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  1. I could be wrong too, you know. Maybe she IS a vile stepmom. All I know is the women in this kdrama are portrayed as long-suffering (except for sisters-in-law) and her mom, with her-rimmed eyes and seething anger, is one of them. See you later.
  2. of course I remember you. +2
  3. Whoops. I forgot to mention that the folding of the pizza boxes was kinda like a decalcomanie, too. The poor family HAD to fold the box in an EXACT and NEAT way so the top and bottom corresponded. I don't know which one will win. I suck at predicting these things. I'd say "1917" but you know Korean directors...they're really good at making each inch (or mm) of film count, and this one was hugely publicized. 584
  4. I canNOT drop by soompi without dropping by this thread. Call this one of my drive-by-shootings...or drive-by-postings. I thought the movie did what the director wanted it to do. He said that he wanted to make a story about “décalcomanie.” lol. That’s a fancy root word of “decal.” You know what a decal is, right? It’s the sticker that you transfer onto your car window or your tshirt or notebook. In décalcomanie, you fold the paper in half and paint one side of the paper. Then, you fold the paper again so now, the paint transfers onto the clean half. When you open the folded paper, you’ll have produced a picture with two halves mirroring the other. One half copies the other half. credit: blickart Now, in this movie, the colorful, painted half represents the poor family. They’re “transferred” their colorful and problematic lives onto the rich family’s pristine, unsoiled white lives. Once the poor family began working for the rich people, the messiness of their poverty-stricken lives was affixed to the rich family, without the rich family’s knowledge. Metaphorically speaking, the poor family is like a parasite, sucking on to the rich family. But!!! It can also be argued that the colorful, painted half represents the rich. The rich family transferred their colorful and extravagant lifestyle onto the poor family, making the poor family covet the same luxury, the same luck, the same affluence. Metaphorically speaking, the rich family is like a parasite, too. They’ve attached their materialistic values, like leeches, onto the poor family, and they’re draining the poor family’s sense of worth and sense of identity. So now, when you open the folded paper you used for your décalcomanie project – or when you study the picture created by this movie – you’ll have to wonder which one was the original art and which was the copy. Or which one was the real parasite, and which one was host. It’s hard to tell because they’ve become mirror-images of each other. See that? To me, that’s the message of the movie, “Parasite.” +2 998?? 582 or 584 depending on @Sarang21.
  5. Thank you for sharing this link. Which poster are you on my blog? The concept of “han” isn’t unique to this drama alone. Many other dramas, like Goblin, Hotel del Luna, Mr Sunshine, to name the more famous ones, manifested this cultural trait, to varying degrees, in many forms. However, not being Korean, or Asian for that matter, I thought it was beyond my purview to explain this complex state of mind. It’s only now in CLoY that I couldn’t avoid bringing it up since this whole unfortunate North and South divide is largely associated with the sense of han. I thought the appreciation of the kdrama wouldn't be complete without at least introducing this spirit (or mentality) to non-Korean viewers. The broken bowl, to me at least, was the giveaway. Broken for untold number of years, it still waited for its prayer to be heard by the gods. Though it was gathering weeds, it defied time – and climate change, lol – to erode its existence away. THAT is quintessential “han” for me. And THAT, from the romanticist’s perspective, is what true love is. Anyway, should you want to entertain yourselves with light reading while waiting for the next installment of CLoY, I’ve gathered all my posts here: https://bitchesoverdramas.com/crash-landing-on-you I’m sorry for not frequenting soompi like I used to. If I were to compare myself to a broken bowl, time had really smashed me into smithereens. There's not much of me to spread around. Let’s enjoy the show! pm3
