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  1. So funny because My Girlfriend is An Alien was exactly the drama I was thinking of! i just finished it a couple of weeks and I feel they could have cut a good 4 or 6 episodes from that drama and it wouldn't have made much difference to the story. I totally know what you mean about it feeling like a 44 episode drama and the repetitiveness of the middle episodes. It was complete fluff with a thin plot and characters that was dragged on unnecessarily to 28 episodes IMO. I hope it can keep it up! I have had that feeling about so many C-drams thonly for them to just fall apart in the second half. I have just finished episode 1 and I really, really like it so far!
  2. You are right. It doesn't even look real. Disappointing. Whenever I rewatch that episode I skip over that part. It's just completely cringeworthy. You are welcome!
  3. That awful wig is just a complete mystery. Who thought it was OK? Glad to hear you are enjoying it so much too. Definitely the shorter episode count is already a point in its favour. There is no need for a fluff romcom to be more than 24 episodes but the C-dramas sure do try to drag it out for as many episodes as possible. I'm pleased to hear the ML falls first. That is my preferred trope!
  4. I really liked the previous title The World Owes me a First Love. Also I read on another site after C-netizens saw the crappy wig on Bai Lu's head they trended "The World Owes Bai Lu A Nice Wig" lol lol lol! Yeah, the story seems to be the same old same old for C-drama rom-coms but I'm grateful it is just 24 episodes rather than a pointless 44 episodes or something. I remember he was a good kisser in the Eternal Love drama and I know Bai Lu is a great kisser from Legends so we should get some real kiss scenes in this drama!
  5. Thanks for the pics and gifs. I wondered why they zoomed out and didn't show the kiss? It would have been nice to get SOME sort of kissing now they are finally a couple. I still can't believe we didn't get anything once they started dating. I thought maybe there might be a no kissing clause in their contracts like some idol actors have but we got one kiss scene before so that can't be it. Thank you soooooo much for your hard work these past SIX months!!!! You should be proud. You have done such an incredible job and I appreciate all the work, thought and effort that has gone into your recaps and engagement on this thread. I totally agree! I loved this scene. It was so inspiring and showed the journey of everybody in the team. This drama did such an amazing job of making us care for all these characters Totally agree with you again. This scene was just too cringey for me Thanks so much for all the adorable gifs! Thanks for your review. Yuck! Sorry but absolutely everything about this product sounds so unappealing to me.
  6. Definitely agree there. This drama really crafted some memorable and endearing supporting characters I second this! Really? I haven't listened to any of his other songs but I really like his voice on the Gank Your Heart theme. I really like what you said about QY being more aware of romantic feelings than most C-drama female leads. I agree the flirtatious banter between QY and XK is refreshing compared to the typical clueless leads. I also like that she knew he was attracted to him but she didn't chase him desperately like some female leads. LMAO!
  7. They should have just let her rock a cute pixie cut rather than this mop they found in a cleaning cupboard somewhere and plonked on her head. As we have seen from Arsenal Military Academy she looks great with short hair and cute, short hair would have differentiated her from the usual drama heroine look. Thank you for the review. I want to give it a try as I enjoy Bai Lu's acting and trailer looks fun. Hopefully, English subs appear somewhere.
  8. Thank you for another fantastic story. This is something I really wanted to see in the drama so your fanfic is the next best thing! I love what a typical teasing little brother Xia Ling is but how just one look or nudge from Captain XK aka his future Jia Fu (thanks for explaining the meaning ) pulls him back in line. I think Xia Ling has competition as it looks like Xia Lin'g mother has a new favourite son(-in-law in the future)! I noticed you snuck in a head pat too I especially liked how you ended it with the bittersweet a but realistic moment between QY's father and stepmother too. Yeah, they both luckily saved themselves future awkwardness. You know I was surprised on Harry Hu (Luo Tian)'s weibo page quite a lot of people seemed to ship LT and QY which I wasn't expecting! Hopefully, now Luo Tian is more relaxed and doesn't live and breathe work he will meet someone
  9. Don't judge me...Between the doctor's crazy stalker sister and Ding Ding being so wishy-washy I had to take a break and I still haven't picked it back up He is such a mediocre actor and he has zero charisma onscreen and he isn't even good eye candy. He always looks like he is about to cry or is confused. There are better looking actors with acting skills as weak as his I'm surprised considering Shen Yue is the bigger star. I've read some more reviews similar to yours so you're definitely not alone with this opinion about the drama. I totally agree about too many episodes. Many C-dramas that would benefit from a tighter plot and a lot fewer episodes. So many C-dramas start off with promise but then drag on and on needlessly.
