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[Drama 2019] V.I.P, 브이아이피


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  1. 1. Was there an affair?

    • No, there was no affair. It was one sided on Yoo Ri's part
    • Yes, there was an ongoing affair.
    • It was a one night stand.
  2. 2. The Conspiracy Theory

    • Yoo Ri is not the real daughter but the VP's mistress.
    • Sung Joon is doing this for his own gain ( to advance his career).
    • The VP hired Yoo Ri to destroy the Sung Joon - Jung Sun.
    • This is a high-end escort service.
    • There really is no conspiracy - just a marriage breaking down.

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6 hours ago, DL Wetherill said:

I can’t help it I still want JS to get back with SJ because I’m a huge Lee Sang Yoon fan. He only ever looked happy when he was with JS. I know I’m a sentimental fool. Oh well. Let’s see what tomorrow brings for Christmas Eve.


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So I'm thinking its the VP and his crony that staged the drunken guy's drama to sabotage the Black society event. What he said to his crony after Mina was given the project sounded like he would make something happen during the launch. However, they probably didn't know SW's real identity cos attacking SW will cause a huge furore and get the Minister involved. The 'drunk' would spill all the beans and implicate HJW. Ha ha ... can't wait for HJW to get his just desserts in jail!

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2 hours ago, maribella said:

It is not just JNR's performance but the so-called dark secret is being illegitimate and cleaning up his boss' horny activities. 
There are so many KDs which had the mistress installed as Lady of the mansion and the offspring is the heir. It is just so weak, so lacking in ideas. Now paying off mistresses and being the front for shares bought by his boss is hardly the reason to breakup a loving marriage. A wife who works with him would understand office politics. 

I agree that the writer and PD want to give another POV on a mistress. In which case, the actress has to be someone as accomplished as JNR. This actress needs more experience to play a rival against an established actress. This is just too ambitious.


It is not the 'secret' that makes me want SJ to be out of JS' life, it is what happens after he is found out. He tells  his BFF how he feels for her in no uncertain terms, his tender moments with YR are shown as real feelings, he does not hide or lie about seeing her. He says to the father legit or no that he wants to be with her. I cannot believe that a man who still loves his wife would rub it in the way SJ has done  from episode 7 onwards. If the writer wishes to give a twist such as making him realise he still loves his wife and wants to return to her in the last episode, he should have been in a typical 'secret' relationship. I would think  he cares for JS not to hurt or humiliate her. Then seeing how he could lose her, the bulb lights up, his heart pounds etc.  But he had burnt his bridges with their relationship. So what is there to go back to? YR is still as clingy and needy as earlier on.


 A comedian defines a mistress as someone who is between the master and the matress.  If it is just sex, it would be more plausible that he would want to return home after a short while.

Excellent post.  100% agree with this.  


1 hour ago, KY L said:

Unlike most here. I like the way this drama is ending.


I think JS summed it best. Despite the cheating, she thought he's at least a good person. Realizing he's not who she thinks he is, she posed the question: Did they really know each other at all during their marriage? I think the short answer is no. He never was honest with her, not about his family, his roots, not about his ambition to climb up the corporate ladder. She wasn't even given a chance to get to know him. The real him. Which is why when the couple faced the miscarriage, she didn't feel like she could rely on him. She didn't think he'd understand her because he never opened up to her at all.


Now that she's realized all of this, she can finally let him go. It looks like SJ's realized too late who he truly loves and it's not Yuri. And the keywords here are once again: too friggin' late. I don't think JS would ever be out for petty revenge. Out of all the characters in this drama, her heart is the purest. Even when she realized Yuri's the mistress, she was still looking out for her, telling her to come out under the rain. When she hears the truth from SJ's mother, she realized that he's just a pitiful man. We can see her changing her mind about the revenge, that she no longer wants anything to do with him.


JS was never about blind vengeance. Her story, unlike Minah and Hyunah isn't a love story or redemption. It's about her journey to self-discovery and self-reflection. She's come to terms as a woman, an ex-wife, an ex-daughter-in-law, and an ex-mother. She's accepting everything she have and then lost. The real triumph is that she didn't let anything of those change the core of who she is, which is a smart, kind, righteous, loving friend, daughter, and business woman.


Leave the revenge to the VP's wife and sister.

Great post.


Not going to lie it would be incredibly satisfying television to see JS destroy SJ and YR  and take them down in flames but I also understand why-as others have pointed out-that JS knows she doesn't want to get involved with the CEO and VP's wife's games because that isn't who she is.  Unlike Sung Jun who willingly wallowed deep in the VP's mud for years, JS is smart enough to know they just want to use her and what a slippery slope it can be.


At least it seems like the pit SJ has, inadvertently, dug with his dirty actions is going to collapse in on him without JS having to get her hands dirty.  As predicted the cracks in YR and SJ's relationship are already starting to show. They won't last because along with the external pressures, unsurprisingly, a relationship based on shared self-pity, misery, envy, lies, deceit and infidelity isn't much fun once the thrill is gone.


