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Lee Byung Hun 이병헌 Byunghun Lee


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이병헌 Byunghun Lee


watermelon_slice_by_le_noodle.gif20.10.2010 :: Fans' Tribute EverythingLBH.com Website ::





As this is our 5th year (plus 2003/4) at soompi.com, we're setting up a website as a tribute to the international online fans who have continuously shared about Lee Byung Hun so unconditionally over these past years. Despite the setback, restrictions and heartaches along the way, EverythingLBH's ardent sharing never stops no matter what. Because EverythingLBH has never been officially affiliated with LBH, we don't know how Byunghun-ssi will feel about the website but many of us have been waiting since 5 years ago for an international LBH fan club and still waiting. However, we're not sure if we are able to wait another 5 years.. thus why we're doing this now while possible and it's done for the fans in mind. Realistically not going for anything fancy, or flashy nor high-tech trendy but something built from the heart and filling it up with pride being Lee Byung Hun fans we are & always will be. 

Gratitude to @taprokh for such diligent and consistent effort in setting up the site for us, right from scratch and making it fans-friendly first & foremost. We hope everyone will also feel the pride & love and no longer be reluctant or embarrassed being a part of EverythingLBH-soompi, now EverythingLBH.com as well. Coincidentally, due to the new soompi site-adjustment the "Everything' at the thread description have been dropped recently which seems like an indicator of some sort that could not have happened at a better time, huh. 

Please understand that we only started with the idea end of July after BH's 40th birthday. In a way.. this is like our small gift for the 20th Anniversary.. better late than never, right? There are still really really really a lot to compile and share about LBH which we only have less than 40% posted but EverythingLBH will go on and on, like it always has -- here, where it all started. We could never thank everyone enough for all the unconditional sharing we had since 2003 and hope it will continue on for as long as possible.

As online fans.. we are obviously not the ones Byunghun often see & meet at the airports, events and gatherings but to us.. he is the person we see, follow, share and talk about every day albeit just on the internet. Hopefully this new website will enable more international English-speaking fans to know & find out about Korean actor Lee Byung Hun.





Name: Lee Byung Hun / Lee Byeong-heon / ByungHun Lee / イ・ビョンホン、/ 李炳宪 
Nickname: James Dean, Big Culkin, HunByung (= military policeman) 
Date of Birth: July 12, 1970 (Lunar Calendar) / August 13, 1970 
Height: 178cm 
Weight: 72kg 
Horoscope: Cancer 
Zodiac: Dog 
Spouse: Actress Lee Min Jung / 이민정 (216jung)
Married: August 10, 2013
Children: Lee Joon Hoo (first son, born March 31, 2015)
Family Members: Mother and younger sister, Lee Eun Hee (Lee Ji An), cousin: Sean Dulake
Blood Type: O 
Religion: Buddhism 
Specialty: Swimming, Taekwondo, Ski boarding, Jet Skiing, Arm-wrestling 
Hobbies: Collecting hats, backpacking travel, golf, movies, photography

Social media: Official IGOfficial Weibo 

Agent: BH Entertainment Talent Agency / TwitterFacebook / Instagram / Naver Blog / Youtube 

Daewang Primary 
Youngdong Secondary 
Chungdong High 
Hanyang University (Major in French Literature, Erica Campus) 
Graduate School of Joongang University (Major in Theater and Cinematography)

Unique trait: Easygoing & a well-known sense of humor, very strong memory on events & people, IQ of 155, work perfectionist 
Habit: Very persistant actor; "Instead of an artist's self-consciousness, he just follows common sense" - Dir. Park Chan Wook 
Simple pleasures: Gardening, BBQ with family/friends, Italian coffee, espresso, red wine, good food 
Fave attire: T-shirt, shirts and jeans or bermudas, baseball cap & Nike shoes; white shirt with casual pants 
Fave music: Jazz 
Fave Brand: Gucci, Von Dutch, Omega, Christian Dior for Men 
Fave Actor: Choi Min Shik, Maggie Cheung, Al Pacino
Close buddies: Hyunseok Choi, Park Chan Wook, Kim Ji Woon, Lee Beom Soo, Im Chang Jung, Song Seung Hun, Lee Jung Jae, Shin Ha Kyun, Yoon Dong Shik (Korean Judoka)
Fave colours: Black & darker shades. All colours if visual 
Official homepage: leebyunghun.kr (Byunghun & Rubeurs)
Designer Star Shop: BHNC Unique & Gorgeous with Lee Eun Hee
Management: BH Entertainment Co. Ltd. (established in Jan 2007, previously with Fantom Ent., Player Ent.)
BH Entertainment 
5F Inhee Bldg, 52-1 Chungdamdong, 
Gangnam-gu, Seoul 135-100, Korea
Tel 82 2 3014 2102
Japanese Agent: ArtistView (Song Wan Mo, CEO)
Hollywood Agent & Agency: United Talent Agency (UTA),Jennifer Rawlings, William Morris-Endeavor Entertainment (previously Endeavor Talent Agency, CAA)


The Match (2021)
Ashfall / Mount Baekdu / Baekdusan (2019)
It's Only My World / Keys to the Heart (2018)
The FortressSouth Castle / Namhansanseong (2017)
The Age of Shadows (2016, cameo)
Single Rider (2016)
Master (2016)
The Magnificent Seven [Hollywood] (2016)

Misconduct [Hollywood] (2016)
Inside Men (2015)
Memories of The Sword (2015)
Rush Hour 4 -  Face/Off 2 [Hollywood Spoof] (2015)

RED 2 [Hollywood] (2013)
GI Joe: Retaliation [Hollywood] (2013)
Gwanghae, The Man Who Became King / Masquerade (2012)
Share the Vision (2011)
I Saw The Devil (2010)
The Influence [Digital Online Movie] (2010)
IRIS the movie (2010)
GI Joe: The Rise of Cobra [Hollywood] (2009)
I Come With The Rain [US + French] (2009)
The Good, The Bad, The Weird (2008)
Hero [Japan] (2007)
Once In A Summer (2006)
A Bittersweet Life (2005)
Everybody Has Secrets (2004)
Three Extremes / Three, Monster (2004)
Addiction (2002)
My Beautiful Girl, Ma-ri (2001)
Bungee Jumping Of Their Own (2001)
Joint Security Area / JSA (2000)
Harmonium In My Memory (1999)
Extra (1998)
Lament / Elegy Of Earth (1997)
Kill The Love (1996)
Armageddon (1996)
Runaway (1995)
Who Makes Me Crazy (1995)
Sunset Into The Neon Lights (1995) 


Here (2021)

Mr. Sunshine (2018, tvN)

Diplomat Kosaku Kuroda (2011, Fuji TV)
IRIS (2009, KBS)
All In (2003, SBS)
Beautiful Days (2001, SBS)
Road (2001, SBS)
Sally Is Back (1999, SBS)
Sunflower (1999, SBS)
Happy Together (1999, SBS)
White Nights 3.98 (1998, SBS)
I Want (1997, SBS; 70 min drama)
Beautiful My Lady (1997, SBS)
Son Of Wind (1995; KBS)
Men Of Asphalt: The Legend Of Car God (1995, SBS)
The Fragrance Of Love (1994, KBS)
Police (1993, KBS)
The Sorrow Of The Survivor (1993, KBS)
Tomorrow Love (KBS, 1992)
Wild Chrysanthemum (1992, KBS)
Morning Without Good-Byes (1992, KBS)
Flower That Never Wilt (1991, KBS)
Day Of Sunrise (1992, KBS)
Asphalt My Hometown (1991, KBS)



The Last Empire (2012, SBS narration)
The Road of Hope - The Long March (2011, KBS)
Inside Asia - The Earth of Mankind (2009, KBS)



I LUV IT (2017 PSY)

To Heaven (1999, Jo Sung Mo)

Immortal Love (1999, Jo Sung Mo)


watermelon_slice_by_le_noodle.gifAWARDS & RECOGNITION

1992 - KBS Drama Awards - New Actor Award (Day of Sunrise)
1993 - KBS Drama Awards - Male Excellence Award (Tomorrow Love) 
1995 - 6th Chunsa Film Arts Festival - New Face Award (Who Makes Me Crazy)
1995 - KBS Drama Awards - Male Excellence Award (Son Of Wind)
1996 - 32nd PaekSang Arts Awards - Best TV Actor (Son Of Wind)
1996 - 34th Grand Bell Film Awards - New Actor Award (Who Makes Me Crazy)
1996 - 19th Golden Cinema Festival - New Actor Award (Runaway)
2000 - 1st Pusan Film Critics' Awards - Best Actor (JSA) [won with Song Kang-ho]
2001 - 24th Golden Cinema Festival - Most Popular Actor Award (JSA)
2001 - 38th Grand Bell Film Festival - Popularity Award (JSA)
2001 - 2nd Korea Visual Arts Festival - Photogenic Award 
2001 - 22nd Blue Dragon Film Awards - Popularity Award (JSA)
2001 - SBS Drama Awards - Top 10 Stars Award & i-Star Award (Beautiful Days)
2003 - SBS Drama Awards - Grand Prize & Top 10 Stars Award (All In)
2003 - 30th Korean Broadcasting Awards - Performer (All In)
2003 - 39th PaekSang Arts Awards - Best TV Actor (All In)
2005 - 25th Korea Choice Critics Awards - Best Actor (A Bittersweet Life)
2005 - 13th Chunsa Film Arts Festival - Best Actor (A Bittersweet Life)
2006 - 42nd PaekSang Arts Awards - Best Film Actor (A Bittersweet Life)
2006 - Chevalier Of The Order Of Arts And Letters [by French Cultural Ministry]
2006 - 14th Chunsa Film Arts Festival - Hallyu Cultural Award
2009 - Arena Audi A-Awards 2009 (Style Icon)
2009 - 30th Blue Dragon Film Awards - Popularity Award (GI Joe: The Rise of Cobra)
2009 - National Congress Award, Dec 21 (IRIS)
2009 - 9th Pride of Korea Grand Prix 2009, Dec 29 (Acting Award) youtube
2009 - KBS Drama Awards - Daesang (Grand Prize), Netizen Award & Best Couple Award (IRIS)
2010 - Asia Star Award 2010 at 5th Asia Model Awards, January 15
Streaming speech l arrival
2010 - 21st Japan Best Jewellery Wearer Award / International Jewellery Trade Exhibition // Blue Sunflower 
VOD Streaming 1 l Streaming 2
2010, Feb 23 - First Annual Seoul Culture & Arts Daesang
2010 - Green Planet Movie Awards '10 Best International Actors of the Decade (Asia)' / 10Asia
2010 - 46th PaekSang Arts Awards Best TV Actor (IRIS) // Red Carpet / BH Speech / InStyle Moments 
2010 - Best Asian Influential Actor at China Music Awards & Asian Influential Awards / Red Carpet / Speech / Interview Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 (March 26, Chengdu)
2010 - Impressive Filmakers Prize at 5th APN Awards (Asia-Pacific Producers Network) at the 
Jecheon International Music and Film Festival (JIMFF) August 13, 2010
2010 - Special Korean Wave Prize Best Actor (IRIS) Seoul International Drama Awards 
2010 - KTO Travel Video 'A Trip to the Heart-Warming Country of Korea' PATA 2010 Gold Award
2010 - Asia Best Actor Prize at 4th Tokyo Drama Awards
2010 - Style Icon of the Year
2011 - Acting Grand Prize (Daesang Film Category) at the 47th Baeksang Arts Awards 2011
2011 - President's Award at Korean Popular Culture and Arts Awards (Youtube)

2012 - Best Actor at the 49th Daejong (Grand Bell) Awards Film Festival 
2012 - CineAsia Star of the Year
2012 - Arena Audi A-Awards (Style Icon)
2012 - Gallup Korea's Most Outstanding Actor 

2012 - Korean Film Actor's Association Lifetime Achievement Award

2013 - Best Actor at 7th Asia Pacific Screen Awards (APSA)

2014 - Cultural Diplomacy Award by The Korea Center, Asia Society (2014.06.10)

2015 - Top Star Award by The Korea Film Actors’ Association
2016 - Best Actor at 10th Asian Film Awards (AFA)
2016 - Pioneer Award at 5th Marie Claire Film Festival
2016 - Best Actor at 52nd Baeksang Arts Awards
2016 - Star Asia Award honoree at the 15th New York Asian Film Festival (NYAFF)
2016 - Best Actor at 16th Director's Cut Awards

2016 - KAFA Star Award at the10th Anniversary of Korean Academy of Film Arts
2016 - Best Actor at 25th Buil Film Awards

2016 - Actor of the Year at BIFF with Marie Claire Asia Star Awards

2016 - Best Actor at 36th Critics' Choice Film Awards

2016 - Best Actor at 37th Blue Dragon Film Awards

2016 - Actor of the Year Korea Arts Critics' Association

2016 - Best Actor at 3rd Korean Film Producers Association Awards (KFPA)

2016 - Best Actor at 53rd Daejong Grand Bell Film Awards

CINE21 Best Actor 2016

Top 10 Gallup Korea 2016

Hancinema Best Film Actor 2016 

2018 - APAN Star Awards Grand Prize (Mr.Sunshine)

2018 - Best Actor at 2nd Seoul Awards (Mr.Sunshine)

2018 - 3rd Asia Artist Award (AAA) 

