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  1. Are you okay, @angelangie? Who hurt you? Why are you watching this drama? Don't watch if it's too makjang. Me... I'm all about fluff for now. "Go Go Squid" is my kdrama version of a security blanket. Weird fact: I tried doing this once, you know, lean out the car window and kiss my boyfriend goodbye. But my Hermès scarf, which was tied around my neck, somehow got entangled with door handle and I nearly killed myself by choking. So, in theory, this scene is romantic. But in practice, it can be hazardous to your health. lol. I'm waiting for The Tale of Nokdu, but I'm blogging about "When the Camellia Blooms" and "Vagabond." 774
  2. I’m blogging about this. I post with a lot of pictures and it’s a bother to transfer them here. I believe that Suzy’s character Haeri is a double agent. My explanation here: https://bitchesoverdramas.com/2019/09/26/vagabond-on-suzys-character Per Eps 1 and 2, there were three reasons for the plane crash: 1. The engine malfunction caused by a design flaw in Dynamic Systems aircrafts. 2. Terrorism, according to Lee Seunggi’s DalGun 3. Corruption Judging from her work at the embassy, Haeri is a NIS agent investigating either narcotics or corruption but I doubt that she's one of the bad guys because the bad guys don't know her. The terrorist group "Axis" has two known members: the plane passenger named Raymon Jacque and the embassy colleague of Haeri. Their “paroles” or their passwords to identify fellow members of their group, go like this: Signal: Wheels turn on their axis. Response: The earth revolves on its axis. Read about it here: https://bitchesoverdramas.com/2019/09/24/vagabond-ep-1-2-first-impressions Let's enjoy the show!
  3. I'm posting an excerpt of my review of Eps 1 and 2 here. Hope you'll enjoy the show. *************************** “Optics” Remember this word: optics. It has a special meaning in politics. When the hero Wi Daehan was eight years old, his mother brought him with her to witness her confrontation with his cheating father. His father was out on a date with the Other Woman and a nasty knock-down, drag-out fight ensued. To me, this is the moment when he unconsciously learned the usefulness of OPTICS, or how an event or a decision is PERCEIVED by the public. In retrospect, Daehan says, “Mom taking me over there was a calculated move. If she showed such a scene to her child, she thought my dad would stop cheating. But as a result, Dad chose to divorce my mom. And between my Mom and Dad, I had to choose which one to live with.” Dad: Once I leave, I’ll never see your mom again. If you choose to live with your mom, I won’t see you again either. Mom: How dare you threaten the child! Dad: It’s not a threat, I’m stating the facts. Daehan, me or your mom. Who do you want to live with. In retrospect again, he says, “For an eight-year-old child it was a tremendous choice. So I used a method which I relied on for making hard choices.” Then the eight-year-old Daehan began to sing the Korean version of “Eeny meeny miny mo.” It’s a nursery rhyme used to eliminate or pick a player in a game. The purported message of the grown-up Daehan here is that his life-altering moments were determined, not by careful deliberation, but by sheer luck. A game of chance decided his fate. Or did it really? When you look at the way his eight-year-old self played the game, you’ll notice that he cheated to select his mother. On the third stanza of the nursery rhyme, he kept singing but he’d stop picking between his mom and dad. His pointer finger rested on his mother. He only restarted when the song was down to the last four words, “Ding. Dong. Deng. Dong!” He chose his mom. Do you see what happened there? He manipulated the game so he could pick out his mom. Of course, after seeing his mom duke it out with the Other Woman, his sympathies lay with mom. To put it simply: the optics of a suffering mom vs a cheating dad influenced his decision to vote for his mom. This small flashback gives the viewers an insight into Wei Daehan's past. It should also teach viewers that life isn’t at all that transparent as they think it is. Sometimes, things aren’t at all what they seem to appear. And, for better or for worse, the “appearances” of events can shape and change spectators' perception and opinions. They fall for the optics. And that's the theme of this kdrama, which is aptly called, "The Great Show." Opposition Research This triggered me, too. Come on now. Who doesn’t do “opposition research” nowadays? The