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  1. I have not been able to post here until now. I have to say, this drama is confusing to me. The passion scenes happen to be with the sheeming empress and the passive scenes were with the woman, whom I believe, he cared most about. I am not sure why he is made to die before we see those two do something more than hold hands. I am disappointed to say the least. The lead actress is certainly taking a second lead role in this drama. I am not sure if she will take the drama to the next level.
  2. I don't think he found out unless I missed something.
  3. I just joined and I love this drama and can hardly wait until episode 23 comes out. I do love the main male lead.
  4. Precisely, and that's why I know it was best that she left him. I could have seen less of YR and more of JS's character development. I love Lee Sang Yoon and I think he got a bad rap over this role. I will plan to watch About Time.
  5. The ending is what I expected since no sane person will stay with a person who lied to them from the get go. I wanted to confession he said to his friend to have been directed at his wife. I wanted the river of tears, regret and remorse he exhibited at the end to have been in front of JS. Him telling her, he wanted her to be happy was sort of a slap in the face and condensing as far as I am concerned. I am so glad she dumped him in the end and with no revenge.
  6. https://www.dramamilk.com/review-vip-episode-15-29-30-and-episode-16-preview/
  7. I am still processing. After watching the preview, cry me a river you loser.
  8. I have become ambivalent over those two. JS (and not JR ) evolving and leaving the murky water is what I want
  9. I have a question and I am not sure if it has been addressed, yet. When did SJ character switch to the dark side? Was it before dating JS or during their marriage? Why did he switch? Was he like this from the get go? I take it back I have questions, questions, and moer questions.
  10. After realizing what a conman SJ turned out to be, I predict JS will run to the divorce court and nullify the marriage if that is even possible. Whatever happens next I know the reconciliation ship has sailed. JS will end it and let him go down the inferno all on his own.
  11. As I mentioned early on, this character has no moral compass. He is a con man.
  12. I don't remember which friend and what scene was that. But I like the letting go after seeing it through to the end. I am with you. Richard Simmons is angelic, sweet and kind man. He deserves better @soompi rock and rollers.
  13. test https://perezhilton.com/richard-simmons-missing-disappearance-held-captive-housekeeper-podcast/
  14. He is this very nice man that some how Soompi changed the swearing words into his name.
  15. No, no, no that ship has sailed and our girl must move on. Let this dirt bag hang. OMO,OMO,OMO that YR rat pushed her.
  16. Yes, Daniel's business is in the US. That's why I see what @vinsensa_1 who astutely said, they will have a higher than VIP group and make it become international VIPs. This is when SW's father will come in along with Daniel. @vinsensa_1
  17. I am betting on Daniel's company. He will certainly empathize with her and he also respects her and her ability to get the job done.
  18. All what I want is for NJS to win. I was getting so worried thinking of Abba's song, the Winner Takes it All, aka, the SJ, VP and his daughter Yuri taking it all. Now, I am thinking NJS and team will take it all because they are top notch on what they do. And I hope for NJS will forget about that sorry marriage that brought her nothing but heartache and betrayal.
  19. She is far from demented. She is very calculating and cunning.
  20. And now, she will go after SW? From the Dramamilk recap, I found this and I'm miffed to say the least
  21. Chingus, I want to ask for a favor. I want to revisit the Daniel and wife story. Can you tell me which episodes they were in? Kamsameda in advance.
  22. Is our heroine still struggling? Is the protagonist jealous of the young hidden chaebol? Questions, questions. Thanks for posting @SyH I think its our handsome young chaebol in hiding.
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