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  1. He looked amazing. Shame the weather wasn't any better. Seems like it was a bit of a mini reunion for him with some former co-stars in attendance. Yoon Eun Hye, and I think Gyuri and Eunjung were also there.
  2. Is he going to be part of the Dunhill show, as in walking the runway? or just attending it? BTW, when is the last time KJW walked the runway anyway? Is he pretty much retired from that aspect of modeling? Even though he was in the biz for years, photos/videos of him on the runway seem rare. Currently watching Voice, not exactly loving it, having to suspend my disbelief at the stupidity of the police on this show. I've read KJW pretty much steals the show once he actually shows up, still waiting on that (am on ep.6 atm).
  3. Thanks to HPL, I got to rediscover the wonder that is Kim Jae Wook. I had previously only seen him in 'Coffee Prince' and 'Antique' (a decade ago!), and though he certainly made quite the impression, his other acting projects never caught my eye. I may consider watching 'Voice' and 'The Guest' down the line, since they seem to be his most recently noteworthy projects, but I don't have much interest in seeing the roles he plays a second lead love interest. (I have watched clips though!) @Kristen Lee I would like to see him grow his hair out as well. He is insanely sexy with longer hair. I don't mind his current hair length, but the longer hair seems to suit him more. I am in love with the aesthetic he had going on in his 20's, his sense of style, the svelte fit physique (which he still has), and his artistic endeavors with music, modelling, and acting. Regretful that I wasn't there to witness most of it, too busy falling in love with other actors. I am most definitely going to keep up with him from now on though. <3 Hopefully with this boost in popularity, any media with him will be duly subbed and make it easier for international fans to follow him and his future works.
  4. @annie1234 @AquariusMY Ambidextrous I'm guessing it was a personal choice to change into the black jacket. He's been photographed wearing it before, so it's obviously an item of clothing he likes. I personally was not a fan of that robe he was wearing, it looked more like something you would wear lounging around your house LOL. It really didn't seem like his usual style either, makes me wonder if he was sponsored to wear it or something. And I feel like he is very smitten with her. Whether anything will come of it, I suppose only time will tell~
  5. Sorry for the delay in response. But of course not, it's always a good thing to be excited when you're talking about dramas you're enjoying. It's not often that a show (or maybe more specifically our OTP) can make you feel the way HPL is currently making a lot of us feel right now. I seriously can't remember the last time I felt this enthusiastic over a drama. I usually just watch most shows passively and don't go out of my way to look up stuff or read forums...etc. Not every drama you watch is going to stir up such feelings in you, so you might as well enjoy the high while you can.
  6. Pretty diligent about monitoring this thread so I don't think this particular FMV has been posted yet but I apologize if it has. It just seemed appropriate with all of us here gushing how amazing KJW looked in the latest episode preview. "Cause you're so gorgeous it actually hurts" @bitsbitsbits I believe you are correct about it being a combination of Lion (Ryan) + Rabbit. Also, IDK if this is related, but the characters on the show are born in 1987, which is the year of the rabbit in the Chinese zodiac. If anyone else can offer anymore insight into this, please do! And yes they did all those flips themselves, you can see it in the BTS here starting at around the 54 second mark. @2handsintertwined Haha, your posts are always fun to read, you always seem really excited!
  7. Ughhhhh, I don't want them to break up! If they do break up, it better be only for a day if even. I swear to god if they do a break up and then a time jump where they don't see each other for a year or something, I will blow a fuse. Morning after scene, woohoo~ And KJW putting his make up applying skills to use I see! Any idea on what the present is?
  8. I usually only watch bts's for dramas I really love but I don't think I've ever seen someone wipe their co-star's lips after a kiss scene. I've seen a few where they wipe away their tears, but that's usually only if they get on quite well. Usually after a kiss or crying scene, the actors just go off on their own to compose themselves or get their staff to clean up their face. KJW and PMY are on a whole different level of comfort than what I've seen before. I mean really, touching someone else's face is a fairly intimate gesture imo, but maybe actors are used to it since they're constantly getting their make up touched up and whatnot. Speaking of second hand embarrassment, that is something I have yet to experience watching our lovely couple together. I have watched A LOT of K-dramas and I've seen my fair share of cringe romance scenes and heard a bunch of cheesy lines, and sometimes the second hand embarrassment is so bad I have to pause the video and just stop watching. But not for LaBit couple, I can't get enough of their sweet cute happy scenes, they're just so natural. <3 I think what makes them really great is that they're not withholding with their affection. They are constantly holding each other's hands, hugging one another, giving small pecks, and just overall being really affectionate towards one another. They are acting how a couple who are falling in love with each other should be acting, they can't get enough of each other. So many k-dramas make way too big a deal about small simple loving gestures, like a back-hug, a forehead kiss, or even just holding hands, that are realistically just a normal part of a healthy loving relationship. There's certainly nothing wrong with making a big deal about the small things in life, but come on, I'm so over it, especially when the people involved are mature adults. Also, the way they're kissing in that BTS gif looks a lot like woodshop style~
  9. I think it's great the director trusts them enough to let them give their input on various scenes and ad-lib to give those cute couple moments a really natural feel. Clearly they had a lot of different ideas about how to get around the fatal coffee kiss, before settling on PMY's keeling over eye-roll with added cute sound effect~ I thought that last scene in ep.14 was so emotionally charged, but seeing them in the BTS, they're all smiles filming it. Acting game on point! I also didn't realize PMY actually shed tears during the scene where she finds RG in the museum, she definitely looked emotional but I didn't realize there were tears, my episode quality was really crap though. While watching the kiss scene in the episode I thought KJW looked rather hunched over, and now we see in the BTS that PMY is on her tip toes, but in the full shot in the final cut of the episode she's flat on her feet. So IDK if she eventually gets on her tip toes and it's just not shown to us, but it seemed to me like KJW didn't get anymore upright in the episode. =P
  10. Bit of a late update by tvN. They must figure it's worthwhile since it features a small peck between our couple. I have to agree though, they are rather stingy with the video uploads in regards to this show. For the most part though, they are at least uploading most of the ones we actually want to watch over and over and over again.
  11. @juliaajumma I don't care for her as well. She is incredibly rude, unprofessional, and extremely entitled. She treats Ryan like a placeholder for her position at the gallery and clearly doesn't take him seriously, and expects to be back once the scandal with her husband dies down. She's constantly parading in and out of the place as if she still runs it, and expects the employees to disregard Ryan's orders and listen to her. She does not appreciate DM's hard work and dedication to the running of the gallery, or really any of her employees for that matter. Obviously I don't take her all that seriously since she is more or less comedic relief, but I feel like we might still have to watch out for any potential underhandedness from her. I'm glad that Ryan generally doesn't back down from her, and just tries to calmly handle her ridiculous antics. Though it is a bit worrisome that Director Eom does expect to come back to the gallery eventually, and that Ryan's position might not be so secure.
  12. @haelan I loved reading your thoughts! And I agree with everything. And omg you are so right about that being PMY and not DM prying herself from KJW. I think what really gives it away is that you see her give him a slight punch, and we've seen her do that enough times in the BTS's, that's like her go to move when her oppa is being silly. I also recall finding the scene a bit odd as well, but I guess the director/editor liked it enough to include it in the final scene.
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