  10. Oh. i didn't realise it had aired. Maybe there are no English subtitles and that's why this threa is dead. LMAO! That terrible wig seems to be all anyone can talk about
  11. Um...I still haven't finished 'Love is Deep' From your description I am sure I will agree with you so definitely giving it a miss. It's bad enough when you start a drama and get so frustrated. Better for me not to start at all when I have already been forewarned On top of that I really dislike Dylan Xiong's acting so I am definitely not interested in watching him as male lead with the two female leads after him.
  12. Beaches..the ultimate tearjerker movie Thanks for the review. It sounds like exactly the kind of drama and characters that will frustrate and annoy me so I will give this a miss. Thank you for your public service
  13. Yay! There will be English subtitles! I wasn't sure what to think from reading the plot synopsis but the longer trailer is very entertaining and seems like the drama might have a bit more substance than I was expecting. I'm happy it sounds like they haven't dubbed the actors either. Only thing I don't like is Timmy Xu's hair
  14. Thanks for recapping what happened to the minion. The episodes really started to drag for me so my attention wandered and I must have missed that detail. The mother and uncle lost and Fang Leng stayed in charge and Fang Lei left so I suppose that is some sort of justice. I don't agree about the female second lead. She might not be evil but she has shown no genuine remorse or redemption for her nasty behaviour. A last scene setting up a romance with a character the audience actually likes and cares about (Fang Lei) left a bad taste and is lazy writing. I would rather they had used that screentime to set up a happy ending for a far more worthy character like Miss Chai. Thank you very much for the subtitles @libra22
  15. You are not alone. A comment on My DramaList said even the actress, Connie Kang, who played Ding Ding wrote on her weibo page she agrees with everyone about how frustrating Ding Ding's character is!
  16. Finished the drama it was a cute ending but I was disappointed we didn't see anymore of my favourite characters Xiaobu or Miss Chai in the future scenes The y were the two cutest and funniest characters after the adorable Xiao Qi in my opinion. I completed the drama because I stuck with it so far but, honestly, lost interest a few episodes ago as I felt the drama dragged on too long for such a thin plot. They could have cut at least 4 episodes I seriously don't think it would have made a difference to the story. I also found it very annoying the villains didn't get any real punishment for their nasty behaviour in this drama. The scientist who kidnapped, assaulted and tortured Xiao was in hospital last we heard of him; no comeuppance to Fang Lie's mother and uncle for their shady actions throughout the drama; no punishment for the annoying, obsessive, underhanded, lying second lead who ends the drama with a meet-cute with our sweet Fang Lie and I guess we are just supposed to forget all her previous behaviour and start rooting for their romance or something
  17. I think they will get past it eventually. LT told some straight truths to XK that he needed to hear and I think it helps that nothing ever really happened between LT and QY - not even a confession. QY was also perceptive and kept him friend/teacher-zoned. I very much agree with your description here of the development of Luo Tian's feelings. Especially as he was by QY's side through all of this and witnessed firsthand the suffering QY was going through. XK was away from her for a lot of the time and she put on a brave face around him so he didn't see what she went through the way LT did. I think that definitely triggered LT's protectiveness and frustration that XK was supposed to care for QY and, yet, XK was the one causing her so much pain. Add to QY being a genuinely hard worker, attractive, considerate of him, sweet personality and they were spending so much time together he ended up developing feelings for her. Even if he hadn't developed romantic feelings I think he still would have done the same thing. The accusations would also reflect on him as her mentor. It was also the right thing to do as her mentor and senior, someone who knows QY's genuine nature and with his position as someone with standing in the industry. I'm glad he did go to bat for her as it was a huge injustice and nobody else seemed to be fighting QY's corner even though she was innocent. I was surprised they were so positive! I expected they would be a lot less complimentary considering she was dating a top player when she started out then a few weeks later she is being linked with her senior commentator. I think XK and LT will definitely make it up eventually and he will maintain his good relationship with QY as they both appreciate and respect each other. As you all know I have a huge soft spot for Luo Tian so I hope he moves on from QY and meets a nice girl (lol! I sound like his Mum)
