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  1. Hahaha, the way he at JHM is epic, TOP TO TOE. I really like their bromance relationship. If they are not enemy for this drama, I'm sure their chemistry must be epic than this one.
  2. Hahaha! Thanks chingu @Lawyerh @Ameera Ali the gifs is brilliant and classic. I remember I laughed like crazy on ep.1. So epic! Please come here often for discussion. I still can't get over this drama too.
  3. Hahaha oh yes @Lawyerh the gifs just bright my day! Thanks @triplem Indeed SHS gave us delicious scenes in COALG.
  4. Lols. The holding hand part are so funny. I wonder what are they thinking actually. Ok, spare my your dream power @Lawyerh See I can dream on my fav oppa or not.
  5. Yes @Lawyerh, she call him sunbae and he call her Kim Dan or Dan-ah(certain situation). I think this drama dont have much time for romance part of because the crime issue way too tricky. If they put romance plot I think the feeling will be different. Dont think will concentrate on crime case d and might be drag down the story plot. Kim Dan's character is awesome. Really independent, strong and happy person. I feel comfortable on her character. (I prefer independent female character rather than week and always cry... Kinda annoying to me..) I kinda pity on Jo Ha-Him but thanks god he survived till the end. I really like his chemistry with KJH even at press conference. I never thought they got height difference CJI's taste on female does awkward. I laughed out the way he said strike on victim's wife. Actually I don't have good feeling on OCN show. I always get disappointed ending .. This is the 1st time I get satisfied ending
  6. Im sure he will coming back soon. either is before or after Osaka fan meeting. Lols! Looks like hot kiss and long haired is your priority now
  7. Hahaha, yes yes this is the one that I mentioned. "Does anyone love science?" He does look like crazy scientist when he doing chemical stuffs. Yes this is one of thing I like CJI character is his eyes never put away from Kim Dan side. Actually Im quite surprise he called Kim Dan in casual way on ep3.( When Kim Dan get shoot on her arm side) Usually they called each other in formal way right before they in relationship. I wonder izzit that moment CJI have feeling on her. I dont feel boring on this drama, I think I can rewatch it many time. The OST "Truth" is really my jam song now..
  8. Oh yes! the bonding time in island are so great. He scream so hard when he saw the grandmother and I'm like face palm that why he so scared on ghost.. Yes!! I agree his holding gun gesture very cool. Not only that, the way he light up the lighter also different (scene from Island when he wanna blow up the chemical bottle) I loop that part many times. I wonder how many times he did that part. The combat stimulation part at church also very awesome. Suddenly remind me of Kingsmen Church fighting scene! Can he be like Colin Firth??? I'm sure I'm gonna crazy coz that I loop Kingsmen Church scene like crazy (Colin Firth is one of my fav actors). Hahaha we really poison on fashion part aren't we? Yes we are! I'll be right back after dinner for sharing my thought on COALG.
  9. yes I did check out @gm4queen darling, post looks so amazing! Awesome! Hope we can get awesome photos from fans. Hahaha! Did you scream on that time when he holding PSH's hand? hahaha! I'm sure @Pyar also crazy in love with Choi Daniel. All photos she shared are so lovely.
  10. Oh! Kamsahamnida @Lawyerh The uniform style always is my favourite I guess detective outlook is quite open forum coz it depend on their character's background. But I prefer clean look rather than no shower for a week.. Beard is fine but no shower for a week it seems like not a detective material.. I think is also because COALG shooting at Winter and Spring time and Winter/Spring clothes is more choices, accessories and stylish than summer time. (Actually I just found out that I seldom watch K-Drama in summer background). I convinced my sister watched this drama, at first she almost wanna kill me because she got scared by 1 of the scene that scary movie part and the OST song "Because I believe" she said too spooky to listen at midnight but overall is funny and interesting story line. Hahaha! I agree with you that I also get mesmerised by CJI and everything start from uniform part. Which part you get mesmerised by CJI?
  11. Hahaha! dreaming is good! Can make my life lively~~ Today got free time for web browser so quickly drop by here.
  12. Haha, yes please! Or pilot instructor also can!
  13. Awww~~ The MV so lovely @Lawyerh I really like their's skin-ship although don't have much romance but skin-ship and caring already fill up my heart so much. I bursted out so loud when I saw you tagging @Lawyerh You really make my day so cheerful now. hahaha! I believe he is both model in this drama. All outfits are so good on him yes specially the black ribbon white coat, that part suddenly makes me awake that is Cheon Jae-In in fashion show now? Why he become so modelling? Even his beggar's outfit are so trendy too. hahaha!
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