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  1. I like the aunt very much @lu09 I hope she supports SW and GH SM's mom is so bad, I hated her since the first episode the blackmailer is surely giving SM a hard time she deserves it
  2. I watched the first episode. I felt sorry for the father and mother Kang Ji Hwan is a talented actor. I like his relationship with his sister. The villain is totally black with no single redeeming feature. He killed an old man cold-bloodedly without a blink
  3. I used to watch Giselle many years ago on TV. It feels good to bring back memories. I can't predict anything but usually there are surprises in 32-episode dramas
  4. I like your analysis. I felt sorry for him too sometimes . The actor is talented. He warned Dan of what he will suffer from. He is not totally bad. I think he feels sorry for Dan somehow because he has been through the same thing. Actually I feel sorry for all of them. Even Nina And poor Dan and Yeonsoo
  5. @phoenix24 harry potter from Children of a lesser God
  6. @dramaninja hiiii. You won I am watching Home for Summer too Really the husband is provocative even more than his mistress This time I am against all the villains I like the OTP here, they are so kind, and I like that Sang-Won is not naive. He is so kind to Yeoreum too.
  7. @katakwasabi nice to meet you yes, it is the first time. I have been watching perfume for some time but it is my first post in the thread. I was in other threads but mostly dailies
  8. This drama is one of my favourites. It is so comic btw, the actor is more into musical theatre, This accounts for his exaggerated acting style I really like him
  9. The drama is wonderful. I won't forget it ever. @ktcjdrama I think I will remember it as much as Heartstrings. The OTP are very good together. No need for awards or high ratings to love this couple. And the OST is memorable too
  10. @Sejabin I really sort of agree with you about angels not supposed to be like humans in their desires. The kiss between Dan and Yeonsoo was really disturbing to me, because the angel forgot his obedience to God he is angry because he died by drowning and he starting to question everything. According to my belief, angels worship God without questioning he doesn't regret the kiss like last time -2
  11. My favourite oppa these days. So young and fresh -2
  12. I think if a child dies, he becomes an Angel not a ghost @Ameera Ali I have this belief of the children of paradise, are the ones who died in their childhood. What I mean is that according to the writer, children are innocent, and if they die young, they will be angels. It depends on imagination
  13. So the child died as I said and Dan is the child he drowned and became an angel, I was not joking, I was using my imagination
  14. GH will not have a smooth relationship in the future with SW because of his mother and sister. It is clear they are the OTP, but his mom and sis are aweful JH mom is greedy she prefers the rich girl
  15. After watching the sad scenes of Angel's last mission, I remembered this heartbreaking concerto. I guess I am a bit romantic after all. This music has a strange effect on me. I used to listen to it 19 years ago. Actually I got teary eyed while watching Yeonsoo imagining Dan and calling out for him -2
  16. So Dan is the same child from YS's past, but did he die? It is the only logical explaination that he died and turned to an angel
  17. really the best thing about this drama is the relation between the wife and the child YR, she is very kind to him. I am enjoying their scenes together, also her sister and the writer are very funny couple. I like both of them
  18. yes. I don't like lee dong gun angel he sees her in his delution. he has mental problem. angel with mental problem is too strange for me to watch I think he is a fallen angel because he was disobedient, so he fell from grace. -2
  19. @Sejabin the problem is that the other angel is not so good either poor Dan -2
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