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  1. Indeed...very disappointed. Like she went from "we have to find JS's huband and destroy him" to "That person just overcame this trauma (WhAt??!) Not now HW, wait until after the recital..." I had the same reaction HW: Overcame?!!.. Ani, if IW "overcame" what HW must have felt all this time? Are you kidding me?? And wait after the recital? Girl, now you trippin. I was so disgusted that she put the performance and IW's career above HW. Like she made my boy cry, he couldnt believe it..so sad that she was not loyal, but i guess some might view this as loyalty to IW...
  2. I love that the devices are always cheerful while the person they are based on are depressed. JS's reason to be depressed was not included when her device was created because only her knew it. Its the same for MJ. And even when the trauma is recorded by the device (MJ's device's case) it didnt have a depressed tone, even tho the conversation the device had with HW afterwards was deeply sad, the feelings were not there the way it would have been if it was the real MJ talking about her lost meaning of life. It shows that the device cant recreate pain, traumas... This is not a soul being after all. I guess it also proves that the device in the drama is not unrealistic like some people said. I love that SW is not like the typical female lead that have a crush on the male lead and as soon as the latter starts to reciprocate the feelings just jump on it. She doesnt even think about it until someone else point it out. She has been coming up with logic to explain HW's changes not daring to think he can really care for her. The fact that she is dense and not delusional is realistic and it is cute that she respects the love HW had for JS and doesnt want to interfere (but girl now go go go tho lol) I love the fact that MJ chose Eun joo homestay because she has the same name as her daughter. Is it like to see a EJ grown up's version she wont be able to see with her own daughter? Or just to find comfort with an EJ by her side? Her story is very touching. I hope she finds the will and strenght to go on. I love HW. I love his deep stares. I love that he doesnt talk a lot but acts, touch, like i already said. When MJ had a conversation with her device, he didnt say anything to her, they didnt even greet each other. He just stared at her, listened to her and then held her hand when she needed it. And she felt a warmth that made her want to keep on living. He is like that, efficient. I love that SH is finding a purpose on helping someone healing, her that didnt want to be linked on a personal level to anyone and only found comfort in looking after plants. I hate CS, he is a jerk. I thought they could wrap up the drama in 12 eps but now i think it is not enough. I hate that they cut off the drama, i hate that not enough people could appreciate it. But I love everything about this drama, even the things i hate... Is it love? Lol
  3. Ha won is cunning and super smooth lmao! The way he took his phone out to tell Seo woo he got the matress delivered and already had to move the sofa in by himself so she wont go home and made her record him playing the piano even tho he doesnt play well just to spend some time with her and impress her. He is so cute, following her around, waiting for her and all
  4. So this is true...they are shortening the drama, i am so disappointed! The drama is now getting more and more interesting but now they will have to rush it, so sad! This drama is a gem, how low are the ratings anyway?
  5. About SW's parents home picture, we really have to wait and see i guess. I do think its possible that HW doesnt have the picture (he may have erased it) or maybe he doesnt remember he has it or he intentionally did not send it to her...lets see! It will be beautiful if they help each other heal At first, i was not sure about JS's feelings toward HW either. But when her marriage was revealed and seeing the last episodes i think she really loved her husband. I am not sure when she found out about HW's feelings but she didnt know from the beginning (as SW said in the last scene in ep 4) but she did know at some point...actually i am confused, did she found out or did the device found out? Thank you for taking the time to answer to my post
  6. I was rewatching the eps and theres something i realized while doing it. Just like i thought the first time i watched the last 2 eps, HW did take a picture of the whole SW's parents house, if i am not mistaking. We can clearly see him watching the house from afar and SW's parents that are outside, and then he takes his phone and captured that moment. After that he takes a picture of the road and half of SW's parents house and thats the photo he sends to SW after hearing about her parents death. So, again, if i am not mistaking, he has a photo in which SW's family house can clearly be seen, and since her parents were outside, they probably are in the picture also but HW didnt send it to her. Why? Maybe i am taking it too far and that picture does not exist but if it does, that means he chose not to send it to her, maybe because that would be too painful for her, maybe he wants to take things slowly, which takes me to another assumption: after hearing about the fact that SW's parents died in the Misiryeong fire and sending her the photo, HW's behaviour changed imo. When she came to him to thank him for the picture and was leaving he said: "You're just leaving after saying that?", "you have something else to do, at this hour?"...what he said and the way he said it are worth a look. Its like he wanted to be with her some more and he was more laid back than usual. And after that he started to go to her, suddenly appearing in front of her to make her converse with the device. That thought came to my mind: maybe he now wants to help SW getting over her parents death with the help of his device. Of course, one cannot really get over a loved one's death but SW is still having a hard time digesting the loss. She cant drink alcohol to prevent herself having bad thoughts, she cant really talk about it and didnt go back to her hometown ever since (just like she said to the JS device when the latter asks her if she go back there from time to time, she didnt even finish her question that SW answers "i dont go there" with a grave and depressing tone). Maybe HW wants to "treat" her pain through the device just like he is trying to treat his, like a joint treatment and when the time is right give her the picture of her parents house. What y'all think?