Korean Tourism Appreciation Award (TV/Film)
Artist of the Year (TV/FILM) - 10 recipients

Fabulous Award (TV)

Grand Prize (Acting)

2019 - Best Actor (Mr.Sunshine) at the 55th Baeksang Arts Awards

2020 - Best Actor (Ashfall) at the 56th Daejong / Grand Bell Awards

2020 - Best Actor (The Man Standing Next) at the 56th Baeksang Arts Awards

2020 - Best Actor (The Man Standing Next) at the 25th Chunsa Film Arts Awards

2020 - Best Actor (The Man Standing Next) at the 29th Buil Film Awards 

2020 - Best Actor (Best Film: The Man Standing Next) at the 40th Korean Association Of Film Critics Awards 

2020 - Best Artist Award at the 10th Beautiful Artist Awards Shin Young Kyun Arts & Culture Foundation 

2020 - Best Actor (The Man Standing Next) at the 14th Asian Film Awards
2020 - Chungmuro Best Actor

2020 - CULTURA Movie Icon


1999 - To Me (Album) l Tears (Happy Together soundtrack)
2003 - Honey, My Love (compilation)
2004 - My Life's Movie Musical (classic movie OST compilation)
2008 - Someday / Itsuka (Japanese singles) l Itsuka PV l Kiss of Ring 
2009 - Destiny (compilation)
2010 - IRIS OST l Stay (English)  l Endless Road (Japanese) l Endless Road (Korean) 
2011 - 'Uewo Muite Aruko' (Sukiyaki Song) by Lee Byung Hun for Japanese 3.11 Earthquake Victims

watermelon_slice_by_le_noodle.gifACTIVE & ACHIEVE
2021 - Lee Byung hun for UNICEF Team: For Every Child Campaign 
2020 - Actor Lee Byung Hun as the first part of the “Actorology Series
2020 - Acting Class with Lee Byunghun by Studio ViBLE
2019 - UNICEF Hand in Hand for Children Campaign
2017 - UNICEF Unite for Children Campaign
2016 - Narrator for The Green Umbrella Children Foundation Campaign 
2016 - Appointed as Member of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (AMPAS)
2016 - Invited as Presenter at the 88th Academy Awards - Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences
2012 - Honorary Ambassador (with actress Im Soo Jung) for the 2012 Gwangju Biennale
2012 - First Asian Actor (with Ahn Sung Ki) to leave handprint at Grauman′s Chinese Theatre in Hollywood
2011 - First Asian Male Model for Studio Harcourt (Paris)
2011 - UNICEF 'Road of Hope' Volunteer Work in Mali
2010 - UNICEF Andre Kim Tribute & Charity Fashion Show (Main Model)
2010 - UNICEF 'Coin Collection' Campaign Spokesperson
2010 - Good Downloader Star Supporter CF 2010
2010 - Appointed Honorary Tourism Ambassador for California
2010 - Featured in ABC News Good Morning America's 'The Long War' with Juju Chang 

2010 - KBS2 LBH 20year Debut Documentary (Feb 13, 2010) STREAMING 
2010 - Featured on Talk Asia CNN International - January 20, 2010 
2010 - 21st Japan Best Jewelry Wearer Awards / International Jewelry Tokyo
2009 - '4 of a Kind' Hallyu Concert with JDG, SSH, WB at Tokyo Dome Dec 17, 2009
2009 - KTO 'Visit Korea Year' Tourism Ambassador 
2009 - Featured on Discovery Channel Hip Korea the Seoul Savvy 
2009 - Lee Byung Hun x Karl Lagerfeld Exclusive Photo Exhibition in Tokyo
2009 - LBH Premium PhotoBook
2008 - Japanese Single 'Itsuka' No.1 at Oricon charts
2007 - LBH at 7 Arena Tour Concerts in 4 major Japanese cities with 60,000 fans in total
2007 - LBH & 16,000 fans at 37th birthday event at the Budokan, Tokyo
2006 - Recipient of the 1st Hallyu Cultural Award
2006 - France's Chevalier of the Order of Arts and Letters
2006 - Speaking up against the Korean Movie Industry Screen Quota Cut
2006 - UNICEF Special Representative for South Korea (spokesperson since 2002)
2006 - Appointed Honorary Cultural Ambassador Paris-Seoul 120 Years Relations
2006 - Tax Administrative Special Consultant; experience of a different kind
2006 - LBH & 42,000 fans together at Tokyo Dome
2005 - First Korean actor featured in NHK Documentary (Cannes 2005)
2004 - Guest of Honour at NHK 58th Kouhaku Utagassen Red White Event STREAMING
2004 - Tourism Ambassador for Korean Wave Asia Commercial
2004 - OMEGA Ambassador for South Korea

watermelon_slice_by_le_noodle.gifENDORSEMENTS & VENTURES
2021  Wemade mobile MMORPG (Mir 4), From BIO, DK Urban Development, Hanmac Lager
2020 From BIO, DK (Develop Korea) Urban Development, Paradise City, KB Capital, E:Flash Electric Toothbrush, Pizza Alvolo, Cantata Roasted Barley & Roasted Green Tea
2019  BrawlStars Mobile Game by SuperCell, Cantata Contra Base, Millie Library, JMsolution, Lifeplus
2018 Jaeger LeCoultre, Cantata Contra Base, GC Flu Vaccine, Millie Library, JMsolution, Lifeplus
2017 RSM QM6, K-Bank, ChaseCult, Cantata Coffee
2016 RSM QM6 Global SUV, CASIO, Netmarble
2015 Netmarble Games 'IDEA' Model
2015 CASIO OCEANUS, Hyundai
2014 SSG.com, Bullsone
2013 MontBlanc, Bullsone, SSG.com, Nescafé, VEGA Smartphone
2012 - Sony α NEX-5R, NEX-6R, Nescafé, VEGA Smartphone
2012 - Nescafé Korea, VEGA Smartphone, Nautica Outdoor Spokesperson and Model 

2012 - Narrating for Hyundai's Live Brilliant Global Campaign
2011 - Sony α NEX-5N, NEX-7
2011 - Pantech Vega S, Vega Racer, SIRIUSα Spokesperson
2011 - XTM Channel Advertising Model
2011 - Windsor Gold Premium Whiskey

2010 - MISSHA Homme Extreme White
2010 - Pantech VegaX Smartphone
2010 - 20th Anniversary Biography DVD worldwide
2010 - A MAN Photobook DVDSet (Japan)
2010 - GGIO II Menswear 
2010 - Hi-Seoul TV Commercials on YT 1 l 2 l 3 l 4 l Korea Times
2010 - Japan Unilever DOVE Hair Care Spokesperson
2010 - Shilla Duty Free Shop Spokesperson 
2010 - Seven Luck Star
2010 - Visit Korea Year 2010-2012 Promo Ambassador 'Sunshine in Korea' PATA 2010 Gold Award
2010 - Windsor Premium Whiskey via The Influence
2010 - Kia K7 Cadenza 
2009 - Lee Byung Hun x Karl Lagerfeld 2009.09.09 
2009 - LG MAESTRO Classic Edge Menswear
2009 - MISSHA Homme Urban Soul 
2009 - BH&C // 9th Avenue // kAoRi
2009 - Seven Luck Star
2008 - Toyota RAV4
2007 - Seven Luck Star Endorsement
2006 - 9th Avenue Hallyu Mall Project
2005 - Capcom XBox360 Lost Planet
2005 - NEC FOMA N901S
2004 - Samantha Tiara by Lee ByungHun
2007 - A Monochrome Man in a Monochrome City Photobook DVDset
2006 - LBH MEETS LBH Photobook DVDset
2004 - LIMITED Photobook, BRAVE HUMAN DVDset

watermelon_slice_by_le_noodle.gif RELATED LINKS 
Links may no longer work..

Byunghun & Rubeurs
BH Entertainment 
Lee Byung Hun Official Japanese Fan Club
LBH Soompi Fan Club
Life is Beautiful with Hunnie l TimelessLBH


watermelon_slice_by_le_noodle.gif LBH@soompi Acknowlegement & Gratitude
KMDb l IMDb l leebyunghun.com l PLANET BH0712 
2000 fayenatic - original thread starter 2003 l kdramafanusa l midnight sun l shirley l chula 

2010 ++

@peonie @luwali 196 @p.v.wong @irilight @rori0711 @mistymorning @Ephoenix @Annelyse Court @Helena

2005 Photomosaic to LBH update (June 8, 2007) [credit: chula, ella, cha]

BH40 Lego Mosaic Exclusively for EverythingLBH by Sean Kenney (New York) - July 12, 2010 




Lee Joon Hoo's 1st birthday (April 24, 2016)

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Guest liezle

LBH's acting projects in chronological relate
Gratitude & appreciation to PlanetBH0712, Shirley, Weilin, LBH fan-sites, movie portals & fan-sharing at EverythingLBH

I Saw The Devil 
Byunghun's dream acting with CMS, reuniting with Dir. KJW the 3rd time
Director: Kim Ji Woon
Starring: Choi Min Shik, Lee Byung Hun
Release Date: 2010
Genre: Action Thriller-noir
Production Companies: 

South Korean helmer Kim Ji-woon has cast "Oldboy" topliner Choi Min-sik and Korean Wave star Lee Byung-hun in thriller "Saw a Devil." Lee, who was last seen in "G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra," plays a man pursuing the psychopath, played by Choi, who killed his fiancee.Kim was set to helm the Hollywood remake of French heist pic "Max et les ferrailleurs" next, but has turned his attention to "Devil" due to production delays on the U.S. pic. "Devil," which was formerly called "Night in the Subtropics," begins lensing early February. 

The pic is Lee's third film with Kim, following 2005's "A Bittersweet Life" and 2008's "The Good, the Bad, the Weird," which both screened at the Cannes Film Festival. Choi's last pic was "Himalaya, Where the Wind Dwells" in 2008. His credits also include 2005's "Lady Vengeance," which was directed by "Oldboy" helmer Park Chan-wook. variety.com

The Influence 
An Online Mystery Romance in Digital Format 
Director: Lee Jae Kyu
Screenplay: Hong Jin Ah
Starring: Lee Byung Hun
Release Date: March 2010
Genre: Mystery Romance 
Production Companies: Realize Pictures

The Influence," a mystery mini-series with a story that revolves around a promise that refuses to go away over time and characters who are faced with tough decisions to keep that promise. To keep their values, characters are at a critical juncture to act upon their promises. Lovers, played by Han Chae Young and Lee Byung Hun in this romantic mystery by Lee Jae Kyu tells a love story that transcends more than 100 years (1907-2010). It is made up of three parts, totaling up to 60 minutes in the format of a digital movie and will be released online in March, 2010 

TV Series Comeback 2009
Production: Taewon Entertainment 
PD: Kim Kyu-tae 김규태 (A Love To Kill), Yang Yun-ho 양윤호 (Rainbow Eyes)
Screenwriter Choi Wan Kyu & A-Story script house 
Starring: Lee Byung Hun, Kim Tae Hee, Jung Jun Ho, Kim Seung Woo, Kim So Yeon, Kim Young Chul, T.O.P
Filming: March 2009
Broadcast: 14 October 2009 / KBS2


» IRIS soompi thread » EverythingLBH

[Variety.com/Han Sunhee] Lee Byung-hun one of the few Korean actors to be repped by a U.S. talent agency – Endeavor –will co-produce and star in one of the most expensive Korean TV series to date. Lee, who stars in Paramount Pictures' upcoming "G.I. Joe," has pacted with Taewon Entertainment and Kang Je-Kyu Film to produce blockbuster TV Series "IRIS." Developed by "Taegugki" director Kang Je-kyu, the $22 million skein is co-scripted by writers at Kang Je-Kyu Film and Korea's top- script house A-Story. 

Helmed by TV producer Lee Hyung-min ("Sorry, I Love You"), the series will be lensed later this year at international locations including Russia, Japan, China and U.S. The spy actioner features four main characters, but plot details have not been divulged. High-profile production recalls elements of the 'Korean Wave' era only a few years ago when the country's TV dramas and later movies drew huge auds across the whole of Asia and were licensed at sky-high prices, especially to Japan.

"IRIS" has so far been set up without involvement of a Korean broadcaster and producers are expected to play nets off against each other for the property. Sources at Taewon also report strong interest from Japanese TV channels due to Lee's attachment. Lee recently wrapped two movies that could be headed for Cannes if they are completed in time, Kim Ji-woon's "The Good, the bad and the Weird" and Tran Anh Hung's "I Come With the Rain."IRIS" is his first TV series since "All in" nearly five years ago.

GI Joe: The Rise of Cobra 
Hollywood Movie Debut 2009
Director: Stephen Sommers
Screenplay: Stuart Beattie, Skip Woods 
Starring: Channing Tatum, Rachel Nichols, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Sienna Miller, Brendan Fraser, Ray Park, Dennis Quaid, Christopher Eccleston, Arnold Vosloo, Jonathan Pryce, Marlon Wayans, Karolina Kurkova, Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje, Saïd Taghmaoui, Byung-hun Lee 
Release Date: August 7, 2009
Genre: Action
Production Companies: Di Bonaventura Pictures, Hasbro, Paramount Pictures, Stillking Films


» imdb » wikipedia » studio announcement » soompi thread » EverythingLBH

Synopsis: Ten years in the future, the G.I. Joe team battles the evil Cobra Organization, run by a Scottish arms dealer. The story takes place across the Arctic, Paris, Moscow, Washington, D.C., Australia and the Sahara. The team will be based in the Pit, while it was indicated Cobra Island will appear. In terms of characterization, the focus will be on Scarlett and the Baroness's romantic lives. The film also acts as an origin story for many of the characters. Stephen Sommers said, "For people who know nothing about it, it'll make sense. And to people who love this stuff, it'll show where they all came from." 

