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  1. To my drama friends here: I highly recommend 1% of Something on Viki as one of my very favorite dramas. Well written, directed and acted; it will make your heart melt.
  2. Whether MVP Mom just stays at SI's place or files for divorce, I think LTH's world will fall apart. He is really a big old baby. "You don't know what you've got til it's gone." I don't care if he actually changes or doesn't, but I want Lee sisters and Mom to band together and take care of each other. I want MVP Mom to stick to her guns and not go back home. I'm not sure how financially independent they actually are, but Jae In implied her father could kick JI out of her apartment. Jae In needs to get a job anyway. AND, SI sold her apartment, so that can't be a permanent living arrangement. Another thought; SI was separated when we met her. You usually find out you are pregnant around 6 to 8 weeks. The pregnancy was probably a result of a spousal rape/fight. It may have happened right before they separated or even after he moved out because we saw him get in the apartment and break a picture frame and then later she was crouched on the floor with him tearing up the apartment. I also think the abuse was not a one time thing or the result of one night of drinking. He is abusive every time we see them together. When she threatened to kill him if he got involved in JI's situation, he laughed and said, "You're getting me excited," maybe referring to violent sex in the past. I believe he is capable of killing her and I think she thinks so too.
  3. I'm confused. Is GS's dad telling JI, "It's OK if you're seeing someone else. Take your time; get it out of your system. I don't care about frivolous things (affairs?). Just come back to GS when you're ready. Don't make a rash decision." This seems a little too openminded because he does say he doesn't want her to break GS's heart. Wouldn't having an affair break GS's heart? Will GS still want her if finds out they are sleeping together? And then his father sends GS the pictures, so he wants him to know that he knows, or maybe to show to her parents? Also, why did GS's dad smile so slyly going down the stairs after talking to JI's father? His last words were, "Then maybe they aren't meant to be." Huh?
  4. @Hushhh, I love director Ahn Pan Seuk. My first Kdrama was SITR with many of the same actors that are in Spring Night. He loves to work with an ensemble crew. Next I watched Secret Love Affair, and I have started, but not finished "A Wife's Credentials". I plan to watch "Heard it through the Grapevine", also. They are hard to watch because they deal with such real life, gut wrenching heartbreak. All are melodramatic and thought provoking. You are right about his interest in the class system in Korea. In SITR and SLA, both women fall in love with someone who is not accepted in their family's social circle. "A Wife's Credentials" deals with the insane competition in upper class society for children to excel academically and the pressure that puts on their mothers, who see it as their number one job. (I think that is what Sky Castle is about also.). We barely (last minute) got a happier ending in SITR; I wonder if it was in the original script. Makes me wonder how Spring Night will turn out; hope he listens to viewers. He must be great to work for, because actors keep coming back to him. Son Ye Jin said he promised that she would eat and sleep on time, one of the reasons big stars often turn down 16 episode tv dramas because of the grueling schedules. Apparently he is better at scheduling, so that everyone does not have to come and stay all day and night. And notice all the eating during filming; not a coincidence.
  5. Someone mentioned matching SI to junior banker. I think she is older and too intimidating for him. I match him with library friend who lives below JH. She will keep him on a very tight leash.
  6. I think I saw an early interview in these outfits. Does look a little "weddingey"
  7. I was so shocked by the scene with JI and her dad. It is inconceivable in Western world that a dad would ask a daughter to marry someone she did not love in order to help himself. This would be considered shameful! Some individuals choose money over love for themselves, but I can't imagine parents pushing them to do it. There could even be encouragement to choose dating partners from a professional/same religion pool of people, but asking for life long sacrifice of a loveless marriage for the parent's benefit is unheard of. In Western world, JI would have everyone on her side against her father. I guess in his defense, he thinks you stayed with him for 4 years, you can fall back in love, but he truly doesn't care about her feelings at all. It will be interesting to see if he cares about his other daughter, SI, being abused or will he tell her to go back and give him another chance?
  8. I so admire the writer for making GS a three dimensional character, and not a two dimensional villain. The phone call with his father was heart breaking; it shows how deeply insecure he is, desperate for his father's approval. He is an egotistical boyfriend, raised by an egotistical father, who has taught him to look down on others and overvalue his wealth and status. Thank goodness JI has a different set of values and wants more than money and status. But sadly, GS truly does not understand; he truly thinks that because he never cheated and offers her a step up, that should be enough. He will have to be satisfied with a wife who wants wealth and status alone, and not love which he thinks is over in a month. This whole situation brings out one of the main themes of this drama: is marriage a business to be arranged or is it founded on love and affection and "warm hearts"? When is it acceptable to divorce? Western culture would come down clearly on the side of love and affection, but we have a very high divorce rate. Koreans may be in the middle of trying to figure this out and do not want to throw out all the stability the old system offered. But this drama is coming down squarely on the side of marriage for love, and justified divorce in some circumstances. SITR took on sexual harassment in the workplace; Spring Night takes on women's place in marriage and relationships. Also, just a comment on JH's wardrobe. The dark, plain drab overcoat and slacks look has to be intentional for his character. It plays down his attractiveness and makes him look more serious. JH apparently does not care a lot about clothes, and like many men, just wears a uniform type of look. In SITR, it was the opposite; he looked like a runway model and the clothes seemed pretty expensive for his occupation. I think that was because his character was a young lady's man who enjoyed single life and spent more money on clothes. JH is single, but has not been partying or spending much money on himself.