  6. this is so complicated, @Sejabin It's like that order of operations used in math: parentheses first, then exponents, then multiply and divide before adding and subtracting. Otherwise, work from left to right. lol. Do you share a credit card with your husband? I think it's good to have your own credit card. Look for one with generous cash back for restaurant dining. This way, every time you pay for dinner, you get a bit of money back which you can accumulate and spend on something you like. His annoying habit works out to your advantage. I do notice however when the server hands the bill to my husband (or to my sons, when I’m dining with them). No, I don’t give the server a hard time because I’m not a nazi-feminist, and I understand that many women still expect the men to pay for the meal. But I don’t mind paying the check and calculating the tip. I like to treat my men to dinner...because what’s the point of earning money, if we can’t spend it on the people we love? As for dining out with friends, we either ask for separate checks or we split the bill evenly. We tell the server upfront when we’re doing separate checks. But splitting the bill evenly is the most convenient. It’s rather unseemly quibbling over dollars and cents with friends of long standing. And yes, I’ve witnessed that Asian tug-of-war over the check. I always assumed that there was some sort “power play” going on (i.e., dominance, status, gratitude, wealth) so I just sit back, relax, and observe who ends up with what. You can learn so much about about family/social dynamics. @Sejabin, yes, splitting with your date is commendable. But you can also let him pay for dinner and then offer to pay for coffee and dessert afterwards (if it's been a good date and you want to extend the company longer). Now, if he's a handsome dude and you reeeeally want to see him again, you can always invite him to a breakfast place the following morning and say that it'll be your treat. hahaha. We need to know these tricks, you know. @angelangie, I'm watching and reviewing this new Chinese drama, "Dr. Cutie," on my blog. Do we have a thread for it on your Chinese entertainment forum? Thanks. Hi @mouse007 @kokodus @Lmangla 538
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    Fan MVs

    I only have two fanmade videos. One was already posted by @Lmangla which was made by a TaecGui shipper. And this is the other one. It was submitted by the fans of the "Reply 1988" couple Deoksun+Taec to a Valentine's Day contest here. 1. Name of the Drama: Reply 1988 2. OTP: Deoksun and Taec. Of course, would I be on the losing team? pwahahaha. But here's the write-up that @hafunohane prepared for it. "Choices are made every day of our lives and sometimes they become defining moments. Deoksun had always chosen Taek, placing him as her ultimate priority only to be disheartened when he seemingly only has baduk on his mind. Watch as Taek shows Deoksun that his choices mirror those of her own, proving her that the gift they share, the gift of the present, is one they chose together." 3. Music: "Sort Of" by Ingrid Michaelson and "Season of Love" by Shiny Toy Guns Again, @hafunohane had them properly credited on the vid. 4. Any details about its production that I'd like to share? No comment. It's a trade secret.
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    Fan MVs

    Goodness! It's been seven years already?!!! Didn't we have a blast on that ship? Thanks for reposting this fanvid by chu3x. I'm still impressed with the ending. She reversed the train ride so their separation because a homecoming. Brilliant take. I'll re-post this on my blog, too, for old times' sake. I still try to log in once in a while. So many Chinese drama, I can't finish writing my reviews on them.
  9. Answer here: It's a solid kdrama. Fleshed out characters; refreshing script; no chaebols and dumb secretaries required; good acting all around; even minor characters were relevant. It's a feel-good-in-humanity type of drama. There was some virtue-signalling going on but I just ignored what was inconsistent with my worldview. However, the male lead's the fried pork chop/homestyle kind of guy, as opposed to filet mignon, cosmopolitan type of guy. I was fine with his folksy character so I stuck with it and blogged about it. Just dropping by to wish everyone Happy New Year! Stay healthy, happy and lucky, y'all. Tagging @angelangie @phikyl @Lmangla and @TRaNz +2 so...870
  10. My take on the final scene and the butterfly effect: http://bitchesoverdramas.com/2019/11/25/extra-ordinary-you-on-the-butterfly-effect/ The post has lot of pictures so uploading it might be slow and eat up data. Sorry. Excerpt: C. It was a breathless moment for him, too. But unlike DanOh who consistently wore her emotions on her face, he was holding his emotions in. He was looking at her and watching all the emotions pass through her face like when someone who’s having an out-of-body experience and watching a scene play in front of his eyes. Memories were flooding in. He was struck dumb thinking how much she had (or hadn’t) changed from the last time they met. When she handed him the sketch, he must have briefly remembered the time he drew it. Did she discover his sketchbook in the previous lifetime or was she just randomly handing this sketch to him? It didn’t matter, really. He wouldn’t be eager to take back that framed sketch. It was a sad reminder of their separation. But when she left the picture on the bench, and turned her back to walk