The Good, The Bad & the Weird 
Oriental Western Movie 2008 Out-of-Competition Cannes Selection
Director: Kim Jee Woon
Starring: Song Kang Ho, Lee Byung Hun, Jung Woo Sung
Screenplay: Kim Jee Woon. Kim Min Suk
Production Company: CJ Entertainment
Release Date: July 19, 2008
Genre: Oriental Western
2008 Festival du Cannes Out-of-Competiton Gala Presentation


» Official website » Cine21 » soompi fan club » soompi thread » EverythingLBH

Synopsis: “In the 1930s, the world is in chaos. In Northeast Asia, the Korean Peninsula has fallen into the hands of the Japanese Imperialists. Many Koreans have flocked to Manchuria, the vast terrain of horses and wilderness bordering their homeland and China. Some of them, inevitably, have turned into mounted bandits to earn their living in this barren wasteland. UTae-gu (The Weird) is a thief. He robs a train of Japanese military officers, but the incident is not as simple as it first seems. In the middle of this fierce gun battle against the Japanese, he obtains a mysterious map that leads to a treasure from the Qing Dynasty, buried somewhere in Manchuria.

Yet, the map is also sought by Chang-yi, the cold blooded hitman (The Bad). Tae-gu must fight not only the Japanese but also Chang-yi and his fellow thugs, who happen to attack the train at the same time. At the end of this intense gunfight, a mysterious man jumps into the center of the battle from nowhere and rescues Tae-gu with astonishing gunplay. Having survived the battle, Tae-gu thanks the man for saving his life. Yet, he does not know that this stranger is Do-won, the bounty hunter (The Good), who has been chasing Tae-gu to turn him in for a reward. These three men - Do-won (The Good), Chang-yi (The Bad) and Tae-gu (The Weird) - will soon discover that the map they are battling for is also a magnet that attracts others as diverse as the Korean resistance, Chinese/Russian/Korean mountain bandits and the Japanese army. The blazing gun battle in the train proves to be merely the beginning of the rollercoaster ride to the final showdown to come. “ (Asianmediawiki.com, Lunapark6)

I Come With The Rain 
French-US International Collaboration 2008
Director: Anh Hung Tran
Starring: Josh Hartnett, Elias Koteas, Tran Nu Yên-Khê, Lee Byung Hun, Shawn Yue, Takuya Kimura 
Screenplay: Anh Hung Tran
Release Date: October 15, 2009
Production Company: Studio Canal, Morena Films
Genre: Thriller
Info: imdb.com

Banner by Celina

» Official website » Cine21 » soompi fan club » soompi thread » EverythingLBH

Synopsis: The main character Kline became a detective after he was forced to leave the police force, went to Hong Kong in search of the missing son of a Chinese man from San Francisco. He was in contact with a Hong Kong police who helped him to secure some criminal information; Su Dong Po is a gang leader, someone who is cold and heartless. One fine day, Su met mini cooperao while he was looking for Lily, the woman who lives with him. (Lee Byung Hun, Cine21 Feb2008)

Highly-rated Japanese movie-cameo 2007 
Director: Masayuki Suzuki
Starring: Takuya Kimura, Takako Matsu
Screenplay: Yasushi Fukuda 
Release Date: September 8, 2007
Production Companies:Fuji Television Network, Toho, J-Dream, FNS 
Genre: Drama
Info: www.hollywood.com


» Official website » Cine21 » soompi thread » EverythingLBH

Intro: 'HERO' starring Japan top actor Takuya Kimura and Takako Matsu was broadcasted in Fuji Television Network in 2001. The drama recorded an audience rating that exceeded 30%, making it the most popular drama in Japan. Currently it is being aired in Korea cable TV. This time the movie version of 'HERO' would be the most anticipated work in Japan in 2007. Besides the two leading actors, Hanryu star Lee Byung Hun who enjoys absolute popularity not only in South Korea but also in Japan would be making a guest appearance, making up a very strong cast for the movie. 

Fuji Television Network that chose Lee Byung Hun in the casting said, "The South Korean public prosecutor post that is the rival of Takuya Kimura, is someone with a strong character and be able to make his presence felt. It’s none other than actor Lee Byung Hun.” It is expected to raise “HERO” to a higher level. Takuya Kimura of Japanese group SMAP ahd expressed, “I am much honored we can work together in the same outlook on the world of movie. Even if there is language barrier we have the same target. I am looking forward to the filming.” Likewise, Takako Matsu said, "I am glad that the first “HERO” oversea location shooting is done with Mr. Lee Byung Hun, and I am anticipating the moment.” The taking of picture in Pusan would be carried out at the end of this month. 

Not only the cast is strong with actors from Korea and Japan, movie 'HERO' will do overseas (Pusan) location for the first time in the history of the series, and gain much interests from the fan of the two countries. Through “HERO” Lee Byung Hun, who for the 1st time participates in Japanese movie, would once again prove his acting skill and confirm his popularity in Japan. (© Innolife, Digital YTN, Joynews24 & inews24 - translation by Hyc-EverythingLBH)

Once in a Summer 
Romance melodrama Geu-hae Yeo-reum, 2006
Director: Jo Geun Sik
Starring: Lee Byung Hun, Soo Ae
Screenplay: Kim Eun Hee 
Production Company: KM Culture 
Release Date: November 30, 2006 
Genre: Melodrama, Romance
Info: kmdb.or.kr


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Synopsis: Lee Byung Hun (A Bittersweet Life) and Soo Ae (Love Letter) star in this moving romance about ten days of love that spans thirty years of time. The sophomore film from No Manners director Jo Geun Sik, Once in a Summer jumps back and forth from the present day to that fateful summer thirty years ago when the leads first meet. In 1969, Korea was in the midst of great economic changes and political turbulence under the Park Chung Hee regime; set against such chaotic times, the film brings out remarkably simple and genuine sentiments with a heartwarming, yet heartbreaking love story. Jo's lens beautifully captures the contrast between present and past, pastoral countryside and urban Seoul, and Lee Byung Hun convincingly portrays his character both in reckless youth and wizened age. 

In the summer of 1969, university student Yoon Suk Young (Lee Byung Hun) goes to the countryside through a volunteer program. Coming from a wealthy but strict family, the laidback youth revels in the simplicity of rural life, especially when he meets local librarian Jung In (Soo Ae). Suk Young immediately falls in love with the charming Jung In, and in ten days of acquaintance, they form a lifetime of memories. Jung In's cheerful front, however, hides a bitter story; her parents defected to North Korea when she was younger, and she continues to live in the shadow of her parents' actions. When Jung In travels to Seoul with Suk Young, the couple get swept up and torn apart by the political tensions of the time. (courtesy Yesasia)

A Bittersweet Life 
Acclaimed Action Noir, Dalkomhan Insaeng 2005
Director: Kim Jee Woon
Starring: Lee Byung Hun, Kim Young Chul, Shin Min Ah, Hwang Jung Min, Kim Roi Ha, Jin Goo
Screenplay: Kim Jee Woon
Info: www.kmdb.or.kr
2005 Festival du Cannes Out-of-Competition Gala Presentation

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Synopsis: A cold-minded perfectionist, Sun-woo (Lee Byung Hun) has earned the absolute trust of his boss by adeptly managing a hotel restaurant as well as taking care of many problems. When his boss Mr.Kang suspects that his young girlfriend Hee-soo might have a lover, he orders Sun-woo to keep an eye on her, and to kill her if she has betrayed him. After following her for a few days, Sun-woo catches Hee-soo with her boyfriend at her house but unlike his usual behavior, he decides let them go. Now his decision has started an irreversible war between him and his boss.

Review: Beautifully made by director Kim Jee-Woon and capturing the audience with sophisticated visual effects as well as deep philosophical questions. Action scenes are cool and creative, and the film sets were picture perfect. However, what makes the film really cool is Lee Byung-Hun, plays Sun-Woo, a once-powerful gang member, destroyed after falling in love with his mafia boss's lover. BH brilliantly pulls most of the film's weight, whether he is fighting with gangsters or on the way to revenge. In scenes that expressing his character's internal conflict or despair, he fully traps the audience by his eye and gives convincing portrait of a tormented outcast. This film is worth to watch even just to see a excellent acting of LBH. The great visual is just another bonus.

Everyone Has a Secret 
Sexy fun comedy, Nuguna Bimil-eun Itda 2004
Director: Jang Hyeon Soo
Starring: Lee Byung Hun, Choi Ji Woo, Chu Sang Mi, Kim Hyo Jin
Screenplay: Kim Young Chan
Release Day: July 30, 2004 
Info: www.kmdb.or.kr

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Synopsis: BH portrays Soo-hyon, a gorgeous guy that attracts all women (or even men) in the world. Mi-young (Kim Hyo-jin) is an attractive singer in a night club. When Mi-Young first sees Soo-hyon in the night club, she falls for Soo-hyon immediately. Originally preferring short passionate affairs rather than a long term-relationship, Mi-young believed that this time she has found Mr. Right. It's a shame that Mi-young's eldest sister and sexually frustrated homemaker Jin-yong (Chu Sang-mi) also looks at Su-hyon for the passion missing in her marriage. As if all of this didn't add up to enough misunderstandings, the confusion reaches its climax when middle sister Sun-young (Choi Ji Woo) falls in love with Soo-hyon and decides to claim Soo-hyon for herself. Who will get Soo-hyon finally? Broadminded play girl Mi-young, passionate married woman Jin-young or love amateur Sun-young? Find out for your self. Adapted from the Irish romance-comedy, About Adam

Three, Monster 
Three.. Extremes 2004 
Director: Park Chan Wook
Writer: Park Chan Wook 
Starring: Lee Byung Hun, Kang Hye Jeong, Im Won Hee 
Release Date: August 20, 2004 
Genre: Horror
Info: www.kmdb.or.krimdb.com

He is rich, talented, and kind-hearted. He lacks nothing in life and is a successful film director. One day, a man breaks into his house. He is trapped in a movie set that looks exactly like his house. The intruder says he had done it just because the director is kind-hearted. He had brought a child with him and tied up his pianist wife with piano strings. He threatens to cut his wife’s fingers if the director doesn’t kill the child. His wife’s fingers, or the child’s life - which should it be? The director finds himself entangled in a horrific dilemma.


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Synopsis: A man (Im Won-hee) kidnaps Yoo Ji-ho (Lee Byung-hun), a rich and handsome film director, and takes him, his wife (Kang Hye-jeong) and a random innocent child to a film studio that exactly resembles Yoo's luxurious house. The intruder demands that Yoo kill the child, and for every five minutes the director hesitates, he cuts off one of the fingers of Yoo's wife, a classical pianist. The intruder's motivation is simple. He thinks Yoo has never done anything bad so he wants to see him doing something really evil.

Review: Now this is one gruesome story, which revolves around a movie director (Lee) and a former extra of his that's gone completely insane and terrorizes the director and his wife at their home. Park's short story touches on adultery, relationships, regret, fame and childhood memories - as well as featuring amputation, torture, child abuse, and a crazy set - as Lee and his kidnapper spar until the shocking end. This is the most graphic of the three stories, and the most brutal. But the twists and turns that happen towards the end, tend to confuse the whole story. Nevertheless, this is a great little horror movie. 

All In 
Best of romance & action series 2003 
Starring: Lee Byung Hun, Song Hye Gyo, Ji Sung, Park Sol Mi, Huh Jun Ho, Yoo Min
Director: Yu Cheol Yong 
Scriptwriter: Choi Wan Kyu
Airing: 2003
Production: SBS


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This is based on the true story (and novel) of Cha Min-su, a legendary pro gambler and a pro janggi (Korean chess) player. Mr. Cha is the model for the main character Kim In-ha, played by Lee Byung-Hun. Mr. Cha has had an even more dramatic life than what was portrayed in the drama. He went to Las Vegas with only 18 dollars and became a millionaire. All In is a story about a passion for success, victory and defeat in business and at the casino, and a pure love. It was inspired by Mr. Cha's fiction-like life. Lee Byung-hun plays an orphan who became a great pro gambler, and his sweetheart is Song Hye-gyo. This program had been extremely popular with a program viewer rating of over 40 percent in Korea. Also, Jeju Island is becoming popular because of the All In drama sets established at Seobjikoji. 

Synopsis: In-ha grows up with his uncle, Kim Chi-soo, a professional gambler. In-ha also picked up the skill of gambling, and as a young teenager, his hands became quicker than the eye. He has a bunch of friends and they are street kids who hang out in the poor area of Yong-deung Po, committing petty crimes and getting into fights. During one of Chi-soo and In-ha's narrow escapes from their usual gambling escapades, in the train on the way home, In-ha meets a girl named Su-yeon. Su Yeon makes a deep impression on In-ha's heart and both had some feelings for each other since then. 

