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  1. Who else here loves the music they play every time it's a scene showing the bubble painting? It sounds so zen like .. sooo Nice!
  2. I have yet to watch a subbed episode 13... and episode 14 comes out as this ..... how??????? the clips killed me! omygod! Need subbed versions asap! but but but... they both said I love you’s my heart is full!
  3. Cannot wait for the subbed version of the latest episode.. i cannot help it but saw several clips of it already... how truly good looking are our leads! also, i just love how RG always opens the door for DM when she enters his car Chivalry is not dead people... please learn from Ryan Gold Go HPL! Cheering for you always!
  4. I am actually waiting for them to call each other by name at least instead of from DM's side, "Gwangjanim" as that still is kind of depicting their roles at work even when they are outside of work already. I was also referring to "Oppa" not as a depiction of who's older or status in life but just a simple depiction of "romantic interest and/or boyfriend" since their relation in the drama already progressed
  5. I am wondering if anyone is also wishing RG should have been made older than DM in HPL so that she'll just call him Oppa just like how she does in real life ... #justathought Happy Wednesday Everyone
  6. My Finale episode fantasy would be a big White Ocean concert where Shi An would do a killer performance and sing a song where he will call his Hyung on stage and see both RG and SA on stage and whatever they sing together is part of the OST. DM and Lee Sol will be both watching front row fan-girling/supporting the two SJ's barista will be part of the music collaboration so SJ and her husband will be watching front row too, as well as Sindy with her Mom who finally accepts her daughter being a fangirl DM's co workers will be there also and can we not forget DM's parents.. and EG and CDA together where they are starting to like each other EG's mom will be there too. Fast forward to a few more years, an epilogue maybe.. RG and DM are happily married with kids where RG is making art alongside DM while still being a true fangirl on the side.
  7. I have both LSS and STS due to HPL I love the BTS video because: - KJW hands .. why always so red? hahaha and why can't KJW keep it to himself? Kim Jae Wook ssi, when youre a fanboy, you can only look... your hands were in PMY waist though LOL - KJW's "internal conflict" during their game after PMY's wrist kiss - PMY's can't keep her hands off of KJW face .. i guess they are both suffering from CANT keep my hands to myself syndrom = CKMHTM - When PMY accidentally gave KJW the middle finger while feeding him snacks LOL .. KJW's reaction was so cute These two really ... both the best Happy Monday, everyone
  8. Just finished watching both subbed Ep 11 and 12... how i am still alive right now is a miracle my heart! Really beautiful episodes! Shi An is such an angel you can really tell he has a good heart. Just like his Hyung.. both are soooo adorable I super love how RG and DM take care of each other well really #relationshipgoals Sindy, on becoming such a sweetheart! Im glad shes slowly transforming into a much better person How CDI knows that she needs to finally move on! SJ’s suuuuper cute son! That kid i wanna pinch his cheeks The OST’s... all on point! Really helps define the scenes KJW and PMY’s on screen and off screen chemistry... need i say more?
  9. Ahhhh finally i can watch with subs both Ep 11 and 12. Must admit tho that I’ve seen several clips here and there as well as the non subbed BTS and my heart i cannot... these two! STS 24/7.... they are absolutely the cutest! Why you do this to us KJW and PMY? okay, ill go and watch now and hope ill still be alive after
  10. Based from the clips I’ve seen, episode 11 is another one for the books! I’m going to watch it on repeat this weekend... I’ve also read that there’s no preview for EP 13? Alas! The least that we can do is to patiently wait as we’ve all been always rewarded with beautifully written episodes, and heartwarming scenes. Thank you HPL team for always delivering above expectations. Please know that all your hard work is much appreciated. RG and DM, thank you for showing us all what true love looks like and for reminding us how to be supportive of one another KJW and PMY and the rest of HPL, fighting!
  11. I was just thinking, reason why Shi An knew that it was DM in the elevator was because he trusts his Hyung and know that they are dating so whoever that woman is that Ryan is covering is automatically Curator Noona #brotherlyinstincts
  12. All scenes that involve RG, Shi An and now DM... in the elevator are all Gold! Sooo funny Also, it must have really hurt when PMY hit KJW during the Latte reveal scene.. notice how hard she hit him? Hahahaha but sooo sweet nonetheless
  13. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh ..... cutest and most heartwarming episode! RG the sweetest boyfriend and DM the most adorable girlfriend to RG I’ll have the sweetest sleep tonight... Thank you all for the recaps and witty and funny comments! I live for this! I live for HPL hahahaha
  14. I think the reason why both RG and Shi An is so into the Lee Sol bubble paintings is because of the memory attached to it. There's nothing bad about the paintings but I don't see anything extra-ordinary about them also, but they are arguably visually appealing. It somehow tugs at them as something embedded in their core memory that's why they really want to pursue collecting all 9 of them.. but i maybe wrong, that's just my hunch I have never been this happy to wake up and know it's already Wednesday I am gonna swoon over a jealous RG .. he looks soooooo adorable
  15. I guess i got lucky the video isn't restricted here in my country. i just rewatched it and is now having a very very bad case of STS I also just watched the interview with VIKI and I must say PMY and KJW chemistry is something else... it's just so how shall i put it, effortless? To think that interview happened before all the shooting that's already happened so I can only imagine how much closer they are right now It's almost time for Ep 11.. i cannot wait!
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