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  1. @Jillia it's suprising isn't it? Jung Woo Sung has not played in any drama almost 9 years and now he'll be here. Just wow!! I am wondering what makes him want to do it. I love Bae Sung Woo, but I think it's a good decision. I hope all the best for Delayed Justice. This drama is so heartwarming.
  2. Hi all Chingus . Just like some of you, I also surprise that this thread is so quite (since the leads are NJH and Suzy). I didn't know the writer is PHR at the beginning but after I felt a familiar vibe (later I knew the vibe was familiar with While you were sleeping, Pinocchio, and ICHYV), I am sure it's a worth to watch drama. I am enjoying it, enjoying the story, the acting, the characters, and the drama itself. About the characters: I am so happy to see Kim Sun Ho. It's harder to see him as a serious character if you use to see him as a funny member i
  3. Oo dear, my heart is not strong enough to expect that SDJ is alive . For this Togyeong survivor, perhaps SDJ just a mere person that can be dangerous for him. The show is crazy, no solid clue leads to him before and then give us a shock. I agree that the pace is kind slower than season 1 (that season is awesome!), but I love the writing in this episode more. Unpopular opinion probably. But I really love how the writernim lead us to the case little by little. Like how HSM noticed about the bullied boy in the high school picture and found the similarities with Togyeong boys's
  4. I am so happy watching this episode. YJ is really a warm person. I decided to binge watch season 1 in the last 2 days ( I am in a episode 10 now). It makes me love season 2 more. Perhaps because I really anticipate the interaction between SM and YJ, and it's here in episode 12. I agree with @bedifferent that it looks like a second change WTH and CB to do something right now. SDJ, I really hope he is alive. I hope they find him soon.
  5. I can feel you. I was following the episode 10 dilligently and Dang!! It finished! . So we know who's the culprit now. I hope SDJ is alive, the drama needs him. So the whole Shi Mok adventure abt PGS is like to let him know about the case. They will reveal about it after they find SDJ. I can sleep now.
  6. Hello all, I've just finished watching 11 episodes in 2 days. I cannot believe that I skipped this great drama before. About question No.1, i think it is related. DHS mom was missing in 1997 when Yeom Sam Chul started joining the psycho-centre. DMS reported about his missing wife (I am not sure whether she was kidnapped or left DMS because of his behaviour). And the serial killer story if DMS started here as well ( I think after DMS found how Yeom Sam Chul worked). And I am also wondering, who is the real serial killer then. What Moo Jin saw, I think one of the victim.
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