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  1. Lee Sang Yoon Reacts To Angry Comments About His Character In “VIP” + Jang Nara Leaves Sweet Comment Dec 12, 2019 by S. Park Lee Sang Yoon and Jang Nara reacted to criticism about Lee Sang Yoon’s character on “VIP.” The SBS drama has been rising in viewership ratings and recently recorded its personal bestrecord for its suspenseful plot. In the drama, Park Sung Joon (played by Lee Sang Yoon) cheats on Na Jung Sun (played by Jang Nara) with On Yoo Ri (played by Pyo Ye Jin). On December 11, the actor shared photos on Instagram of him looking at his phone between takes on set. He wrote, “Should I take a look at this week’s reactions? … Sigh… I feel grateful that you’re seeing Lee Sang Yoon as Park Sung Joon, but at the same time, I also feel… haha. There are only two weeks left! Let’s work hard until the end!” Jang Nara commented, “Director Park worked really hard” with a crying and laughing emoji. Lee Sang Yoon replied, “Deputy Na, you’re going through a lot of heartache” with a crying emoji. cr: https://www.soompi.com/article/1370968wpp/lee-sang-yoon-reacts-to-angry-comments-about-his-character-in-vip-jang-nara-leaves-sweet-comment
  2. VIP Cast Shows Off Perfect Teamwork And Fun Atmosphere In Behind-The-Scenes Photos Dec 7, 2019 by S. Park The cast of “VIP” is all smiles in the latest set of behind-the-scenes photos! The SBS series has gained popularity as an exciting office melodrama filled with plot twists. Unlike the thrilling storyline of the drama, the cast revealed how much they laugh when the cameras aren’t rolling. In the drama, Jang Na Ra portrays charismatic female lead Na Jung Sun who finds out about her husband’s affair. In contrast to her fierce role, the actress brightens up the set with her lovely smile and helps liven up the atmosphere. Her on-screen husband Lee Sang Yoon hangs out with the actors and staff between takes and sets a cheerful mood. Lee Chung Ha has won viewers over with her “girl crush” character, but she shows off her cuteness on set. Unlike her working mom character who is often crying in “VIP,” Kwak Sung Yeon only smiles as she’s surrounded by fellow co-stars on set. Pyo Ye Jin shocked viewers after she was revealed as Lee Sang Yoon’s mistress. In the behind-the-scenes photos, the actress turned into the cute youngest member of the cast. The department team’s No. 1 troublemaker Shin Jae Ha used his wit to make his co-stars burst into laughter and proved himself as the mascot of “VIP.” read more: https://www.soompi.com/article/1369994wpp/vip-cast-shows-off-perfect-teamwork-and-fun-atmosphere-in-behind-the-scenes-photos
  3. Jang Nara Glares Daggers At Lee Sang Yoon During An Uncomfortably Tense Gathering In “VIP” Tension continues to rise in SBS’s Monday-Tuesday drama “ VIP”! “VIP” tells the story of an elite team of professionals who take care of the VIP clients at a high-end department store. The drama also highlights the lives of working women who are trying to juggle their professional work and their private relationships. In the new stills, the Vice President (Park Sung Geun) has invited Na Jung Sun ( Jang Nara ) and Park Sung Joon ( Lee Sang Yoon ) to a formal dinner. In addition to the three, On Yoo Ri ( Pyo Ye Jin) and Lee Myung Eun ( Jeon Hye Jin ) are also partaking in the meal. In the photo, Na Jung Sun is sending a sharp glare towards On Yoo Ri while Park Sung Joon and On Yoo Ri are unable to hide their discomfort. The Vice President and Lee Myung Eun also appear to be in shock, making viewers curious as to what Na Jung Sun could have thrown on the table to put everyone on the edge. The production team shared, “The five actors each let out their charisma in this scene with their high-quality and enthusiastic performance, giving life to the scene. In the [December] 3 [broadcast] of episode 10, Pandora’s [box] of unpredictably shocking secrets will continue to open and cause a storm. Please keep watching.” cr: https://www.soompi.com/article/1369252wpp/jang-nara-glares-daggers-at-lee-sang-yoon-during-an-uncomfortably-tense-gathering-in-vip
