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  1. Our thanks to @Ephoenix for this lovely post at LBHsoompi February 23, 2021 LMJ IG update: Cute baby Joon Hoo sent mama Min Jung a Coffee and snack truck on the set of her upcoming movie "Christmas Gift", with adorable handwritten messages and drawings. He wrote, "I'm rooting for Actress Lee Min Jung of Christmas Gift." Another message reads, “Please give a lot of love to my mom. Have a cup of coffee." LMJ captioned her pictures saying, "Coffee Tea with the message my son wrote himself. Thank you so
  2. Byunghun received a coffee snack truck from his Rubeurs FC at the movie set of The Match. He liked the truck so much that he sent one to Minjung at her movie set of Christmas Gift. The coffee cart adorned with little Joonhoo's cute handwritten messages surely cheered his lovely Omma the best.
  3. Source: vivien_korea IG via YT Vivien's new muse actor Lee Min-jung! The story behind the CF shooting scene! Making film Part 1 & 2 video released!! Check it out now♡ It's My Fit VIVIEN X LEE MINJUNG MJ from Chatelaine, BH from KWave Magazine
  4. * H A P P Y * M J * D A Y * Minjung posted birthday celebration pics set up by her buddies.
  5. Thank you, Barbara.. I will take my time and not rush. Hopefully, there will be something to share soon.. In the meantime.. bringing this banner over here..
  6. The song is ENDLESS ROAD, the Japanese soundtrack for his drama IRIS in 2009. There's also a Korean version of this track, also sung by Byunghun but I think I've only heard it once. Somehow it wasn't easily available online then and now. If anyone wants to hear the full song in both version, it should be included in the IRIS music album (the Japanese boxset edition). Thank you for liking the video, Barbara.. it's been a long time since I tried my hands making that fan-clip. It was quite a bit to learn all at once and rather time consuming & tedious (but it was a good feeling fi
  7. Have a Happy Lunar New Year 2021 From BH & BH Artistes More wishes at BH Entertainment IG
  8. February 10, 2021 Winners of the 41st Blue Dragon Film Awards Include Yoo Ah In and Ra Mi Ran! by willow zapzee.net Film The Man Standing Next has won the grand prize at the 41st Blue Dragon Film Awards. Yoo Ah In and Ra Mi Ran each won the Best Male and Female Leading Actors Award. Credit: SBS Aired live on the 9th, the 41st Blue Dragon Film Awards presented the Best Film Award to The Man Standing Next. “I really did not expect this,” said director Woo Min Ho as he rose to the stage. “Well I actually anticipated a little for the director’s award, b
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