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[Drama 2019] Her Private Life 그녀의 사생활

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FINALE KISSES                                    THANK YOU FOR WATCHING!   

Before we move on, I just want to appreciate their first kiss again:     Sorry it's night time at my place so can't find more proper lighting for the painting. Anyway, an art direc

My First Real Fangirl Experience   Since we all don't have BTS today, I thought I'd share with all my fangirl buddies here what happened to me last night as yall were going wild watching ep

The workers at the gallery open the boot of the car and there is a lot of foodstuff(?) there. Then Sindy drives up and she too has a box in her car. RG's car is filled to the brim with stuff - will have to wait to see what these are. :P

RG has a flashback and he recalls how he met SA in the lift. It looks like a donation drive, and SA is contributing all the soft toys that he probably got from fans. So those are the things in RG's car. hah hah

It looks like they are donating the stuff to an orphanage. (I wonder how SA knew that DM was going to the orphanage??). One of the gallery staff (the lady) teaches the children art appreciation, by projecting a Van Gogh artwork (The Starry Night) onto a screen. I think she asks them what they think it looks like?

The gallery staff have fun with the children, playing games in the park and the male staff invites RG to play with them. He is seated there deep in thought, thinking about his days at the orphanage. intermission now 

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EG at his dojo, his mom is visiting him. they go out and have a talk. i think his mom talks about EG likes DM. about one-sided love. i think his mom tells him that DM likes Ryan? 


DM and her co workers are in front of the gallery. they are going somewhere. Ryan comes and DM gets into Ryan's car. another staffs are going by Sindy's car. the staffs are leaving first. 

Ryan and DM are still there in the car talking happily. 

oh they go to the orphanage. 

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4 minutes ago, luvcrabbieshinhwa said:

At the meeting, they praise Hyojin's merchandise and give positive feedback... Hyojin is so excited about it.

They then talk about the progress of exhibition.



Thanks for the recaps! 


Also props to the prop department. Making mini models is not fun--especially when they are that detailed (she says from experience).

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His mom comes to see him (to cheer him up) and asks him to go drink with her.

They have a "date". Her mom gushes about her son is being adult now, "You're having a hard time, right? One-sided love?"

She tells him that she heard about DM from DM mom and tells him she cannot be happy cuz her son is hurting.

They then talk about EG's dad who abandoned them, "Were you hurt, too, mom?"

His mom wishes that EG will meet someone who loves him. EG says that love is hard and hurt....


The employees of Cheum are together...there are stacks of merchandises at the back of a car. Hyojin arrives bringing White Ocean CD to be distributed. They wonder if Director is OK about it...and notices that Ryan isnt there. DM tells them Ryan is busy and cannot come. Hyojin teases DM, "Do you break up already?" DM glares at her. But then Ryan arrives, surprising everyone.


DM joins him in his car. Ryan admits that he didnt tell DM to surprise her.

DM notices a stack of dolls at his backseat and asks him about it.

/flashback/ Ryan meets SiAn at the elevator and he looks for his curator noona as usual..asking Ryan to bring DM dolls.

DM is so happy, "MY SI-AN IS AN ANGEL"

Ryan feigns jealousy, "THE ONE WHO BRINGS THEM IS ME!!"

DM teases him, "Thank you, Gold-driver" =)))))))))


Cheum Gallery ppl are volunteering in an orphanage.


Ryan is staring at the kids playing.

He recalls a memory of him playing with a girl and two other boys. The girl is DM.

A ball rolls toward him and Yuseop + kids ask him to join.



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at the orphanage, DM's female co-worker is showing a picture. Sindy is taking picture of them. Ryan and DM are sitting together watching them happily. 

it is outside, the kids are playing ball happily with Yeo Seob. Ryans is sitting remembering about his childhood moment playing together with a red sweater girl. Yeo Seob is calling him to play too i think. 

