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[Drama 2019] V.I.P, 브이아이피


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  1. 1. Was there an affair?

    • No, there was no affair. It was one sided on Yoo Ri's part
    • Yes, there was an ongoing affair.
    • It was a one night stand.
  2. 2. The Conspiracy Theory

    • Yoo Ri is not the real daughter but the VP's mistress.
    • Sung Joon is doing this for his own gain ( to advance his career).
    • The VP hired Yoo Ri to destroy the Sung Joon - Jung Sun.
    • This is a high-end escort service.
    • There really is no conspiracy - just a marriage breaking down.

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4 minutes ago, maribella said:

I don't see our heroine leaving in glory to become the CEO of another company or starts her own firm with the others. 

So she now knows the life story of SJ and thinks he and YR suit each other. She gives him his divorce. So lame, how pathetic.


I don't understand why giving money to the mistress who btw has been funded by the VP for years will bring the VP to his knees. 
Why is the focus on the tart?  We have so little time left to find a man for JS.  What use Is there for the team to work for the same company, YR gains if they work hard for the company and she gains if JS does not perform and is sacked. 


OK I am patient. Tomorrow night.

Because there is no new man for jung sun.


Either back with sung jun or no at all. 


From the beginning it is all about their marriage not about new man for her.


Even if there is man the most possible one would be sang woo but i doubt it much.

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:mellow: Not watched yet but why do I feel like these last two episodes are going to be a letdown?


If they are going to try and make me feel sorry for SJ because boo hoo hoo my mother was a mistress so my 40 year old self gets a free pass for lying to my wife, humiliating her and making a mockery of our marriage vows and jumping into bed with the first young chick who makes herself available, not to mention his dodgy dealings for the VP :rolleyes: It's not going to work.


Also why so much screen time for the stupid twit nobody wants to see onscreen?


I don't need Jung Sun to get a new man. I just want her to move on from the cheater she was married to and live her best and better life.

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Can we talk about how YR was humiliated big time lol?:joy:. The CEO and VP wife are my favorite now Imao:glasses:. They really taught both father and daughter a lesson they will never forget lol:smirk:


@Samuel YohanesY So true. This was all about their marriage. Unfortunately, I highly doubt JS will ever trust another man ever again after this. 

@raziela The last episode should be about how JS will move on from this.

@cenching Do you have the link for the preview?

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man - so much for our theories.  this is starting to look like a bit of a let down - no huge revenge, no hopeful and happy ending. Just move on like real life. Lol. This is a drama. We want our happy or at least satisfying ending! 

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I have a sneaking feeling that the fact that the finale is on Christmas Eve will have a bearing on the ending.  Just read Dramamilk's recap of Episode 15 and SJ's mother comes to plead with JS and JS did NOT know that SJ was an "affair child".  If he rejects Yuri and sits vigil at the hospital with JS and then begs her forgiveness on his knees, I could see her at least listening to him and agreeing to maybe get counseling to understand what happened to them.  He needs to have a total emotional breakdown and let her see how vulnerable he is.  She doesn't have to agree to reconcile or divorce, but counseling would be a middle ground where they could sort through their feeling and actions and try to learn something from it.  So end could be open ended?


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1 hour ago, 2good2btru said:

Based on epi 15 recap and other comments,  it seems the twist is related to other characters and not the FL or ML? Omg, my heart is pounding and my brain is in shock and denial that this series really was just about an affair with a side story of work politics. The red herrings, misdirecrion, and mystery was all about revealing who the mistress was??!! That can't be the climax to this story. Please tell me it's not so!!! With only one episode left, it just doesn't seem that we'll get many answers to our overwhelming list of questions and satisfying closure.... I'm so sad and in desperate need of a tub of ice cream right about now..lol


Is VIP based on a novel? I would love to read his thoughts as he makes his decisions, to have an insight as to why and what could have possibly triggered someone who looked so upstanding to have made such a 180, and to hear the thoughts that run thru his head whenever he sees JS.


If anything at least give us a moment of stark visualization of SJ in utter breakdown and misery as it fully sinks in how much and what he lost. And to finally admit out loud,  that even if he's not worthy that he is still so in love with JS.


Ikr.....this cant be....dont tell me i got all excited waiting for a major plot twist on the finale for..this...so disappointed

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1 hour ago, smlinwa said:

man - so much for our theories.  this is starting to look like a bit of a let down - no huge revenge, no hopeful and happy ending. Just move on like real life. Lol. This is a drama. We want our happy or at least satisfying ending! 


TELL ME ABOUT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!! :triumph:






I mean, SJ is nooooooooooooow pulling a 180 on JS and YR? Where was all that in Ep. 5 when JS asked SJ to come clean about the circumstances revolving the affair so that they can start over with an honest, clean conscience? Why was he hanging around YR during the last 2-7 episodes (if we count the end of Ep. 8 with the whole "SJ's mistress" reveal): YR's grief over her mother's death? YR's birthday? Is the screenwriter really trying to pull a fast one on us by implanting SJ's abrupt regret over his decision to "go evil all the way"? Has the writer forgotten that SJ's thoughtless actions over his affair with YR was ALSO screwing with the VIP team, not just JS!?:angry:


Moreover, JS didn't actually know about SJ's wedlock birth until SJ's mother begged her for forgiveness? JS is thinking about YR's accusation of her not knowing about the pain SJ was going through during that 1-year grieving period over the stillbirth (btw, YR, SJ's breakdown was NOT JUST about his father's death/familial circumstances <_<)? I can understand JS's resigned decision to let go of her revenge plan of "dragging SJ with her to hell" and just divorce SJ, but I'll be darned if the screenwriter assumes that we the audience will accept at face value the possibility of JS "uncharacteristically" taking back SJ just because of the "wedlock" revelation and SJ's staying by her side at the hospital bed.


