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  1. @yamiyugi well, the extension is shorter than was mentioned before it was said to be 135, but turned to be 128 after all so we only have 4 more episodes till Friday. I am looking forward to the next drama
  2. I expect that ES and DJ will solve the mystery. But will the assassin hired by shady mom manage to kill MS? still three weeks I have a feeling MS might die. And then ES and DJ will know he is shady mom's son after that in the last episodes
  3. It would be good if he ends up there. He needs to leave everything, since he lost everything. Still he has a chance to begin a new life away from greed and revenge
  4. I don't like this suspense I have a bad feeling that Mansoo will die they already killed Gangnam Sherlock before and really the punishment of Shady mom is killing her own son. I don't feel comfortable now
  5. DS is crazy, she took advantage of the situation. I am not defending her or anything, I just wanted to say what happened only but we all agree that she is not a lovable character. But now that she started to become mad, I feel sorry for her.
  6. @Ameera Ali she is so funny, I admit with her changing hair colours too. I like the adopted son very much, Moon's brother, I am watching for him. I also like CA's friend, but she doesn't love him, poor guy -2
  7. Are you watching it? The mothers are the worst. Not one single good mom. I am tired of them, especially 'double x', 'you are fired' she is a lunatic +2
  8. I come here away from sad dailies. Really why do they like to over- react in long drama? I never know I need some comedy +2
  9. The gang killed her husband because he didn't tell them about her place. That is why she caused his Death
  10. I want KI to live in the mountains like a monk. It is better than fighting for useless money. If he goes to jail for some time then gives up everything I will be satisfied. I really adore Choi Seungjae
  11. this drama is very frustrating. I don't like the dark secrets, the stupidity of CA's mom, DJ's crazy lunatic mother. It is all upside down. Really the previous three weeklies were far better
  12. in general 120 dramas are bearable to watch. They are about family and the ending is always happy. Love Till the end, Left-handed wife, A place in the sun and Elegant mother and daughter are all revenge drama with death and all this dark themes.
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