While attending high school, In ha met Jung-won, the son of a wealthy hotel owner. In-ha and Jung-won became quick friends. However, they got into trouble for killing a gang leader who harrassed Su-yeon and her father. In-ha and Jung-won were arrested and sentenced to jail for 7 years. Jung-won got cleared because of his father, but In-ha had to serve his time in jail. There, he met and made friends with the leader and a member of another gang. When In-ha was set free, he went home, but had to move because a gang was after him. In the meantime, Jung-won went to college in America and met Jin-hee there. He knew that she was the daughter of his father's old boss. They had met before briefly, but Jung-won was too shy then. After In-ha was arrested, Su-yeon decided to become a nun. After 7 years, however, she realized that she was not meant to be one and went on to become a casino dealer. The casino is where In-ha, Su-yon, Jung-won and Jin-hee all meet again and a story of romance, jealousy & violence begins.

Addicted/The Poisoning/Jungdok 2002
Director: Park Young Hoon
Starring: Lee Byung Hun, Lee Mi Yeon, Lee Earl, Park Sun Young
Screenplay: Byon Yeon Mee, Song Min Ho 
Production Company: Cineicheon
Release Day: October 25, 2002 
Genre: Drama, Mystery
Info: www.kmdb.or.kr


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Ho-jin and Dae-jin brothers are the only remaining family members. After his big brother Ho-jin marries Eun-su, three of them live happy and peaceful days. On the day Dae-Jin enters the car racing final regardless of Ho-jin's opposition, both of them lose their senses due to an accident. After 1 year, Dae-jin miraculously wakes up and argues that he is the reincarnation of his brother Ho-jin. Eun-su cannot accept that her brother-in-law is reborn with her husband's soul. They live together with confusion, though. She finds that Dae-jin reenacts her husband's behavior, but cannot easily accept her brother-in-law as her husband. Dae-jin's 10-year lover Yae-ju also tries to get Dae-jin back to his soul. Dae-jin decides to leave Eun-su who got confused. Dae-jin works hard in a pasture and tries to delete Ho-jin's soul. But on a rainy day, Dae-jin cannot overcome his confusion and feels an irresistible yearning for Eun-su and goes back to her. Dae-jin reminds her of the secrets that have been kept between them, which only Ho-jin and Eun-su know. Finally Eun-su admits that Dae-jin's soul is her husband's and now accepts him as her husband. They start a more romantic and passionate love than before.. 

In 2008, Addiction have been given a Hollywood remake in 'Possession', starring Sarah michelle Gellar and Lee Pace.

My Beautiful Girl, Ma-ri 
Animation at it's Best 2002
Director: Lee Sung Gang
Starring: Lee Byung Hun (as voice of Nam-woo), Ahn Sung Ki
Screenwriters: Kang Soo Jung, Seo Mi Ae, Lee Sung Gang
Release Date: January 11, 2002 
Info: www.kmdb.or.kr » wikipedia.org

Nam-woo lives with his grandmother and mother after losing his father to a tragic accident in a small village by the sea. He and his best friend Jun-ho are both 12 years old and they hang out with Yo, the cat. One day, he sees a mysterious bead that gives out a strange light at a local store. He worries over it that night and goes back there to buy it but it's no longer there. Disappointed, he hangs out with Yo by the lighthouse. When Yo runs inside the lighthouse, Nam-wu follows it. There he finds the bead on a shelf. When the light hits the bead, the lighthouse transforms into a magical place. As Nam-wu plummets into a pit, a young girl reaches out for him in the nick of time. Nam-wu tells Jun-ho about his fantastic experience but he doesn't believe him. The two visit the lighthouse again and meet Ma-ri, the girl from a fantasy land. The two share this secret between them. But as the two pass their days with Ma-ri, Nam-wu's grandmother collapses and a storm that hits the village puts Jun-ho's father in jeopardy

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My Beautiful Girl, Mari is an animated feature film by image-maker and director Lee Sung-Gang who was recognized by the world's most renowned Annecy Animation Film Festival. 

Synopsis: Once in a lifetime, love becomes a fairytale. Namoo is a twelve-year-old boy who has lost his father and lives with his grandmother and mother. His only friends are Junho, who is the same age as he is, and Yeo, his cat. One day in the stationary store in front of his school, Namoo discovers a mysterious shining marble. He thinks about it all night, and the next day he runs to the store to buy it, but is disappointed to find that it is gone. Namoo and Yeo are playing near the old lighthouse when Yeo runs inside. Namoo follows the cat in and is wandering around when he discovers the mysterious marble on a shelf. The instant a beautiful light shines through the marble, the interior of the lighthouse is suddenly transformed into a world of fantasy. Namoo is about to fall into nothingness when a girl covered in white takes hold of his hand and lifts him up. A world of beautiful light and fantasy opens up beneath them. While the boys continue their wonderful encounters with Mari, Namoo's grandmother collapses from illness and their village is engulfed by a storm and Junho's father falls in danger...

Review: Call this the not-so-WONDERFUL DAYS, if you will, a sentimental, perceptive tale of a young boy, Nam-woo, coping with the loss of his father (which probably has even greater resonance in a patriarchal society like Korea's), the illness of his grandmother, his mother's new boyfriend and the impending departure to the city of his best friend by retreating into a world of fantasy where he meets the title character, a mute girl who becomes the only character in his life with any sense of permanence: his mother is trying to move on, his grandmother has a very pragmatic sense of her own mortality, his best friend will be continuing at school in another city (something repeated in the present-day opening sequence, in which the friend announces again that he's off to study abroad, underscoring the sense of separation we all feel from even our closest friends with the passage of time).

It's ultimately a cautious, profound tale about letting go and moving on, something the main character deeply wishes he could avoid, and something that can stir-up similar childhood memories in even the most hardened cynic.

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Beautiful Days 
Classic Romance to Remember 2001
Starring: Lee Byung Hun, Ryu Si Won, Choi Ji Woo, Shin Min Ah, Lee Jung Hyun, Lee Yoo Jin
Director: Lee Jang Soo
Production: SBS


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In Beautiful Days, Lee Byung Hun as Lee Minchul, fully demonstrated his charismatic screen presence and acting powerness, creating one of the most unforgettable character in Korea drama. The drama brings his acting career to greater heights creating legions of fans that are memorized by Lee Byung Hun. 

Lee Minchul, a man with such arrogance and dominating with his presence, he is not one to allow any mistakes by himself or others. But emotionally, he is the most vulnerable man who never allows anyone to enter his heart. To others, he is the ruthless “crown prince” with such capability that he is admired for his talent but yet unapproachable. In his world, only his sister matters, and no one else. Since he was young, he hated his father for ruining their family and leading to his mother’s death. And hence in turn harboured hostility towards a half brother and stepmother whom he treats as the ones who break up their family. 

Lee Minchul is never one to give up, he strived hard to prove himself and to his father, that he is no weakling to be ruled over. This young man grew up with such a strong wall to protect himself. But yet, the wall crumbles when he meet Yeon Soo. This woman will change his life completely and his heart too. Yeon Soo’s gentleness open the door to Minchul heart and it unleashed that passion in him to love a woman with such strength. The intensity of his love has created such an unforeseen sexy appeal to Lee Minchul whom many fans had been memorized by his magnetic graze. But the strength of Lee Minchul lies in the complexity of this character, the struggles within this man, his vulnerability and his determination, his desires and hatred, his love and sorrow was so powerfully portrayed through the actor Lee Byung Hun. This is a must watch for those who are eager to learnt what lure many to be caught within the spell of Lee Byung Hun and the experience is a unique and unforgettable.

Journey/Long Way Home 2001
Starring: Lee Byung Hun, Park Jin Hee, Nam Il Woo, So Ji Sub
Script: Park Jeong Lan
Production: SBS

This program had been specially made for New year’s holiday. It tells the importance and meaning of family. This drama is consisted of two parts.

Sun Ju had a plan to visit his father with his fiancée in New year’s holiday. However, her fiancée broke up with her just before New Year’s Eve. While she has worried about her father who has eagerly been waiting for her husband-to-be, she met one guy-Woo sik (LBH)-accidentally in the train station. Since Woo Sik is an orphan and he has nobody to visit during new year’s holiday, he gives ride to people (as a side job) who visit their howmtown during holiday. Sun Ju gives him an offer to be her boy friend and she said she would pay for him doing that. Woo sik accepts the offer for the money at first, and while he was visiting Sun Ju father’s house, he slowly finds the meaning of family and the love. 

Bungee Jumping of Their Own 
Love that Never Dies - Beonji jeompreul hada, 2001
Director: Kim Dae Seung
Starring: Lee Byung Hun (as In Woo), Lee Eun Ju (as Tae Hee)
Screenplay: Ko Eun Nim 
Production Company: Noon Entertainment
Release Day: February 2, 2001 
Genre: Drama
Info: kmdb.or.kr

The summer of 1983.SEO In-woo,majoring in Korean language &literature,has not believed in love and fate,but he falls in love with IN Tae-hee majoring in sculpture at first sight. However farewell comes unexpectedly just as his love came before.In-woo is waiting for Tae-hee at the platform where he is supposed to leave for his military service.But Tae-hee doesn't arrive up until the very last. 17 years later.In-woo has forgotten Tae-hee and married another woman.Now he has become a high school teacher. However love hits him again,and the object of his love is his 17 year-old male pupil, named LIM Hyun-bin.He can't accept his emotion at first,but he feels the IN Tae-hee of 17 years ago from Hyun-bin's every action. Her unique curiosity, peculiar habits and especially the lighter of 17 years ago which Tae-hee made! Tae-hee had been in a car accident on her way to the platform where In-woo waited for her and left for his military service 17 years ago. She died.She was born again as Hyun-bin,In-woo's male pupil. Now,they drown themselves off a beautiful cliff in New Zealand with the unwavering faith of meeting in the next life.They look like a couple of birds flying high...


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Director Kim Dae-seung's debut feature, "Bungee Jumping of Their Own" , screenplay by Ko Eun-nim, is not just another teen romance story - it's THE love story defined. If you think "Romeo and Juliet" is the all-time greatest of love stories, wait till you finished watching this film. True love knows no bounds, irrespective of what others may perceive or say.

Synopsis: In-woo and Tae-hee are two college freshmen who didn’t believe in love at first sight, but later find themselves wrapped in a deep relationship that would last forever. One day they vow to make their love eternal by sealing it with a bungee jump. But their promise is never fulfilled when Tae-hee suddenly disappears out of In-woo’s life for what seems like eternity. Seventeen years later, In-woo is still unable to get Tae-hee out of his mind even though he’s married and has a loving family. While giving a lecture to his students, In-woo is reminded of the memorable times he spent with Tae-hee when one of the students asks about his first love experience. From this point on, In-woo thinks nothing of it until the student rehashes habits and sayings that are so reminiscent of Tae-hee. Clinging onto his hope that he will meet Tae-hee once more, a strange mystery unfolds as In-woo tries to discover who this student really is…

Review: For viewing appreciation, it's best not to read/know much about the film and simply let the story develop and unfold before your eyes. Have patience with the pair of young love getting upset and making up, apart and together. Those rainy scenes of walking, drenching, standing, with or without umbrella, are heartbreaking, cold and warm all at once. In-woo (the young man who became the teacher years later) and Tae-hee (the young lady he helplessly loves) are clearly inseparable lovebirds. Director Kim presented the situations in the most natural way. Little details are revealed as the story progresses, and as we see In-woo teaching a class of high school boys, cut to at home he's talking to a little girl - so he's married with a daughter. Is it Tae-hee? Gradually, more periodic flashes of memory occur, and little observations like student Hyun-bin's drinking with little finger up, or asking a familiar question déjà vu.

The acting is sensitive and convincing; the cinematography is skilful and impressive (the beginning aerial sequence gives one a breezy feel); and the music has a calmness to it; also editing and sound (like the brief playing of "When I fall in love" just loud enough crooning in the background) - all fittingly complemented the script. It is refreshing to believe what happened or could happen to the central characters (three, essentially two) in "Bungee Jumping of Their Own."

Joint Security Area - JSA 
The Best of Korean Movies 2000
Director: Park Chan Wook
Starring: Lee Byung Hun (as Su-Hyeok), Song Kang Ho, Lee Young Ae, Kim Tae woo, Shin Ha Kyun 
Screenplay: Kim Hyun Seok, Lee Moo Young and Park Chan Wook. Jeong Seong-san, Bangnidamae 
Production Company: Myung Film Co., Ltd.
Release Date: September 8, 2000 
Genre: Human Drama
Info: kmdb.or.kr

A firefight occurs at the "Bridge of No Return" in the DMZ (De-Militarized Zone), and two North Korean soldiers are killed. The North claims that the incident was a flagrant attack by the South Koreans, while the South claims that one of their soldiers was kidnapped.In order to solve the dispute, the NNSC (Neutral Nations Supervisory Commission)dispatches half-Korean half-Swiss Army Intelligence Bureau officer, Major Sophie E. Jean.With no cooperation from either side, the case appears to be unsolvable. However, Major Jean discovers that the number of bullets fired from the pistols and the number found at the scene differ by one, and she begins to dig deeper into the backgrounds of the soldiers involved. Subsequently she finds out about an encounter previous to the firefight when North Korean soldiers saved a South Korean soldier from a mine. The story unravels to reveal a friendship developing among the soldiers. On the night of the firefight...