male lead Wei Daehan lost because he was running a seriously unsophisticated campaign. He was going up against the Establishment politician so he should have expected them to hunt for skeletons in his closet. His absentee father was obviously his weakest link. And he could have protected himself by a) trying to mend fences with his father before campaigning, b) finding a bigger scandal about his opponent and redirecting the negative focus on them, c) disclosing the truth of his estrangement BEFORE it was uncovered, or d) lol, gaining the public’s empathy by playing the victim card. To his credit, however, he didn’t play the victim card. Instead, he tried to gain the public’s sympathy by doing this crazy “Three-Step Pilgrimage of Repentance.” As the name implies, his repentance required him to take three steps (literally, three steps) and then to prostrate himself on the ground. It's a "pilgrimage" because he began from the city center and walked all the way to his father’s ossuary outside of Seoul. It took him about six? five? days. Wei Daehan was giving in to the people’s demand that he should have SHOWN filial piety to his father while his father was alive. Daehan gave the people what they wanted (i.e., his shame and punishment) while at the same time, he SHOWED them that he was a *noble* person (quote-unquote noble person) so he could win back their sympathies and their votes. Do you see now where this story is heading? Daehan declared that he desired to be a politician to get rid of corrupt politicians. In his own words, “From that day on, I had a dream. To become an assemblyman and to clean out those privileged pieces of trash.” However, in the process of becoming an assemblyman, he began to corrupt himself, and doing these trashy things politicians did which he deplored. He was becoming one of "them." Now, it would all have been easy for him had he come out with the TRUTH that his father was the one who walked away from his family and cut ties with him when he was a child. Seriously now: what kind of father wouldn’t vigorously protest losing custody of his son because of a stupid “Eeny, meeny, miny mo” game? His father should have declared the outcome of the game as stupid, and insisted on his shared visitation rights as a parent. That's the truth there. But if Daehan had opted to share this family secret to the public, then he would have played the “victim card,” and DISHONORED his father’s name. His father was already dead. So was his mother. And the Other Woman wouldn't be able to contest Daehan's version of the events, and salvage her reputation and the father's. All things considered, they were the adulterers. In my opinion, this is what many viewers don’t get that about Wei Daewan's character. As I said, it's to Daewan’s CREDIT that he didn’t play the victim card. He chose to be notoriously known as the “Nation’s Sinner” rather than throw his dead father under the bus. He could have revealed the truth and let his dad be called, posthumously, as the “Bad Dad” or the "Nation's Adulterer" for abandoning his own son for another woman. Daewan's choice of action tells me that despite all his shady-ness, opportunism, and self-promotion, he's still capable of SACRIFICING himself for the benefit of another person, even if that person was one that he despised. He's redeemable. ... Saving face That night after losing the election, he’s dumped by his girlfriend. He knew that he was about to be dumped by his fake girlfriend. There was really no love lost between them. Their relationship was a strategic partnership. It was created for “optics.” lol. Remember that buzzword word now: Optics. That’s why the title of this kdrama is “The Great Show.” Everything is for show. And that’s what optics means. Instead of getting mad at being dumped, Daewon ended the relationship GRACIOUSLY. He preempted her, saying, “I didn’t keep my promise to you, so I’ll take responsibility. Let’s not see each other again. In my current state, I have no room to take care of you. I’m sorry.” The girl then replied, “Oppa, you’ll become a successful politician. You say what the other party wants to say in their place.” And she got out of the car. Her parting words are what I call a damning praise. On one level, she’s praising him for his ability to express things better than she could ever have. On another level, she’s insulting him. What she’s saying is that he’s got it what it takes to become a politician because he can FAKE SINCERITY. Look: they both knew that the nice things he said were