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  1. October 28, 2020 Winners Of 14th Asian Film Awards Source: Soompi by J. K “Parasite” dominated at the 14th Asian Film Awards, grabbing four trophies in total! The annual ceremony was organized by the Asian Film Awards Academy (AFAA), which was founded through a collaboration between the Busan, Tokyo, and Hong Kong film festivals. While it was planned to be hosted in Busan, this year’s event was held online on October 28 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. It was broadcast on the AFAA and Busan Film Festival’s official websites and YouTube channels.
  2. Thanks to the fans' highlight on twitter, more photos from the Jeju trip posted at DC Gallery
  3. The Man Standing Next Best Actor at the 29th Buil Film Awards (2020.10.22) Best Actor at the 14th Asian Film Awards (2020.10.28) Best Actor (Best Film) at the 40th Korean Association Of Film Critics Awards (2020.11.11) South Korea’s submission to the 93rd Academy Awards’ best international feature film category 2021
  4. Hi Barbara, welcome to BHMJ! So good to read your comment here.. will also reply email message soon. You're right.. that particular photo is indeed from his California pictorial in 2011 (more here). Because of the pandemic, the couple hasn't been to CA like they always do. It's clearly best to refrain from traveling right now, especially now that they have JH. Last but not least for the Hunnie Sunflower series. Be Happy, Be Optimistic just like the Sunflower.. Unconditional love & support to each other..
  5. Hunnie Sunflower Series (1) BH previous drama x MJ new photos on IG
  6. Thanks to 석영아아아아아@YKYfVIGVPxvNhoi for the highlight on twitter from original source at Naver blog. The entry posted on September 28 indicating that the Hunnie couple & son sighted at Cafe Aewol in Jeju Island. The blogger took a selfie in front where the couple was sitting. (Google translate) Lee Min-jung is so pretty... Lee Byung-hun is wow... So cool... The son was playing so I couldn't see him properly... Actually seeing the celebrities I saw in the movie It was amazing.
  7. Thanks to 석영아아아아아@YKYfVIGVPxvNhoi for the highlight
  8. BHMJ posted a similar image on their IGs yesterday, indicating the recent family trip ~ Lee Sang Yeob Talks About His “Once Again” Character, Experiencing Career Slumps, And More Lee Sang Yeob also picked Lee Min Jung as his best acting partner, calling their experience acting as a couple very special. He commented on her husband, sharing, “It’s not that I didn’t feel conscious about Lee Byung Hun [watching me act with Lee Min Jung], but I heard he watched our drama well. Since he was watching my acting, it was very fascinating and an honor.
  9. September 17, 2020 [SBS Star] Lee Min-jung Shares How Great Lee Byung Hun Has Been with Their Son Recently Source: Lee Narin SBS News Actress Lee Min-jung commented on how great of a father actor Lee Byung Hun has been recently. On September 17, Lee Min-jung sat down for a press interview to talk about her latest drama 'Once Again'. During the interview, Lee Min-jung said, "I've been very busy with filming lately, but thankfully, the shooting for my husband's film was delayed due to the COVID-19 outbreak." She c
  10. September 18, 2020 Lee Min Jung On Her Chemistry With Lee Sang Yeob In “Once Again,” How Husband Lee Byung Hun And Their Son Reacted To Her Romance Scenes, And More Source: Soompi by S. Cho Following the recent conclusion of KBS2’s “Once Again,” Lee Min Jung talked in an interview with the press about the popular drama and her family’s reactions! The hit weekend drama premiered to strong viewership ratings and was able to reach new all-time highs multiple times throughout its six-month run. The drama also ended with strong finale ratings, surpas
  11. September 16, 2020 Lee Sang Yeob Talks About His Gratitude To Lee Byung Hun, Thoughts On Marriage, And More Source: Soompi by C. Lee Lee Sang Yeob recently sat down for an interview to talk about working with Lee Min Jung in the drama “Once Again,” gratitude toward her husband Lee Byung Hun, and more. Lee Sang Yeob played the doctor Yoon Gyu Jin alongside co-star Lee Min Jung in the hit KBS 2TV drama “Once Again,” which aired its finale on September 13. In the drama, Yoon Gyu Jin goes through love and divorce with Lee Min Jung’s character Song Na Hee.
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