DM and Sindy inside are talking about Shi An. they are like friends now. i dont find Sindy annoying now :lol:

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DM and Sindy are talking about SA and Sindy says sth about how much happiness she gets from watching SA. [Most of the conversation is lost on me though.]

RG is pushing the children on a bicycle and he even rides on one; he looks like he is having fun. They play rocks scissors stone and DM gets chosen to be the model for the children to draw. She sits there and grins away. The male gallery staff gives RG paper and crayons and asks him to draw DM too. He pauses and puts it down on the chair as he knows he can't do so. She moves as she looks at RG and gets told off by one of the children for moving, 'coz the model cannot move (?). The children show him their drawing of her and he guides them on how to colour, he even chooses the colours for them. :P


Sindy takes a group photo of the children with all their 'paintings' of DM. RG and DM are in the children's orphanage and she encourages him to trace her hand with a pink pen. He freezes and is unable to proceed. He recalls how he was not able to paint in the room (previous scene) and stalls. DM holds his hand and uses it to trace her hand on the art paper. He turns to look at her. She laughs, and picks up a blue pen, then traces his hand. Together the two hands look like they are overlapping. 


A little girl asks RG what is his name, and he says Ryan Gold. She says that's strange, how you don't have a Korean name. And then broadcast is suspended, no more live-capping for me, for now.

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DM is looking at Ryan playing outside with the kids. 

all the staffs are playing like rock paper scissors and Dm lose to them. she must sits in front of the kids and they need to draw her. Yeo Seob offers Ryan the paper and crayons, but Ryan puts them down. he just looks at the kids drawing. DM sees this and moves, but one of the kids tells her not to move. a girl shows Ryan  her DM picture. it's beautiful. haha.. 

all of the kids gathering outside and Sindy takes their photos with their own DM pic. they are good in drawing. 



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DM and Hyojin prepare things for one of the activities for kids.

Hyojin asks why they should do volunteering like this as an art gallery... DM tries to explain it by making analogy with Hyojin falling and fangirling over Sian. Now Hyojin seems to understand. 

DM sees Ryan playing soccer with the kids (omg so handsome).


The employees do rock-paper-scissors to decide who'll be the model for kids' drawing activities. 

DM loses so she has to sit still to be a model... Yuseob brings Ryan a paper, "In case you wanna draw your girlfriend."

Ryan freezes and puts the paper+drawing tools aside. DM notices it, then one of the kids scolds her for moving...Ryan mouthes that she shouldnt move(?) HAHA.


One of the girls brings DM pic to Ryan, "It looks like her, right?" Ryan agrees...then the girl says, "Ahjussi also wanna be drawn?" So she sits beside him and starts drawing him #cute. After the session finishes, the kids take pictures with their drawings.


DM and Ryan stand behind. DM puts her hand on an empty paper, asking Ryan to draw a line along her hand. 

Ryan: "Not even a sketch? I AM RYAN GOLD, THOUGH?"

DM: "Isn't it cute though?"

Ryan holds his pencil, hesitated. He remembers that he was unable to hold the brush. He tries to drop the pencil and asks her to do something else. But DM grabs his hand and guides it to draw the line along her hand.... After they finish, DM draws Ryan's hand, praising that his hand is pretty. She then praises it as an art XDDD


The little girl from earlier approaches him and asks his name. When he tells her his name, the girl says, "It's weird. Dont you have Korean name?" Ryan doesn't answer. DM notices his expression. The girl writes his name anyway...and later she gives him a lollipop, asking him to come over often.

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inside, DM gives Ryan a sketch book and crayon, ask him to draw. DM asks him to draw her hand. but he hesitates to draw and recalls the moment when whe wanted to paint last time in his apartment. perhaps he thinks he cannot draw again? 

but then DM holds his hand and draw together with him. she then draws Ryan's hand


a little girl comes and shows him a picture of Ryan's face. she asks him his name and (i didn't see who writes Ryan's name beside that picture)


they are leaving and a girl gives a lollipop to Ryan. 

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