simply to keep up the "appearance." Moreover, they both knew that she insulted and trashed him for losing the election. She said these, didn't she? "How will you make a living? You come from a poor family and no job to go back to" and "What station would hire you? The national 'sinner'?" So his seemingly kind words to her were actually a "double-sided punch" just like what Attorney Kang delivered on the tv show. He was SCHOOLING her on how to break-up with dignity, with class. That's why on the third and deeper level, she's damning him. She knew she'd been insulted. Because he took the high road, he made her look like she's in the gutter. And that's why, in her estimation, he'll make a very good politician. lol. source: https://bitchesoverdramas.com/2019/09/08/the-great-show-eps-1-2-first-impressions
  4. I was so sure it was you because of the Holstein cow on her avatar. That, plus the account said she was super-religious, and everybody here knows that you're a saint. hahaha. You'd be proud to know that I was the one who sounded the alarm. Me. I had one of my fly-by shootings...errr....fly-by postings here on this thread and immediately noticed that your avatar was gone. See? So even when I seem to ignore you, I do keep a (stink) eye of y'all. Like, where's @TRaNz? Ah. There you are. @angelangie any more Cdramas to recommend? What about this Deng Lun/Sandra Ma romcom? Lucky you! You don't need to wait for subs. Put Your Head on My Shoulders was fun to watch. In that final episode -- that scene with the German girl -- do you remember when the German girl looked down at Si TuMo's feet right? STM wasn't wearing shoes and she didn't have pedicure, if I remember correctly. That glance was meant to be insulting and condescending. You see, we don't walk barefoot in the house; we wear shoes. And having well-pedicured toes and manicured nails is just the civilized thing to do. So when STM walked downstairs to break up that tete-a-tete between the German girl and Gu WeiYi, the German girl looked at her feet to show disdain for STM. She was thinking, "Who are YOU? Are you really Gu WeiYi's girlfriend from China? Why, you're just a country bumpkin! He can do sooooo much better than you." 806
  5. I'm back in town. I was in Asia for a couple of weeks, then Latin America on official business. I'm all about world domination, you know, not just making this forum a "cool, chatty place where everyone drops by when they want to have fun." Are you watching anything special? I'm watching Go Go Squid and Hotel del Luna. I was triggered by Rookie Historian's virtue-signalling, so I had to take yoga classes to calm me down. Where's my favorite guy @TRaNz ? And hi @angelangie @USAFarmgirl 2 is back?? Hurray! You, girl, caused me a lot of grief. I even made an instagram just for you and tried to "friend" you. Why didn't you "friend" me back??!!! Grrrr. But now that you're back I can delete that instagram account now. My account looks so shady anyway. 0 friends and 0 followers and 0 posts. +2 804 still
  6. @vangsweetie637 Long time no see. How are you? I agree that the Captain/Warrior could have released Yeonwoo from captivity with the intention of winning over Manwol's confidence. She was after all the bandits' leader and there was a price for her head. (lol. Please ask your friend if she watched Love O2O. This was used as a story line in Love O2O. Xiao Nai rewrote Weiwei's game story so that Captain of the Guard ended up exiling himself, instead of killing himself, after he betrayed Weiwei.) However, the problem with your friend's theory is that it overlooks the fact that: a) Manwol survives and b) the Captain/Warrior guy as well as Yeonwoo are dead. Sure, that Captain could have killed Yeonwoo but that would still leave two people alive, Manwol and the Captain. Since Manwol is the Last Woman Standing, then we have to consider that she was the one who killed the Captain. Ma Go asked her, "Who else did you kill for the sake of the dead?" when they first met in Episode 1? In essence, Ma Go was asking her who did she sacrifice in retaliation or revenge for those people who died for her. Manwol got angry and drew her sword to cut Ma Go's neck. Thus, Ma Go's question is significant to understanding her crime and punishment. It's also possible that the shadow creeping up behind her was the Captain's ghost. Thanks, @kaxx. I was wondering how come my blog was getting hits from soompi and I saw it was you. If you drop by and comment, just introduce yourself as a soompi poster. See y'all later.
