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  1. currently re-watching since ep 01 finding the crumbs that i need to find from kim pd
  2. Season 1 Episode Guide Episode 1 Episode 10 the confession (around minute 77) -edit-
  3. Bear Couple from Hospital Playlist Drama Create this thread for spamming and supporting this adorable couple from season 1 to end Bear Couple from Hospital Playlist are Kim Dae Myung and Ahn Eun Ji -on editing-
  4. how everyone jobs during pandemic? mine still unaffected since it could be done from anywhere as long as internet connection available however its still difficult for me to manage wfh. i still need my office ambiance
  5. regular shin pd trash here... enjoy reading all the theories (that's what make HP more fun ) fall in love with Prof Yang since ep 1. can't wait for tonight episode and more season to come