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Have a nice day guys :wub:

It’s hot and humid here in Jakarta...... I’m off running away to the nearest mall right now LOL

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12 hours ago, Dhakra said:




It went very well, we had a lot of fun and talked to each other a lot. When we part ways it took less than a minute of her texting me, telling that next time we meet she wants to talk even longer with me. 

Sadly our next date will take quite some time due to her having exams. It may take another month or so. 

kekeke.... well aren't you glad that you have technology to keep in touch? also you could send a "fighting" exam messages and gifts. :D ... just imagine the old days when all folks had were letters and no instant messages... but then again, some letters from that time are actually fun. like this one! @dotonly~ I watch totally random stuff like documentaries during my drama slump and loved these episodes... just check out her excited giggly reaction on reading the letters from her great great great grandfather ~ 1.2 ish. it is like how we react to watching a drama scene. hahahahah.... :lol:




P.S -- the story was both lovely and poignant. so basically the series is about family trees and this historians find stuff about long ago ancestors and so this lady's great great great grandmother was born in India and half Indian. and so this is part of her story that Colman finds.



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55 minutes ago, dotonly said:



@Lmangla Less than 3 minutes and kyaaa...i caaan't...

didn't you just love her reactions? she was so cute, the way she was getting so excited over the letters. :D


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