  7. It's bitchesoverdramas.com. Yes. I know the name is a doozy but I'm a bad Bee so I might as well own it and flaunt it. Here's the link to my interpretation of Giselle. https://bitchesoverdramas.com/2019/06/07/angels-last-mission-love-on-giselle I just told @nearsea that when YeonSeo dances, it's a given that her dance will be so sublime that it will move an angel to tears. For a performance artist that's the best praise ever: being sublime. It goes beyond regular compliments like, cute, pretty, beautiful, awesome, technically perfect, flawless, etc. When you move someone to tears, it means you've touched somebody's soul. You've left an indelible mark on that person. And that's what pure art is supposed to be. BTW, that's how it's connected to the rain. To the gentle rain that comes with Angel Dan. That gentle rain = heaven's tears lol. I've forgotten to write about the tears in my other posts. Will have to do it now. Later! 808
  8. Shudders. It's like dipping your index finger in the cup and stirring the coffee with your finger. Uncivilized. If real teaspoons aren't available, then disposable coffee stirrers, either the wooden and plastic, are cheap. A green/environment-friendly coffee shop near me have started to use gluten-free, dried pasta noodle as an alternative but I'm not yet mentally conditioned to dip angel-hair/linguini/fettucine/spaghetti pasta in my coffee early in the morning. My order of preference: real teaspoon > plastic knife > plastic spoon > wooden coffee stirrer > plastic coffee stirrer (the one that looks like a straw for elves) > pasta noodle > index finger > packaging Sorry. I'm OCD this morning. Have a good weekend, y'all. Edited to add: @Lawyerh, I'm enjoying that Angel's Last Mission, too and blogging about it. I like the ballet themes but the religious aspect, not so much. 802
  9. Was that a spoiler?? What episode did he post his answer on his phone? It was mentioned in the book but I figured he missed answering it. Yes, the question asked in the beginning of the show was "What happen to the person who you were in love with quietly during your youth"? I thought her answer was “I don’t know” or rather, “I don’t want to know what happened to that person.” She was working through her self-esteem issues and emotional baggage. I’m still trying to figure out why the title is “Love at First Sight”. Yes, this is an easy watch. I like watching him FAIL at romancing her because she's so oblivious. Like when she turned on the kitchen lights while he was lighting the heart candles. My guess is he intentionally timed the "event". He was going to light the candles one by one, as soon as she got out of the bathroom. But she didn't wait for him to finish lighting the candles and turned on the lights. hahaha. In Times with You is looking good. I disliked Ariel's character in that "It Started with a Kiss." I've relegated that show, and its many adaptations, to my graveyard of dramas. lol. This isn’t on viki in my region so I had to look for it elsewhere. I just now started watching the first 15 minutes. The opening is thought-provoking. I never expected time to be depicted as a monkey. But it makes sense. With the passage of time, you realize that it's wiser to see no evil, hear no evil and speak no evil. The older monkey is her recent past while the younger monkey is her old, former self. She smiled at the younger monkey which represents who she used to be in the olden days, while she ignored the older monkey or her present self. Interesting.... Maybe I’ll continue watching this tonight. G'night! Thanks for clarifying my priorities. I was stuck earlier. 654
  10. Le Coup de Foudre?? I'm still working on it. I'm working on Episode 4's review. How did you like it? I'm liking it so far. It makes sense even though the drama writer(s) extended the original story/novella. I think the drama piggyback on the original work...which is fine. I'm working on Put Your Head on My Shoulders, Le Coup de Foudre and Angel's Last Mission. I've been requested to review In Time with Love (the Taiwanese version) and Nice to Meet You --> This one is a shocker, at least the first few minutes. I didn't know what to make of it. So I'll let it stew for a bit before writing my candid impressions of it. Have you seen it? This one: I seem to be binge-ing on Cdramas to purge all the bad kdramas I've watched. lol. And I'm getting the hang of the Chinese double names, like Weiwei, MiaoMiao, Dingding, Wanwan, Caocao, Yiyi, Yuan Yuan, etc. Haha. +2 656
  11. I like Park Bo Young, too. I reviewed the first two episodes of Abyss then I stopped. It's an okay show (i.e., there's nothing wrong with the logic) but I still can't get over the fact that the lead characters are falling in love with the "wrong" bodies. I'm skimming the episodes just to see if the Park Bo Young's character would still want to bed the guy if he reverted back to his ugly face. Too many dramas now and I can't keep track. + 2 652 I'm assuming @sushilicious's math is right. Thanks.