away, he snapped out of his introspection (or paralysis-by-analysis), and chased her. In “Flower,” he couldn’t hug her. He had developed feelings for her but she was the Prince’s fiancee and he was King’s guard. In “Secret,” he couldn’t acknowledge her, much less hug her. To him, she was somebody familiar and important to him, but he couldn’t remember who she was and why she was important. Also, before he could do anything, her Stage began and she was zapped out of his company. This time around, he remembered her instantly. He was overwhelmed to meet her again and could only stand and stare at her. Her departure galvanized him to action, and this time, he was the one to cling to her and hang on. Finally. To sum, the flutter of DanOh’s butterfly wings spanned three manhwas. In their first time, nothing made sense to them, and she paid the price with her own life. The second time around, Haru brought meaning to their secret connection, and he willingly paid the price with his own life. This last time together, there’s hope that they’ve finally found the separate peace and happiness they’re looking for. source: http://bitchesoverdramas.com/2019/11/25/extra-ordinary-you-on-the-butterfly-effect/
  11. Explaining the tennis balls and Heidegger here. I'm sorry, I'm pressed for time so I can only copy an excerpt here. Too many pictures for me to paste. https://bitchesoverdramas.com/2019/11/23/extra-ordinary-you-ep-32-on-tennis-balls-and-heidegger-again On tennis balls. lol. Even tennis balls have meaning, don’t you know? Tennis is a two-player game. Kyung has always been always looking for a partner. The manhwa writer gave him Haru as a tennis partner after Haru came back from the “dead” and lost his memories, just like the writer gave him Haru as his guard in the first manhwa, “The Flower.” But his real partner should have been his younger brother. From the start, the younger brother had been there. In the Flower manhwa, the younger brother was concerned when Kyung’s minister/father began scheming Kyung’s power-grab. But he stayed in the sidelines, afraid to change his stage. In “Secret,” the younger brother also didn’t want anything changed. He thought if he let things be, Kyung would eventually find happiness with DanOh and end his loneliness. He wasn’t concerned that DanOh was unhappy with that setup as long as Kyung would have somebody finally at his side. Because he knew that his brother had always been lonely. Lonely BY CHOICE, mind you. He rejected the opportunities which people threw at him to become close to him.... ... On Heidegger. You do realize that the final moment of DanOh and Haru at the stairs refers to Heidegger’s “Being and Time,” too, right? They were escaping the void or blackout of the manhwa. Heidegger would call this “Das Nichts” or the “nothing” that eats up our existence, our being. In the drama, it was a literal “nothingness.” Lights out in the library! pic And then, in the hallway. This was a visual “Das Nichts.” lol. pic Haru: DanOh. I wasn’t able to protect you then, but it’s a relief that I was able to change your destiny. I’m sorry for not being able to be with you until the very last scene. He smiled at her tearfully. The “Das Nichts” approached them, extinguishing the lights one by one. Haru: DanOh. Don’t cry. Today’s been the happiest day for me. Since my beginning and ending was you. Haru: Call my name. (she shook head). DanOh. My name. DanOh: Haru. Haru-ya. Haru: DanOh. I like that she called him “Haru” first. She gave him this name because she CHOSE him to be the one to change her fate, step by step, little by little, day by day. But I also like that she called him by the more affectionate term, “Haru-ya.” This was her name for him, too. Remember that poem, “Flower” by Kim Chunsu that I explained earlier? I said that to call each other’s name is a personal and intimate act, in the sense that they EXIST in that world for each other. They’re not nameless, unfamiliar, unknown strangers. Look: whenever DanOh called him by name (as opposed to “Hey, you!” or “Yah!”), he couldn't help but to turn around and look back at her. To me, Haru wanted to hear her calling his name, at this moment when he disappeared, because he wanted HER to be the last thing on his mind. He wanted their names to be final words when he ceased to exist. That way, when he woke up again in another time and world, he would hopefully, remember them at first instance. He would like that the first thought in his consciousness was a) his name is Haru, and b) he’s looking for DanOh. .... https://bitchesoverdramas.com/2019/11/23/extra-ordinary-you-ep-32-on-tennis-balls-and-heidegger-again
  12. Thanks. I want a happy ending to my Cdramas and Kdramas. I don't want "misery" drama. I must admit that I cheated. I snuck a peak at the last episode because I couldn't believe that MiaoMiao would end up as ugly as she was in the beginning of the story.
