world, loves herself a lot and has no intentions of hurting anyone on purpose so I thought really hard about how I would be able to express this character who you should not hate. More so because I knew she?s not but it could easily seem like there?s nothing more to her than the fact that she?s thoughtless. But I think it came to me in a flash while I was playing with my eight-year-old niece. When you ask the question "Do you like this person or that person?" adults would hesitate to answer but children answer right away saying "This person!" and when I ask "Do you think I'm pretty or not?" they would answer honestly, "No, you're not pretty!" But whether she answers in this way or that, I just couldn?t stop thinking how loveable she is. So I thought that the audience was unable to hate Hae-ri because of how honest and naive she is, like a child.


Korean actress Kim So-yeon [photographed by Lee Jin-hyuk/10Asia]

10: Which scene was the hardest to take on?

Kim: When I was reading the synopsis I really liked the part where Hae-ri is shown as being very fat while in high school and I wanted to highlight those scenes so suggested ideas like ?How about I stand in front of the mirror and dance or dance while cleaning the house?" to the director. I felt that her not having had much social interaction and being doped over and over again in the past was a crucial factor to what her current personality turned out to be like. It took about seven to eight hours to put on the special disguise for the scenes where Hae-ri reminisces about the past and we had to do it several times because it kept melting down. My hands and face were really heavy and I don't usually sweat but after putting on the disguise, it was so hot to the point where drops of sweat would fall. At the time, we were several weeks into shooting the drama without sleep, so the director said he thought I could even collapse because he knew how hard those shoots [in special effect make-up] were. For me it wasn't really that hard so thanks to that I was told I have ?heaven-sent physical strength.? I was fine, other than the fact that my whole body felt like it had gotten beaten up and I had trouble walking the next day. (laugh)

10: After Hae-ri goes on a diet, her trademark becomes wearing extravagant clothes and killers heels. But what is your everyday style like?

Kim: A long time ago I really liked dressing up and it was almost like a hobby because I would try on clothes when I get bored at home. In a way, I was thought I was creating my style and wrote down 'this outfit matches with these shoes and that outfit goes with those shoes' and I would refer to it whenever I go out. There was a time when I couldn't just walk past bags, shoes and accessories [without buying something] but now I think I'm less greedy and don't think about it as much. I will sometimes give my bags to my sister or mom because it's such a waste to have it laying around and most of the time I dress in comfortable clothes. Since I am girl I will probably want to dress up again but sometimes I feel it's a waste of energy

10: How did Ma Hae-ri's unique hairstyle come about? It was quite popular.

Kim: I had short hair, a different style for the first shoot but when I took a photo [with my mobile phone] and sent it to the scenarist, she suggested that Hae-ri would look better in a prettier and cheerful type of hairstyle. So after we wrapped up shoot that day, we created my hairstyle with its bangs and drizzling curly hair through a ten-hour process. Hye-ri hinks she is pretty and because she loves dressing up, she would spend the morning curling her hair but I thought that the character itself shouldn?t actually be pretty ? it could rather make Hae-ri less attractive to the viewers. So, I just pushed forward with that and I felt that I became Ma Hae-ri whenever I wore that hairstyle.


Korean actress Kim So-yeon [photographed by Lee Jin-hyuk/10Asia]

10: After KBS' "IRIS" finished its run, you appeared on talk show "Win Win" and said that your family finally boasts about your success. What did your family have to say about "Princess Prosecutor?"

Kim: Of course my mom really liked [my character] Sun-hwa in "IRIS" but this time she loved "Princess Prosecutor" so much that she would stay home all day to watch it. To the extent where she would call SBS Plus to find out the times of the reruns. (laugh) She especially likes the scenes where Hae-ri imitates the tone of Seo In-woo (played by Park Si-hoo).

10: There are many people who envy you for your great body. What are your secrets to staying in shape?

