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  1. Hmm. I’m just going to imagine that there’s a time jump where JH’s parents have retired or died (sorry but it will happen in the future, right?) and he voluntarily moves to SK. Aren’t his parents the only ties greater than seri that are keeping him there? He gave up his military career already and his current one was probably thought of so he could meet seri in switzerland. Of course, it’s sad thinking he can’t see the ducklings... but seri... or else, i’ll think of a time jump where NK begins opening its borders and allowing its citizens to go abroad in this lifetime.
  2. Yeap. This is the theory I am supporting too. Often, the new husband is portrayed as unwilling to be a second father to a child from another man. I just can't remember the drama dang, but it was so similar. Ah! I think it was The Rose of Sharon Has Bloomed with Do Ji Han and Im Soo Hyang. Do Ji Han's mom left them to be the mistress to a rich man and the stepmom to his kids. Then, decades after she wanted to be in their lives again and started using her wealthy status now to get back in their good graces. Someone commented that a mom who willingly abandoned his son wouldn't look sad while watching the mother and child... but they often are, even when they go through the legal process of getting a child adopted by another couple, birth mothers often find themselves wanting to know their child or have some kind of relationship with them when initially they did not want to have one. We have a lot of western movies that show this too. So my guess is that they all were simply neighbors. DM had a brother that died. Ryan's mom is SiAn's mom who was a single parent and artist who abandoned him and continued her life and had a family of her own. When she had SiAn, that's probably the time when she felt the most regretful about abandoning her first child. Treating one child better than another often gets to your conscience. I think if they got separated by accident, she would have found him sooner. I think ShiAn knows he has a brother (kids find these things out all the time, lol parents think they're great at discretion - I myself know a lot about my parents that they don't think I know). I don't think this drama will go through too much angst at all, seems out of character.
  3. I think this is just something that a hardcore fangirl, especially an older one, feels because of the ridicule/jokes you hear from people nearby. Like the mom thinks it's way past the time she gave that up, EG also ridicules it in his own way, the TV docu obv makes it into something scandalous (fans of idol groups are called basooni and it's an insulting term I think), her old boss also made it clear in the interview when she didn't hire the other one because she was a fan girl. So everyone around her has contributed to the idea in one way or another. Sure there are people who are accepting, but isn't it always the case that a sprinkle of negative makes a bit more of a splash in one's unconscious compared to the good things? It's a survival instinct to prepare for the worst. I'm also a big kpop fan and have been since before my 20s (I'm 28 now)... but no one in my work, graduate program, and only a very few friends are aware of this. Why? Well, because people think it's ridiculous when someone is so passionate about a stranger and before you can even share this trait of yours you already hear a joke about the whole thing in a general sense. I'm quite good at my job and my graduate studies, people tend to think I'm very serious, and whenever they find out that I like kpop or even just when I mention watching a local soap opera, they say "oh that's so surprising! I thought you were the type who didn't waste time on dramas." And it truly feels as if there was judgment passed. My family knows that I'm a fangirl but I certainly do not watch the vids in front of them because they can sometimes say mean things without thinking (and the attachment is higher so if they say "this guy you are watching is ugly" it kind of hurts more than when I say "that actor in this show you are watching is so wooden"). But on my end, I really don't get why it's less acceptable than watching local daily soap operas or a series on Netflix. Kind of agree on Da In's styling. I saw this actress in The Liar and His Lover but I had to think about whether it was her because she looks a lot bigger in this one... I think... maybe they're trying to make her look older? She's 24 in real life I think. In that drama, well she was very green there too.
  4. I also like that things get wrapped up without high drama and maturely. It's simple but it keeps things more interesting for me than say how Touch Your Heart did. That one seemed to lose steam because the conflict got nipped quickly, but this one is even more slice of life but it touches your heartstrings so much because it's a kind of love and relationship that everyone wants to have.
  5. Gosh I always forget to comment about this because so many other squeal-worthy stuff suddenly happens... but Gunwoo is the most adorable child actor I have ever seen haha. And he is so talented, he sings, he dances, he drops to the floor hahaha
  6. No preview?! I take it back. I don't think the other one in the group of 4 kids playing is ShiAn. ShiAn is around 10-12 yrs younger than them right? So who's the other boy? hmm... But yeah everything's just been revealed as we've thought. Maybe it's the semi-common trope of a single mom abandoning children from a first marriage when she meets someone new and plans to marry. There's another drama with such a premise right? I can't remember right now what the title is... ShiAn said don't be surprised when she sees his home. She asks why. He says it's because he's got some paintings, and they're her paintings as Lee Seol.
  7. Oh my I guess they were neighbors as kids?! There were four kids, I thought DeokMi had a brother but it looks like that could be DM and EG then RG with SiAn? But SiAn mentioned his parents before right? though he could be adopted.
  8. Ryan trying to tempt her because she said the fan code is that you have to be happy with just seeing someone from afar. No touching hahaha. She gave up that rule after he took off the watch. I love how she knew exactly what he was doing and was a bit sulky.
  9. Ahahaha actually he was displeased because he thought her fanart was just things like caricatures (simple stuff) not full blown artworks that show how passionate and affectionate she is towards Shi An. By the way, when DM's mom first found out they were dating she tried to say that she was the fangirl but because her husband hated it she kept it in DM's house hahahaha how funny. I love DM and her mom's relationship. I wonder how you end up with such a loving relationship even as an adult... I've never had that with my mom... we're more a ball of awkwardness...
