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  1. "Am Saja" "I'm Lion" KJW so gonna update with all his Instagram ending with lion at the back!!
  2. Thank you so much for your good insight and analysis of this drawing. And I think the flowers are actually roses as roses actually do come in different kinds of shapes. And I happened to find out the meaning of roses surrounding the bubbles. Roses are being express as promise, hope and new beginning. Yet contrasted by thorns that symbolize defense, loss and thoughtlessness. So I believe Lee Sol drew roses all over the bubbles is to make a promise to herself that she will protect Yoon Jae and he will always be a hope to her and a new beginning for her as a single mother to move on with her life. Yet, she definitely did felt lost in terms having a child out of wedlock is something that just happened in a spark of moment that she could not even react and I believe during that moment, she must have felt terrified. Bubbles dreams is a symbol of childhood memories, protection, feelings of security and comfort. As much as we knew Lee Sol wants Yoon Jae to have good childhood memories such as letting him being carefree playing with bubbles, knowing bubbles are something that Yoon Jae loves, that's when she started painting bubbles and having Yoon Jae by her side, she felt secured and comfort despite being a single mum. And yes, I do noticed that Yoon Jae was much taller and bigger than Deok Mi and Eun Gi. But let's see how the plot twist gonna be for the last 2 episodes.
  3. When I first watched this interview, I also felt that KJW loves to explain in details, so I wouldn't say he's long winded. That's gonna be his good point. Loving how PMY just softly tapped on KJW's wrist and he knew what to do already.
  4. Both of them not only being sweet of honey but good chemistry when Deok Mi said "The cushion is still very comfortable" and there Ryan goes to test the sofa by pressing on it to resolve the awkwardness!!
  5. There are many possibilities of how the fate of both Ryan and SiAn came together that we could have already thought of. Ever since Episode 3, that was the first encounter of the painting that brought the both of them together. But I felt that SiAn wasn't aware from the beginning that all these paintings are related as he asked how Ryan got to know about it. I could still remember how flustered Ryan was. Then, during Episode 6, Ryan went to SiAn's House as one more painting has been found. Initially, I thought SiAn knew about Ryan's past when Ryan asked how he knew there are more paintings. But then I realized that he was just surprised and never expected Ryan's response. And then, he got a call from his mum, but he wasn't feeling any intense despite Ryan's presence. I really love how SiAn handles all these situations with considerations and encouragement to his mum. And he slowly joins all these puzzles back to where it was. Lee Sol could have told SiAn about her past but didn't mention it was Yoon Jae. Be it in dramas or real life situations, when you have a blood relation with someone, there will always be a special bond between each other, that's how Ryan and SiAn are, cannot be denied. Even SiAn felt comfortable with his hyung. SiAn's definitely one of the sweetest boy.
  6. I don't think Sindy knew. She only knew that the impression that she gave to Deok Mi wasn't a good one. The part when Sindy trying to talk to Sin-Nal-Gil was only trying to find out more from her but not knowing it's Deok Mi.
  7. Reading thru some of the thoughts on the dramas from where I've stopped and here I am to share some thoughts. I felt both episodes 13 and 14 storylines were going on a smooth pace despite the scene when Lee Sol was explaining her reasons to Ryan. As what majority have felt that Lee Sol shouldn't have just left Ryan and headed for meeting, in my opinion, no matter what, never ever leave your child in a place whereby he or she couldn't feel your presence. The moment when Lee Sol let go of Ryan's hands, I could see that he doesn't want to leave his mum. And if Lee Sol lost her memories from the accident and indirectly lost Ryan, then if I were Yoon Jae, I could have forgive her. And the unfortunate part was, Ryan was in such a pain when he couldn't even remember how his mum look like and till then, his memories faded away. The scene when Ryan could remember everything, he was filled with pain and compressing his pain throughout. And I was thinking, how much pain has this boy went through over 26 years, it's really painful seriously. So I could understand he tried to ignore SiAn for the short moment because he needs all the ample time to recover from all these pains, I'm glad that Deok Mi is always giving him the personal space for all he needs, comforts him at the rightful time, she couldn't be more perfect. But of course, in reality, given the time constraint, me or we as a supporter of HPL, we tend to think more deeper and wish that the plot could be even more stronger and that will allow the drama for extension perhaps? The way how Deok Mi heals Ryan to get back in drawing was amazing I felt, drawing is not always being amazing and artistic, it can be cute in your own way, just like tracing the hands and silhouette are something that I would never have thought off. Deok Mi, you're seriously amazing. And did anyone realize that up till now, Sindy, Curator Yu and Yoo Seop are still unaware of Deok Mi's being a fangirl of SiAn? I guess that's what HPL is all about I guess. Only RYAN GOLD knew~
  8. Hopefully the Episode 15 will show the bed scene again just like the workshop scene.
  9. If KJW is ambidextrous, he's so perfect in his own way and a big yes sexy!! Not everyone has this ability to use both hands. But the way he uses his left is way much sexier. And also the scene when he tried to paint again, he uses his left hand again. I need put on my detective eyes for KJW right now.
  10. Other than getting a copy of the magazine of Ryan, helping Ryan to overcome his obstacles will be her birthday wish.
  11. I didn't even realize that!! Perhaps he wants to look even better infront of Deok Mi. (And the colour matching as well) Their stylists forgotten about it. But it's so cute in their own way.
  12. I think he does wear socks but those that are lower ankle kinds. And I do notice his feets are always as red as tomatoes. He is ageing like a wine, ageing gracefully. Just looking at him, my heart just... flutters. I am super happy for him for having such a huge breakthrough to be into a first lead rom-com. For him it's definitely not easy and knowing people writing him off just made me feel like he will do even better. I have not watch lots of his dramas yet, only Coffee Prince and Voice (Up till now, still creeps me out of him being as Mo Tae Gu. But it means he has done a superb job). I wanted to try watching his past dramas, but because I'm a little biased, I would want to see him as first male lead instead of second lead. (Because he has done too many) I want him to shine even more, from me as his supporter. Perhaps I will try to find time watching other of his dramas soon. He is someone with potential and substance actor and yes, he will definitely be on high demand. (:
  13. Yesyes, I've been noticing this as well. In the first few episodes, Deok Mi will tend to wear pant suits and tying her hair up. (Even though we knew it's all about K Fashion). But, if we tend to look much deeper, tying her hair up means she has things that she wishes to hide, for example, she being a fangirl while she knew that she's not allowed to be one because of Director Eom's objection and hiding from everyone, she has been very professional I must say. Same goes for wearing pants suits, like a form of hiding certain identity. And after knowing Ryan, she let down her hair and wearing skirts means she is very comfortable when she is around Ryan and willing to break the wall of telling Ryan that she's actually a fangirl and not afraid to show another side of her to him. This is something that's very important in a relationship, accepting for who they are.
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