  12. Awesome!! You even remembered to bring an OKCat!! How cute is that? It's wearing an army uniform. I wonder who bought the house. Wouldn't it be amazing if they were TaecGui fans too? And if they aren't TaecGui fans, I hope they aren't annoyed by over-excited fans ringing doorbells and hanging outside the gate. I once stayed in the Goblin's hotel in Quebec City: the Chateau Frontenac. To me, it was amusing to see groups of Asian tourists taking picture of that famous mailbox by the elevators (and posing beside it) because I knew what was going on. But my business associates who met me at the lobby didn't know what was going on. I usually took the elevators on the far end of the hotel to go to my room because I didn't want to disturb the "photo sessions." Yes. He could jump -- or he got better taking photographs with his camera. I'm posting the Youtube of Episode 2. I still laughed out loud when she accidentally sprayed his face. hahaha. Hi-jinx galore.
  13. Of course, we all remember the significance of "jump." I'm posting their musical composition for old times' sake. He mentions "jump" (at 1:08) because it was one of their favorite words that Guigui wanted included in the song. The list included: "Oppa, murmur, gambei, jandoori, jump!" lol. I swear their time together reminds me of a Chinese drama. They were lucky to have each other as partners for the show. Take care of yourself @angelangie!
  14. Really?! Good for her! I want to know the details, too. I hope he's a good guy, just like Ok Taecyeon. We support her and Taec. Hahaha. When did she post this? March 7 of this year? Was this song something they played?? I can't remember now. I went through Ok Taecyeon's twitter? account and I saw him "jumping" again (or leaping). This was 10 days before his discharge. Hahaha. The sheep!!! 9 days before his discharge 8 days before discharge D-7 D-6 D-5 D-4 D-3 D-2 D-1 Then on D-Day, he posted this: This guy is really such a good planner. I'm glad our Guigui met him.
  15. I only read the translations, not the actual novel itself because, as you know, Chinese isn't my first language or my second, third, fourth, fifth... unlike you multi-lingual ladies here. I read at least two different translations after I've written my blog posts. I didn't want to be influenced by the writer's novel so I only read the translations after I've blogged about most of the episodes. You see, the original writer's novel may be different from the screenwriter's script which, in turn, will be different from the viewer's interpretation. I had to read more than one translation. Because the style, flow, and the language proficiency of the two translations were different, I could determine whether I'm missing a certain nuance or translation of the original writer's novel. See? I did my due diligence. The movie's okay. The story's still interesting. But as I said it’s not faithful to the original novel. I f you want one example of the difference between the movie and tv versions vis-à-vis the novel, I just completed one post about it here: https://bitchesoverdramas.com/2019/05/24/love-o2o-the-movie-vs-the-tv-drama I’m sorry you’ll have to visit my blog for it because I don’t have time to transfer everything including the pictures here. I''m behind with my blog posts on the Chinese dramas, "Put Your Head on my Shoulder" and "Le Coup de Foudre." lol. I'm being asked to post on "Abyss" and "Angel's Last Mission: Love", too. So many dramas, so little time. Tagging @rocat .
  16. On netflix. I only watched half of the movie. The actress was pretty but the guy looked plebeian. Will have to bribe myself with ice cream just to finish it. Will review it (sometime this lifetime, lol) and give a 5-point comparison between movie and drama. I have to limit myself to 5 because you know how obsessive I can get. I think drama is more faithful to the novel than the movie, including the characterization of the heroine. See you later!