» Official website » Cine21 » soompi thread » EverythingLBH

Synopsis: When North Korean soldier Jung Woo-jin is found dead in a North Korean guard post, and Lee Soo-hyuk, a South Korean soldier, is found wounded on the middle of the Bridge of No Return, an investigation is immediately launched into the affair by the Neutral Nations Supervisory Committee, comprised of Swiss and Swedish delegates. The investigation is conducted by Sophie, an ethnic Korean-Swiss lieutenant in charge of the murder investigation. 

Sophie begins the investigation by interrogating the prime suspect, South Korean sergeant Lee Soo-hyuk and his North Korean counterpart Oh Kyung-pil. Suspense heightens when both soldiers present completely disparate accounts of the incident in question. Deeply puzzled by the enigmatic testimony of the two soldiers, Sophie's suspicions are aroused following her interview with the eyewitness of the incident, Pvt. Nam Sung-shik. Terrified that he might reveal the truth under interrogation, Sung-shik attempts suicide, confirming Sophie's suspicion that the soldiers have something to hide. 

Review: "Joint Security Area" takes place entirely at the Panmunjom, Korea DMZ peace village at the 38th parallel border crossing where North and South Koreans face off with a military presence by a 50 year old treaty. The film tells of the shooting to death of a North and a South Korean soldier which is investigated by a Korean-Swiss military woman. The story is about a current investigation into the killings of two N. Korean border watchers by a S. Korean officer. If you were aware of the politics in today's Koreas, than you would know how easy a little spark could cause the two Koreas into war. But instead of dwelling on the aspect of politics of military, the writer chose to emphasize on the humane aspect and thus has managed to give us, the audience, a profound message in a world that is ever-more divided by race, religions, idealogies, etc.

The movie doesn't choose sides and instead create a 'neutral' character, Major Sophie, as the investigator of the 'truth' behind the killings. The film also intelligently unravels the real story behind the incident, through cuts of flashbacks between the survivors involved in it. The only lies were constructed by the government and military of both Koreas for the sake of division and war, instead of peace and union.

The performances by the lead actors were excellent. Their total immersion into their roles leaves you fixated and emotionally involved with their on-screen fate. By the end of the film, you would feel like you have been through a dark long tunnel and came out on a very bright and beautiful side. The last scene of the movie is one of the best visual conclusions to the essence of a story in decades. This film is not only a Korean blockbuster, but highly recommend in every aspect. See it, See it, SEE IT!!

Harmonium in My Memory 
Sweetest First Love of Naema-eum-ui punggeum, 1999
Director: Lee Young Jae
Starring: Lee Byung Hun, Jeon Do Yeon, Lee Mi Yeon
Screenplay: Lee Young Jae
Production Company: Art Hill
Release Date: March 27, 1999 
Genre: Drama
Info: kmdb.or.kr

Hong-yeon is a 17-year old grade schooler with a heart-wrenching crush on her homeroom teacher, Soo-ha. Staying late school, putting flowers on his de나, asking pointed questions in her school diary... Nothing seems to catch his attention. Meanwhile, 21-year old Soo-ha has fallen for another teacher at their school. When Hong-yeon realizes this, she tries everything she can to discredit her rival, from ridiculing her age to stealing her shoes in class. Soo-ha appears to be beyond persuasion, however. LEE Young-jae's first feature film captures vividly the passion of youthful ideals and the torment of first love. It is set in an idyllic village grade school in the 1960's, a time thought of as the 'last decade of innocence' in the modem history of Korea.


» Cine21 » soompi thread » EverythingLBH

Synopsis: Sanri, a town in Kang Won Province. Hong-Yeon, 17-year-old, is a student in an elementary school. She meets Kang Su-Ha, 21-year-old teacher, in the street by chance. He starts for his new position in Sanri elementary school. After that, she who loves him, goes around him after school to see him. She writes about him in her diary, but he does not care about it. Su-Ha likes beautiful Yang Eun-Hi, his colleague, and they come to love each other. When Hong-Yeon sees that Su-Ha and Yang Eun-Hi were together, she is exposed to rain. After a while, Yang Eun-Hi goes abroad to study with her fiancee in Seoul. While Su-Ha is disappointed in love, Hong-Yeon fills with happiness. One year after, there is fire in auditorium due to the children's mischief during the rehearsal for class day. Su-Ha runs into the auditorium to rescue the children, and Hong-Yeon follows him...

Review: The romance between the two leads is not contrived or forced in any way. It develops naturally between two people who meet together daily. Anyone who has ever experienced a crush can identify with Hong-yeon. She searches for hidden meaning in her teacher's every action which she happily interprets to suit her fantasy. This movie is filled with warmth towards all of its characters. There is no enemy per se, just every day people. The scenery is memorable and matches the emotions of the film well. Watch the ending carefully as the credits begin to roll. It is there you can find the true conclusion to the film. Excellent use of rural Korean backdrop and music, with a wonderfully believable performance by Jeon Do-yeon as a rural beauty coping with a seemingly hopeless crush and by Lee Byunghun as a new, pure-spirited young teacher.

Sally is Back 
Starring: Lee Byung-Hun, Lee Jee Eun, Im Chang Jeong
Director: Eum Ki Back 
Production: SBS 1999

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Synopsis: A rich girl suddenly came back to Korea from her study in abroad. She checked out her ex-boy friends in Korea and she only found the reality that all men are flirt. Lee Byunghun plays a role who is an old friend of her, but a playboy. It is a short drama.

Behind story: Although LBH had no time to work on this drama (since he had been filming Happy Together for this period), it is known that BH accepted offer since he valued the old acquaintance of Eum Ki Bak , the director. 

Starring: Lee Byung Hun, Lee Seung Yeon 
Production: SBS 1999

» EverythingLBH

A variety of Korean Drama superstars join forces for Love Story, an 8 episode anthology series from SBS. Lee Byung Hun leads the impressive cast, which also includes Choi Ji Woo (Stairway to Heaven), Yoo Ji Tae (Old Boy, Ditto), Bae Du Na (Barking Dogs Never Bite, Take Care of My Cat), Song Seung-Hun (Summer Scent), and Kim Hyun Joo (Star Runner, Shinsukki Blues). Find love and heartbreak in 8 different love stories. The sunflower is one episode of the series and BH performs a person with a multiple personality (actually two-good and evil) who both personality love one woman. You could find an excellent performance of BH in this mini drama. Do not miss BH’s awesome facial expression at the ending scene.

Synopsis: A two episode drama which showcase Lee Byung-Hun’s versatility of portraying a role of a man, Tae Sung , who has split personality . Tae Sung tried to control that madness within him yet so powerless to stop that evilness within him to be unleashed and taking control, hurting the woman whom he love. It as a challenge to Lee Byung Hun to take on such a role which is rare in Korea drama and prove his acting ability of taking on such a complicated role. Two personalities within one man, a struggle between rationale and madness, good and evil. 

Tae Sung, a sushi chef, a perfectionist at work but a man who was lonely, too. He meets Seung Hee, a girl who works at same building as a carpark toll collector. Tae Sung falls in love with her and slowly gets to know her. Seung Hee sees Tae Seung as a shy but nice man who brings sushi to her. But she still hesitates to accept his affections. Seung Hee also writes internet novels. One day she found that someone wrote on her unfinished story, and what was written happen in reality. At the same time, Tae Seung senses a stalker trailing her every moves, as if she is being watched. Even in her own house. Fear overwhelmed her. 

Seung Hee’s friend was thrown down the stairs and suffered serious injury. It was not an accident. Fortunately for Seung Hee, Tae Sung was there to comfort her. She told him of her stalker. And Tae Sung offered to ease her fears by checking her house. Seung Hee decided to face her stalker and not hide anymore. One night, the stalker decided to attack. Tae Seung was standing before her, yet a man who is familiar to her becomes a stranger. He was looking at her with such coldness. Tae Seung who had seek to protect Seung Hee is now turning into a monster who seek to destroy and end her life. At the most critical moment, Tae Seung was able to overcome his own madness, ending that evilness within him forever by destroying himself. If only she had believed him ...that there is a man who truly loves her... Then perhaps he will not become what he is .. 

Happy Together 
Heartwarming family tearjerker, 1999 
Starring: Lee Byung Hun, Song Seung Hun, Kim Ha Neul, Jeon Ji Hyun, Cho Min Soo, Cha Tae Hyun, Jo Jae Hyun
Director: Oh Jong Rok
Production: SBS


» Happy Together soompi thread » EverythingLBH

The story of this moving TV drama revolves around 5 brothers and sisters whose lives are torn apart by the tragic loss of their parents. This unfortunate incident causes carries each of the family members in different directions until they are finally reunited by a miraculous twist of fate. Starring Lee Byung-hun (as Tae Poong),Cha Tae-hyun and Jeon Ji-hyun, Song Seung-hun and Kim Ha-neul, Happy Together attracted 39.8% of all Korean viewers during its premier broadcast on SBS in 1999. It very interesting to see most casting members who that time were a new (Kim Ha neul, Jeon Ji Hyun) or unknown face (Cha Tae-Hyun) now become super star in TV or movies. In this drama, LBH showed up his magnificent capability of acting by perfectly portraiting dashing and rushing, yet sensitive Tae Poong.

White Nights 3.98 
Action Thriller Drama Series 1997
Starring: Choi Min Su, Lee Byung Hun, Shim Eun Ha, Lee Jung Jae
Director: Kim Jong-Hak
Production: SBS


» EverythingLBH

After cold war era, the political situation of Korea has been changed fast. This drama offers reasonable historical view to Koreans who have been divided by North and South for a long time. It was a big budget action blockbuster which involves a nuclear weapon, gun shots, fightings, pilots, and consipiracy between the governments of North and South Korea, USA, and Russia. There is also a heartaching love story between Lee Byung Hun (Kyeong Jun as a south soldier), Choi Min su (as a North soldier), and Shim Eun Ha (Anastasha) over the political situation. The filming has been mostly done on Russia.

Elegy of the Earth 
Lament, movie of 1997
Director: Kim Hee Chul
Starring: Lee Byung Hun, Shin Hyun Joon, Chung Sun Kyung
Screenplay: Kang Je Kyu
Production Company: New Image Cinetheque
Release Date: February 22, 1997 
Genre: Melodrama
Info: kmdb.or.kr

Gwang-su, Jong-man and Se-hi have only each other for shelter from the world. Gwang-su suffers from a horrible family history that keeps him imprisoned in despair and agony. Jong-man faxes synopsis to Hollywood production companies in a hope of becoming a world-renowned writer. Se-hi works in a musical instrument shop after taking a break from her violin studies. When she meets Gwang-su for the first time, she is willing to give up everything for him. When Gwang-su's brother commits suicide, he drowns himself in alcohol to overcome the loss of his only family.

Gwang-su, Jong-man and Se-hi have only each other for shelter from the world. Gwang-su suffers from a horrible family history that keeps him imprisoned in despair and agony. Jong-man faxes synopsis to Hollywood production companies in a hope of becoming a world-renowned writer. Se-hi works in a musical instrument shop after taking a break from her violin studies. When she meets Gwang-su for the first time, she is willing to give up everything for him. When Gwang-su's brother commits suicide, he drowns himself in alcohol to overcome the loss of his only family. Jang-hyun, a corrupt cop, schemes to have Gwang-su take the fall for his murders. 

» Cine21 » EverythingLBH

This movie is about two desperate men's friendship, their dreams and tragic ending of their lives. It is noticible that Kang Je-Kyu, the famous director for Shi-Ri, a Korean blockbuster, did the screenplay. When he wrote the script, he was not as famous as these days. This movie has an interesting scene for BH's fans as BH received an OSCAR award in this movie.

Synopsis: Kwang-Su who doesn't get out of the shadow of miserable family history and wriggles in a punishment called despair. Jong-Man who grows his dream to be an international star sending his synopsis to film production in Hollywood by fax. Se-Hee who is a withdrawn student majoring in violin and falls in devoted love to Kwang-Su after encountering him at a musical instruments shop where she works. They sing hymns of hope that will be echoed at the end of desperation holding each other. As he leads a life with his family history that is too miserable to remember, Kwang-Su gets to go to a pub -where Jong Man works as a waiter- in despair after his only brother commits suicide. Jang Hyeon, a corrupted police officer, charges his murder on Kwang-Su as he finds him in miserable state. 

After Jong Man found a music score in KS' bag which left in the bar, JM thinks KW is the genius composer one who will make a film score for his movie. Meanwhile, KS escaped from the police and he got a serious injury during escape. KS remembered and went to the musical instrument shop where Se-Hee works. Jong Man also helped him to escape and to refugee since he would like to keep a KS as his composer. The accidental encounter in the bar gives an opportunity for two different men to become friends

I Want 
70-min drama special, I Wish 1997
Starring: Lee Byung Hun, Shim Eun Ha
Director: Lee Jang Soo
Production: SBS

Young Ki (Shim Eun Ha) is working as a supervisor of parking violation in the busy street. Although she seems to be harsh on the violated cars, after the working days, she lives on a fantasy such as her favourite novel is “the sorrow of young Bertre”. 

With her savings, she bought a used car and she found a man’s photo in it and makes a fantasy about him… One day, she met the man in the photo in real world and he was begging her not to give him a violation ticket. She despaired deeply about the difference between fantasy and reality.

