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  1. EXAMSS!!!!! On such sunny day's is a crime 

  2. I missed missed Jung Woo in dramas. I have been a fan since reply 1994 and am just loving him to pieces here. Just binged 11 eps. and now its waiting time for the last two. Oh and Oh Yeon Soo is brilliant as well. She just gets better and better at every drama she does. It's going to be torture to wait it out for the last episode. Dang
  3. I see a lot of mentions about how Woo Yeo handled his first love's death and the whole reason to let go od Dam. First of all, I think he is RickRoll'D scared of being abandoned for being a Gumiho. And also the chances of him getting hunted if his secret got out is still very real. I think living alone 999 yrs and losing his first love like that made him put walls so hard and strong that he simply refuses to believe that Dam can like him as himself; gumiho or not. Dam is interesting to him cause a) she is honest AF b) she is truly a kind and caring person with a lot of social
  4. Move out of the way friend-zoned; we get neice-zoned. LOL and they way he thought she was talking about steamed eggs, when she confessed. For someone living so long copying humans he sure is a dumdum is oh so many ways. The drama really addresses all issues cropping up at all angels which is so refreshing I think the actors are on point playing as 20 somethings; loud , brash always OTT in everything. That's how the current crop are ( have a 20 something cousin so speaking from experience) Mom being the first shipper; she is cool too cool; But I dont think we
  5. After seeing ep 10, I feel we just now got to the conflict DK is finally realizing the enormity of her situation and those tears off. heartbreak For MM, this is a huge conflict in two ways; one can he really save her being doom and all? two: Why her of all people? I think I kinda get his whole I am totally fed up with my existence attitude. The guy is literally DOOM, thats like personified FED-UP of things. Somehow I feel like he goes through such moods often. But he says he cant have emotions which is such bull. You cannot watch things end and die without emotions
  6. This drama is my new crack I just cant WAIT for wed and thurs LEE DAM is such a model and I truly truly hope she doesnt change like ever. TO be so social conscious and self aware is rare in k drama heroine and I am glad the drama is staying close to the webtoon. The last scene on ep 4 is such a new soft talk approach on blossoming love. For those who dont know; the quote is from the book 'Love in the time of Cholera' - Its my new reading list The only hitch is that she still calls him 'Orishin' but I am just going to throw that out the window as he is a
  7. Yay for activity here. I think we need to show our support to this drama irrespective of how it goes. I just read bits and pieces of the webtoon yesterday and its really really cozy and fun Like this is an entirely fun spin on Gumiho. One thing for sure; there is going to be cohabitation hijinks. Dont know about the villian but I think the drama will have one? because they keep showing women getting murdered; maybe an Evil gumoho? I hope not I rather it be a human killer that our Sweet 'Elder' can go all hulk-smash protecting Dam
  8. Okay this drama atleast the first two episodes were funny lol. I think I might just overlook the actors and their acting especially the leads. [ LOVE Kang Hana lol she is just brilliant] The drama needs to STOP with all the close ups; the acting is watchable from a distance. I have seen like three dramas of Hyeri's and she is good when she doesnt have to be funny. Maybe its just be but I just cant handle how she just OVER emotes at the humor parts; but she fits the character of the outspoken brash youth of today [ dont @ me millennials] Jang Ji Young; gosh for his sake alon
  9. @Ninky Thank you very much i have been part of many forums here in Soompi, but ELOD is the only one I keep coming back to. Something in this whole story and the fandom is just compelling. It even had me write fanfiction again after a long long time. A personal incident made me stop about 8 years ago. So I just want to take my time and convey my love to this amazing energy in this Forum. shout out to the mods who do a great job in keeping the vibes positive.
  10. Hi and omg the level of activity in this forum just warms my heart. Also where did you read this? I couldnt find it in the ELOD website. please do share Thank you
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