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  1. I completely agree. No atter what he’s never been shown to show loving affection, just protective. And I keep thinking based on his surprise reactions of JS’s behavior that he really does have something that he’s doing in order to protect his wife. Why does he always look so shocked when his wife comes in guns shooting. I’m wondering for the first time if he’s truly got another story besides jerk cheating husband.
  2. I’m sorry everyone, but I don’t think there’s a chance that YuRi is not the daughter, but the VP’s mistress. First, we see the flashback scene of YuRi being introduced to the VP’s wife. Now any idiot knows not to introduce your lover to your wife and you definitely wouldn’t say it’s your illegitimate kid if it weren’t. Second, she calls the VP dad when she says to SJ that she’ll explain to her Dad their situation.
  3. i thought the thing SJ bought was the picture of the VP’s mistress’ family to black mail her to leave the VP. The scene where SJ meets her and then throws up afterwards.
  4. Aaaaarrrrggghhhhhhh!!!!! I’m so MAD that SJ is completely unredeemable at this point. I was really rooting for him to do a “I tricked everyone to bring down the VP and cut out the rot.” **tears** after watching the preview for 13, looks like SJ is asking JS for divorce. But our gal ain’t having any of it. She’s going to make sure they suffer humiliation for their affair and can’t be together publicly and righteously. I totally get it. It was a stab in my heart seeing SJ hold YuRi in the standoff between the two women. My god! You’re still married and cheated and you say you don’t want to hurt your wife, but you keep doing it OVER AND OVER!!! It’s anger management time. I have to go clean or do dishes to get some aggression out. on a funny note, this drama has my poor husband wondering when it will end because every week O ask him a question like “Do you have any super emotional secret you’ve never shared with me?” Or “Did you ever cheat on me while we went through our rough patch?” Lol
  5. That always confused me!!! They’re names are just opposite so I couldn’t remember who the heck was who!!! Really playing on that my other half, opposites attract thing!
  6. It was MiNa saying she saw YuRi going back into the office and that it must be YuRi who sent the text. Ugh. She’s getting even worse. Hope this manipulation turns SJ off, but not sure since he already knows she did it AND chose her anyways.
  7. I think that we see her in fall of 2018 right before her miscarriage. Then we see that in spring 2019 he goes to his dad’s funeral. However, JS says it was a year of grieving for her. So I’m guessing that the scenes that opened the drama are right after she decided to move forward. Which also means that the affair was going on for several months.
  8. It just connected for me that Mi Na probably didn’t tell JS about her baby situation because Of JS’s miscarriage and MiNa being sensitive to it, particularly given that MiNa is thinking of aborting. I’m sure you’ve already reached that conclusion, but thought I’d share anyways.
  9. I don’t think I’m a feminist on steroids. I’m just pointing out a potential area where we, as a society and even women, may have a blind spot. And I’m also saying that I want JS to find love. Perhaps my use of “!” Gave the wrong impression of my tone. I’m not angry nor judging, just trying to help others gain insight from the discussions that we’ve been having. i also originally wished Daniel would come to the rescue and she would end up with him because he seemed like a decent guy and seemed to show interest or at least respect towards JS. However, reading others posts made me realize my own wishful thinking and perspective may be tinged by Disney and fairytales we are exposed to all our lives. And I realized that’s not what is really in the best interest of JS nor women in real life. also, although I gave the wrong impression of my tone, I’d appreciate it if we didn’t jump to conclusions like “feminist on steroids.” It reads very negatively as well. And even if I were, like you pointed out, there’s nothing wrong with that. We are all just fans here who are having great discussion and insights with like minded fans.
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