Beautiful My Lady 
Beautiful She aka Romance Storm, tv drama series 1997
Starring: Lee Byung Hun, Shim Eun Ha
Director: Lee Jang Soo
Production: SBS


» Beautiful My Lady soompi thread » EverythingLBH

Son young (Shim Eun Ha) loses her husband to tragic circumstances shortly after their wedding. Things change when she meets ambitious boxer Jun Ho (Lee Byung Hun), and their miraculous first meeting brings hope to them both. But her parents oppose their affair, and cast doubt on his past as well as his occupation as a boxer. Can Jun Ho win her father's respect by winning a boxing championship? And will her father finally agree to a lasting love between Jun Ho and Son young?

Synopsis: Junho, a man orphaned since young, survived in this harsh world with his own fist. Growing up in this world so alone, he had learnt to survive with strong will and determination. By chance, he was given an opportunity to fight in the boxing ring which earned him the glory as well as money. 

One day, Jun Ho met Sun yong and it was love at first sight. The beauty of Sun young captivated him and fate brings them together with an accident. Sun Young widowed with a pair of twins children. She was from an entirely different world from Jun Ho, highly educated and with good family background. She is a woman with such beauty, kind personality and intelligence that seem so far out of reach for a man like Jun Ho. However, she too felt linked to Jun Ho and accepted this man into her heart. There were setbacks as they learnt to understand and accept each other. Their love was tested by strong objections from Sun young father as well as Sun young’s children. But they overcome each obstacle and finally able to be married. However, as Jun Ho learnt to enter into Sun young world, he had to give up boxing the only skill he know. As days go by, he become more ashamed of his own failure, a man who could not work or even drive to support his own family, he felt inferior to his beautiful wife. But, the children of Sun young had also accepted him as their stepfather and he felt even more the responsibility of being a father to these children. But still amidst all these struggles to adjust to his new life, they were a happy family. 

Jun Ho also found the mother who abandoned him. The mother whom he never know the reason why she give him up was just so near, working in the small resturant beside Sun young’s house . But he never mastered the courage to acknowledge her. Soon, Jun Ho had no choice but to go back to his old job, a boxer which he is most familiar with. However, during a boxing match, he suffered a head injury and it changes his life completely. If he should box again, his life will be endangered and not to be a burden. He decided to leave his family, but it was not possible to be separate from the family whom he cherished so much. He entered into boxing once again as a trainer, but he was forced to face his own student in the boxing ring. He had to make a decision which will influence his life and his happiness.

Kill the Love 
Geudeulman-ui sesang, 1996
Director: Im Jong Jae
Starring: Lee Byung Hun (as Love), Chung Sun Kyung (as Choon Hyang), Yu Oh Seong
Screenplay: Cho Myung Joo, Im Jong Jae 
Production Company: Cine 2000
Release Date: October 19, 1996 
Genre: Melodrama
Info: kmdb.or.kr

"Love" is sent to the States by his power-hungry father to become a student. However, he cannot adjust to this new society, and he joins a gang of criminals. His first mission is to deliver a parcel in Seoul. While waiting for further instructions from the criminal organization, he meets a nightclub dancer, Choonhyang. They fall in love and indulge in a world of their own. Meanwhile, Love's friend, Paikjoon comes to Seoul from the States to receive the parcel. With Paikjoon's sudden appearance, Choonhyang senses a separation with love. She fortunes herself in order to keep him with her. Paikjoon tells her the secret of the parcel, and tempts her to run away with him. Love and Choonhyang dream of paradise as they head for the place where the parcel is hidden.

» Cine21 » EverythingLBH

Synopsis: Love was forced to go to America as a runaway student abroad by her father who keens on power. He joins in a gang and comes back to Korea in secret according to the organization's order. After he puts the bag which is supposed to be delivered to others in a locker at the airport, Love wanders around night streets and gets in a nightclub where Chun-Hyang dances. Love is given Chun-Hyang as a present for client of the club. It is their first meeting. Chun-Hyang, who attaches to love, injures herself because she is afraid whether Love goes back to the States. Baek Jun, who comes to see Love from America to accept the bag, allures Chun-Hyang to run awa telling her that Love is going to be removed by the organization and the bag contains a huge amount of money. Baek Jun dies in an accident while Love and Chun-Hyang go to the locker at the airport. However Baek Jun who is thought to be dead appears. Love and Chun-Hyang engage in a life-and-death fight with Baek Jun to deprive the bag. Then they open the bag expecting money but there are only a gun and a piece of paper which bears a phrase: Kill the Love. 

panda treat: You can find a great looking young, and a half-naked LBH ^^ 

Animation voice-over 1996
Starring: Lee Byung Hun
Director: Lee Hyun Se
Genre: Animation

» Cine21 

Synopsis: In the year of 2157. 'Id' an external space organization which has high developed science power invades the earth. As the earth faces a crisis of fall, Elka, the descendant of Atalntis who has hidden under the Antarctic Ocean until then, looks for the last man who can save the earth with help of a superego computer Delta 8988. The man is Oh Hye-Seong of 1996. Marie, Elka's special agent, comes to Hye-Seong (Lee Byunghun's voice) with a mission to take him to the future. Id, too, sends a killer to the earth as he came to know Hye-Seong's existence.

The Legend of Car God 
Men on Asphalt aka Dream Racers 1995
Starring: Jeong Woo Sung, Lee Byung Hun, Lee Young Ae
Director: Lee Jang Soo
Genre: Melodrama
Production: SBS

» EverythingLBH

An Asphalt Man was the first Korean Drama to be shot on film (and not video, like most Korean television dramas), and features thrilling car chase sequences, as well as authentic locations in the US, including Nevada, Chicago, and Utah. 
Synopsis: Lee Byung Hun played a young car designer who desires to start his own car company in Korea. He tries to get assistance from his father, but the family is troubled. His younger brother (Jung Woosung) hates their father, and splits to the U.S. to become a car racer. Meanwhile, his sister (Lee Young Ae) flees to the US after conceiving a child with a US army soldier. Can this family achieve their dreams without coming apart at the seams? 

Originally Director Lee chose BH as the younger brother role, but later, it changed. BH performed very well the elder brother role under the circumstances and the director said that he was very impressed about BH and also felt sorry about the role change.

The first action movie 1995 
Director: Kim Seong Soo
Starring: Lee Byung Hun, Kim Eun Jeong, Lee Kyong Young
Screenplay: Kim Seong Soo 
Production Company: Ik Young Films Co., Ltd
Release Date: December 30, 1995 
Genre: Action
Info: kmdb.or.kr

Lee Donghee, a game show producer, and Choi Miran, a freelance illustrator meet by chance and spend a short but passion ate night together. But just when they are about to go back to their ordinary lives, they witness a shocking murder. This is followed by mysterious happenings that destroy everything that they cherish in their lives. A police officer turns out to be a kidnapper and hired killers break into their homes. In front of their eyes, they lose their loved ones. Nobody is of much help to them. At home, in the police station, in the hospital, at work, wherever they go, criminals seem to follow them. Finally, they must face the real criminals

» Cine21 » EverythingLBH

Synopsis: August in Seoul, the huge metropolitan where a great number of people incognito. Lee Dong-Ho, a 3D game producer who loves his career and his own life and wants to be the best in his field, and Choi Mi-Ran, a freelance illustrator who enjoys her own time alone thoroughly and wants to be acknowledged her world through her works, happened to meet one day and they make short but passionate love for one night. At the moment they are about to go back to daily life, however, they get to witness a shocking murder. Since then mysterious happenings that destroy the most valuable part of their lives take place. The police office who visits them suddenly changes to a kidnapper while killers rush in a family house in broad daylight. The reality that the most important people are dying before their eyes makes them feel every corner of Seoul is a maize in the nightmare and the people who fill the downtown are just anonymous others. Wherever they go, there comes the criminal organization without exception. In the end they came to encounter with real face of the criminal organization under the last situation they fall in.

Son of Wind 
Production: KBS 1995
Starring: Lee Byung Hun, Kim Hee Sun, Shin Hyeon Joon, Lee Il Wha
Director: Son Young Mock

» EverythingLBH

Synopsis: This drama is based on the era of Korea seventies which represents a black political power, corruptions, and the involvement of gangsters in politics. Lee Byung Hun plays Chang Hong Pyo, a young man who is a rough and shameless town trash. 

The drama provided him a great turning point as an actor since he expands his image from being a handsome idol to a true adult actor. In this drama, he displayed first time and fully his own charm by sad eyes and masculinity and consequently, he was recognized by audience as a true actor. The scene which he harassed Kim Hee-Sun without hesitation was a shock to the audience and the most popular subject at the time.

Who Drives Me Crazy 
BH's first big screen 1995 
Director: Ku Im Seo
Starring: Lee Byung Hun, Choi Jin Sil 
Screenplay: Hyeon Nam Seop , Koo Im Seo 
Production Company: Ye Young Production
Release Date: September 30, 1995 
Genre: Melodrama
Info: kmdb.or.kr

Salesman Jong-doo is in his late twenties and believes that the best years of his life are over. After failing to win the spring literature contest for the sixth time, he gives up his dreams to become a writer and gets a job in fear of losing his girlfriend Joo-young. His only purpose in life is to marry Joo-young but the more he struggles the harder things become. An intra-company transfer stations Joo-young as the head of his team and Jong-doo is at the end of his ropes. Joo-young's exceptional ability impresses everyone in the office while making him look like an invalid. He is put in danger of losing everything -- love, job and money. When he gets his hands on a rifle during a reserve army training exercise, it is time for him to let it all out. He runs into a bar where everyone at work including Joo-young are there celebrating her latest feat. He begins to take it out on every person who has wronged him. But Joo-young saves the day by turning things around and convincing Jong-doo to forgive and forget. It is a happy ending for the couple as the gunshot is heard to celebrate the soon-to-be bride and groom.

» Cine21 » EverythingLBH

Synopsis: Lee Jong-Du, a sales man, is spending days of his twentieth, thinking the chance of life already passed and only crisis are remained. He gives up to apply the literary contest in spring that he challenged 7 times and chooses his job following his girl friend Ju-Young for the reason that he doesn't want to lose her. As if to marry to Ju-Young is his only target of life, he calls upon every single way to decorate his house for newly wedded life. And the harder he tries to take her, the more he is driven to the corner. When Ju-Young is promoted to the team leader of a branch office where Jong-Du works due to personnel changes, his stress goes on top of extremity. Ju-Young's outstanding working abilities impress workers while Jong-Du is branded as the first unable sales man. He is in danger of losing love, money and honor. Finally he rushes into a beer hall from training ground of reserved army with a gun that he got accidentally. There is a party to congratulate Ju-Young's excellent working result. Those who gave him stress kneel down in front of Jong-Du and hold a party of confession. Thanks' to Ju-Young's intervention, they remove misunderstanding and the gun is used to give salute for the future of two persons.

The Fragrance of Love 
Production: KBS, 1994
Starring: Lee Byung Hun, Choi Jin Sil, Kim Young Ae, Lee Jeong Kil, Jeon Do Yeon, Oh Dae Kyu
Director: Koh Heung Sik

» EverythingLBH

Synopsis: The story of fragrance of love centred to 3 different love stories in a single-mother (Kim Young Ae) family. Young-Jin, the first daughter (Choi Jin Sil) works at animation company. She has been had a boy friend with a long term relationship, but when met Jun Ho (LBH), she found JH as her faith. She broke up with her old boy friend. They both fell in love quickly, but Young-Jin’s mother was not allowed YJ to marry Jun Ho. Jun Ho does not have parent and his grandmother had to bring him up. He is also very poor, so YJ's mother does not want YJ to marry poor guy. Eventually, they get married against YJ’s mother’s will and they showed how strong a true love can be. Another love story is the second daughter, Hye-Jin (Jeon Do Yeon). There is the mother’s love story as well. This drama is very well made in a story-wise, and gives a warm heart while you are watching.

Production: KBS 1994
Starring: Lee Byung Hun, Eum Jeong Hwa, Kim Ho Jin, Oh Hyen Kyeong

The story is based on the popular comic book written by Lee Hyun-Se. 
Oh He-Sung who graduates the first in the Police Academy is the main character of this drama. As you can imagine, he fights with bad guys and he wins.

The Sorrow of the Survivor 
Production: KBS, miniseries 1993
Starring: Lee Byung Hun, Na Hyen Hee, Shin Yun Jeong

Synopsis: It is based on the novel written by Park il Moon, about young peoples’ agony, anger and love story and finding of true themselves when they face up with the reality in the rapidly changing at 80s and 90s in Korea. Since there had been a pure sacrifice, the people who kept silence that time had a deep sorrow in their heart. It is pretty gloomy and BH’s lonely eye will catch your mind. 

Tomorrow Love 
Production: KBS 1992
Starring: Lee Byung Hun, Kim Hyen Ah, Park So Hyeon, Kim Jeong Kyun, Lee Jee Hyung
Director: Youn Seok Ho, Jeon San

This program is the representative youth drama in Korean TV history. It had started at Nov. 10th, 1992 and ended at Oct. 25th, 1994. In ‘Tomorrow is Love’, BH acted the role of 'Bum-Soo Shin' who was a college student and he is very good at anything you can imagine... sports, literature, and study, etc. In addition to that, he was bright (close to genius), handsome, funny, cool, and gentle on people. From this TV drama, BH became an idol star. This drama has each episode with its own story, and gives audience both delightfulness and touching moments. Basically, it has episodes about the everyday college life of Bum Soo and his friends. There is, of course, a romance and friendship and sufferings from various troubles. This drama had been so popular; it still has its own fan page (http://www.tomorrowlove.ce.ro/) even though it passed over 10 years from the last episode. The director of this drama is the famous Youn Seok Ho, (he directed the autumn story and winter sonata) and this was the first drama having 2 PD systems (the other one is Jeon San) in one drama. Byung Hun also sing a title song with other actors.