  17. Welcome back, Taecyeon! I'm reposting from the soompi article. From soompi news: https://www.soompi.com/article/1324813wpp/taecyeon-discharged-from-military-talks-about-missing-fellow-2pm-members-thanks-fans-for-waiting Taecyeon Discharged From Military; Talks About Missing Fellow 2PM Members + Thanks Fans For Waiting 2PM’s Taecyeon is back! In the morning of May 16, Taecyeon was discharged from the military and his duties as a sergeant and active duty soldier. The event took place in Ilsan in Gyeonggi Province, and Taecyeon said, “I couldn’t sleep that well. I was nervous. This is the first time I’m standing in front of cameras in so long that I’m not sure what I look like right now.” He also added, “I heard the trumpet this morning as our alarm, so I still can’t believe I’ve been discharged. I think it will hit me tomorrow morning when I’m woken up by an alarm that isn’t a trumpet.” He took a moment to thank all the fans who had shown up as he said, “First, I want to thank my fans for waiting for me. I didn’t know this many people would come today. I promise to return soon with something good.” When Taecyeon was asked what he wanted to do most, he replied, “I want to see the other 2PM members.” He added, “Two of them are currently in the army, and I really miss the other members. I hope our loving members can gather soon and show everyone something great.” He also thanked TWICE as he chose them as the girl group he missed the most, adding, “It’s been difficult to see them because of scheduling. But they still sent me a video. I’m grateful.” Fellow 2PM member Chansung was there to greet him, and the two exchanged big smiles and warm greetings when they saw each other. Taecyeon enlisted on September 4, 2017 and has now been discharged on May 16, 2019. He is set to pursue new activities as both a member of 2PM and as an actor. In July 2018, Taecyeon decided to part ways with JYP Entertainment and signed a contract with 51K, starting a new chapter in his life as both a singer and actor. Welcome back Taecyeon!
  18. Yes, I like Lee Junho. He plays the "everyman" roles convincingly. I also helps that his features are those of an ordinary man. Seo Kang Joon... he's a heartthrob isn't he? I think if the camera just focuses on his eyes, I'll believe anything that he says as the gospel truth. He must have been a snake charmer in a previous life or something. I made a list on my blog of all the other idol-actors I considered good. Good thinking! Thanks. That seems to be our missing @usafarmgirl. I teased her so often about having to milk cows and coming home with the cows. I don't have instagram or facebook though so I won't be able to contact her. But I wish her well wherever she is. And will light a candle for her safe journey. @kokodus, don't wrack yourself with guilt. Let's remember the fun times and good memories. 542 544
  19. huh? You didn't know, too? She appears to have disappeared, went off the grid. Oh dear. My top four used to be: Siwan, Kyungsoo Do (because they can act) and Ok Taecyeon and Yoon Doojoon (my "participation trophy" recipients, hahaha. They're on my list because I like their dependable guy image, not because they can act ACT) I understand about stalking. You should see my good friend @nrllee; she's an expert at this "researching" business. She must have an algorithm somewhere. +2 534
  20. Oh? Is he an idol, too?? Uh.oh. I'm going to have trouble with my list of "Top 4" idol-actors. I've already limited myself to only 4 idols, and I had to shuffle my list to include Park JinYoung from "He's Psychometric." 522 By the way, where is @usafarmgirl? Her name's not coming up when I tag her? edited: Get well soon, @triplem
  21. Just dropping to look for my old teammate @TRaNz. Hey, dude, your Taylor Swift just released a new song!! Did you download it already? She yells, "Je suis calme!!" Going to watch Abyss, too, and probably blog about it. Is AHS the lead in "17 going 30"? +2 514