  9. I too think GS doesn't walk like a young man, but I think he may have a knee injury. I think his real age is close to 40. JI's apartment reminds me Jun Hee's apartment house in SITR. When GS showed up at club where his old band was playing, I thought the friend who recognized JI might have called and tipped him off. Maybe it was just coincidence. I don't think she recognized them.
  10. @xXMzSmilesXx, Thanks so much for finding all that info. I guess SI only has two choices: get him to agree or have a really messy public trial. I guess her plan is to threaten him with the picture evidence so he will agree. But if she gives up her job, status and money, he may let her go anyway. He doesn't think she could ever go that far, but if she does and there is no money, why would he hold onto her, baby or not? His only recourse then will be anger and violence toward her out of frustration. He might cause her to lose the baby.
  11. What are her rights in Korea to sole custody? If she proves abuse, can she make him have supervised custodial visits? Can she get a divorce if he doesn't consent? A pregnancy will increase the pressure for them to stay together. I think the baby makes it harder for her to hide from him. If she was thinking about studying abroad and not letting him know where she is, a baby makes that almost impossible. Jae-In accused JI of not liking children, and when JI objected, she said she guessed it was SI. Is there someone in her family who would raise it? Her mother, JI, or Jae-In? Hard to picture. If she doesn't raise it, would her husband have the right to raise it within his family? A pregnancy really complicates matters, as it did for JH's family, but none of them can imagine life without Eun-U. I am sure there will be insights and parallels drawn between the two situations and more empathy for JH from her family than there might have been otherwise. There might even be a sweet conversation between SI and JH about how Eun-U has changed his life for the better.
  12. Just remembered, JI's father told his wife abuser son-in-law that GS just needed to take control of JI and get married. Force was the way to negotiate with women.
  13. @sally2, And JI's sister married a guy with anger issues, so she was conditioned, also. GS says what people who have uncontrolled tempers say, "I have a short fuse." They think this personality assessment gives them the right to throw tantrums and not be accountable and others don't do it because they have a longer fuse, I guess. But she and SI grew up dealing with a short fuse father and it feels familiar to them. JI's conditioned response is to get quiet, listen and not argue. It doesn't mean she is convinced, she just thinks her own thoughts, or as you said, inwardly rolls her eyes. JH is so different, she is not sure how to take him. He had someone leave him, (or possibly, just the situation) and he is conditioned to being afraid she will run away if there is a problem. She doesn't understand at first that a good bit of his reluctance is about protecting her. She is not used to someone looking out for her. Even the dropped chop sticks was a sign that GS expected for her to look out for herself and not expect much from him.
  14. Earlier I thought Potential Civil Servant would have to see Jae In pursued by someone else to see her value, but apparently we are going to skip right over that step. He already regrets dumping her and banker friend says his eyes are swollen. From crying? Maybe intense studying, but he responds saying he is no longer seeing Jae In and he dumped her. He doesn't seem happy about it. Also when it is discovered that celebrity newscaster, his ideal, is Jae In's sister, he seems upset remembering Jae In's conversation with him about SI. I think he already misses her and we can expect an attempt to reconcile at some point. Wonder how hard a time she will give him before she gives in?
  15. That reminded me that during the time they were trying to be "just friends" and he was going to drive her home, she looked like she thought he might open her car door and he intentionally did not. I think JH used to be a practical joker and enjoys teasing her. She is not quite sure how to take him at first. Once she gets that he is kidding, she enjoys teasing back.
