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  1. Thank you so much @Ephoenix for the nice MJBH sharing, it's really good to read comments/responses too. Been wanting to post another banner but could not find any ideas yet but I'm reading the threads whenever possible. So glad that we still have lots of good things to share. Minjung is looking so pretty, calm & confident at the 'Peace Concert,' thank you for the wonderful pics & updates. Ever since appearing on the reality/variety shows and hosting 'Human Upgrade' plus the award events, it's been a great niche for MJ to advance apart from acting. And the Santor
  2. Thanks so much @Ephoenix for Minjung's latest update. It's great to see that MJ is moving forward in her new venture. She's always very lively and particularly have a good warm vibe in variety and talk shows. Byunghun in the meantime has 2 and a half movies waiting to be released. It's not unexpected that Emergency Declaration will be shown at Cannes (appreciate the news posted at LBH), with at least three major Korean movie actors in the cast, obviously the movie is highly anticipated. Hopefully the new drama truly gets confirmed, filmed and aired as reported before. F
  3. Thank you so much @Ephoenix for the great MJBH updates, such heartwarming news to share at the thread. It's really a great idea that Minjung joined the 'Upgrade Human' variety show, we now get to see her at home in action. And the post featuring Minjung's snack treat at the film set.. isn't it the first time that Byunghun directly posting about his wife on his IG? It's usually selfies, movie recommendations or strictly Chungmuro related news before this. Glad to see that the two of them really have a matching sense of humor and happy to enjoy their playful banter openl
  4. Hi Ruby, please could you advise what happens to Kim Yoo Jung's thread?  - could not locate it in "K" category?  Strange that with the soompi revamp, her thread is totally "lost".  Hope Soompi administrator/moderator can retrieve it.  Thank you.


  5. Flower Couple for You BH in ELLE Korea Pictorial 2013 vs MJ in Chatelaine Pictorial 2020
  6. Why was my post yesterday deleted??? Mrs. Sunshine Throwback Omma feat Joonhoo-Aegi: Uri Appa, Eugene Choi..
  7. Haven't found videos to watch the first episode of 'Upgrade Human' anywhere. Anyone knows? Anyway, here's an interesting tidbit on twitter. It looks like MJ already has her answer. Thanks to jill@CHEONSEOJINS for the highlight.
  8. The new variety show 'Upgrade Human' is set to premiere tonight on tvN.. all the best to MJ! Here's a new teaser clip, not sure what it says but her hubby was mentioned. Glad to see Minjung (as VIVIEN muse), taking part in a campaign to provide sanitary napkins to girls from low income families who couldn't afford to buy it. It's an especially important necessity item that many of us took for granted because we can afford to purchase it every month. I feel sad and really bad that I never knew or took notice about it when I recently read that some girls in the rural
  9. Thank you @Ephoenix and @peonie for the warm comments about the fan-clip. I'm really glad that it's well-liked despite the flaws. Also especially happy & grateful that I found the longer version of 'The Moon Represents My Heart' by Minjung on youtube. At first I thought of using the song she sang when she guested on 'Gamsung Camping' but there were too much distraction and noise around her voice, not to mention it's really a short karaoke style. It's really great that the song she sang in F&F was readily available in longer version for the OST compilation. We are so lucky. Despite
  10. At long last, the fan clip is finally here. Sorry that it took quite awhile but I guess this is it, ready or not. It's rather lengthy and most likely will be the last one (for the time being?). No matter how I tried, can't really fine-tune the clip.. or else it might not get finished at all. So, please enjoy the songs and fan-pics as they are (all credited to their original sources). It's really a nice treat hearing Minjung sing such a lovely song. Especially for Barbara and Dora & everyone at the thread, hope you will like it.
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