  13. I’m sorry that this response is rather late, @nrllee You didn't tag me and I only found it by accident. But yes, I do think you’re right. You already mentioned your ambivalence regarding Haru on my blog, and I know where you're coming from. But let me clarify some points, okay? I'll just post an excerpt here because it's too long. The rest will be on my blog, under Rilke's angels. https://bitchesoverdramas.com/2019/11/22/extra-ordinary-you-on-rilkes-angels First, re. being otherworldly and the "Little Prince" reference I understood perfectly what you meant by “otherworldly.” And you’re right, Haru’s similar to the Little Prince, that famous character from that eponymous book by Antoine St-Exupery. His story is an allegory on the dangers of narrow-minded adults and the importance of a pure childlike love. People who read that book would easily get what you’re alluding to. It’s this: Just like how the Little Prince unconditionally loved his capricious, whimsical, demanding and vain rose, Haru loves his bubbly, a bit self-centered, whimsical and cut DanOh with the same pure, untainted, I’m-here-wholly-for-you love. That’s why he didn’t care if he lost his life jumping in that pool. That’s why he didn’t care that his scar was hurting him everything he changed the scene. That’s why he didn’t care if he was Kyung’s sidekick. That’s why he didn’t care if Kyung came at him as he didn’t hurt DanOh. That’s why he didn’t care what his final scene would be as long as he was there for her. Moreover, just like the Little Prince was a transient visitor from another planet, Haru too seems to have been transplanted in “Secret.” He travelled to “Secret” in search of DanOh. He wasn’t meant to be an important figure in the story. He was just a nameless #13, somebody who was even lower than an “extra” like DanOh. But he was there looking for answers, just like the Little Prince was wandering in the desert, looking for answers to a lot of things, when the Narrator/Pilot chanced upon him in the desert. However, you’ve also pointed out that you found him *too* perfect. I think there’s a reason for that. Let me get to that later.... Second, on the manhwa's structure and reincarnation I was the one who suggested that the manhwas be interpreted as a reincarnation because, essentially, that’s how reincarnation is: a recycled story. For believers of reincarnation, they’re stuck in this cursed (well, to me, it’s a curse) circular life. They're doomed to repeat the same thing over and over again ad infinitum. People are continually being born into this world (like in the manhwas) without knowledge of having been born before, so they have flashbacks of their hidden pasts. For this kdrama, the manhwa world is the reincarnation theory in effect. None of the characters can escape the perpetual cycle of birth and rebirth. For instance, Kyung may have a moment of insight and consequent change of heart at the last minute. But when the next manhwa comes, his memory of this moment will have disappeared again, and he’s bound to repeat the same mistake…unless he awakens to the reality of Stage early in the new manhwa or senses a déjà vu (or a memory recall) in the Shadows. For real world “application,” viewers are right to feel dismayed by this kdrama. The viewers would have to be extraordinarily vacuous NOT to see the futility of such life that offers no escape for characters, be they major or minor players. And they would have to extraordinarily spineless NOT to feel that the setup is ridiculously cruel, and to wish for something better. The viewers have a right to feel frustration, exasperation or anger that Haru and DanOh are doomed to this kind of cycle where the lose, find and lose each other again and again…ad nauseum. If the “best situation” for the couple’s happily-ever-after existence is to live a life of anonymity, a life “under the radar” or hidden from the prying eyes of the manhwa writer, then what’s the central message there? On one hand, the central message can be to live for the moment, to live day by day, to enjoy life as it is. In this context, Haru’s answer to DanOh’s question is perfect then. Remember this? From Ep 10. DanOh: Is this how the writer feels when the writer is looking at us? The writer watches us from above, and we move how we’re drawn and stop when they want to erase. Haru: We can move even when we’re not drawn in the scenes. DanOh: Ah. That’s true. What’s your dream? Haru: Dream? DanOh: Like your dream job. Haru: I’m not quite sure. What’s yours? DanOh: I want to be an ordinary person who can spend an ordinary day like today. I want to do whatever I want. What’s the story ending the writer is drawing right now? I wonder if I’ll be alive until I’m 19. Haru: You’ll be by my side when you’re 19 and 20, since we’re creating our own story. lol. I know you must have been dismayed by his answer as I was…because we were expecting him to give a real-world answer like go to college, have a successful career, be a father, travel