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  1. Oh wow.. i didnt realize that.. thanks for the info I guess i was just relying in wiki haha.. thank you for sharing this info
  2. Hello friends! Dropping by to say hi to all of you also to greet our king Happy Happy Happy Birthday im just kind of confused.. ive seen a lot greet Pyeha happy “34th” birthday.. he was born in 1987.. he only turned 33 today! Right? Right?
  3. Once the king makes his move today.. we are done for! check mate! what a great drama all in all! Ultimately, love wins! love wins both in TKEM and in real life hahahaha
  4. Happy Thursday friends! came from a video from IG - BTS for the scene where they were writing on each others hands about the Moon... I wanna bet that LG was writing something off script on KGE’s hand even Secretary Mo said, “i didnt expect its too umcomfortable to watch” same Sec Mo... same here! LOL
  5. that’s what i actually noticed having reviewed the press conference clips.. they were seated so close to one another, you would think they were holding hands under the table but thats just me... haha pls ignore lol i needed time to back read every comment.. i must say im still going at it for LMH’s 180 deg change since he started working with KGE. He’s a changed man alright ...
  6. Also, as what LG said, the bed is big... why did they not fully utilize its size i guess it would have totally been a big problem for PD-nim LOL .. director sounded really anxious when he said cut twice lol because it was heading towards a different direction this filmed early May right? i wanna say it makes sense now why our LMH is behaving the way he behaved the past few days ....
  7. right??? I literally died and went to kingdom of corea! Hahaha all the gates in all of the universes opened! I cant deal! when LG said scandalous .. it is indeed one hell of a scandalous spectacle!
  8. Whoah whoahhh... wait up! Friday couldnt be any crazier can it??? BTS, Teasers, and Insta posts... i cannot! i have so many feelings right now im sure you all know what i am talking about... gasping for air right now... ive never seen such intense bts kissing scene like that before! Seriously! Can you do that and have no feelings after?.. *yup exactly my point* *The prime minister of kingdom of corea left the building* *Lee rim left the building* *Even PD-nim left the building* Netflix is shaking... thats why episode 13 is not yet airing
  9. would love to see that! I’ve only seen LMH in the The Heirs and Legend of the Blue Sea.. But this time in TKEM, something really changed.. not sure if he’s just so much more mature now or maybe has to do with who he is acting with but the vibes he is giving off is so different from how he was prior. Kudos to KGE, I’ve come to appreciate her because of this drama.. she’s great! Rooting for these 2! This drama is my pandemic period savior! Helps me take off my mind from more serious world problema thank you TKEM
  10. Hi Friends!!! Haven’t been active since last year but wow, LMH and KGE made me do it! Loved reading all your posts! I just can’t with this drama! Swooning over their chemistry one question tho, anybody also waiting for the “imaginary flowers” to grow???