I agree with you @maribella it would be better if she could get away from the dirty corporate politics at Sang Un (on her own terms of course). That place holds so much negativity for her now.

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Watch it with sub  

can I say VIP team need training  on how to deal with accident :mrgreen:

1 - standing there looking shock for 3 second wouldn’t help ( it isn’t like she fall from the moon ) :D




2- shouting wake up , wake up wouldn’t make difference either  :phew: 


3 -but  how annoying the husband in the scene, after standing their for second, he run to play hero ;)


But glad he didn’t get thank you but 





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1 hour ago, DL Wetherill said:

I know I’m a sentimental fool. Oh well. Let’s see what tomorrow brings for Christmas Eve.

I am a sentimental fool as well! 
I know JS needs to divorce SJ, but in my heart of hearts I want them to be together. :heart:

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2 hours ago, maribella said:

JS too has 'lost her mojo' ( Spanish?). When YR shamelessly told her to divorce SJ, there was a flashback of a lift scene where YR was so pathetic, JS listlessly said it's none of your business or like so, she was hard as nails earlier.

The slang word mojo means s. appeal - of course, YR never had that (to me anyway. Another hidden puzzle. :wacko:), The alternative definition for mojo is self-confidence, energy, etc, towards something. From her miserable expressions I'm attributing that mojo to her relationship w/SJ. She doubts/questions his feelings for her. That's just an expression we used in my day (century) when a boy dumped a girl - she had lost her mojo. 


JS listlessly replying to the mojo woman is said with resignation, with the realization that it is indeed over between JS & SJ. I think JS held onto the hope that she could bring her husband back, that she & SJ could go back to the way it use to be. You know sometimes you get so entangled in your emotions that it's hard to think or judge realistically. But the more she learns about her husband's true self, the more the "thinking" part of her brain takes over. The expression that "someone needs to knock some sense into her/his head"...well, it looks like the script-writer took that literally. 


I have enjoyed the ride, but I am so  disappointed w/the direction the drama is taking. I've gone from a V.I.P. fan to a V.P.O. fan. And I'm expected to do all this fancy cooking? Let's take out the word fancy. 

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the ending of episode 15 works as sedative for me, after so much typhoon and bumpy roads I can see peace in Jung Sun now. 


I'm sure it's the mother in law that makes her finally find her peace. It's not because the affair story or because Sung Joon is unlegitimate son. But because finally Jung Sun realize that she knew nothing about Sung Joon. The flashback scene when Yu Ri crying apologize to her and said that Jung didn't know what makes him sad just realize Jung Sun that its true. The episode title really said it, 

Were We Ever In Love?


Yu Ri also finally hit her senses that all this time she has nothing on him. And he never think of her equal as Jung Sun in his heart. No matter what its just an affair and she is nothing between Jung Sun and Sung Joon. Everyone won't recognize he at all. The matchmaker already tried to wake her up, there's no way she didn't know about the scandal, she even know about a chaebol drinking habit. The matchmaker really tried to give Yu Ri a better life. It's a surprise TU Group's son (who's described as a total chaebol and never took interest in mingled with other chaebol but really give a very warm impression toward Yu Ri). I have the same thought with the matchmaker, I will take the new path offered by Kim Min Gi forget Sung Joon, and live a life that will give me comfort. We can see in the last episode how insecure she was when drunk Sung Joon accidentally went to his home with Jung Sun. How competitive she was knowing that Sung Joon will be meeting Jung Sun after the event. I bet she will flip once she read Jung Sun texting him LOL.... well if he ever cheated on his wife why won't he cheated on you right?


Jae Woong should resign, he damage the company for sure with his mistress scandal and I hope his wife will replace his position. I see the CEO and his wife working together perfectly Girl Power!


Seems like Sung Joon will resign and live in another place, the film roll he found i bet its contain his memory with Jung Sun.That's when he realize his mother sayings. What will make him cried.:dissapointed_relieved:


I hope every character will find their peace too. Mi Na won't leave the job but she and her husband will solve it together and become more stronger as a family. Hyuna will be happy with Jin Ho. And funny Ji Young will find someone to date too.

And lastly I hope the matchmaker will find someone decent for Sang Woo, he is a good one to keep. :blush:


And I hope its really Gong Yoo who will be Jung Sun new love. (crossed finger):heart:

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I also, of course, want the satisfaction of watching JS burn her bridges with the company as I've passionately proclaimed a few episodes back. :D But now I see that it isn't that type of drama. And I think it would be cliche to go down that path. Also, I think because of her loyalty and friendship with her team, I don't see her burying her coworker's careers with the company.


I didn't know that the writer changed the plot after hearing the public's responses. It still doesn't change my mind that JS is a well thought out character, and Hyunah and Mina's stories were fully fleshed out as part of the main story, rather than one-dimensional fillers. If the writer wants us to be sympathetic to Yuri, they have some explaining to do. Yuri has no autonomy, no aspiration, and comes off as a manipulative immature girl who wallows in self-pity. She wasn't a likable character even before the reveal.