around the world, win the Nobel Peace prize, and so on. But our real-world answers don’t work in this world of manhwa. You see, there’s absolutely no point in having ambitions or big dreams when the characters don’t even control their destiny. As Haru pointed out, the focus should just be on taking each day as it comes, and focusing on living well each day with the one person he loves. On the other hand, the *real-world* message can also be don’t stand out. Whatever you do, don’t stand out and be noticed by “the” writer, or by God, by your boss, by your professor, by your parents, or whoever it is that you consider your Supreme Being. Be content being an ordinary person because you can add on your own “extra” meaning to your life in secret. Is this kind of life satisfying? Is this the kind of reality you want? The answer depends on each viewer. I know what my answer will be. Third, on being perfect and angels I agree with you when you said that Haru appeared to be an ideal and too perfect. I told you, didn’t I? that I found it odd that Haru didn’t rail against the writer like DanOh did in the beginning and Kyung did in Episode 18. When DanOh said that the writer must be stupid, he only answered (something like) “so do you think we’re created by stupid writers”? Meaning, if the creator is stupid, then obviously and logically, his creation MUST be stupid because there’s no way an idiot cannot give birth to a genius. (There! I summed up the whole “Intelligent Design” theory of creation.) Here's the reason why Haru seems to be ideal. It’s the “Duino Elegies” by Rainer Maria Rilke. Who, if I cried, would hear me among the angelic Orders? And even if one of them suddenly pressed me against his heart, I should fade in the strength of his stronger existence. For Beauty’s nothing but beginning of Terror we’re still just able to bear, and why we adore it so is because it serenely disdains to destroy us. Each single angel is terrible. Haru is an angel. Throughout the kdrama, there were many forms of angel. You and @Barbrey discussed Squid thoroughly (and I’m sorry I couldn’t join you then because I was marathoning to catch up with you, ladies). I agree with you. He’s the fallen angel, Lucifer. The other angels were DoHwa. That was so obvious. Jooda kept on calling him her “guardian angel.” Then, there’s the -- The rest will be here: https://bitchesoverdramas.com/2019/11/22/extra-ordinary-you-on-rilkes-angels
  14. De-lurking again. I know the finale disappointed many viewers of the kdrama. Here’s my interpretation of the ending and why I think reincarnation, or a reunion, in Chansung’s lifetime isn’t far-fetched. Also included is an explanation of Heidegger’s Being and Time as it relates to Manwol's and Chansung’s re-encounter. Since this isn’t a philosophy class, I only tried to make some of his more salient concepts accessible. http://bitchesoverdramas.com/2019/11/15/hotel-del-luna-manwols-reincarnation/ Hope this works for y’all.
  15. Team Haru here. Fair comment, @larrysouth. I think you must understand that majority of the viewers of this genre of kdrama are women. As I’ve written on my blog, for me, a big part of the romance in these kdramas is the belief a) that a woman is worth it, b) that her journey to self-discovery is relevant to the plot, and c) that her desires and wishes are important to the male lead. DanOh is the plot here, not the side-story to Kyung's character rehabilitation. That’s why we’ll never get tired of Haru’s perfection. I'm sorry but mortal men with a beer gut, halitosis, and less-that-6-figure-salary job, need not apply in these women-centric romance fantasy. source: https://bitchesoverdramas.com/2019/11/13/extra-ordinary-you-on-kyung-and-the-philomel BTW, Kyung fanatics shouldn't read my blog without antacid at hand. Sorry ahead of time. I wrote this PRIOR to Episodes 13 and 14. As for more interpretation of the major difference between Kyung and Haru’s attitudes toward DanOh, here’s my POV. Essentially, Haru = keep her safe Kyung = keep her Now, if Kyung’s change of heart allows him to let go of DanOh so she can be with Haru, then we’re heading towards the right direction. link: https://bitchesoverdramas.com/2019/11/14/extra-ordinary-you-on-keeping-her-vs-keeping-her-safe Again if you’re Kyung-DanOh shipper, please take care of your heart. Don’t read this. I wrote it before Episodes 13 and 14 were shown. Hi @deandraluv, long time no see. Good luck with the finale!
  16. Sorry for being late to respond. But sure, go ahead, post anything from my blog. You know I'm proud to come up with deviant and outré perspectives. lol. I dare go where the innocents and angels fear to tread. Looking forward to the last episode! Fighting!
  17. ooohhh. It's on netflix, too. I'm on it then. I need something light and happy. Thanks for the rec, @angelangie Will post my review here later. edited to add: Hi @lynne22, @cenching. @mouse007 I can't just pass by soompi without greeting you, too, from the add/subtract forum.
