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  1. I like her. Strangely the actress played a bad character in Left Handed wife lol. She is good here for a change. She treats her child-like son kindly, plays with him too. I hope nothing bad befalls her. I really like the ML's sister and Hara's brother, his grandmother and EJ's dad too. Glad there are still some likeable characters in this gloomy drama.
  2. From the preview, EJ's dad suspected that the assistant teacher stole EJ's design. @Lmangla I bet Hara's brother will fall for EJ
  3. Destructive truffles. Say goodbye to diet
  4. Ha Ra practically forced herself upon EJ's fiance. She is so aggressive. She is worse than YR who always faked pregnancy without having to use force. Does she really know how to love?? And the stupid fiance agreed to meet her in a hotel without suspecting something? @Lmangla the bridge here or the cliff in Man in a veil are the most illogical places to meet a villain
  5. Lol. Cross stitch is fun. As if you are drawing a picture.
  6. The drama is a nightmare. I detest Ha Ra's mom. I dislike the mother in law too. The SFL is soooooo vindictive. The actress usually plays the villain in other drama. The teacher assistant is so nasty and crooked too. Ooooooooo
  7. I watch kdrama and learn Korean. That is the best for me I also like to do cross stitch. It is healing. I love chicken in soy sauce. Hot and sour soup vegetable noodles
  8. I understand now that the SFL loves her friend's fiance. The usual love triangle. The SFL's face is suitable for a villain. From the clip, it seems that SFL lets her friend's hand go, leaving her to fall over the cliff. @UnniSarah I totally agree with you that SFL was always jealous of her "friend"
  9. You mean Good Supper/Be a meal. Right? I started it a month ago lol. I am unable to catch up though. It is different. By the way, Jae Hee and the old woman are enemies I expect revenge
  10. I think most of revenge drama focus on villains. I am not surprised that YR was under the spot. We saw this in Left Handed wife, A place in the sun, Fatal promise. So it is not a matter of bad writing. It is the case in most revenge drama. Kang Eun Tak did a good job. Lee Chae young was good too. Most of the actors and actresses were acceptable. I don't expect much of revenge drama.
  11. I think Ah Ri's story is for suspense. It seems that she is under pressure but I believe she will have the baby safely.
  12. I watch the drama daily but got busy with Man in a veil lol. Anyway the drama develops slowly. I like Bora now because she threatened her biological father to expose him. Strangely his wife is helping JS. Some predictions
  13. I invite the members to check on "A Good Supper/Be a Meal". It is interesting and different
  14. TP and YJ are each others first love. They are innocent in my opinion. I really liked them together. Sorry for the other members disappointment lol. let's shift to the next one
  15. It is expected because both girls like JH. I am still a few episodes behind but it was clear that trouble is coming.
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