  18. I think it was a nice additional detail for the drama character to give him an interest and a life outside of e-sports especially as WYB is convincing as he looks so comfortable on a motorcycle. Good point about the advantage of cars for conversations I'm happy we got Hello Lala cafe and walks by the river as a replacement. Thanks for explaining more. Sounds like they have a very different dynamic to the drama and I think from what you have written I definitely prefer the drama. That scene would have made me very embarrassed for QY She sounds like so many of the typical lovestruck, needy female characters we see in C-dramas. I'm keeping a close eye on this now in The King's Avatar! I just noticed in the episode where all the teams try to take down Ye Xiu/Ye Qiu/Jun Mo Xiao there also appears to be an all-female team lead by the girl leader with two buns but they don't seem to be a relevant team in the drama. @themarchionessThanks for taking the time to respond to the earlier posts. I always mean to that and then a week goes by and I wonder if I should bother or not? This! I feel like if they had just the episodes longer from the beginning they would have been ab;e to cover everything we loved and wanted more of in the drama and included the proper ending scenes. Yay! Another great fanfic. So glad to see Jiang jiang reappear. I liked her conversations with him (?) in the drama. I love how sassy and teasing XK is when they are talking about the variety show. Jealous Shu Wen! Glad Sun Ge reassured her immediately. XKe almost getting his senior in trouble lol! Also Yi Xuan's clearly learned well from Yi Yi and is immediately suspicious XK did something to upset Qiu Ying. Yi Yi would be proud of her boyfriend Wow! Definitely very good casting then. You are the first person I have seen suggest she could end up with Tony. I have to admit I just don't see it but I hope they can maintain their friendship because I think he is even more of family to her than XK. I didn't notice the wedding ring @themarchioness I swear you do not miss a single detail! Yes! this is exactly how I feel and it's almost impossible to find fanfics for C-dramas so I really appreciate your writing @themarchioness and the fact that the stories are well-written and the characters are IN character.
  19. Thanks for explaining. I definitely prefer the first title - even more so now you have explained the play on words! This emoji is sooo cute!
  20. So....I'm guessing you like Kim Min Jae's face! Agreed. Although I suppose that is accurate to Joseon attitudes toward women I really dislike the idea of the men making the decision for her. Unless Gae Ttong has a birth secret too she can't be his legitimate wife and Queen so they will be grooming her to be his concubine. It's obvious Palace life would not suit GT at all so I hope they give her choice in the matter. Superficially, I am looking forward to seeing Gae Ddong dressed in pretty hanboks because the costume design for this drama is stunning. I didn't make the connection before but this plot point is very My Fair Lady/Pygmalion. Thank you for the gif and link to the gif maker. To be honest, I wasn't really happy with how they handled this storyline: Ma Hoon's words are lovely but a Korean noblewoman pregnant with an illegitimate baby and marrying another man carrying someone else's child is very serious and could potentially get her and the baby killed. They didn't follow through with her story so we have no idea what happened to her or her baby so I do wish they had chosen something a bit lighter (like the couple in ep3-4) to showcase Ma Hoon's skills of deduction. That was my post from last week. I have already said in my post about episode 3 that speculation seemed to be incorrect. Same with me! I had second lead syndrome the first week but this second week I am now firmly on the Ma Hoon train (although I do still feel so bad for Lee Soo). Thanks for sharing the gorgeous pictures. They look really good together. The cheesy flower petals everytime he catches Gae Ttong from falling. I prefer this cute jtbc promo video than last week's creepy one
  21. I didn't know the motorcycles were added for WYB I thought it was the other way around and maybe that's what interested WYB in the role in the first place lol! I agree the way they wrote his more aloof character in the drama makes the gradual changes in his interactions with QY more noticeable and satisfying. QY confesses first in the book and XK rejects her? Once again, I think I definitely prefer the drama change. Thanks. I am so happy they made Shu Wen a former professional player and, of course, I've already said how much I love the role of Team Pioneer in the drama. The drama really made a great call with those changes. I'm only on episode 5 into The King's Avatar but I think I've seen three so far: there was a girl gamer on the losing team in the very first game, then Yer Qiu's team mate and I am guessing Chen Guo's friend is on her way to being a team member (sorry I don't know most of the character names yet ). I guess I won't hold my breath to see more female players in the drama. I had wondered if the drama was a reflection of the situation in gaming in real life. I watched a few videos on YouTube about the lack of professional female gamers and a lot of them reflect what you said and looking at some of the comments from male gamers is just yikes. Definitely seems like an unpleasant environment for women to be taken seriously as players. Wow! He IS a really good dancer. I felt sorry for the other guy in the dance battle. WYB was on another level. Thank you sooooo much for the recap and link. It was great to watch again knowing exactly what was happening I love that we get to see the happy endings for all the characters. As much as I love all the characters and wanted another OTP kiss (which we didn't get ) the ending that makes me happiest is Lu Sheng and Tong Wu after the misery they endured at VNG. As @themarchioness said "it is so nice to see him laughing, relaxed, and happy instead of his usual intimidated self when he was at VNG" for Tong Wu I love the gifs! I think XK might love his Big Blue Baby more than his girlfriend. No wonder QY was offended! Welcome to the thread @adla Great to have another person enjoying the drama! I don't think you are over analyzing. I think that's a great observation about how XK opens up to QY compared to Miya. There is definitely a very different dynamic between how XK treats them.
