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  1. Its done and over.... Ahh I will miss the excitement. Okay now final thoughts.. First of all this show was all about relationship and the maturity behind it. Sure the content took a nosedive in the latter half, but then again It could also be the writer's way of showing the usual K drama troupes in a different light. Crazy mom( Director Eom) - only it was towards her daughter Childhood stories that usually lead to a breakup or a huge drama - handled with a sensible flair Best friend loves the lead, again no bigger conflict once all cards were laid out and communicated. The male lead has emotional problems: Hey he actually takes steps to solve it The female lead has a secret: only here its a plot point. Basically, I missed the energy of the earlier episodes and once the romance started the attention centered to Ryan which made sense but they really didn't have content for 16 episodes. They should have wrapped them all in 12 eps max. Overall the lack of conflict or in this case the solving of conflicts too quickly was both wise and not. It gave a whole new masterclass on how to handle various drama troupes and also set the stage for new issues to come, but they were not plot moves and that kinda brought down the drama. BUT IT WAS SOO CUTE... I loved the characters all of them, even Da In( she had the most sensible role frankly) That's the main reason I will forever be a fan of this drama. It made me root for the characters and accept them wholly because they chose to act as ADULTS which helps in our current society. So dear Sinagil and Saja; have a great life and bidding adieu to all my lovely chingus in this forum Loved your company See you elsewhere!!!
  2. Okay, I think the drama has hit the rinse and repeat as far as plot is concerned but hey, we were never into that completely in the first place. I was fine till the whole met when they were kids popped up because why why why Do the leads always have to be childhood friends? The drama already is getting a rap ] for being similar to WWWWSK in some areas, so I think the choice to not show a bed scene was probably intentional, I mean too many bed scene comparison for PMY. In any case, what we all loved about this drama is the Communication is key and DONT BE JUDGEMENTAL EVER!!! People have feelings That said, the last kiss was Hot. For a first Rom Com lead role, KJW is amazing in comedic timing.. He should do such dramas and lift everyone 's notion about him only playing a creepy killer who bathes in Blood that said, the last two will be filler, which is FINE!!! The man has to start painting again and I want that side of the relationship shown. And PS Cindy I am proud you grew up and apologised and learned to fend for yourself, Your mom's batshit craziness actually did something good
  3. LOL That will be epic. He HATED losing and couldnt understand what she was doing at all. Petty revenge is in order
  4. Okay, can Lee Sol actually not be his mom at all? Just someone he saw? Too much to hope? I get the feeling that the conflict in this drama is old fashioned but the way its handled is refreshing. I dont know what the laws are in Korea about leaving your children in orphanages and things and if the reality is too far away. I mean, think about the plot lines apart from the romance and fangirl portions Rich hero, hardworking yet not that well off heroine Hero is her boss( as always) Second leads try to stir trouble Heroine gets attacked and now a childhood connection this drama is old wine in new bottle, but what a fancy bottle. I am here for the interactions and character because I love honestly and our couple's level of communication is off the charts. Having a break up or fight might not suit context, If Lee Sol is RG's mom, then it might put DM off because oof her idol love connection But lets cross the bridge when it comes
  5. No preview ... sign perils of live shooting. I think they are rushing a bit. To give us all a complete story but lack of time. Havent seen both eps due to work Will binge later but from all the comments I think some heavy tea got spilled.
  6. TOTALLY AGREE TO THIS and Welcome! Fandom is ageless you are always a fan and yes I shut my phone or laptop when my hubby walks in. He calls me Korean biased .
  7. I agree its frustrating to watch her hide, but I think DaIn has it spot on; DM trusted her words more than RG's heart. DM doesnt truly realise the intent of her actions because she has never had to explain them before. And frankly, yes if not for the fact that RG knows her identity this could have been messy. But I want to give DM the credit here because she is vulnerable, I mean the girl has been basically living half lives till now and its not wrong to not want to confront an issue she feels would be hard to explain. She truly truly doesnt want RG to see her in full fan girl mode because she think he dislikes those things? Remember the egg pelting and CUPATCH? So her reaction, might be frustrating to us but it makes perfect sense to her and to RG. He gets her; he too has a secret remember? So I am glad the cat's out of the bag, it will force DM to draw lines and take confrontations. She doesnt like to fight or argue. She prefers being hurt silently until she cant take it anymore cue ep9. That too if not for "lattenim" the woman would be moping till RG figured it out. Some people are like that, slow. ITs her innate kindness that pushes her to run the other way than to confront because, she rather be hurt than embarrassed. I get her cause I used to be like that, hiding my true feelings and running the other way. Took me a while to learn to confront [P.S not to brag but having an almost RG in my life helped a bit too.]