  18. Just dropping by to say that, for what it's worth, I don't think they got the right Joker. Hyungsik is the Joker. source: https://bitchesoverdramas.com/2019/11/18/when-the-camellia-blooms-ep-18-jokers-identity Excerpt: I don't think Hyungsik's dad is the Joker. It's Hyungsik. I know the police captured the dad but the profile is all wrong. 1. You see, the murderer of the beautician turned up the volume of the radio while he did his killing. From Ep 16 at 51:07. The dad of Hyungsik was hyper-sensitive to sound. The clocks inside the house had no batteries because they made noise. He probably hated cats because they meowed. And the dad regarded Hyemi a "noisy richard simmons" but he didn't kill Hyemi. 2. The murderer is ambidextrous. From Ep 16 at 24:40. Yongsik consulted a profiler who said that that the murderer favors his left but can use both hands. From Ep 4 at 1:00:03 While Yongsik was painting the wall of Dongbaek's bar, Hyungsik was in the bar with him. I told y'all this in a previous post. It was his (left) hand rubbing the lighter under the table. It couldn't have been Hyungsik's dad in the bar. Hyungsik was the one who brought the can of paints for re-painting the wall. 3. The murderer is triggered by either unwanted attention or jealousy. .... Enjoy!
  19. Are you okay, @angelangie? Who hurt you? Why are you watching this drama? Don't watch if it's too makjang. Me... I'm all about fluff for now. "Go Go Squid" is my kdrama version of a security blanket. Weird fact: I tried doing this once, you know, lean out the car window and kiss my boyfriend goodbye. But my Hermès scarf, which was tied around my neck, somehow got entangled with door handle and I nearly killed myself by choking. So, in theory, this scene is romantic. But in practice, it can be hazardous to your health. lol. I'm waiting for The Tale of Nokdu, but I'm blogging about "When the Camellia Blooms" and "Vagabond." 774
  20. I’m blogging about this. I post with a lot of pictures and it’s a bother to transfer them here. I believe that Suzy’s character Haeri is a double agent. My explanation here: https://bitchesoverdramas.com/2019/09/26/vagabond-on-suzys-character Per Eps 1 and 2, there were three reasons for the plane crash: 1. The engine malfunction caused by a design flaw in Dynamic Systems aircrafts. 2. Terrorism, according to Lee Seunggi’s DalGun 3. Corruption Judging from her work at the embassy, Haeri is a NIS agent investigating either narcotics or corruption but I doubt that she's one of the bad guys because the bad guys don't know her. The terrorist group "Axis" has two known members: the plane passenger named Raymon Jacque and the embassy colleague of Haeri. Their “paroles” or their passwords to identify fellow members of their group, go like this: Signal: Wheels turn on their axis. Response: The earth revolves on its axis. Read about it here: https://bitchesoverdramas.com/2019/09/24/vagabond-ep-1-2-first-impressions Let's enjoy the show!
  21. I'm posting an excerpt of my review of Eps 1 and 2 here. Hope you'll enjoy the show. *************************** “Optics” Remember this word: optics. It has a special meaning in politics. When the hero Wi Daehan was eight years old, his mother brought him with her to witness her confrontation with his cheating father. His father was out on a date with the Other Woman and a nasty knock-down, drag-out fight ensued. To me, this is the moment when he unconsciously learned the usefulness of OPTICS, or how an event or a decision is PERCEIVED by the public. In retrospect, Daehan says, “Mom taking me over there was a calculated move. If she showed such a scene to her child, she thought my dad would stop cheating. But as a result, Dad chose to divorce my mom. And between my Mom and Dad, I had to choose which one to live with.” Dad: Once I leave, I’ll never see your mom again. If you choose to live with your mom, I won’t see you again either. Mom: How dare you threaten the child! Dad: It’s not a threat, I’m stating the facts. Daehan, me or your mom. Who do you want to live with. In retrospect again, he says, “For an eight-year-old child it was a tremendous choice. So I used a method which I relied on for making hard choices.” Then the eight-year-old Daehan began to sing the Korean version of “Eeny meeny miny mo.” It’s a nursery rhyme used to eliminate or pick a player in a game. The purported message of the grown-up Daehan here is that his life-altering moments were determined, not by careful deliberation, but by sheer luck. A game of chance decided his fate. Or did it really? When you look at the way his eight-year-old self played the game, you’ll notice that he cheated to select his mother. On the third stanza of the nursery rhyme, he kept singing but he’d stop picking between his mom and dad. His pointer finger rested on his mother. He only restarted when the song was down to the last four words, “Ding. Dong. Deng. Dong!” He chose his mom. Do you see what happened there? He manipulated the game so he could pick out his mom. Of course, after seeing his mom duke it out with the Other Woman, his sympathies lay with mom. To put it simply: the optics of a suffering mom vs a cheating dad influenced his decision to vote for his mom. This small flashback gives the viewers an insight into