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[Drama 2019] Her Private Life 그녀의 사생활

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6 minutes ago, bliss1004 said:

The last kiss in this cooking scene i found it a bit too short and rush for the editor to cut this scene short..why so fast???? I wonder what's happening?:phew: are their adlib is too much and the director had to cut it out :w00t: 

i wanna see the bts now!! If tvn didn't release this scene bts, then must be something fishy going on..sorry for my delulu mind..i need to talk about this in thr shipper's thread :lol:



Since we can't include picture in quote, I will paste the gif here because it will be too cute to be deleted. I thought I was the only one here who think WTH pd-nim?!? Why did you cut their kissing scene??? :joy: Gosh.. everytime these two in a lovey dovey scenes together, everything they did seem like ad-lib to me.


I bet tomorrow or day after tomorrow BTS will be their go-stop scene, maybe DM-mom-Ryan scene, the drawing scene, and if we are lucky, we will get SiNaGil vs Latte scene or this scene. I hope they won't be stingy to us about the making video.

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FINALE KISSES                                    THANK YOU FOR WATCHING!   

Before we move on, I just want to appreciate their first kiss again:     Sorry it's night time at my place so can't find more proper lighting for the painting. Anyway, an art direc

My First Real Fangirl Experience   Since we all don't have BTS today, I thought I'd share with all my fangirl buddies here what happened to me last night as yall were going wild watching ep

2 hours ago, wildcherry said:

Here's the thing for me....I wonder who gave the idea to DM that no man wud falls for a hardcore fangirl? I mean she shud know better since her own bff SJ marries a cool PD, tho he made mistake here & there. But the point is he loves his wife unconditionally despite his wife goes gaga on certain idol right infront of him. Also I dont think its becos of her mother, becos its a known fact mothers nag abt one thing or another. I remember EG did say something along the line DM shud just be with him since he os the only one who can accept her fangirling way, also trying to help DM's identity is not becos he worries DM wud be fired but to feel he is superior that he knows something important abt DM the RG didnt. If he really worries abt her job then he wudnt have come crashing on her while she's working nor wud he provoke RG over & over again. Which back to the issue, that he has been using the reason to fend off DM from men, until she met RG & he was desperate & not caring abt her feeling, he just force her to listen to his confession when she has made clear her feeling for RG. Of cos DM hide her other identity from work becos her former boss hates fangirl, however DM has proven over the years she has never let her fangirling mode to get in the way of her work.


I do agree with you. Accept for who they are is the most important thing in a relationship. Perhaps Eun Gi didnt think of a bigger picture like what Ryan did, all he wanted to do is to protect Deok M, in his own way. But Eun Gi never expected that Ryan knew and accepted for who Deok Mi is, that explained his expression in Episode 11. I love how professional Deok Mi is at work despite being a fangirl, she knows what's priority comes first. :blush:

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It's finally out!!!


https://tv.naver.com/v/8395947  (RG caught doing internet research about how to play Go-Stop)

https://tv.naver.com/v/8395912 (heart to heart conversation after the back-hug)



6 minutes ago, ShannonK said:

a few clips have just surfaced on Youtube. I'm not sure how to share them ...sorry. 

Hi, you can just copy and paste the youtube URL :)

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No preview ... 

sign perils of live shooting. 


I think they are rushing a bit. 

To give us all a complete story but lack of time. 


Havent seen both eps due to work :bawling: 

Will binge later but from all the comments I think some heavy tea got spilled. 



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OH TVN SERIOUSLY?? You gotta be kidding me, no preview?? :cry:


First of all, about today’s episode, i wanna give my deepest respect towards DM. I mean, what a considerate & lovely girlfriend she is. She really is the “drug” that RG need to heal him from all the pain that he felt from the past.


There are 4 particular scenes which i really like from today’s episode:


*) I really like this opening scene from today’s episode where they just spent the night playing go-stop and watching movie together. It was really sweet and touching for me, i counted that as DM’s effort to comfort RG

*) The part where DM asked RG to draw her hand and RG was unable to do it because of his Stendhal Syndrome and DM helped him to move his hand gently. This scene was really warming for me.

*) The cooking scene in DM’s house... well, what can i say? They both are just too cute to be true. Cooking and flirting together like that. Hmm... i swear, when i watched this scene, it felt like i got a whole bunch of butterflies flying inside my stomach.

*) The last scene!! The scene where RG finally opened up about him to DM. And DM said “even if you say that you are okay, but in here (touching RG’s chest/heart) you will never be okay.” And she held his hands as she lent her shoulder for him to cry on. You could see DM’s eyes. Her eyes were tearful and full of sadness, she could feel his pain. She was hurting with him. This scene was beautiful for me because i could feel their deep connection in this scene.