  22. I agree. 1. Phones are waterproof nowadays so Lee Ahn's phone should be fine. Samsung even sold exploding phones that they had to recall, right? (lol) 2. It's superfluous to watch: a. Lee Ahn panicking and calling the ambulance b. ambulance arriving and undoing the chain c. police cars chasing the criminal and the criminal escaping on foot I can connect the dots so I don't have to SEE the scenes to know that rescue happened and that the criminal eluded them again. It's more important to MOVE the plot along than to shoot these redundant ambulance and chase scenes. Anyway, here are my thoughts on Kim Gab Yong's "Client" who didn't want loose ends. To me, the worst case scenario is not "Hyung....omoni," as Lee Ahn speculated. It's somebody else. And THAT person is the reason Sungmo's mom "attempted suicide the day she found out the deaths of Kang Hee Sook and Park Soo Young." https://bitchesoverdramas.com/2019/04/17/hes-psychometric-kim-gab-yongs-boss And here are my random comments on Episode 12: My comments on Ep 12 https://bitchesoverdramas.com/2019/04/18/hes-psychometric-ep-12-random-notes Same here. I want her safe and I want her happy. About two weeks ago, I said that she'd been ignoring death and I didn't like it. https://bitchesoverdramas.com/2019/04/07/hes-psychometric-ignoring-death Here's my interpretation of the sunflowers. This was written almost two weeks ago, too, so I haven't updated the sunflower sighting. https://bitchesoverdramas.com/2019/04/10/hes-psychometric-ep-10-on-sunflowers-mums-and-yss-construction and here: https://bitchesoverdramas.com/2019/04/15/hes-psychometric-osts-and-sunflowers As you can see I've been busy writing all sorts of nonsense about this kdrama. lol. Even though I expect the worst for Jisoo, I do wish nothing but the very best for her. Enjoy!!
  23. Just dropping by to post a brief excerpt of my analysis of the "Little Prince." ... She became more important to him than his pain. He was responsible for her, as the little prince was responsible for his rose. In the story, the little prince realized how important the rose was for him, and he wanted to return to his planet. He worried about the flower he left in his planet unprotected. He was searching for his way back to the planet when he encountered the narrator. Likewise Lee Ahn realized that Jaein was more important to him than his personal demons. And that's why the staging of this exact moment was brilliant to me. Sungmo (aka the fox) reassured Jaein (aka the rose) that Lee Ahn just needed some time but he would be back soon. Like the little prince, he had to travel outside his own world of hurt and anger to see what truly matters to him the most. link: http://bitchesoverdramas.com/2019/04/12/hes-psychometric-on-the-little-prince *************** There's also some concern that in Episode 10, it's Lee Ahn who's been doing the giving while Jaein doesn't do squat for Ahn. In case there are some of you who also feel this way, my answer is here: http://bitchesoverdramas.com/2019/04/13/hes-psychometric-on-creating-heroes/ I'm sorry I haven't contributed much to this thread. I've been busy blogging about this, too, so soompi has unfortunately fallen on the wayside. Part of me would like to see another guy, other than a blood-relation of SM, be the killer/stalker. I think it's a terrible burden on any individual to know that he's genetically flawed or that he carries in his blood, not designer genes, but "monster" genes.
  24. Thanks @lynne22, I recently started watching chinese dramas. But I'm going to dip my toesies into Chinese historical dramas. The problem is they're all 50+ episodes so the first one has to be pretty (visually pretty), romantic (no unhappy and open endings), solid (no plot holes and too-stupid-to-live heroines) and conventional love story so I'm not traumatized. Meaning, nothing like Scarlet Heart, nothing epic like Gone with the Wind, and absolutely nothing Game of Thrones-ish. lol. Did I cross out all the Chinese historical dramas? Do you know about this historical drama where the female lead is a general and the guy is a sulky prince she's forced to marry? I read a small blurb about it but I lost my notes. Do you recommend it? Thanks. Maybe @angelangie will know, too. +2 914
  25. Yes, ma'am. I almost didn't join in because I didn't want to backtrack. @lynne22 What Cdrama is this? I'm on team add, right? If not, oh well. I just made a basket for the opposing team. hahaha. 842
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