  8. Dont worry its probably the Lee Sol thing. I dont think the relationship will have any issues. Now that the feeling are confirmed its time to move to the main reason he came to Korea Lee Sol. But I feel you though
  9. I see a lot of speculation on DM as a character. The drama is out to make RG the perfect woke hero ever, thus ruining all future hero's for us. But I am here to speak about DM. She is brave. I mean despite having a full time hectic job she not only manages to follow her passion but do it well within the limits of a sincere fangirl. Not only just doing both but doing them super well. Sinagil is popular in her own right. Her life seems to have revolved in enjoying stargazing from a distance and given how she is all happy and gushing about RG I think its probably a while since she shifted focus onto herself. RG is perfect for her because he gives her the respect and space she needs to open up. And DM is perfect for him because she has this totally understanding nature and such deep kindness. She is insecure which duh, but once she is able to combine her both lives and show them all in full colors to RG; He wont know what hit him Be strong Ryan(saja..the jerk) Hah, I am waiting for his reaction when she calls him this
  10. No No I dont think so. Remember he has seen Sinagil in person at the signing event. He is thankful for her and respects her That's evident. He has a crush on DM which how can he not? Besides, he might be shipping them silently as well as RG is also his favorite person now. Having your bais ship you is another level of squee.
  11. YAAAASSS We are at 100!!!! Whoooo Hooo!! Yayy Okay getting those kisses out of the way. (Nope not going there, then I wont be able to have any coherent thoughts I totally get DM reaction to seeing RG when she is in fangirl mode. Its something I have been saying for a while. The girl is insecure. Given how fangirling is usually understood, not to mention the fact that she got into trouble because it AND RG and Sinagil had many embarrassing moments.(she fell on him lol) Her instinct to hide was natural. I mean they have only been dating for a DAY. This is a big secret to reveal. I hope it will help them truly understand each other and she will also realize how RG knows and feels and even supports her. EG I am glad he got his feelings out in the open. We all might not want anything to come between our lovebirds, but to DM; EG is her brother. This will only fester into something terrible if not cleared. Also I am not worried that he will do something stupid to hurt her or separate them; he knows her and though he might be forceful with his feeling; SungJoo wont let him ruin DM's happiness. We CANT forget SungJoo. The sooner the feelings are cleared the better for all. DaIn is another story, she is heartbroken but has to maintain professionalism towards RG. She doesn't have the familiarity or affection that DM and EG share. She is sensible and I think they are setting the stage for the second leads to get together. I mean we still have about 6 eps left. That said, when the whole identity of "Her Private Life" ( I know I know) is out of the way, it will be time to focus on getting RG to paint again. He wants to paint but he also wants to confirm about Lee Sol. The theme of the drama is being adults in love and though its nature for Kdrama fans to expect a break-up and reconnect in dramas; Its our instinct to prepare for the worst LOL, somehow I dont think they have any major misunderstandings to actually breakup over. The SiAn fan girl factor is the reason RG loves her in the first place; But...? Anyway another agonizing week long wait begins P.S: Cindy is starting to grow on me.
  12. Yes I feel like a proud matchmaker Okay The prayer for non filler actual drama content for the remainder 7 episodes begins. Dang 7 more? but if they are following the WWWSK route, then focus will shift soon. First of all I want Eun Gi to get a beat down. I get it he is angry that despite being close to DM she likes another person; BUT YOU NEVER CONFESSED YOU DUMDUM! she probably thinks of you like a close brother. Second Da In is actually confusing me, did she set their meeting up? I mean she was remorseful and it showed. Moreover RG wont be friends with her if she continues to hurt DM. My woke hero is a smart cookie More than anything I want DM to get over her insecurities and be happy. She may cringe like anything when she finds the truth about latte, but I am sure they are smart adults to figure things out. Can I just say how thrilled I am at RG's character? He is my #1 woke hero Kim Bong Do of Queen In Hyun's man is #2 Can't remember the rest though
  13. My two cents, I think DM is really afraid of rejection and has no complete confidence that a person will like her with her dual life and such. She got swept away with the fake dating and seeing DaIn's closeness only got her worried and jealous. Me thinks, her working and fangirling and being happy doing the same; in the background and never in the front ; is not giving her the confidence to let Ryan know her true feelings. But I have full faith in our woke hero and that he will suss the issue out and begin the true office romance Ryan is a fighter and though he might understand certain things not correctly, he isnt the one to accept nonsense. My hope is that she gets brave enough to accept her feeling and feel happy for herself too. The fangirl drama comes later. p.s: I worried for her friend and her husband, obviously its his work and he has to do it but he is not being honest and that's going to blow on his face. Eun Gi you are an idiot, please either confess and accept the rejection or go away.
  14. I am eating my words now!!! Okay going away till they confess then Ill binge watch.
  15. I just had this thought and now it wont go away. What if the conflict is because Ryan doesn't want to admit to his feelings and pushes her away because of his art and Lee sol issues? I know this is makjang territory but this drama continues to spring surprises and now I am worried. P.S: The artist friend is coming out too strong which might or might not force DM to acknowledge her feelings and confess. Somehow I feel there is another twist coming up.
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