  7. I also love how they portray SW to be not clingy, frank and very mature. I really like all of her scenes, she always says the right things be it with HW or her friend that left the shared house (when she told her her parents' story and all). Her interactions with HW are very deep and healing. The two of them can feel it, especially HW that keeps on going to her like you said. His stares are very meaningful and i like to rewatch those scenes too. HW is very intelligent so i think he already knows whats goin on in his heart. When he brought back the chair, he smiled and that smile tells a lot, especially since he almost never smile. HW doesnt talk a lot, he smiles, he stares, he waves his hand, he touches/pushes her slighty and is full of good intentions towards SW (telling her to stay-the word that can keep her going-, taking her home, finding her chair, bringing her an umbrella). He also remembers clearly the first time he met her while she was not really paying attention, a time she doesnt remember. Which bring me to this conclusion: he is already questioning his feelings for SW and their relationship, which is why he wonders if her coming between him and JS is a coincidence. That curiosity shows when he wants to know about the secret talk between SW and the device and wonders if it was about him. I mean, the confession scene!!!! The way he was staring at her and was quick to unplug the earphones to hear the secret and then he blocked SW's hand with his even tho he already heard that she likes him!..what can that mean? I am not sure but he is definitely not uncomfortable with it and wants to know everything about it...Arrhf this is the type of drama that is perfect to binge watch..here we go again with the agony to wait for the next eps every week... @mqiuwen the device includes the character and some memories of JS that have been provided by HW when he set up the device on JS mode and SW who has been speaking to the device and telling it the moments she had with JS Omo, what a long richard simmons post, sorry!
  8. I also think that Ha won is already falling for Seo woo. I feel like he is making up reasons to meet with her with all the "i need you to converse with her" moments. He is genuinely curious about Seo woo and her life and likes her company. He stares at her a lot (and that since the beginning) i think he is interested in her since the beginning, not necessarily as a love interest but like someone intriguing that is picking his interest. I cant wait to see whats next
  9. Oh my gosh! Did you guys see the final making of videos that Jtbc drama released on youtube??! PSJ and KDM are so cute, i childishly ship! Even tho I love you PSJ, just date! Date her! Go on, i wont be mad, i am married anyway, we wont ever get together sorry , so just do me a favor and date her Lmao, i might need medication
  10. Ikr! But nobody made a gif about this beautiful scene! Guess i really have to start making gifs lol
  11. Ikr.....i watched EVERY drama he starred in. I just really liked the way he acts from the beginning but i didnt like him as a man that much. But when i watched him in Fight my way, i slighty began to really like him and then ice on the cake The divine fury.....Waouh. i thought i couldnt fall for him more and here I am now....i dont even have words, he is SO talented and so HANDSOME to me now lol The finale was pure hapiness. It really made me happy, like it gave me love and strenght to go on with my life. I am serious it really touched my heart in ways i didnt think it could be possible, even, dethroning my all time favorite melo Secret garden
  12. Waa! I think you're right!..it does make sense. He knew the thought of his love will make him go back and he wanted to spend more time with his dad. How could you think about that? You might be a genius lol I can't wait for ep 16, a few hours to go
  13. Right, while watching his blurry memory of YS's confession and him not mentioning her, having his head ache and all i was like: oh no! Dont tell me they are going to play the amnesia card...and then i was like, well maybe he will remember her at the end of this dream. But turns out he didnt forget her lol, just couldnt mention her at first for some reason (didnt know what to call her/in what category to put her, or maybe it was too painful) but then mustered the courage and said to his dad: I am not going with you. I have a date. Excuse me as i have to cry again thinking about this scene, i think i didnt cry enough the first time lol
  14. Park Seo joon is such a great actor. I really cant say anything else right now. I am overwhelmed by so much emotion
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