Wei Daehan's past. It should also teach viewers that life isn’t at all that transparent as they think it is. Sometimes, things aren’t at all what they seem to appear. And, for better or for worse, the “appearances” of events can shape and change spectators' perception and opinions. They fall for the optics. And that's the theme of this kdrama, which is aptly called, "The Great Show." Opposition Research This triggered me, too. Come on now. Who doesn’t do “opposition research” nowadays? The male lead Wei Daehan lost because he was running a seriously unsophisticated campaign. He was going up against the Establishment politician so he should have expected them to hunt for skeletons in his closet. His absentee father was obviously his weakest link. And he could have protected himself by a) trying to mend fences with his father before campaigning, b) finding a bigger scandal about his opponent and redirecting the negative focus on them, c) disclosing the truth of his estrangement BEFORE it was uncovered, or d) lol, gaining the public’s empathy by playing the victim card. To his credit, however, he didn’t play the victim card. Instead, he tried to gain the public’s sympathy by doing this crazy “Three-Step Pilgrimage of Repentance.” As the name implies, his repentance required him to take three steps (literally, three steps) and then to prostrate himself on the ground. It's a "pilgrimage" because he began from the city center and walked all the way to his father’s ossuary outside of Seoul. It took him about six? five? days. Wei Daehan was giving in to the people’s demand that he should have SHOWN filial piety to his father while his father was alive. Daehan gave the people what they wanted (i.e., his shame and punishment) while at the same time, he SHOWED them that he was a *noble* person (quote-unquote noble person) so he could win back their sympathies and their votes. Do you see now where this story is heading? Daehan declared that he desired to be a politician to get rid of corrupt politicians. In his own words, “From that day on, I had a dream. To become an assemblyman and to clean out those privileged pieces of trash.” However, in the process of becoming an assemblyman, he began to corrupt himself, and doing these trashy things politicians did which he deplored. He was becoming one of "them." Now, it would all have been easy for him had he come out with the TRUTH that his father was the one who walked away from his family and cut ties with him when he was a child. Seriously now: what kind of father wouldn’t vigorously protest losing custody of his son because of a stupid “Eeny, meeny, miny mo” game? His father should have declared the outcome of the game as stupid, and insisted on his shared visitation rights as a parent. That's the truth there. But if Daehan had opted to share this family secret to the public, then he would have played the “victim card,” and DISHONORED his father’s name. His father was already dead. So was his mother. And the Other Woman wouldn't be able to contest Daehan's version of the events, and salvage her reputation and the father's. All things considered, they were the adulterers. In my opinion, this is what many viewers don’t get that about Wei Daewan's character. As I said, it's to Daewan’s CREDIT that he didn’t play the victim card. He chose to be notoriously known as the “Nation’s Sinner” rather than throw his dead father under the bus. He could have revealed the truth and let his dad be called, posthumously, as the “Bad Dad” or the "Nation's Adulterer" for abandoning his own son for another woman. Daewan's choice of action tells me that despite all his shady-ness, opportunism, and self-promotion, he's still capable of SACRIFICING himself for the benefit of another person, even if that person was one that he despised. He's redeemable. ... Saving face That night after losing the election, he’s dumped by his girlfriend. He knew that he was about to be dumped by his fake girlfriend. There was really no love lost between them. Their relationship was a strategic partnership. It was created for “optics.” lol. Remember that buzzword word now: Optics. That’s why the title of this kdrama is “The Great Show.” Everything is for show. And that’s what optics means. Instead of getting mad at being dumped, Daewon ended the relationship GRACIOUSLY. He preempted her, saying, “I didn’t keep my promise to you, so I’ll take responsibility. Let’s not see each other again. In my current state, I have no room to take care of you. I’m sorry.” The girl then replied, “Oppa, you’ll become a successful politician. You say what the other party wants to say in their place.” And she got out of the car. Her parting words are what I call a damning praise. On one level, she’s praising him for his ability to express things better than she could ever have. On another level, she’s insulting him. What she’s saying is that he’s got it what it takes to become a politician because he can FAKE SINCERITY. Look: they both knew that the nice things he said were simply to keep up the "appearance." Moreover, they both knew that she insulted and trashed him for losing the election. She said these, didn't she? "How will you make a living? You come from a poor family and no job to go back to" and "What station would hire you? The national 'sinner'?" So his seemingly kind words to her were actually a "double-sided punch" just like what Attorney Kang delivered on the tv show. He was SCHOOLING her on how to break-up with dignity, with class. That's why on the third and deeper level, she's damning him. She knew she'd been insulted. Because he took the high road, he made her look like she's in the gutter. And that's why, in her estimation, he'll make a very good politician. lol. source: https://bitchesoverdramas.com/2019/09/08/the-great-show-eps-1-2-first-impressions