Kim: Haha. Great body! I don't have a great body! But I used to be very skinny before. I weighed five kilograms less than I am now so they had to pin my clothes because even the smallest sizes were too big for me -- 'skeleton-like' would be the very expression for it. But what was strange was that I didn't even know I was skinny. But I became much healthier while preparing for "IRIS" because I worked out, was on a different diet and so I wear different size clothes now. But I like the way I look now and I used to think that skinny girls looked pretty before but I think girls who look fit look prettier now. Of course, I won't try to fool myself -- it's tough working out and the diet doesn't taste good but I think I've become much healthier mentally. What is important is that you shouldn't become stressed while working out. I'm lucky in that sense because my trainer taught me to exercise while having fun.

10: Is there an actor who serves as your role model?

Kim: Everyone that I meet in everyday life is my role model, rather than it being someone in particular. Like my manager, stylist... I even practice my acting while playing with my nephew. Everyone is different when they're watching TV too so I think that's its' important to be open-minded when it comes to judging people.

10: Many people are looking forward to the second season of "Princess Prosecutor." What are your thoughts on this?

Kim: I'd definitely be happy to do it! I'm not looking forward to it because the director told me it would be unlikely to happen but I think there is no reason at all that I wouldn't be able to work with such enjoyable people again. There are a lot more detailed stories to tell about prosecutors so I really wish it would happen! Haha.

Reporter: Choi Ji-Eun five@ Photographer: Lee Jin-hyuk eleven@ Editor: Lee Ji-Hye seven@, Lucia Hong luciahong@ <ⓒ10Asia All rights reserved> 10Asia 1 l 2 l 3

IMO, Kim So Yeon is the most effective drama villainess. i have never hated a villain as much as i hated her in All About Eve :lol:

i'm glad to see she's back in the limelight now with a movie and new drama :)

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Guest minshoo


th_s1.jpg th_s6.jpg th_s14.jpg th_s15.jpg

th_s17.jpg th_s2.jpg th_s3.jpg th_s4.jpg th_s5.jpg

th_s10.jpg th_s7.jpg th_s8.jpg

th_s11.jpg th_s12.jpgth_s13.jpg

th_s16.jpg th_sy21.jpg th_sy23.jpg th_sy24.jpg

th_sy26.jpg th_sy27.jpg th_sy28.jpg th_sy29.jpg

th_sy30.jpg th_sy31.jpg th_sy32.jpg th_sy33.jpg

th_sy22.jpg th_sy35.jpg th_sy36.jpg

i was sad becuz i was waiting for 'Autumn Shower' to come out and when it did...she only has a small role well for right now cuz shes been in a coma for is it 3 episodes or more?

nonetheless she is outstanding actress

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Posted on 03.27.09 to Star News by hanfever

Kim So Yeon Spreads Her Love In Mexico


[O'live TV 2009] A Beautiful Day

For a teenage girl living in a slum in Mexico, actress Kim So Yeon had spent several sleepless nights practicing guitar. On the cable Olive TV, Kim So Yeon has displayed a heart-warming act where she had volunteered to help a 13-year-old teenage girl "Hudiseu" in the two weeks that she was in Mexico early this year.

Hudiseu lost her father at the age of 5. Hence her family's situation became increasingly difficult and she couldn't afford to play the violin that she had interest in as and when she likes. So for her, Kim So Yeon made her first guitar performance with Mexico Mariachi (a small local band group, and includes Hudiseu) at a popular event in Mexico.


Kim So Yeon said: "I wish to attempt difficult challenges, so as to stimulate a greater courage in me," expressing her motive for helping the teenage girl.

However, the local organizing committee was initially displeased with Kim So Yeon's poor guitar performance and even wanted to deny her from performing. They said: "Such a novice guitar performance would be hard to be moved to the stage especially when the event would be attended by many prominent locals." After knowing about the situation, Kim So Yeon began to spend the next several nights practicing her guitar, till the point where her hand bleeds.


th_kim_so_yeon_mexico_01.jpg th_kim_so_yeon_mexico_02.jpg th_kim_so_yeon_mexico_03.jpg

th_kim_so_yeon_mexico_04.jpgth_kim_so_yeon_mexico_05.jpg th_kim_so_yeon_mexico_06.jpg

th_kim_so_yeon_mexico_07.jpg th_kim_so_yeon_mexico_09.jpg th_kim_so_yeon_mexico_10.jpg


Apart from this, she also gave Mariachi some T-shirts that she had brought from Korea. She told them: "Let's wear the shirts together for our performances." She also went to the church early in the morning to pray Mariachi, wishing that the band can achieve their dreams ultimately.