  22. Wow! I love the way you colour-coded your response Yeah, like I said previously I wish they had made more of an effort to establish Soo and GT's relationship even with a few flashbacks about their past or something. It just feels like GT doesn't care about Lee Soo half as much as he cares about her. Even if she doesn't feel the same way romantically, he was the closest thing to family after losing her brother so would be nice to see more of their history, closeness and to see more affection on her part. Just realised last episode that Ma Hoon is 25 so presumably the Flower Crew have been together for quite a few years. I thought they would be like childhood friends or something but they just seem like Ma Hoon's employees. I hope the two dramas can co-exist in the same timeslot and neither ratings are impacted negatively. I wasn't sure about Tale of Nokdu but some of the supporting characters seem cool so I might try it out. If that is the case I sense some juicy future conflict! I am also curious to see how Lee Soo's request is presented next week because it will rub me the wrong way if they make this deal behind GT's back without informing her. He definitely is smart enough to have put the various clues together. I love that smiling pic both @lightbringer06 and @Jillia posted. It's so fun seeing Gae Ttong bring out that side of Ma Hoon.
  23. You know I was beginning to feel after episode 3 that this drama really should have picked one storyline: EITHER the blacksmith who finds out he is heir to the throne, forced to let go of everything he knows and become King OR the nobleman who defies society and his family to become a matchmaker but doesn't believe in love until he falls for his client. Both could be a great starting point for a drama storyline. It just seemed in this drama both plot lines were existing in a vacuum separate from each other whilst simultaneously doing neither plot thread the full justice it deserved...BUT I have higher hopes after episode 4 now it It appears the two plots are going to intertwine and the original synopsis with Lee Soo asking Ma Hoon to help turn GT into a noble lady. I agree with you both. I really enjoy Ma Hoon's character, learning more of his backstory and watching him defrost around GT. Kim Min Jae's acting and visuals are perfect and I'm glad to see his character fleshed out more this week. I love how intelligent Ma Hoon is. He reminds me a bit of a less idiosyncratic Sherlock Holmes. GT is growing on me and I was glad that she regretted blowing up at MH at the end of ep. 3 because I also thought it was a bit of an overreaction. I was glad to see her breakdown this week because it was a realistic reaction rather than the happy-go-lucky, brash, slightly annoying facade she usually wears. I'm looking forward to Lee Soo's development too now he is beginning to take his kingly role seriously and how this will co-exist alongside his feelings for Gae Ttong. I hope we see him gain some more allies in the Palace besides his foster-father. I want to see him share some more scenes with Gae Ttong as they have barely had a handful of scenes together. Credit to Seo Ji hoon's acting who is really selling his love for GT even though the actors haven't had much screen time together. I agree with @Jillia that I still have issues with some of the editing and as @luvtokki said I find the tone of the drama jarring in places as it jumps from serious drama to silliness and slapstick and back again but, overall, I quite enjoyed this week's episodes. Same. I was anticipating bromance a la Sungkyunkwan Scandal the crew really don't have that chemistry or closeness so far. It just feels like three very different co-workers who work together. I don't find either of the other Flower crew guys interesting or charismatic characters either in comparison to Ma Hoon. That might be a good thing because in Sungkyunkwan Scandal Song Joong Ki and Yoo Ah In charismatic characters totally eclipsed the male lead. I wonder if the ratings will be impacted at all by the The Joseon Romantic Comedy: Tale of Nok-Du. It starts this coming Monday and it is also another Joseon romantic-comedy airing Mon-Tues in almost the same time slot.
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