Wild Chrysanthemum 
Production: KBS 1992
Starring: Lee Byung Hun, Oh Hyun Kyeong

A daily drama series in which BH performed as a single mother's good son, having to leave her when he had enlisted himself in the army.

Morning Without Goodbyes 
Production: KBS 1992

He finally appeared on a miniseries which is known to be a stair way to the idol star. This one also has an original novel. He dies in here, too. But again, he alives because he had played dual role. From here, he starts to rise as a major TV star.

Day of Sunrise 
Production: KBS 1992
Starring: Lee Byung Hun, Im Chang Jeong

Here, he acted the role of 'Hyung-Man Choi' who was a son of rich family, but left his comfortable life because of his conflicts with his father. His role was the delivery boy of a Chinese restaurant. In this drama, he performed very well (especially food cutting scenes), he left deep impressions on audience and made people notice LBH.

Flower That Never Wilts 
Production: KBS 1991 
Starring: Lee Byung Hun, Na Han Il, Kim Min Jeong

A treat to watch LBH in Korean traditional costume in the series with an important supportive role.

Asphalt My Hometown 
Production: KBS 1991 

LBH's debut drama after he finished the education course as the first in his class of the KBS actor academy.

Gratitude & appreciation to PlanetBH0712, Shirley, Weilin, LBH fansites, movie portals & fan-sharing at EverythingLBH with much love

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Immortality Love by Jo Sung Mo 불멸의 사랑 (1)


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naver CF
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008onse (this one really very long ago CF) 2001-02.mpg / pr-2001-01.mpg
woori card making woori_lbh2-3.wmv
CF for KNTO (with CJW) 2004_cm_jp.mpg
paroma furnture CF * this also very old one 00000005.asf
Sigma CF ng1.wmv / ng2.wmv /ng3.wmv
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Timeless Lee Byung Hun Page 29
The Actor Who Married Auteurism Page 37
His childhood nicknames, translated by jiji-hajiken Page 37 
The Unbelievable Idol from i-weekly, translated by Shirley Page 44
August 2004 Interview - LBH in love with a woman 14 years his junior Page 49
LBH REBORN AS GENUINE ACTOR translated by Splash (2004-09-07) Page 51
April 2005 - MBC Section TV: LBH's Bittersweet Life Premiere (translated by Splash) Page 51
January 2005 Interview with Lee Byung Hun on his thoughts of Japan/Korea closer cultural relationship, translated by Aldersgate Page 51
BH's .. analogous .. moments .. Road by Jolee Page 51 
2001: Beautiful man LBH in Paris Page 53
Lee Byunghun In Romantic Paris Page 53
2004: STAR FOCUS - LEE BYUNG HUN from ArirangTV Page 54
All About Lee Byung Hun in Interview Magazine Nov2005 Page 59 translated by Hyc Page 60
About his name Page 60
Cine21 feature in HK magazine, translated by Wei Lin Page 67
Interview May 2005 - 'Enjoying cynicism without frills' Page 67
LBH DVD Interview (2004) translated by jiji-hajiken Page 78
Feb2005 Singapore article by Mervin Tay Page 102
All time highly-rated Korean series Page 109
LBH in Teen Magazine - Singapore (captures+article) Page 114
Some things about Lee Byung Hun (courtesy BHLee HK Club) Page 161
Lee Byung Hun & Song Seung Hun Happy Together Interview transcript Page 164
Beautiful Days - Behind the Scenes Page 179
LBH's 100 Q & A Page 188
BH's Letter to his Father Page 188
All In info Page 189
[INTERVIEW]Kim takes on the role of a cold-hearted gangster Page 196
LBH at HIFF featured in 12/14/05 Yunyega HI segment - translation Page 197
04.02.2005 - Getting to know Lee Byung Hun Page 197
Resort isle Jeju a glamour spot for K-drama Page 197
KBS Entertainment SHOW - VOD Translation (LBH & CJW EHAS in Tokyo)Page 213
Dramas that nurtured him - PlanetBH0712 Page 225
<Nan You> April 2005 issue - prelude: X-posed (translated by Wei Lin) Page 229
Physical feature on Lee Byunghun by PlanetBH0712 Page 237
01.11.2005: An actor that everybody hopes to meet Page 245

Avatars by Naza Page 11
BD avatar & banner by chula Page 30
Wallpaper by Wei Lin
Wallies by ylin Page 44 Page 110
Raya & Deepavali wallie by LSlSW Page 44
Timeless LBH wallpaper by Ann Page 48 Page 51
Wallpapers (2006 Jan calendar) by ylin Page 49
Wanted banner by chula Page 63
BSL banners by ~M~ Page 69 Page 112
Wallpapers by Naza Page 112 
Event banners (Screen Quota Cut) by ylin Page 207 Page 209Page 214
Tax Department Event banner by ylin Page 229 
LBH siggies by LSlSW Page 230
Minchul banner by ylin Page 231
April calendar by ylin Page 240
Event banner (LBH at wedding) by ylin Page 243

Avatars & banners by chula Page 30
Minchul b&w Page 34
GIFS Page 34
Minchul caricature Page 46
NG clips + captures Page 225
CJW-LBH wallpaper Page 241
Victory Kiss NG
Beach NG
14th March 2001 - 14th March 2006: 5th Anniversary of Beautiful Days
VOD 1 - Opening of BD
VOD 2 - Preview of BD
VOD 3 - Ending of BD
VOD 4 - BD MV 

27.06.2005: LBH in Rome Page 63
Various photos - Cannes, BD concert, with friends, BSL caps & Philippines vacation Page 69
Lee Byunghun diary + pics Page 233 Page 234 Page 235

2006 LBH Calendar (purchasing details through Yesasia) Page 15
2006 LBH Calendar from Innolife Page 3
LBH 2006 Calendar Dish Page 182

Korean Government Project CF narrated by LBH & translation Page 146
Various links (compiled by Shirley) Page 13 Page 34
Dunkin' Donuts
BH's old CF and NGs Page 234
TwinX CF 

4.10.2005: Email to Wei Lin Page1
2004 Q & As Page 54
17.11.2005: Message to LBH.SG Page 61
20.10.2004: Email to Ella Page 101

Bungee Jumping vs EHAS, etc Page 31
Fan vs fan Page 32
Official LeeByungHun.US. Fan Club Page 48 Page 49
LBH the actor, the person - his mesmerizing eyes Page 51--Page 53
LBH in Hollywood, confirmed contract with CAA Page 60 Page 64
All In in the Philippines Page 61
Drama Rumor Page 64
Korean movies in Asia Page 70
Awards in Korea, etc Page 79 Page 80
Hwang Jung Min Page 80 Page 81
25th Critics Choice Awards Page 83 Page 84
13th Chunsa Film Arts Award Page 97
Cruel Love drama rumor Page 106 Page 111
Ella's defence of CJW Page 137
Lee Mi Sook - Kim Mi Sook - Lee Mi Yeon Page 143
Drama, movie roles for LBH Page 144 Page 152
Fun discussion 70s, 80s, 90s TV addicts Page 147 Page 148
From Player to Fantom Page 153
Addiction (SFLV, etc) Page 174 Page 175 Page 176
Old Boy Page 183
3-Iron, Marrying the Mafia 2, SHJ, etc Page 200 Page 201 Page 202
Green Rose, etc Page 204
[2005 YEAR IN REVIEW] Part 2: Korean Films Page 209
Green Rose vs STLD Page 218 Page 219
Firebird Page 220
where can I find REAL discussion of Kdramas?? 
Andre Kim resembling LBH's father... not! Page 226
What kind of emotions does Lee Byung Hun stand out in? Page 237
Which part of him attracts you most? Page 237
His EYES by moondance Page 240
What will his 14th movie be? Page 243 Page 244
Lovestory in Sorbonne Page 243
The 42nd Baeksang Awards - April 14th, 2006 Page 244
Interview in Japanese newspaper (Feb 2006) Page 244

Brave & Human DVD related pics & info Page 21
Captures from the Japanese promotion Page 78
Lee Byung Hun DVD Box-Set (Details from Innoform Media)
Each DVD set comprises of 2 DVDS with a free poster and a mini-picture booklet. 
Brave: (approx, 40mins) 
Lee Byung Hun speaks passionately about his life and his 14 year acting career, highlighted by a collage of exclusive footage and priceless candid shots. 
Human: (approx, 40mins) 
The camera zooms in on Lee Byung Hun's trips to Japan and Hawaii. In Japan, Lee Byung Hun enjoys making edo windchimes and shopping. In Hawaii, he tries marine sports and meets and old surfer and children...Discover the natural and true side of Lee Byung Hun.

eDonkey Links Page 52
EHAS clip

Lee Eun Hee Page 225

FANTOM Entertainment 
Actors Page 218

Write-up (PRIMITIVE MAN) by kimchibabe Page 4
Staying Serious with LBH by kimchibabe Page 9
Match in bamboo forest? http://www.celebmatch.com/birthdayform_163...e_Byung_Hun.php
LBH swflash ~ Build Me Up Buttercup ~ Page 19
BSL OST thoughts by kimchibabe Page 33
Mixed Emotions by kimchibabe Page 35
BSL Capsulized by kimchibabe Page 37
Blink 712 by kimchibabe Page 41
Timeless LBH image Page 42
Dream Lover by MRS. le Page 53
Ella's sweet dream Page 54
Rain, Wind and Fire by kimchibabe Page 68
Congratulations & His smile by kimchibabe Page 85
Minchul vs Sunwoo by kimchibabe Page 102
Christmas & NY ecard from jhing http://i2.photobucket.com/albums/y44/jhing...oompibanner.jpg
Inpirational ecards shared by Hyc Page 112
Sometimes by kimchibabe Page 114

GIFS Page 3 Page 4 Page 5 Page 20 Page 21 Page 22
Huntime (funtime) gif from Cha 
Dunkin' Donuts gif
Big bear Hug gif
Various LBH gifs from baidu Page 48
To Heaven gif by ylin Page 52
BSL interview, Blue Dragon gifs by ylin Page 78
Flying Kiss, NEC gifs by ylin Page 79
BSL gifs by ylin Page 86
Lost Planet & Awards' gif by ylin Page 95 Page 100
rubie's snowball gif 
BHJW X'mas gif
Inspirational & LBH gifs Page 107
Bungee moments Page 167
VIctory kiss by ylin Page 172
EHAS first kiss Page 172
BH & dog Page 172
BH in Woongjin CF Page 190
EHAS hot-kisses by ylin Page 196 Page 216
Eternal Love and BSL gifs Page 197
Eternal Love and BSL gifs Page 197

Photos & description Page 28

INTERVIEW Magazine @ Kinokuniya Page 29
Various MV DVD/VCD info courtesy of thunderbolt Page 33
Online purchasing
KBS Live Channel
BD OST DVD from YesAsia-Amazon, jp Page 179
WMPlayer ver.10 download
Smiley Central DL
Various LBH photos online
List of all LBH related sites & stuff
'Three Extremes' Official American release Website.
BHLee HK Club
KBS ONLINE LIVE VIEWING (diagram at Page 70)
Recommended anti-virus software, by chula
Happy Together (English Subtitled - US Version) Release Date : May 15, 2006 

Japanese feature 'WITH' Page1
Japanese feature 'CIRCUS' Page1
Korea act magazine shared by Gigi Page 9
Japanese feature 'GLAMOROUS' Page 10
Korean Stars' Fashion (shared by Wei Lin) Page 15
Josei Jinshin LBH (courtesy of River) Page 16
Screen INTERVIEW November 2005 Issue Page 31
Various 2004 Magazine covers Page 36
Josei Jinsin Nov2005 + Gentry magazine feature Page 52
CREA December 2005 magazine cover Page 52
GLAMOROUS November 2005 Page 54 Page 55
Anan 2004 feature with Kusanagi Tsuyoshi Page 57
Men's Uno (Sept 2005) China Edition Page 67
TV Telepal (Japan) - Jan 2006 Page 67 Page 81
PCW, LYA, KJW & LBH feature in Newsweek Japan (May 2005) Page 114
Various J-caps Page 114
Japan Weekly K-actors' feature Page 132
Samantha Thavasa Page 134
2004-5 magazine covers Page 156 Page 174
PREMIERE March 2005 caps Page 180
Japanese magazine caps Page 196
Various LBH magazine covers Page 216
Korea + act Page 218
CINEBUS Page 220
8Days Singapore (March 2006) Page 232

05.02.2005 Message from LBH translated By Splash (LBH.SG) Page 31
Letter from LBH to a fan Page 33
23.08.2005: LBH's message to Japanese Rubeurs Page 68
LBH at the 2001 birthday party Page 129
LBH photo to BHLee HK Club from Charles Pak Page 153
08.02.2006 - Message from Lee Byung Hun regarding the Screen Quota Cut Page 192
Tokyo Dome fanmeet message from Charles Pak via LBH.SG Page 242 - Page 244