Now, i’m 100% sure that DM & RG knew each other as a child. I just hope that writer-nim won’t make any painful plot for the remaining episodes and break RG & DM’s up. Bcs seriously, i have bad feelings about the remaining episodes. I don’t want something bad happen between RG & DM :dissapointed_relieved:

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29 minutes ago, inna75 said:

Wow girl..I like your writing here. Daebak!


ok..I too need to put some perspective here before I sign off again


Agree with the whole relationship thingy. This is what I was hoping from early on. We have RG's value as THE MAN in the relationship from the earlier episodes and now DM's value as THE  WOMAN has escalated to match his and perhaps more. Their dynamic in filling each other's void in life is so amazing (and for the umpteenth time, where can I get my  own RG? Sigh..). At this point, they have become each other's best friend, partner in life, soulmate. I love that the Writer has written this premise of the relationship for this leads without weighing it down with too many emotionally drained or melodramatic moments. The writer has kept the whole relationship in balance - happy, sad, being there for each other,  respect, fight, reconcile, etc..


I also like the fact that the Writer has manage to resolved most issues in the most uncomplicated manner. I was worried that the issues might get to tangled up to the point we will be frustrated but I was surprised how "simple" the solution was for this drama. So, I agree with you @tensaitekikuroneko I hope the Writer and PD nim would not resort to the usual or some people refer to the "starter pack" of a kdrama in resolving the next big issue - RG's mom. I hope there will be NO TIME JUMP, NO NOBLE IDIOCY, NO "I NEED SOME TIME AND SPACE"..I am looking forward on how the Writer would penned out DM's role effectively as the supportive GF for RG when he finally found out the truth about his painful past including about the memory he had with DM as a child. Though, it is expected that the next 2 episodes would be heartbreaking, but as I mentioned earlier, I am sure there is a better way to resolved this without making us too frustrated. So far, up till Ep12, at least for me, I am very, very, very satisfied with this drama and was surprise how refreshing the whole premise of the drama. So, Writer Nim, if you are lurking here..jeball...dont make it too harsh for RG and DM, please...


p/s ..btw, anyone knows where and how we sign up for the pre-order dvd/ blue ray? @bliss1004 I suspect they want us to pre-order this to see either long version of the kiss u mentioned or the actual director's cut..hehehe..#justmy2cents..hehehe


these links :)





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11 hours ago, summersunshine19 said:

No preview?! I take it back. I don't think the other one in the group of 4 kids playing is ShiAn. ShiAn is around 10-12 yrs younger than them right? So who's the other boy? hmm... But yeah everything's just been revealed as we've thought. Maybe it's the semi-common trope of a single mom abandoning children from a first marriage when she meets someone new and plans to marry. There's another drama with such a premise right? I can't remember right now what the title is...


ShiAn said don't be surprised when she sees his home. She asks why. He says it's because he's got some paintings, and they're her paintings as Lee Seol.



One scene in 1% of anything show that the hero was 'abandoned' by his own mother as she remarried abroad and he do have a stepsister. It was revealed that the lineage of the hero was changed to his aunt who become his legal mother in SoKor.


Do imagine being in the same building with nearing 100% possibilities that Lee Sol is his mom while she was so happy to see SA?


I am not really sure what has made her give RG at the orphanage but it is cruel to abandon someone moreover your own son and yet giving a warm hug to your another son. Sorry, it just does not making any sense at all. 


RG aka HYJ was sent abroad with new family and everything have a ‘new’ words in front of it. He was a child, for god sake. 


I was tearing up and I dont even munch anything because I was busy sniffling and drying up my tears. I thought that if I just remember their happy and lovely scenes, I would be okay. But it does not really help. 

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Based from the clips I’ve seen, episode 11 is another one for the books! :) I’m going to watch it on repeat this weekend... I’ve also read that there’s no preview for EP 13? Alas! The least that we can do is to patiently wait as we’ve all been always rewarded with beautifully written episodes,  and heartwarming scenes. Thank you HPL team for always delivering above expectations. Please know that all your hard work is much appreciated. :wub: 


RG and DM, thank you for showing us all what true love looks like and for reminding us how to be supportive of one another :love:


KJW and PMY and the rest of HPL, fighting! :kiss_wink:

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oh my goodness my heart cannot contain the "ramyun" scene... i don't see DM and RG anymore on this, more of PMY and KJW! these definitely are the adlibs that the staff were saying... they dont look anything different from their bts laugh and convo!



and look at how KJW tries to contain his laughter...! sooo contagious you two! 


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Jeebus, people are using the #herprivatelife hashtag on totally, un-related, political, personal topics on twitter. I guess it's trending somewhere or something?


Anyway,  here's the last scene with english subs:


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The subs is available, yeay! :D.

Btw, looking at the shilloutte in RG dream, I am thinking that the woman who abandoned him in front of the orphanage was DM mom. Maybe I am wrong.

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4 hours ago, Sky8lue said:

When I am not gushing over the OTP, I am enamoured with Geon Woo and his mushroom hair and his spot-on comedic timing. When will Ryan Gold meet Geon Woo (he who says the darndest things)? :lol:


Gosh I always forget to comment about this because so many other squeal-worthy stuff suddenly happens... but Gunwoo is the most adorable child actor I have ever seen haha. And he is so talented, he sings, he dances, he drops to the floor hahaha

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