  22. I was so sure it was you because of the Holstein cow on her avatar. That, plus the account said she was super-religious, and everybody here knows that you're a saint. hahaha. You'd be proud to know that I was the one who sounded the alarm. Me. I had one of my fly-by shootings...errr....fly-by postings here on this thread and immediately noticed that your avatar was gone. See? So even when I seem to ignore you, I do keep a (stink) eye of y'all. Like, where's @TRaNz? Ah. There you are. @angelangie any more Cdramas to recommend? What about this Deng Lun/Sandra Ma romcom? Lucky you! You don't need to wait for subs. Put Your Head on My Shoulders was fun to watch. In that final episode -- that scene with the German girl -- do you remember when the German girl looked down at Si TuMo's feet right? STM wasn't wearing shoes and she didn't have pedicure, if I remember correctly. That glance was meant to be insulting and condescending. You see, we don't walk barefoot in the house; we wear shoes. And having well-pedicured toes and manicured nails is just the civilized thing to do. So when STM walked downstairs to break up that tete-a-tete between the German girl and Gu WeiYi, the German girl looked at her feet to show disdain for STM. She was thinking, "Who are YOU? Are you really Gu WeiYi's girlfriend from China? Why, you're just a country bumpkin! He can do sooooo much better than you." 806
  23. I'm back in town. I was in Asia for a couple of weeks, then Latin America on official business. I'm all about world domination, you know, not just making this forum a "cool, chatty place where everyone drops by when they want to have fun." Are you watching anything special? I'm watching Go Go Squid and Hotel del Luna. I was triggered by Rookie Historian's virtue-signalling, so I had to take yoga classes to calm me down. Where's my favorite guy @TRaNz ? And hi @angelangie @USAFarmgirl 2 is back?? Hurray! You, girl, caused me a lot of grief. I even made an instagram just for you and tried to "friend" you. Why didn't you "friend" me back??!!! Grrrr. But now that you're back I can delete that instagram account now. My account looks so shady anyway. 0 friends and 0 followers and 0 posts. +2 804 still
  24. @vangsweetie637 Long time no see. How are you? I agree that the Captain/Warrior could have released Yeonwoo from captivity with the intention of winning over Manwol's confidence. She was after all the bandits' leader and there was a price for her head. (lol. Please ask your friend if she watched Love O2O. This was used as a story line in Love O2O. Xiao Nai rewrote Weiwei's game story so that Captain of the Guard ended up exiling himself, instead of killing himself, after he betrayed Weiwei.) However, the problem with your friend's theory is that it overlooks the fact that: a) Manwol survives and b) the Captain/Warrior guy as well as Yeonwoo are dead. Sure, that Captain could have killed Yeonwoo but that would still leave two people alive, Manwol and the Captain. Since Manwol is the Last Woman Standing, then we have to consider that she was the one who killed the Captain. Ma Go asked her, "Who else did you kill for the sake of the dead?" when they first met in Episode 1? In essence, Ma Go was asking her who did she sacrifice in retaliation or revenge for those people who died for her. Manwol got angry and drew her sword to cut Ma Go's neck. Thus, Ma Go's question is significant to understanding her crime and punishment. It's also possible that the shadow creeping up behind her was the Captain's ghost. Thanks, @kaxx. I was wondering how come my blog was getting hits from soompi and I saw it was you. If you drop by and comment, just introduce yourself as a soompi poster. See y'all later.
  25. It's bitchesoverdramas.com. Yes. I know the name is a doozy but I'm a bad Bee so I might as well own it and flaunt it. Here's the link to my interpretation of Giselle. https://bitchesoverdramas.com/2019/06/07/angels-last-mission-love-on-giselle I just told @nearsea that when YeonSeo dances, it's a given that her dance will be so sublime that it will move an angel to tears. For a performance artist that's the best praise ever: being sublime. It goes beyond regular compliments like, cute, pretty, beautiful, awesome, technically perfect, flawless, etc. When you move someone to tears, it means you've touched somebody's soul. You've left an indelible mark on that person. And that's what pure art is supposed to be. BTW, that's how it's connected to the rain. To the gentle rain that comes with Angel Dan. That gentle rain = heaven's tears lol. I've forgotten to write about the tears in my other posts. Will have to do it now. Later! 808
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