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  1. That’s for sure. For someone who says he wants SJ to be happy, he is not doing a good job of making that happen. His character is so irritating.
  2. I tried to watch today's episode but just couldn't, after seeing NJ with OSH and PSH so upset. I really didn't want to see Gun crying for his mom. I may have to wait til the last episode and then finish it. I really am not happy with the way things are going right now. It is ridiculous considering how OSH and NJ drove into the water and now they are back with new identities. I will wait and check this forum for the updates. Thank you all for posting.
  3. SJ is not doing well after the treatment. I do believe he will pull through this and the treatment will work. SH will go to jail and hopefully Hong will give herself up after realizing SH is determined to go to prison for her crimes. She should go to prison and repent for all her evil ways. SJ, SY, and SH will remain good friends even after SJ and SY get married. They will live happily and run the company together.
  4. Yes, another sad episode. I feel so bad for SJ. I do believe that SH will come thru and protect him and SY in the end. He is onto the evil things his mother has done and is now suspicious of what is truth and what is lies. He knows she lied about his father so now he is trying to find out who his real father is. I know it will be hard for him to abandon his mother but I can't think of any other way for him to fix things. She will end up in jail or being committed to the hospital for insanity. A sane person would not do the things she has done. That smirk/smile is so evil when she thinks she has won. She don't know yet that SH knows she is lying and no longer trusts her and what she has told him.
  5. Ok. After watching 98 I am starting to wonder if SH even belongs to Ms. Hong. He is trying to get info on his father and the company that merged with LX. The founder of the company had a son but he died at 15 yrs old so he cannot be his father. More lies from Hong. I think That if Hong did give birth to him, then he probably belongs to The Chairman as a result of a drunken escapade between them and she wants revenge because the chairman never acknowledged her or SH.
  6. The mysterious person is the young man that is working on the team with SH and LSH. Not the guy with glasses, the other one. He probably needs money for someone in his family or something and can be bought. Or as someone else said, maybe he will just be a spy and help LSH with Aura Bio and trick NJ. That would be great, but highly doubtful.
  7. I thought today's episode was really sad. SJ illness is progressing and he told SY that he didn't want to pretend he is fine anymore. He told her he wanted to end their relationship. Preview for tomorrow shows that SY is really sad, and Ms. Hong is looking for a way to get rid of her. The team said it would be hard to get rid of her since she won the design competition. Hong wants her team to try and find a way to make it seem like she plagiarized her designs. CM is now curious about Team leader HN and why Hong wants her for her daughter in law. HN will be the next person they are doing a background check on. CM will do anything to find dirt on someone hoping to be able to blackmail them into giving her some money. She is supposedly the only daughter of DH Company. I am also curious as to why she is working for Hong when she could have any man she wants as a rich man's daughter. Why is she not working for her father's company? There is something a little suspicious there. I guess CM will find out for us. I still am not sure about SH. He hates that he may be just like his mother. His mother has manipulated him from day one. Did YT ever get the DNA results back from when he was trying to find out if he was JB's son? I don't remember seeing the results. I almost believe that Hong picked him up from somewhere else when he was a baby and did not give birth to him. If he was JB's I think she would have used that card already in order to get control of LX. Also curious as to whether she was sexually assaulted by JB when she was younger or was that another one of her lies. I tend to think it was just another lie to manipulate SH again. She always tries to make him feel guilty in order to control him. Hoping tomorrow's episode shows some progress. I really want to see Hong getting paid back for all her evil schemes.
  8. I felt they should let Tiffany be a part of Chan’s life since they are so close and she has raised him for 5 years, but I changed my mind after seeing today’s episode. NJ asked Tiffany if she treated Chan the way she treated him when he lived with her. She took all her stress out on NJ. Then today she threatened Chan when he said he heard SH and wanted to live with her and grandfather Oh. She told him he was her son and he was not allowed to like anyone but her, and if he did she would die. That type of manipulation of a 5 year old is not healthy. We all know she loves Chan but, we don’t know what he has been through being her son. She leaves him with strangers that they don’t even know and doesn’t even check on him to make sure he is safe. Doesn’t sound like a good mother to me. SH and LSH need to take their son back and he will be fine with the adjustment since he already likes SH, LSH, grandfather OH and SHs sister. It hasn’t shown much about him with SHs mother but I am sure she will love him now that she knows he’s their grandchild. They could still allow Tiffany to see him occasionally if Chan wants that since she did raise him and was crucial in getting his heart surgery. I agree too that The VC needs to tell the chairman and grandmother that LSH is their missing grandson before it becomes too late.
  9. It would actually be the perfect revenge for SY to end up with SH and having SJ’s baby. Ms Hong will probably be in jail along with her minions who collaborated with her. SH has been treated horribly by his mother his whole life and this just might be a way for him to finally be free from her and her mind games she plays with him. He deserves to be happy too and he does love SY even though he shows it differently than SJ. I don’t want to see SJ die but if he does, I won’t be sad if SY ends up with SH.
  10. You were right. I didn't remember that part. Today's episode proved that Tiffany really is NJ's aunt. AR is doing a DNA test on Dori and her husband. If he is SH and Soo Ho's son it will match to her husband since Soo Ho is the missing heir. SH and Soo Ho are also doing a DNA test on Soo Ho and Dori. From the preview for tomorrow's episode it looks like Dori may not be Gun. Then whose baby is he? Is Chan their son? Still keeping us guessing here.
  11. @UnniSarah, Tiffany is not really NJ’s aunt. I think she just told them that so they would call him. Tiffany is desperate for money and evidently NJ has helped her before. He is somehow involved in the baby adoption/kidnapping situation going on between Chan and Dori. NJ is an orphan and had no relatives that he knew of accept AR. It is looking more like Dori is SH and Soo Ho’s son. The mother agreed for the baby to be adopted to the family that was rich so his health problem could be fixed. When the adoption fell through, the agency did not do the necessary paperwork for Esther to take the baby. The adoption agency is at fault. So technically, the baby was not adopted and is still SH and Soo Ho’s child. They have the right to take him back, once they finally determine which one is the real son.
  12. I agree with everything you just said. I thought it was very unrealistic of Soo Ho to take Esther on his honeymoon in the first place. He should have let then resolve their own problems. But then we wouldn’t have a story. Also, there is no way I would let my 5 year old son go anywhere without me, no matter what kind of trip it was. As you stated it is all unrealistic. The writers are definitely keeping us guessing on which child is the real son of SH and Soo Ho.
  13. I haven’t seen the episode yet but everyone is thinking that Dori is SHs son. Esther could have taken SHs son because she needed to do a dna on him and Soo Ho to prove that he was DYs son when she went to the Parks home. After the DNA test she may have given the baby (Chan) to Tiffany to raise since Tiffany had lost her baby. Esthers son Dori may be her child and she is now claiming he isn’t DYs because she don’t want to lose him to AR. I really cannot see Dori as SH and Soo Hos child because of his personality being so different from theirs. Chan is more likely to be their child. I doubt there were twins born to SH because her mother would have known if she had twins and she would be looking for two babies instead of one. Hoping my website is working soon so I can watch it.
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