All In & Beautiful Days Page 169

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04.10.2005: Lee Byung-heon debuts as jewelry designer in Japan Page 1
05.10.2005: Lee Byung-hun to set up fan club in Japan Page 2
02.10.2005: Bae Yong-Jun and Choi Ji-Woo are the favorites among the Japanese Page 10
07.10.2005: Lee Byung-heon to meet Tsumabuki Satoshi Page 9
05.10.2005: Japanese studios to release 35 titles in HD DVD format Page 6
05.10.2005: Pusan Int'l Film Festival Kicks Off Page 14
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Asian Stars to attend Louis Vuitton Reopening Page 22
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19.10.2005: S. Korea's 'Antarctic Journal' wins best Asian film award in Spain Page 27
19.10.2005: Film 'Antarctic Journal' Wins Award in Spain 
Best Original Soundtrack Dalpalan and Jang Yeong-gyu for A BITTERSWEET LIFE Page 28
19.10.2005: South Korean director spreads film virus across the world Page 28
13.10.2005: Jang Dong Gun, Lee Byung Hun to star with Chow Yun Fat? Page 28
Source: http://ent.tom.com/1002/1011/20051013-155671.html
19.10.2005: PiFan, RealFanta Film Festivals in Bucheon Page 28
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Top 20 Most Bankable Stars - news & list Page 33
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30.10.2005: Korean star Lee enjoyed his visit Page 45
08.11.2005: Hanllyu Stars jointly sued Japanese major food products company KabayaPage 53
08.11.2005: Film festival celebrates many 'firsts' Page 53
17.06.2005: Largest American Agency Calls Lee Byung-heon "Asian James Dean" Page 56
12.11.2005: Lee Byung Hun signed contract with American Agency CAA Page 57 
Page 58 Page 59
Nomination for the 26th Blue Dragon Awards Page 59 
16.11.2005: Keeping up 'addiction to Korean TV dramas' Page 60
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30.11.2005: Play All Day With Lee Byung-Heon! Page 75 Page 77
30.11.2005: Movie star Lee Byung Hun becomes global videogame spokesperson Page 75 Page 76 Page 108
30.11.2005: 'Lady Vengeance' Bags Korea's Top Movie Honors Page 75
04.12.2005: 4th Korean Film Awards - results Page 79
Korean Wave to hit Turkey with soap opera: Turkish Ambassador Page 80
May 2005 'Korean Wave' break on Cannes Page 80
05.12.2005: Korean Celebrity Makes Debut as a Video Game Model Page 81
05.12.2005: Welcome To Dongmakgol” wins best picture award Page 81
05.12.2005: Lee Byung Hun appointed as special representative of UNICEF Page 81
06.12.2005: Lee Byung Hun, Lee Young-ae and Kim Rae Won to participate in the charity event of 13th
Page 81
05.12.2005: Microsoft to Release Xbox 360 in Asia Page 82
06.12.2005: Lee Byung Hun and Jeon Do Yeon won the 25th Yeongpyeong-sang actor & actress prize Page 82 Page 84
07.12.2005: Lee Byung Hun and Hilton sisters attending '2005 Samantha Thavasa Celebrity Xmas Event' Page 83 Page 84
10.12.2005: CAPCOM Announces "Lost Planet",
Featuring Lee Byung Hun for the Xbox 360™! Page 86
10.12.2005: Announcement of Xbox360 Production "Lost Planet" starring Lee Byung Hun Page 87
10.12.2005: Lee Byung Hun's Japanese fans chartering private plane to attend award ceremony Page 87
12.12.2005: "Computer Game Modelled on Actor Lee Byeong-heon" Introduced in Tokyo Page 89
12.12.2005: "Congratulations Byonghonshi", shouted 100 Japanese fans in Korean to LBH at the prize giving ceremony Page 90
12.12.2005: Movie actor Lee Byung Hun felt honoured to win the 25th Yeongpyeong-sang best actor award Page 91
13.12.2005: Son Yejin new CM "imitates" Lee Byung Hun in JSA Page 92
14.12.2005: Lee Byung Hun "Angel of love that defends children in refugee village" Page 94
14.12.2005: Lee Byung Hun appointed as a special representative of UNICEF Page 95
13.12.2005: Lee Byeong-heon: "But do you have your own computer game?" news & links courtesy Twitchfilm Page 96
15.12.2005: Lee Byung Hun Awarded Best Actor Page 96
16.12.2005: Movie critics have selected Lee Byung Hun of "A Bittersweet Life" as best actor of the year
Page 99
20.12.2005: And the hunkiest Korean star is... Page 104
22.12.2005: Stars of big screen, will perform in small screen in 2006 Page 109
27.12.2005: Photo exhibition titled "Korean Wave to the World" Page 109
Artistes (including Lee Byung Hun) auction mobile phones for UNICEF Page 109 Page 115
LBH's well-dressed attire praised at the Blue Dragon Page 111
27.12.2005: Actor Lee Byung Hun shows affection to fellow colleagues in Pusan Page 114
29.12.2005: Korean Wave Just a Ripple in Japan: Survey vs. Japanese Still Can't Get Enough of Korean Stars Page 114
09.10.2005 - Open Talk: Lee Byung-hun and Tsumabuki Satoshi Page 115
02.01.06 - Stars Born in the Year of the Dog Page 121
02.01.06 - Fantom clarifies about the report of BH vying for Chinese drama role Page 121
03.01.06 - Born in the Year of the Dog Page 122
03.01.06 - Cruel Love rumor Page 123
05.01.06 - Phantom's clarification; no Cruel Love for LBH Page 125
06.01.06 - S. Korean stars ask Hong Kong to release farmersPage 126
06.01.06 - Hallyu stars urge release of S. Korean farmers from Hong Kong jail Page 127 Page 134 Page 136
09.01.06 - KBS documentary to show glimpse of Lee Byung-heon's private life Page 132
09.01.06 - Glimpse of Lee Byung Hun's Private Life Page 133
06.01.06 - Doggedly Loyal Page 137
12.01.06 - Fresh Wave of Choi Ji-woo Fever Grips Japan Page 140
11.01.06 - Chungmu-ro hopes to catch JDG and LBH Page 142
15.01.06 - LBH elected to be the narrator for a national propaganda campaign CF (VOD & translation)Page 145 Page 146
19.01.06 - A Review of Korean Cinema in 2005 Page 151
Oslo Korean Film Festival 2006 (Press Release) Page 153 
Eric's news Page 156 
23.01.2006 - Actress Kim Hee-sun Holds 1st Fan Meeting in Japan Page 158
19.01.2006 - Fantom to co-produce 3 series in 2006 Page159
23.01.2006 - Lee Byung Hun will stand on the Tokyo Dome super stage Page 160
22.01.2006- Making waves; Korean dramas wash up on webs worldwide Page 164
26.01.2006 - "Hallyu Hot Wave" Four countries ~ four colors of Hallyu Page 167
Screen quota reduced by July Page 169
JSA in 2006 San Francisco Korean American Film Festival 
Page 175
03.02.2006 - Film stars to stage protest against cutting of screen quota Page 185 Page 187 Page 188 Page 189
2005 article - Korean Stars from Hanyang University popular overseas Page 190
08.02.2006 - [News + Photos] Aside From Film Quota Cut, Industry Faces Challenges; 
Filmmakers stage massive rally against screen quota cut; Scores of Stars Mobilize to Fight against Quota Cuts; Rally Against Screen Quota Cut; No Screen Quota Cut Page 191
Korea's Film Industry Opposes Seoul's Screen Quota Cut Page 192
09.02.2006 - Lee Byung Hun gave apparent opinion of "screen quota" Page 193
08.02.2006 - Korean film bizzers protest in Seoul Page 194
14.02.2006 - LEJ's memorial on her anniversary Page 201
14.02.2006 - Seoul, Paris to Mark 120 Anniversary of Ties Page 201
South Korea film industry cuts quota, foreign films set to rise + updatesPage 202
16.02.2006 - Actor Lee Named Envoy for French Culture Page 204
16.02.2006 - Filmmakers, actors call for meeting with President Roh Page 204
17.02.3006 - Lee Byung-hun Named Honorary Ambassador of French Culture Page 205 Page 206
17.02.2006 - Movie stars, farmers protest against market-opening measures Page 206
18.02.2006 - Lee Byung Hun with glasses, suave matching received high praises Page 207
[EDITORIAL]Korean films in danger? Page 207
18.02.2006 - Franco-Korean Friendship Year Begins Page 208
Capcom unveiled Lost Planet in Las Vegas Page 208
20.02.2006 - KBS to broadcast Lee En-ju special program on 21st Page 210
20.02.2006 - Events to Mark 120 Years of French Ties Page 211
23.02.2006 - Tourism agency to show Korean movies for free Page 214
24.02.2006 - XBox Hits Korea; Microsoft's upgraded game console hits S. Korean market Page 215
28.02.2006: Big money, popularity of TV luring Korean stars back to the small screen Page 221
South Korean movie has already approved 8 rations, including Lee Byung Hun's "Red Skin" Page 221 Page 223
02.03.2006: Actor Hyun Bin Becomes Top Hallyu Star in JapanPage 222
02.03.2006: LBH, RSW and Hyunbin to be general manager for the tax office service department Page 222 Page 227
03.03.2006: Seven Korean Films to Be Shown on American TV Page 224
03.03.2006: S. Korean movie workers to step up protest against quota reduction Page 224
03.03.2006: Korean cinema spotlighted in Mexico City Page 224
Distrib Innotz snaps up 8 features
Company envisions a 20-film lineup for next 18 months Page 226
Possible new movie in April, unconfirmed Korean news update Page 230
13.03.2006: Lee Byung Hun to hold Fan meeting in Tokyo Dome Page 237
13.03.2006: Actor Lee Byung-hun to Meet 50,000 Fans at Tokyo Dome Page 238
12.03.2006: BSL winning the "Action Asia" prize for the best action film shown at France's Asian Film Festival Page 238
15.03.2006: BYJ-Choi Jiwoo, Korean Current stars chosen by Asian reporters Page 241
17.03.2006: 'A Bitter Sweet Life' continues to gain attention from foreign countries even after one year Page 241
The 42nd Annual 'Paeksang Arts Awards' to be held on 14th April Page 241
21.03.2006: Lee Byung Hun: "I want to have close contact with fans." Page 243
20.03.2006: France, Mexico Host Korean Film Shows Page 244

Conduct in threads from soomp! Page 240

Hankook chinaware with image of dogs (2006 = Year of the Dog)
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2006 Celebrity Calender Page 81 Page 100
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14.12.2005: Happiness proves itself a bestseller in S. Korea in 2005 Page 94
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19.12.2005: Dongji: the longest night symbolizes resurrection of the sun Page 101
24.12.2005: To Persevere, Live Life to the Full Page 107
27.12.2005: The year of the dog, oldest friend to mankind Page 110 Page 112 Page 114
28.12.2005: Defecting is easy...English is hard Page 111
30.12.2005: A Healthy Fast Is as Good as a Fresh Start 30.12.2005 Page 120
05.01.06 - Elderly painter shows scenes of rural life in debut exhibition Page 125
All About the Real Sam-Soon [Cine21 Mag Interviews Kim Seon-Ah] 
Jubilee Bear Page 130
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Find Giant Pandas in China
Hari Raya Aidiladha Page 134
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Double dose of horrors - Friday the 13th
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Korea's traditional clothing, shared by Felicia Page 161 Page 162
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Year of the Dog Page 169 Page 171
Refugee lives the South Korean dream Page 181
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Arirang Extra's netizen survey results Page 185
THE METAL DOG 1910 AND 1970 Page 186
The History of Kimchi Page 189
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100 Ways to say I Love You Page 196
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18.02.2006 - Better late than never: Overcoming illiteracy Page 207
'Forbidden Quest,' a comic satire of hidden desire in Confucian era Page 212
Smoking Scenes Frequent in Movies Page 220
An Uneven 'Quest' for Something More
'King' to Claim All-Time Box Office Title Page 225
"All-Time Korean Movie Box Office TOP 10" Page 228
Lee Mi Yeon & Kim Young Chul's new movies Page 229
Women International Day, March 8th Page 231

PANDA Sharing Page 1
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New Panda IDs Page 40
05.11.2005: Pinay Pandas watching JSA Page 49 Page 50
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ABCs of Love and Friendship, shared by ylin Page 127
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midnight sun's bear with cocoa Page 131
Omma's Raya Haji ecard 
Hunnie Panda LBH TV by Omma 
LBH interview gif by ylin 
Omma Bi's AirAsia ticket Page 147
Bears in Hanbok Page 147
Tau sar pneah, ampala juice, steam chicken, etc Page 151 Page 153 Page 154
THE PINAY PANDA MEET WITH CHULA (20-21 January 2006) Page 155
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Omma's panda-photoframes Page 168
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Thought-provoking ecard shared by Hyc Page 184
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Summer's Seoul vacation pics Page 200
USA Panda Cub Plays in Snow Page 202
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Panda-kites Page 215]
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OmmaBi's Bangkok Experience + RainBear Page 219 - Page 222
RainBear & Rain http://img488.imageshack.us/img488/3135/moshi027qg.jpg
map - http://www.platinumfashionmall.com/images/mapPlatinum1.gif 
Felicia's animal gifs Page 223
Naked KSW for PandaBi
Peter Dyrendall for PandaBi
An Anthology of Love by Azzie Page 235 Page 236

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