  4. Jang Nara And Lee Sang Yoon Have Tense And Emotional Confrontation In “VIP” Dec 2, 2019 by J. Lim Tensions are rising between Jang Nara and Lee Sang Yoon in SBS’s Monday-Tuesday drama “VIP.” “VIP” tells the story of an elite team of professionals who take care of the VIP clients at a high-end department store. The drama also highlights the lives of working women who are trying to juggle their professional work and their private relationships. Spoiler The previous episodes have followed Na Jung Sun (Jang Nara), who is trying to uncover the wrongdoings of her husband, and Park Sung Joon (Lee Sang Yoon), who is trying to restore his relationship with his wife while hiding secrets from her. Though Park Sung Joon had told Na Jung Sun that he would tell her everything, he began to hesitate when he received a text message from Ohn Yoo Ri (Pyo Ye Jin), asking him to come to her house. Leaving Na Jung Sun waiting for him at a cafe, Park Sung Joon ends up heading to Ohn Yoo Ri. The new stills show Na Jung Sun and Park Sung Joon sitting across from each other in a tense situation, finally having a conversation together. When Park Sung Joon opens his mouth to speak, Na Jung Sun clasps her shaking hands together and tries to push down the emotions that rise within her. However, the preview for the upcoming episode had shown Park Sung Joon saying to Na Sung Jun, “Let’s end things here,” showing his desire to end his relationship with his wife. Jang Nara and Lee Sang Yoon are said to have had everyone holding their breaths as they acted our their tense scenes together. With detailed facial expressions and vocal tones, the two actors played a couple in crisis and it’s said that even after the scene was over, Jang Nara had to take a moment to compose herself and was warmly comforted by Lee Sang Yoon. The production staff said, “Jang Nara and Lee Sang Yoon have perfectly understood their characters as they fall deeper into a crisis, and they have shown great acting to reflect that. The upcoming episodes will lay out the stories that Lee Sang Yoon’s character has been trying to hide, so please tune in.” cr: https://www.soompi.com/article/1369035wpp/jang-nara-and-lee-sang-yoon-have-tense-and-emotional-confrontation-in-vip
  5. Jang Nara Is Shocked By What She Finds On Her Husband’s Black Box In “VIP” Dec 2, 2019 by E. Cha Jang Nara will be making a shocking discovery on the next episode of SBS’s “VIP”! Spoiler On the previous episode of “VIP,” Park Sung Joon (played by Lee Sang Yoon) finally agreed to tell his wife Na Jung Sun (played by Jang Nara) all the details of his past affair. The married couple made plans to meet at a cafe after work to talk things out, but after receiving a text from Ohn Yoo Ri (played by Pyo Ye Jin), Park Sung Joon stood up his wife in order to go to the younger employee’s home instead. The episode ended with Park Sung Joon embracing the distraught Ohn Yoo Ri in consolation as Na Jung Sun restlessly waited for him at the cafe. In newly released stills from the drama’s upcoming episode, Na Jung Sun decides to check out the footage from the event data recorder (“black box”) of her husband’s car, which has recorded everything from the past 24 hours. However, as she soon as she begins watching, her eyes widen in shock at what she sees. Even as her hand flies to her mouth in surprise, Na Jung Sun is unable to tear her gaze off the video, piquing viewers’ curiosity as to what exactly she has discovered. The producers of “VIP” spoke highly of their leading lady’s acting skills, commenting, “Jang Nara has an in-depth understanding of the script, and she has been conveying her character’s emotions in full in every scene. Her acting always receives applause on the filming set.” They went on to tease, “Jang Nara’s gaze will make an 180-degree transformation in the upcoming ninth episode, which airs on December 2. Please look forward to it.” cr: https://www.soompi.com/article/1368982wpp/jang-nara-is-shocked-by-what-she-finds-on-her-husbands-black-box-in-vip
  6. VIP: Episodes 3-8 (Series review) by missvictrix read more: www.dramabeans.com/2019/11/vip-episodes-3-8-series-review/
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