Up until Ep. 5-8, I would have understood why JS would take him back- yes, even with the revealing of SJ's complicity with the VP over the slash fund and the VP's past mistresses. If it weren't for SJ's foolish decision to become emotionally involved with YR, I (and perhaps JS?) would consider SJ's handling of the VP's previous affairs as nothing more than shady business that more-or-less affect JS's marriage and work (SJ's career would be a totally different story, obviously). But at the end of Ep. 15 followed by the finale? That'll require some mental gymnastics and "jumping the shark" for the writer and/or director to make us the audience buy into the whole JS-SJ reconciliation arc.


And even then, that doesn't necessarily guarantee the full comeuppance that SJ, YR, and the VP (idk about Director Bae yet) should get for all their careless actions that compromised both JS and the VIP team. YR shouldn't just run off to the U.S. or benefit from the matchmaker's advice in accepting a possible match with the T.O. Group heir or some other chaebol; she must grovel in the mud for daring to step on JS and the VIP team when all they did was being mindful and considerate for her when she was just a rookie with the "VP's mistress" rumors and no work qualifications. At this point, losing SJ is not punishment enough for YR anymore. I'm not going to bother with lashing out at the VP or Director Bae; it goes without saying about the VP having to pay for his white-collar crimes/illegal slash funds, as well as Director Bae being blacklisted at all other (VIP) companies for his sexual harassment cases.


On a much happier note, get that recognition for all the hard work including this VIP event today, MN!!!! Remember, MN, that  you have your husband BH, your 2-going-3 children, JS, HA, SW, JY (Jinyoung), and us the audience cheering you on!!! :glasses:


Last but not least, keep the HA-JH lovebird ship sailing; they, especially HA, deserve all the love and happiness!!!! :heart:





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We have been duped. Not only was JS cheated, I think so are we. :unamused:
Just watched it raw. Half of the time it is about YR waiting for SJ, cooking in her fancy kitchen, talking to the VP, meeting and impressing a chaebol, demanding JS divorce SJ and when she is not in the centre of the scene - when JS fell, the camera is on her face, her reactions, her tears... :angry::triumph: really who gives a crap what she feels!! The title says ' were we ever in love'. The interactions between JS and SJ are barely 10 minutes, all about work except for the few moments when he is drunk and she is the hospital bed. Maybe the other forums are on the side of this shameless hussy? So the writer and PD think viewers will just love to watch her? ( retch, retch...). 
The only consolation is that JS and SJ met in the preview and a large envelope is in front of him.  But neither is shown leaving with a box. 
It is so stupid. The tart is going to study in the US and even if they broke up, JS

needs to leave that company. Work for/with the two of them?, she must not.  I am disappointed with this episode and I am ready to be extremely peed off tomorrow night. That fall should be something big, but no, it is about SJ realising he still loves his wife, YR realising her mistress days may be over, don't go near a drunk near a staircase, the hospital room is nice.

Other than that, it is a total let down.

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After watching episode 15 and seeing the preview for 16, I still think there is hope for JS and SJ.  I know there is only 1 hour left to the drama, but a lot can happen in an hour with a time jump.  I knew SJ always loved JS and his guilt and feelings of shame after the incident with Yuri caused him to react the way he did.  He was afraid she would never forgive him. When JS asked him to leave that night, he felt defeated and so he went to Yuri.  I always said she was his second choice.  Not because he loved her but because he understood her and what she was going through. She was sad and needed him and he needed her to help him.  As I said before, they were kindred spirits and related to each other on a different level than him and JS.  (Empathy) Not Love.


I think the CEO will end up being the one that lets the affair scandal out.  JS would not stoop to that level.  Once the affair is out in the open then the VP, who has warned Yuri and SJ to not see each other until after the divorce will send Yuri to the states to study.   She will choose to go as Ha Yuri instead of On Yuri otherwise she would lose the VPs backing.  SJ will be remorseful and possibly quit the company and start again.  After time, I think he and JS will meet and realize they were much happier together than apart because they do truly love each other.


This drama has been excellent at keeping us focused and tuning in while going crazy over what happens next.  I really do not see the writer letting us down by just having them divorce at the end of the drama.  There have been so many twists and turns and if a divorce in the end is all there was to this drama then too many people would be upset.  The drama has been all about their marriage and I believe that time to heal and forgiveness would be the best ending.  Still a hopeless romantic.  

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Oopsie think I might need to find someone doing a recap before watching. Who's doing a recap please? I mean a blogger. Thank you.


I will just watch the fall down stairs scene thanks. Bugger that It will show YR's reaction. I am a sucker watching a good well done accident scene. Sounds as if it's not.


I need to go to  " war of the prosecutor " next to get spoilers. It's before 6am here Christmas Eve. So Kdrama is not high on my priority so not even getting upset. I just think I will be wanting to read a recap after reading the spoilers here and not waste 1hr of my time watching YR.


Good luck to all of you emotionally invested in this drama.

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