  16. @bebebisous33, I like your first paragraph about how GS and JI got together; casually, mutual friends and why not? We don't know when GS started working with the bank, but the beginning of the relationship could have been when he was still in a band. If SH and GS were friends, JI may have been taken with SH and SI out to hear them. It obviously developed into a sexual relationship and that doesn't happen without some affection. So, they didn't start out passionately (lovey/dovey), but developed over time into a couple. At some point he started working at the bank and my speculation is that they started having friction then. He becomes too busy to spend time with her, they start arguing, somewhere he says he doesn't always win, and apparently he threatens repeatedly to break up because of his short fuse. When he says, "You can say you dumped me", it is probably because family (except his) and friends have accepted them as a couple and would expect some explanation. They were never really passionately in love, but lots of pairings and marriages are like this. GS refers to the honeymoon of the first month of a relationship, but says then it falls into a routine. He was satisfied with this, especially as his work life made more demands and I think he wanted to marry her because he didn't have the time, energy or even desire to start over. She expressed unhappiness to her friend before she met JH, friend doesn't really like her relationship with GS but JI tells JH later, that she had been confused for awhile, but just put off dealing with it. She has no role model relationships with which to compare hers. She wishes for "a passionate relationship where you don't get hurt", but she may not know if it is really possible. Then she refers to meeting JH as 3 seconds that can change your destiny. She has never felt this before and it pushes her to examine her feelings and relationship with GS. All relationships don't start out with this electricity, but it is hard to ignore if you keep running into each other. It is palpable and really hard to fight against. They are like magnets.
  17. We haven't yet seen what GS will do in anger and retaliation, so he may end up being unredeemable. But two weeks ago I wrote: "I hope GS does not become a truly bad person. It is more realistic if he is just a flawed pretty decent guy who has never been affectionate or romantic. " I still hope this is true, but there is reason to be worried. He has a right to be hurt and angry at both of them; although she said, "You saw this coming," which is true, neither of them were really honest with him. And there is quite a bit of foreshadowing: I hope he is not violent, but he did grab her arm in the hall outside her apartment which she wrenched away. He said he has a short fuse to explain why he kept talking about breaking up. He scared JH's bank buddy, taking him outside to "have a talk." He really has no one to confide in to relieve his hurt and anger. He didn't tell his father or his musician buddies; he just downed alcohol which is always good for clear thinking (not). JI's mother said something about his temper, and both times JI and JH meet to talk in the park, she just assumes he is angry and wants to yell at her. Her father has a bad temper and throws fits at all of the women in his family, so she has been conditioned to expect it. The previews show him trying to guilt JH about ruining JI's life, which is the best strategy to use because JH already feels guilty. Someone will tell JI's father, probably GS or SI's sorry husband, and GS will think JI will have to obey her father. And suddenly he has turned the topic away from his problems as a boyfriend to "altruistic" concern for JI's life being ruined. This is probably his best option for controlling her. Of course, it won't work. JH on the other hand, doesn't seem to have a short fuse, always apologizes first, shows true concern for those he loves, has impulse control, has had a loving example of marriage in his family, uses humor to break tension, and all of his friends and acquaintances are loyal and concerned about him. As she says in preview, he has a warm heart. JH's maturity level is even higher than JI's because of his life experiences, and GS's father says JI is more mature than GS. The contrast between JH and GS is stark. Because of his immaturity, GS will have a hard time believing she hasn't lost her mind and accepting defeat. I just hope he does not resort to violence and become a truly bad character. Right now, I feel a little sorry for him, because he has no idea what he is up against. As the potential civil servant said, "Love."
  18. Another reason he may have gone looking for his old musician buddies, is that all his newer acquaintances know JH. Remember he was new to basketball alumni group and was invited by coworker/subordinate at the bank, who is best friend s with JH and KS doesn't want to talk to him. Otherwise, in 4 years he really hasn't developed another friend group. What will happen to the basketball group now? JH has been participating longer, KS is new, but KS will paint JH as the bad guy and he is their contact to use school gym. JH's two best friends are not going to abandon him, but the potential civil servant is not on the team. I also thought it was interesting that musician friends knew about JI, so they probably started dating when he was a part of that group. She may have liked him better then when he was happier and more carefree. Maybe working at the bank caused him to be depressed and more disengaged. If his dad knew he dated her back then, it might explain why the dad thought she was just a casual, fun girlfriend that he would outgrow when he settled into a "real" career and chose someone more suitable for a banker's wife. That would also explain why they had never met her; they never saw her as serious wife material.
  19. Hushshh, do you know about VPN? Canada Netflix is showing about an hour after it airs in Korea. I think US will air week by week sometime in July.
  20. Dhakra said JI's mom is the real MVP and I totally agree. (Love this actress in several dramas.). It reminded me of Garrison Keillor's Lake Woebegone, a fictional small town in Minnesota, "where the women are strong, the men are good-looking and the children are all above average." I love the strong women characters in this drama and I believe they will be the problem solvers in this drama.
  21. I, too, am an English literature teacher, if we are doing full disclosure. These dramas are so rich in character development and some of the writers are really good. I love this art form!
  22. Richelle, I am worried about Eun-u. Something in the preview was JH saying he could endure anything except hurt to EU. What is that about? I can't really imagine how KS can hurt EU.
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