  10. Wow when he was about to leave after saying that he's going home now that he's seen her face and recharged... I don't think I've ever watched a drama and started chanting "RAMEN RAMEN RAMEN" (as in ask him to stay over for ramen) before haha. This was such a great episode that it felt so short. They are such a great couple. It's one of those shows that will make it hard for single people to date because you want a great relationship like this one. Felt bad about SeonJoo but I think it's right that they talk about why the husband just didn't open up and share what he needed with her. As for EunGi, he was crushed not just because they were dating but because he was holding on to the thought that he was the one who could accept DeokMi as she is, but then Ryan came and showed that he also accepts her. So it's confirmed that Lee Seol is his mom. I see tomorrow we're getting his real name (what DM called him at the end of the preview) and I think that place they visited was the orphanage he was left at. I really like Hyo Jin now. She seems to just want love and comfort but her mom sets her own standards for acceptance...
  11. Haha when she's showing off her fangirl stuff. I love it. It's like after feeling ashamed about it for a long time she's finally had freedom to be herself with someone else who isn't a co-fan.
  12. And Ryan remains to be the perfect boyfriend! He gets jealous but is never possessive. He's straightforward with his apologies, doesn't let pride get in the way of what's important, and very understanding. I love how he handled the situation by keeping cool and pointing out that her being the fansite master was something that DM was keeping a secret and that she could have also told him about her identity once they were in a relationship. It was a dilemma for the both of them. She didn't want it known so when they were just colleagues it was definitely right that he respect that and not make her uncomfortable with his knowledge, once they were in a relationship it would be very tricky for both of them to confess (his knowledge, her identity). Nicely done for this show. I love how he said it didn't make him dislike her.
  13. In the preview they are both in a huff haha. He asks her if Eun Gi slept in her house... She was trying to explain or brush it off but Ryan said that Eun Gi likes her. Then Eun Gi says that right now she isn't his family or his friend but a woman.
  14. In the preview he said something like "i want deokmi to fall deeply for me now" something like that. He meant it in a way that meant he was replacing her idol haha. Oh or maybe it was the other way around, can't remember. Maybe he meant he wanted to fall into DeokMi
  15. No she knew he could see her. That's why Eun Gi was saying that Deok Mi doesn't want Ryan to see her in her current state. He said she didn't wash or something... but that makes it worse for me lol. You're using another guy as a shield and the excuse he's being given is just that you don't want to be seen that way... The boyfriend would feel so mad not just because it's immature, but also because that means you trust this other guy more and you're more comfortable showing him your unmade up state... Tbh, if I were Deok Mi, I would not be mad at Ryan... I would be happy that he knows and it didn't mean anything bad to him. It was her secret, he wouldn't have come out with it and it wasn't his place to reveal that he knew since she obviously didn't want it known. One of the reasons I think this will be easily resolved is because Deok Mi will remember all the times Ryan has looked out for her while she was on Sinagilnim duty and all the times he's given her an excuse to see Shian. This boyfriend is a good guy.
  16. Don't worry. If you watch carefully they resolve the issue from today on the same day with that end of the preview where he's opening some buttons. I think his crying has to do with Lee Sol, the painter.
  17. Ryan was crying in bed. I'm guessing he recovers some of his memories about his mom. I think EG and DI will end up together hahahaha (although I hope not). I don't really like them much at this moment... Gunwoo is SO adorable! And I never got to watch what the husband got in trouble for. Did he make a docu about sasaeng fans and called them/the fan page a sasaeng?
  18. Didn't really like this last part... Deok Mi shouldn't have done that to her boyfriend... She hid behind another guy and let him talk to Ryan like that. I understand she was scared he might recognize her (which he already revealed afterwards that he knew) but still there were better and more mature ways to deal with that.
  19. I love it when they kiss and they touch their hips/legs together. It seems so real. I've seen drama kisses where their bums are leaning aways from each other lol. I wish PMY looked at his mouth or eyes when he first kissed her, that feels like the default place to look in anticipation of someone kissing you. But still hahaha <3 such a great kiss It isn't finished yet haha. In the preview, she is on the table so maybe you'll get that wish.
  20. The other girl is mean... Deok Mi was so nice to her... In the preview she snidely says that DM believed her words rather than Ryan's heart. (I think she said Ryan-e/ui maeum, rather than her own heart)
  21. Okay so the last scene was like this. She remembered her memories and all the times he was sweet with her. Then she brings up her chat with Latte-nim. She says that she lied. The reason why she didn't confess was because she was afraid that she would get hurt. Then she said that it might not have been that Latte-nim's feelings were burdensome to the "guy" she liked. It could be that she was also, like DeokMi, just afraid of getting hurt. Since that was the case, both of them should just gather their courage and try again. Ryan comes in looking for her, I don't believe he has seen the reply. DeokMi says she really wants to ask him something. She asks him why he hated fake dating so much? Was it so intolerable that they were fake dating that he wanted to end it? He could have just pretended for a while. After all, it wasn't as if she asked him to meet her all the time or as if she was clingy and called him all the time. He answered that yes he didn't want to/hated it. She asks why. He says it's because it was fake. Then he kisses her and it's an awesome kiss! I thought this ep was a filler ep, thank goodness for the ending. Preview was amazing... except I heard Eun Gi confessing.
  22. yasss she told latte nim they should gather courage and confess! YASSSS she asks him if he really hated fake dating and why since she wasn't clingy, etc. and he said it was because it's fake! this kiss! How do I delete a double/consecutive post? huhu
  23. yasss she told latte nim they should gather courage and confess
  24. Then again... without the misunderstanding I feel like this drama would be over quickly haha. They obv love each other now.
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