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one thing I learned from the earthquake experience is always prepare biscuits or cookies at home ^_* it helps a lot..

so this was the story of that day..

Friday, 28th September 2018

I went to the movie theater with my friends. All of our bosses were out of town. So we ran from office at lunch Wkwkkw. We watched Johnny English that day. I already felt strange that day. I laughed too much when watched that movie until I cried wkwkwk.. I thought this won’t be good. If you laugh until you cry you will be really cry later.. in the theater at 1 PM we felt a beforeshock earthquake. Strong enough. But this normally happened in this city so we were just like ‘oh okay..”

we finished That movie at 2.30 PM.. we did chitchat a bit with the XXI Palu manager he’s my friend’s friend. I laughed and joked with one of the cashier. She knows me (I went there too often) LOL.. my friend was want to hangout at mall but I felt like nothing good in that mall. Lols. I even said and joked that that mall will be closed soon and almost destroyed. So we went out from the mall at 3 PM and went to a restaurant ‘My Kopi O’.. my friend was wanting to bite her chicken wings when the 2nd before shock happened it was almost 4 Pm and it was a bit strong. I said to her “dinni stop to bite your chicken. Let us go back to the office.” She looked at me with this facial expression :anguished: because she wants to bite her chicken wings wkkwwk. She loves eating. 

Then I was paying people at 5Pm when the 3rd beforeshock happened. Dinni was eating her chicken wings next to me. At that moment I stop my activity. Locked my safe took my bag and ran out from office. I said to myself that the strong earthquake will happened I must to went back and take a shower. I even reminded my mom to take a shower soon because the earthquake will come again. Also when I saw my bro sleep. Something inside my heart tells me to wake him up because the earthquake will come. But I thought it was just my over worried thing. 

Then I took a shower and wear my pajamas... I was just sit on my bed about 5 minutes while opening viki to watch The Three Kingdom cdrama when the strong earthquake came.. :confounded:

O.M.G.. it was like there’s a big dragon moves and roared under the ground.. It was sound like there’s a thunderstorm under the ground. Very scarry. I ran out from my room. My bro fell from the bed. He was slept but was too shock when fell because this earth shakes. Very strong. I ran and fell and ran again and fell again and ran again and fell again. My body hits everything. The drawer, desk, chair, and I swearing and screaming ‘who lock the front door?’ Oh God. While everything in the house fell to the floor and sounded ‘prang!! Bum!! Prang!! Bum!!”.. I tried to hold the door but I couldn’t reach it at my 1st try. The floor throws me back. I tried again but stilll I could not reach it. At my 3rd try I could!! :bawling: I try to turn the key I felt like it will broken because the earthquake was too strong. Finally when I can open the door it was like the floor thrown me to the front yard. And I suddenly remember where’s my mom. I screamed hysterically and ran back and searched her. After screamed and almost cried then mom appeared just wore a towel and cried to me. She was locked in the bathroom :cold_sweat: oh my mom.. her face was too pale. I hug her :bawling: too stressed I thought I am losing her. 

Oh yeah before I realized and went back to the house to search my mom, I saw a house in front of my house devastated. Collapsed. And the tree fell and tiang listrik fell (apa sih tiang listrik in English) and there’s a car showroom in front my house, the wall broken. Their wall broke and fell to one of my neighbor’s house and that house broke too. My bro ran to that house because he saw my friend’s 3 years old daughter full with blood. He took her and ran to me and ran to that devastated house again to help my friend and her mom. I really really really thought that evening will be the end of the world. My friend’s daughter name is Gita. I hold her because her forehead full with blood. But my body shaken too. I was too shock. I can not see blood I can never see blood but I don’t know how can I hold Gita that evening with all blood on her forehead :confounded: we slept on the street that night. Not only us. All people in this city, together we sleep on the streets. And guess what.. when we hungry I eat my biscuits lols. And also people around me eat that with me.. see.. biscuits and cookies are important. Wkwkwkwk.. oh gosh I slept with my pajamas on the street that night. With the ground sounded like a thunderstorm the whole night and moves like a big dragon. I thought I will not be able to see the sun rise the next morning. I thought it would be the end of my day. The whole night ambulances passed by amongst us on the street. If remember again.. that experience, I don’t want to feel it again. Ever. I didn’t drink much that night but I went to pee about 14 times. Wkwkkwkwkwwk and I didn’t care anymore if people see my bu*t. Who care? What can they see. It was blackout in the whole province and no power and no internet. No body can see anybody bu*t WKWKWKKW .. We were isolated. The president try to called our governor but he could not. No communication no signal no internet. No one outside this city can contact us that evening :confounded: it was too horror.. 

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