Perhaps if we got more of SJ's backstory, maybe he wouldn't be so hated. I still don't know what his motivation was for becoming the VP's gofer.

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I really like all your ideas and thoughts about this drama.

I agree with the end of JS and SJ relationship. This is for the best.

And for Yuri...I want het to stay as a membet of the Ha family..why....???

Because that would be a mental punishment, she would nevet bee seen as a valuable person there, yes she can have money and stuff...but that would not make her happy to the contrary she would have to live always by this familly  standar and power,  she can never have love, happiness, peace etc...she would have to be strong to even survive a familly diner, study etc...pay her own way on that familly...wich for me is the best pay for her...suffer, misery, lonleyness, etc  . .

That is best end for me...

She paying for her mistakes. Wille our dear JS continues her life free, powerfull, happy and maybe new love...

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Ep 15: NEVER UNDERESTIMATE WOMEN! Should have been the title instead of Were we ever in love? At this point WTFC!!!!! 

When our heroine follows and over hears SJ conversation with VP, I feel she needed to hear and see with her own eyes that this man she married, a love she thought was special is all one big F LIE!  That is why she sits and tries to compose herself.  She is angry at herself for being bamboozled and trusting someone blindly.  I too like many am really sick and tired of the Yuri pity party.  If she is really the VP daughter her Mom was not just someone he met in college but a mistress as well?   

I for one do not feel sorry for SJ in the least bit, the man had no shame in having and affair, lie straight to his wife's face repeatedly, bring said mistress into the same department, continue to lie and communicate with her, then leave his wife of 10 years hanging while he goes running up 6 flights of stairs to comfort Yuri the crier and then abandoning JS.  JS  shares her own sad story about her mom SJ shares nothing just the blank stare again.  Does he even blink? SJ character does not love either women he only cares about his pain and himself.  I am enjoying the anxiety the one dimensional Yuri character is being subjected to what comes around goes around. Tag your it...

Ep 16: Title should be How I f#$%^* up  my life... SJ

Happy Finally y'all….

Final note: Jang Nara seriously deserves props for her portrayal in this series she was outstanding.














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13 minutes ago, EDS said:

enjoying the anxiety the one dimensional Yuri character is being subjected to what comes around goes around. Tag your it...

Ep 16: Title should be How I f#$%^* up  my life... SJ

Happy Finally y'all….

Final note: Jang Nara seriously deserves props for her portrayal in this series she was outstanding.

I first watched JNR in the Successful girl with Jang Hyuk, recently just checked out Fated to love you again with the two of them, very similar and just the right amount of conflict. Both of them are good actors. I think she just stands head and shoulders above the others in VIP. I saw her in a Chinese show, the historical type, that was rather farcical, as if it was a game. The Last Empress was over the top, hard to tell the kind of genre. But still I enjoyed watching many episodes.

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First, I'm relieved that YR was not the cause of JS's fall and I've also relieved that the is no miracle baby for JS. I also applause JS for finally deciding to end her ties with SJ in such a calm and cool manner. This time, she wasn't being spiteful and she has probably arrived at "the end"that she needed for closure. That is not an easy thing to do.


JS's fall was overly dramatic though... She hit her head but there was no blood or bruise, slept all the way through the night in a fancy first class hospital room with oxygen mask at whatever machine connected to her. Totally unnecessary if only to make SJ realise how important JS is to him.


To me YR is a typical rags-to-riches girls who fell of the track when she went into an illicit relationship with SJ. At least she is not the Mak Jang third person who will do everyting to get what she wants. She is also put in a tight spot between her feelings for SJ and her desire for an easier life with her dad's family. Although she is the the catalyst to the breakdown of SJ-JS marriage, I felt that she is not an evil person.


On a side note, looking at the chaebol heirs, it is definitely a relief how SW turnout to be. But then, as a minister, his dad is not necessarily born in money but as a top level government officer/ politician, is definitely someone with influence.

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I agree and love the poster who said that the ending is about Jang Nara's road to self-discovery. Lovely post!


I don't have much to add to the other great insights. 


What I wish for is not for YR to have the satisfaction of ending the relationship. I want her to realise SJ had never loved her. Yet on the other hand, I don't want her to get another man's love so easily. So no, I don't hope for her to end up with the TG Group chaebol but I think that's where the ending would lead to, because the writer has always tried to paint YR as someone pure and in need of love. Which further irritated me. 


Totally off the bullet here, but in episode 15, I thought YR was very pretty in the last scene, on her bed. Then when they showed Jang Nara sitting up on her hospital bed, wow, I was bedazzled by her beauty. I've always been a big fan of JNR (that's why I watched this show) but never thought she's a great beauty compared to some other actresses, but in that scene, she took my breath away. 



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