Finally, Kim So Yeon with an enhanced guitar skills over the course of few days, played her own version of "Besame Mucho" beautifully and won the praises and cheers of the locals. After the performance, she gave Hudiseu who used to rent violin for practice, a brand new violin.


The locals had compliments for Kim So Yeon. One of them said: "Kim So Yeon?s sincerity touched all of us." Hudiseu also expressed her gratitude towards Kim So Yeon and said: "Sister is my most precious friend. Her actions have made me learned a lot things. In order to fulfill my dreams, I will be sure to work even harder in the future."

Lastly, Kim So Yeon expressed her thoughts about this meaningful trip. She said: "I feel very happy in helping Hudiseu to realize her dreams. Even though my help might be significant, but the thought of being able to be a role model for her makes me even happier."

This Mexico trip recorded in the program "Olive Special - Beautiful Day In Slow Life" will be broadcast on the 27th March and 3rd April, 2009.


th_kim_so_yeon_mexico_21.jpg th_kim_so_yeon_mexico_12.jpg th_kim_so_yeon_mexico_13.jpg

th_kim_so_yeon_mexico_06.jpg th_kim_so_yeon_mexico_17.jpg th_kim_so_yeon_mexico_19.jpg

th_kim_so_yeon_mexico_20.jpgth_kim_so_yeon_mexico_18.jpg th_kim_so_yeon_mexico_14.jpg

Source: hanfever.com

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Guest swtlove87

yup yup shes so pretti n talented

hope to see her upcoming series n movies

anyone hav ani info on her new serie Autumn Shower? thanz

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I have nothing personal against KSY, but there's something about her eyebrows that make her look evil... she doesn't fit innocent roles very well because of it.

and... her acting is just that... acting. Sometimes she seems like she's acting and not really the character. Forced. Like she's just playing a role. Especially in Gaeul Sonagi. anyway... I don't hate her just because she usually plays the antagonist in dramas, but i just noticed some things about her...

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i love this actress, especially in All About Eve. she was fantastic in it. lol. i hope to see more future projects with her in it :D

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Guest winternight

yes..she is pretty..and talented./.and nice body tooo

i havent see her since all about eve..

we do need to rebuild this thread guys

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Guest xosandy

^her latest series is "autumn showers" w/oh ji-ho and jung ryu-won

source: mydaily.co.kr.

2006-02-17 11:49:47


Kim So-yeon, 26, graduated from Dongguk University with her bachelor's degree after 7 long years! Her hectic schedule never prevented her from pursuing a college degree, a dream she longed to cherish.

th_g1.jpg th_g2.jpg th_g3.jpg th_g4.jpg th_g5.jpg

th_g6.jpg th_g7.jpg th_g8.jpg th_g10.jpg th_g11.jpg

th_g12.jpg th_g13.jpg th_g14.jpg

initial thanks to vignette / photos compilation shared by So Hye Yeon (March 14, 2010)

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Guest xosandy

4/6/06 – Agency “Namoo Actors (나무엑터스)” announces that they just signed exclusive management contracts with Kim So Yun and Kim Hyo Jin (김소연, 김효진). After KSY completed her Chinese movie “Seven Swords (칠검)”, she has been the spokesperson for “Ferragomo (페라가모)” and she also visited Singapore. Kim Hyo Jin is filming the movie “Young Teacher (생날선생)” costarring with Park Gun Hyung. Her new movie “Barefoot Kibong (맨발의 기봉)” costarring with Shin Hyun Joon and Kim Soo Mi will be debuted soon. Both actresses decide to join “Namoo Actors” due to its leading position in the industry. This agency also manages Kim Tae Hee, Moon Geun Young, and Kim Joo Hyuk (김태희, 문근영, 김주혁).


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  • gm4queen changed the title to Kim So Yeon 김소연

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